Obama Delayed Rescue of US Hostages Until it Was Too Late


There’s a familiar pattern here with Bin Laden and Bill Clinton. Obama didn’t agree to go after Bin Laden until he decided that he could take him prisoner and use him to dismantle Guantanamo Bay.

If so the leak about the rescue attempt was not only a self-serving effort at making Obama look good while endangering any future rescue operation… but it was also an attempt to invert the truth.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) is a CIA-trained former senior intelligence officer who wrote the book Operation Dark Heart about the Special Operations successes in the early stages of the Afghanistan war.

He also famously reported to Congress that part of the intelligence breakdown prior to the 9/11 attacks was due to communications failures between the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s “Able Danger” project which had identified Mohamed Attah’s terror cell in Brooklyn in 2000.

“I’m hearing from my friends in the Pentagon, they are giving him every single option way ahead of time. And let me give you a little secret here: The reason that raid into Syria failed to get Foley and those guys was because the president drug his feet. He waited too long, the intel got stale, and by the time we actually gave the “go” word it failed because we just didn’t react quick enough.”

As Bill Clinton said on 9/10/01, he would gotten Bin Laden if not for all the collateral damage.

  • Scott

    I do not doubt that a bit. Obama is too busy trying to improve his golf game to be bothered with making a decision that might actually make a difference.

  • sid..goldberg

    mossad knew where this guy was 24/7 since ISIS is their baby.

    • Pete


      Thank you for commenting. No, I really mean it. Every little bit helps.

      “The obvious problem for Lee was that she wasn’t going to stay employed for very long without traffic.”


      Your move. LMFAO!

      • sid_goldberg

        Your favorite picture to jack off to

        • Pete

          You are the white version of crunk.

  • Americana

    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a CIA-trained former senior intelligence officer and is retired, so he’s hearing whatever information he’s hearing second-hand from friends who are STILL SERVING and yet he’s got the nerve to claim the intelligence on this particular rescue attempt was STALE?

    As a RETIRED officer, he’s NOT SUPPOSED to be hearing about active operations from serving intelligence officers, no matter that he’s NOW RETIRED, it is NONE of his business in the first place if he’s not involved in the particular operation being gossiped about.

    Second, Lt. Col. Shaffer is making the claim that the President is being told TOO MUCH about what the various options are for the plans for rescue. As if being told too many different plans has any effect whatsoever on the EFFICACY and TIMELINESS of the plan that’s decided on given the strategic situation. You are cloaking this rescue mission — and, likely, so is this Lt. Colonel — in the very same long deliberative process used for the mission to take out Osama bin Laden because you and he both know how carefully the White House approached that OBL mission. You’re trying to make them appear as if the two missions were handled identically and that’s highly unlikely. Why is it unlikely? Because this rescue mission involved a larger number of hostages in a different environment w/a larger number of hostile forces defending and undoubtedly w/the capability to kill the hostages if the jihadists became aware a rescue attempt were underway. This story is highly suspect for any number of reasons.

    • Pete

      Whose judgment do we value. Lt Col. Anthony Shaffer or Americana the troll?

      Nuff Said.

      • Americana

        You should be waiting for a couple more intelligence folks to weigh in w/their knowledge, Pete. In the meantime, I’ll hold off castigating myself for seeing the glaring holes in this story until I’ve heard something from someone I respect in the military intelligence community.

        • JR Kipling

          Make it easy on yourself. . You can get to the bottom of this easily. Just watch Obama’s lips. The moment you see them move you know a lie is being told. Works every time.

          • Americana

            Ah, you take the Rudyard Kipling story telling approach to the Presidency…

        • kasandra

          Cong. Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was on the radio this morning (WMAL, Washington, DC). He was asked about this and while he wouldn’t comment on this specific issue, he did say that getting this White House to act in a timely manner before intel got stale had been a consistent problem. I guess the Ditherer-in-Chief either can’t make up his mind, has to first focus group test his response, or has to ask the political side how an action will effect him or his party in the polls.

          • Americana

            Links, please. I’d like to know exactly what I’m supposed to be responding to in your above post. The above doesn’t tell us what the actionable/non-actioanble intelligence is/was nor does it say what the House Intelligence Committee had recommended and why the President and his advisors wouldn’t act immediately.

          • Webb

            Same reason he wouldn’t act immediately to save the Benghazi Four. Butt-piracy!

          • Americana

            “Immediate action” isn’t speedy enough when the attack killed the Ambassdor and an Information Officer within an hour and a half of the first bullet. No American forces would have reached Benghazi in time to prevent those deaths.

          • Webb

            “Let us try!” Motto of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Honor vs the disgrace is in the trying with all your heart — not a show of trying. Obama is a disgrace and so are you.

          • kasandra

            Go to: http://stationcaster.com/stations/wmal/?d=AM&cid=5541. Listen to the podcast for the Mornings on the Mall broadcast on 8-22-14. It also didn’t tell us what my horoscope is for tomorrow. So what? He said what I said he said and he should know.

        • Pete

          ‘As Einstein said when Hitler commissioned a pamphlet called 100 Scientists Against Einstein: “If I were wrong, one would have been enough.”’


          More is always better right Americana?

          • Americana

            Uhhhhh, what??? This is supposed to contribute to this conversation how? You’re going to have to enlighten us all. I’m plumb out of capability of following your doofiness.

          • Webb

            A troll participating in a conversation is an oxymoron. And you’re a troll and a moron.

          • Americana

            The only people who call others morons generally are morons. Your conversation revolves around ad hominem attacks w/nothing more to them. Why is that? No brains to read, research, and then write actual contributions?

        • Webb

          Ah, the fat sow has arrived to tell us what we should be doing. Well now fat sow, I believe Shaffer.

    • patechinois

      “This story is highly suspect for any number of reasons.”

      Based on your blind useful idiot bias.

      Any story the Obama Administration gives is a lie. Period.

      Based on innumerable IN YOUR FACE and proven lies this administration has told.

      • Americana

        Your brain is pate, from a ‘useful idiot pate’ recipe, if you believe that story without further identification of incidents and results of action and inaction and timeframes for different operations. We basically know nothing yet about the July rescue operation.

        What we should take away from the TIMING of the July rescue attempt is that the U.S. government KNEW it was about to embark on more bombing of ISIS positions on behalf of the Iraqi government so it made the attempt to rescue the hostages in order to spare them the wrath of the jihadis.

        • patechinois

          You say we know nothing of this July rescue yet YOU know the timing of the July rescue attempt was because Obama KNEW he was about to embark on more bombing of ISIS positions (more? when was the first one?). How very informed you are. Funny, but back in July, Obama was calling ISIS a J.V. team and nothing to worry about. But I suppose you KNOW it was all a bluff, right?

        • Webb

          Obama didn’t give a rat’s-ass about the hostages, nor about the Benghazi Four. All he cares is the golf hole and the dirt hole. And not in that order.

    • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

      We know Obama is a ditherer and always wants things arranged so someone else can be blamed if things go wrong. That’s why he almost took too long with the bin Laden raid. So not only is Obama an incompetent radical, he’s an indecisive one, too! A real triple-threat – to America.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Ed Snowden released the intelligence playbook to the public.
    ISIL is well funded are far more united than Americans.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if they are monitoring this website to see
    what they can do to further divide Americans.

    • Pete

      Thank you for commenting. No, I really mean it. Every little bit helps. I know I check up on things using Alexa and other ways.

      “The obvious problem for Lee was that she wasn’t going to stay employed for very long without traffic.”


      I have not pegged you as a troll, yet, but you usually do not reply. You are more ‘shoot & scoot’ type.

      Your comments show a perverse joy. If we grabbed your IP address, what would we find? I am not saying that it will be done or that I will do it, but I have seen this things done. One day they did so over at JMG. They were riled up and rightfully so. They traced it to a congressman’s office. So what would we find?

      Your move.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Which part of my post are you responding to?

      • Pimpton

        This is definitely a troll. He has gone through several iterations of the name ‘Steve’ — uptownsteve, steve-o and others.

  • hrwolfe

    First read Steven Coll’s Ghost War then read Buzz Patterson’s Dereliction of Duty. Events overlap and corroborate. Clinton thought of it as a Law Enforcement problem and the results were 9/11, Obama is in the same boat and the world burns. The troll below looses, there are facts and feelings and feelings are getting everybody killed right now.

  • Pete

    Who gets rescued and who doesn’t?

    Do only journalists count?

    “Two Americans have been kidnapped by pirates off the Nigerian coast after their oil supply vessel was attacked”


    • Americana

      No, journalists AREN’T the only ones who deserve rescue. You must not know about Capt. Phillips being rescued by the Navy and a SEAL team… Watch the movie “Capt. Phillips” or read his book.

      I’m sure rescue depends on where you are, which military units are close to where you are, what risks are posed by your captivity location, and so on. No, journalists most certainly are not the only people who count and deserve to be rescued. The rescue attempt that was made to free James Foley would have resulted in the rescue of people of all sorts of other nationalities and professions.

      • Pete

        Are you trying to prove that you are an idi0t?

        The Somali pirates were a news story for around 2 years. There was American involvement in Somali from 1991.

        If Obama had not acted, he would have looked bad. What are the names of two kidnapped men? We know Capt. Phillips name. I think this story will slip through the cracks. No one cares much except their relatives and the company they worked for.

        “A U.S. defense official said the State Department and FBI were leading the American response to the incident”


        Simple proof is a man on the street interviews. Ask people about piracy and Somalia will come up much more often than Nigeria or West Africa piracy.

        • Americana

          Once again, Pete is working soooooo hard at being the smartest man in the room, he totally misses the point. There is piracy in a great many places in the world. The fact some people manage to be captured and others are rescued is sometimes simply the luck of the draw.

          The reason Capt. Phillips was rescued is his ship was caught far enough offshore, the Navy had time to catch up to the lifeboat in which the kidnappers had left Capt. Phillips’ ship. The lifeboat only had a maximum of 5 mph headway against the current and so everything worked to the Navy’s advantage. As for any other hostage situation, the same intersection of luck and circumstances is what determines if you’re successfully rescued or not.

          • Pete

            ” The fact some people manage to be captured and others are rescued is sometimes simply the luck of the draw.”

            The response to piracy or kidnapping, the fate of American citizens, policy toward pirates, gangs, terrorists is luck of the draw?


          • Americana

            Once again, Pete, in his anxiety to dispute my POV, doesn’t pick up on the most obvious contextual points in my post. I didn’t say **our policy** was the luck of the draw. Where exactly did I say our national policy was “the luck of the draw,” Pete? Point that out to me because I don’t remember typing that and I certainly don’t read it in anywhere in any of my posts.

            I wrote some of the piracy actions may or may not be able to be foiled by the LUCK of the draw of WHERE THEY OCCURRED and WHAT ASSETS are there to confront the pirates. That should be extremely clear to you. Now, do we need to rethink what COMBINATION of vessels we use in the hottest pirate waters if the present combination of vessels aren’t doing the trick? Perhaps a combination of smaller more nimble high-speed interceptors as well as the destroyers we have cruising the worst piracy hot spots?

          • Pete

            ‘Where exactly did I say our national policy was “the luck of the draw,“‘ – Americana

            “The fact some people manage to be captured and others are rescued is sometimes simply the luck of the draw.” – Americana

            You did not. I did. By inspection a person can see that ops are planned due to political pressure and political opportunity. Your not capable of the truth.

            “The reason Capt. Phillips was rescued is his ship was caught far enough offshore, the Navy had time to catch up to the lifeboat in which the kidnappers had left Capt. Phillips’ ship”

            And Navy Seals have not gone ashore in Somalia or Libya? Riskier most of the time it is. But then it might not be. The kidnappers might feel safer there

          • Webb

            And with that, Americana shut its filthy yap. Americana is definitely a trolling staff. Good job of shutting it down on this issue.

          • Pete

            While we are at please note that Raqah, Syria is about to get hit in the next week.

          • Webb

            You absolutely know how true a story is by how hard the Americana troll staff comes riding to the rescue in a hot lather. If the story weren’t true, the Americana staff wouldn’t be working on it like the pack of stinking demons they are — on a Friday night, to boot.

          • Pete

            The Russians had a 4 diplomats kidnapped & 1 killed in Lebanon in the 1980s around the same time American embassy employees and American journalists were kidnapped.

            The a male relative of the head kidnapper was kidnapped and his jewels were sent to the kingpin. His dead body was then dumped. More was promised to come.

            The Russians were released. The Kingpin, a Hezbollah guy, wound up dead. Other Hezbos killed him because he brought shat down upon them.

            It matters what our government does or does not do. It looks like for the most part the denizens of D.C. cannot bestir themselves.

          • Webb

            FYI, this is a good article about the tactics of trolls:


          • Pete

            Got it. Thx

      • Webb

        Yet no rescue attempted for a US ambassador of the BENGHAZI FOUR. How does that work? Ohhhhhhh, we’re too far away, and they’re all going to be dead in an hour and a half anyway. So no use TRYING. Them boys gonna be dying. Back to bed everybody. Don’t disturb Barry’s butt-party over this little deal — he’s got a big fundraiser in Vegas tomorrow and he needs to be as fresh as he can be after a hard night of butt-love.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obama, Delayed until it was too late.

    That is the MO of the Obama Adm. from the start.
    It is either not even a starting motion as in Benghazi
    and other life and death issues to the countless delays in other foreign policies