Obama Cancels Tomahawk Missile, Spends $400K on Camel Sculpture in Pakistan

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Obama is tossing out the A-10, the Hellfire and the Tomahawk missile. In the future, we won’t win wars with hard power. We’ll do it with soft power camel sculptures.

The State Department wants to plunk down $400,000 in taxpayer money for a camel sculpture at the new U.S. Embassy being built in Islamabad, Pakistan, according to a report Monday.

“Camel Contemplating Needle,” created by American artist John Baldessari, depicts a 500-pound white camel made of fiberglass staring at the eye of an oversized needle, Buzzfeedfirst reported.

Officials explained the decision to purchase the sculpture in a four-page document justifying a “sole source” procurement.

“This artist’s product is uniquely qualified,” the document states. “Public art which will be presented in the new embassy should reflect the values of a predominantly Islamist country.”

State Department press spokeswoman Christine Foushee told Buzzfeed that the proposed purchase comes from the department’s “Office of Art in Embassies.”

The title “Camel Contemplating Needle” would suggest that the reference here is Christian, rather than Muslim. But hey it’s a camel. Pakistan is a Muslim country and Muslims are not fond of realistic depictions of living things. But who cares about the details. Let’s have another three cups of tea.

Meanwhile US Marines in Afghanistan are being denied hot meals. So that diplomats can buy themselves a camel statue to impress Pakistanis.

“This boils my skin. One of my entire shifts will go 6.5 hours without a meal. If we need to cut back on money I could come up with 100 other places,” one Leatherneck-based Marine wrote in an email this week to his wife.

If the Marx Brothers had made a movie about Obama’s misrule, it would have been considered too fantastic to be real.

  • kasandra

    For that kind of money I hope the sculpture is able to ask if anyone knows what day it is.

  • GSR

    Barry is pursuing the left-liberal ideal of “we will disarm as a sign of good faith and other nations will follow”. Unfortunately, all of human history runs contra to this belief.

    • A Z

      The only legit reason I can think of for not having hot meals is that the contractors are packing up prior to the pull out in December 2014. I would need more specifics.

      the Marines and other service member put up with a lot and then *some* in Congress along with the White House want to balance the budget on their backs. In contrast the White never denies themselves *NOTHING*!

      I used a Double Negative for EMPHASIS.

    • Warren Taylor

      Worked really well for us after World War I… up until 12/7/41, when we received a bit of a reality check. Unless the community organizer’s attempt at unilateral disarmament is stopped, our next one will be MUCH more costly!

      Hey Barry, how’s that Iran nuclear weapons thing working out for ya?

  • DogmaelJones1

    Jihadis will walk miles for a fiberglass camel to blow up. Flying fiberglass shards are just as deadly as ball bearings, if not deadlier.

  • truebearing

    Is this camel sculpture mocking Christianity? I’d say yes.

    If my instincts are correct, it would be easier for a nuclear class aircraft carrier to go through the eye of a needle than for Imambama to enter the kingdom of God.

  • Chris Gait

    Is this quote right?

    “Public art which will be presented in the new embassy should reflect the values of a predominantly Islamist country.”

    Did a US official really finally tell the truth, that Pakistan is not just an Islamic country, but an Islamist one? It’s about time, if so, but I’m betting it’s just a misquote. Not even the incompetent regime of Comrade O could produce something that stupid.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Looks like it.

    • Warren Taylor

      How about having it reflect the values of OUR country (before the anointing of the Obamessiah)? Just to be clear, I am referring to the Judeo-Christian values this country was based on, not the radical leftist/islamist ones Obummer and his adoring minions hold to.

  • Ellsworth Toohey

    Black Powa ! You voted for it ! Remember ? :-).

  • CowboyUp

    Good news for our enemies, and bad news for US Service Members. The democrat party is consistent that way. From their lamentations, the dp considers high kill ratios to be unfair to our enemies.

    • Warren Taylor

      Good observation! I guess I am just not being “fair”… When we ARE forced to use our military, I want them to have EVERY possible unfair advantage over the other guys.

  • Habbgun

    I’ve seen better sculptures in front of lumber yards. Those come a lot cheaper too.

  • SDLakeshore

    Looks more like one of the old Iraqi SCUD missile launchers.

  • Abigail McCoy

    This is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  • aff4366

    fucking awesome

  • Sue

    This is what we have leading this Country. We are doomed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A visual pun based on Mark 10:25 in front in the American embassy in Pakistan of all places is either an insult to them or an insult to us.