Obama Confuses Soviet Moon Lander with US Moon Landing


Not Neil Armstrong


Obama killed the space program, along with a proposed return to the moon, but apparently he confused NASA with the Russian space program, which our astronauts are now beholden to.

Obama’s official Twitter account botched the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing in a message to his 43.5 million followers on Tuesday.

“We’ve walked on the moon, but women still don’t have equal pay,” Obama said in a tweet posted on his official account.

Obama tweeted the iconic photo of an astronaut saluting the American flag planted on the surface of the moon. “It’s Not 1963 anymore.”

The problem: Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, the first humans on the moon, didn’t make their lunar landing until July of 1969.

The only major lunar exploration event in 1963 was the Luna 4, one of the USSR’s automated spacecraft that attempted to land on the moon.

Attempted was the right word, since like much of the Soviet space program, which was a series of disasters that were constantly being covered up, Luna 4 missed the moon by about as much as Obama missed whatever point he was trying to make.

It’s strange that Obama would even go on beating this dead horse considering that it has been established that he pays his female staff less. And it’s been a long time since the Luna 4.

But the USSR was notorious for advocating female equality without abiding by it.

  • Gee

    Dumbacrats are really bad about history. They have politicians that think there are 57 states, the Constitution is 400 years old, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Bill of Rights, that they were slaves in the 1960s, etc.
    They are as knowledgeable about history as they are in international law

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Doesn’t surprise me, at all …

  • Pete

    ““We’ve walked on the moon, but women still don’t have equal pay,”

    I am so tired of this cretin.

    2/3rds of my aunts and my mother have degrees and the got them shortly after 1950. One retired as a school principal. In my generation all the women have degrees. My family is not special and what we have done anyone could have done. Their way of computing the wage difference is specious.

    Things are so bad in the world that Obama can kiss being UN chairman goodbye. He can kiss living overseas goodbye. The most he can hope for is to replace Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. We are seeing the biggest outbreak of war since WW2. It is going to get worse. The events and concomitant casualties including Americans will be unpredictable. It will be very hard to put that into political calculations and spin it. Point is American foreign policy will look like it sucks eggs and Obama will be there holding the bag.

    He has 2 and 1/2 years left and it will be a very long 2 1/2 years. Carney’s replacement wont make it until the end. There will be 2 hoax persons between now and then. They won’t be able to take the lies and the pressure. They will quit.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Well-stated, Pete. I completely agree with you.

      And in the wars that will come, how many American servicemen will die because of Obama’s defense cuts? We are still number one in the world, but we no longer have the capacity … or the will … to fight two wars, simultaneously.

      At the outbreak of war, in 1939, the US military was the 17th largest in the world. American weakness led to global war. It didn’t need Hit!er and Stalin … if not them, it would have been someone else.

      I pray for America, which I once fought for. I fear for my children, and my grandchildren. If we can’t keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, in 2017, it will be the end of American experiment.

      • Pete

        If it would not have been Hit!er it would have some one else. Roehm?

        It could have been Roehm and he might have had a better run? That is hard to tell. But I hate seeing Hit!er as special or an evil genius. He was not a genius. Hit!er was such a NON-GENIUS that the British decided to not to try to execute him 1/2 way through WW2. Think about it. He was a lousy general. He was not trained as a general obviously. A surviving German general wrote after the war that Hit!er’s failing was that he understood the military up through the division level but he did not understand the operational art of war. Not a clue.

        Hit!er’s rhetorical skills were self taught before WW1 and were the result of training after WW1. Immediately after WW1 the German Army paid for his training in rhetoric to assist his infiltration of the N@ZI party. In the the late 1920s or early 1930s Hit!er received further training from psychologists and others. there was nothing special about the German people or Hit!er.

        Hit!er’s political success were the result old fashioned coalition building and bluff. Plus Leader’s in France and England did not due their duty. They did not confront Hit!er.

        Hit!er’s early military success were the result of communism eating its’ own in Russia and politician’s (British and French) not wanting to tell people to back them up.

        There ain’t no mystery. It is plain old cowardice and stupidity.

      • mackykam

        ‘Fess up! Even if we are attacked Obama won’t fight back. He’ll just send for a reset button.

  • Habbgun

    We walked on the moon but we can’t get websites that work for Obama’s “great” achievement Obamacare. It’s all relative.

  • Stacey

    In the paradise of Maoist China Women retired at 55 and me retired age 60 or later.
    How can there be equal pay for equal work? After progs point out Russia and then the they are embarrassed, they start pointing at Mao, and then …

  • madame gin sling


  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    He really said 1963? What an idiot. And isn’t he paying white house female staffers less than the male ones? Moron!

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Women are in trouble if Obama’s idea of progress for them is the same as his idea of progress for NASA.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    I don’t understand. Does obama want to put women on the moon? ;- p

    • DVult

      It would be a great place for him to play golf.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        The moon is a perfect place for a moonbat.

  • glpage

    History doesn’t matter to the left, they make it up as they go. It’s why they keep making the same stupid mistakes.

  • truebearing

    That’s right. it isn’t 1963. We only had 54 states then.


      And Heinz only had 54 varieties.

  • trickyblain

    I wonder what year the Equal Pay Act was signed. Could it have been 1963?

    The contents of the pamphlet (unlikely Obama created it in Indesign) and the twitter post (51 years — 1963 + 51

    = 2014) are talking about the Equal Pay Act. Seems pretty straightforward. Kind of a stupid post.

  • Southern__Hoosier
  • William Magoffin

    In 1963 we had a spacecraft that could put an American in to space for a day and return him home safely.

    51 years later we don’t even have that capability.

    You’re right POTUS it isn’t 1963 anymore. Thanks for reminding us of what we use to have.

  • USARetired

    My guess is this would be a very typical error for a ‘Non-American’, who did drugs as a teenager, attended college on a foreign student visa, and then pretended to be an American to get into American politics! The fact that he is still using the stolen SSN his Aunt supplied him with, when a teenager, says it all! He is a ‘BUM’ in the U.S. illegally!

  • Adam

    This was intentional. Most likely to have it go “viral” so it spreads all over the internet since its such a slap in the face. The barrel really has no bottom with these people.