Obama: “Immediate, Unconditional” Surrender of Israel to Hamas


Leadership. Obama has phoned up Netanyahu and come out on the side of demanding an “immediate unconditional” ceasefire that will leave Hamas and its rockets and attack plans intact.

Hamas has repeatedly violated every ceasefire, but this comes from Obama’s phone call with Netanyahu, making this another demand for a unilateral Israeli ceasefire.

The terms are:

Israel will stop defending itself. Obama will work toward Hamas’ development and economic needs, e.g. foreign aid and an end to the Israeli blockade.

Hamas gets money and open doors for smuggling weapons. Israel gets another war next year.

Building on Secretary Kerry’s efforts, the President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement. The President reaffirmed the United States’ support for Egypt’s initiative, as well as regional and international coordination to end hostilities.

The President underscored the enduring importance of ensuring Israel’s security, protecting civilians, alleviating Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, and enacting a sustainable ceasefire that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority. The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.

Obama is walking back a little bit of Kerry’s Qatari ceasefire proposal, but not by that much. He threw in support for Egypt’s initiative, but Qatar and Turkey are still in there as “regional and international coordination”.

Kerry’s ceasefire proposal didn’t mention Israel’s security needs at all and briefly mentioned security last. It looks like the same scenario in which Hamas’ demands are specified and enumerated, while Israel’s are filed under “security”.

Obama mentions Israeli security first, but the the rest looks like the same list of Hamas demands for an end to the Israeli blockade.

Disarmament and demilitarization are mentioned in the final sentence, but only in the contest of a lasting solution, which implies that they are a long term outcome, while Hamas’ demands happen in the short term.

“The president underscored the United States’ strong condemnation of Hamas’ rocket and tunnel attacks against Israel and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Minus the ‘defending itself’ part.

This has become one of the Orwellian addendum to everything. Obama demands that Israel stop defending itself and then “underscores” that Israel has the right to defend itself.



    • George Frayer

      No they dont and nor should they.

  • Tammy James

    Right you are me Vega! I stand with Bibi and Israel. Obama is a fool~the worst of it is his sheep will follow him….right to slaughter. God help us.

  • The truth

    The problem is that the American government does not know how to handle the lies and manipulations of the Qatar and turkey leaders that represent Hamas. They are far too much naive… The world as we’ll sees Israel as a killer wich is soooo far from it. They are whipping for the young children that are being put as a shield by Hamas terrorists. Israel had agreed 5 times to stop the fighting. Each and every time Hamas broke it.. Even the one that they wanted.. A western civilized country in the middle of all the Arab world. The world should cherish and support. But dead baby’s are a great story. The reason for their death is not (hamas put tchem and there parents their) for this ” monety Shot” hook linę and sinker for all the reportres

    • ruth rosenstock

      you could have stopped at “the American government does not know how to handle–” Obama/Kerry cannot handle a thing, whether it’s Putin, Gaza, the kids at the border, or anything else.

      and of course Obama, as a longtime friend of the Palestinians, REALLY couldn’t care less about Israel. I mean heck, there isn’t anybody there that looks like they could be his son, so…

      • gerry

        Just ask the L A Times to release the video and everybody will see how much he cares for Israe.In fact he doesn’t even care about Americans.

    • gerry

      The American government under Obama/Kerry,handle very well the lies and manipulations of the Qatar and Turkish government.Then they repeat and peddle them.

    • Guest

      What are the real reasons for Islamist Erdogan’s interest in Gaza?
      Would he have support from Qatar for going back??


      The Ottoman Turks, whose rule lasted for four centuries, conquered Jerusalem in 1517. Suleiman the Magnificent rebuilt the city walls (1537), constructed the Sultan’s Pool, and placed public fountains throughout the city. After his death. the central authorities in Constantinople took little interest in Jerusalem. During the 17th and 18th centuries Jerusalem sunk to one of its lowest ebbs.

      Jerusalem began to thrive once more in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Growing numbers of Jews returning to their land, waning Ottoman power and revitalized European interest in the Holy Land led to renewed development of Jerusalem.

      • kasandra

        I don’t think his interest is as much in the physical Gaza Strip as it is in supporting a Muslim Brotherhood organization – Hamas. The more you are for the MB – Turkey, Qatar, Obama – the more you support Hamas.

        • Guest

          Fine, but, if he is supporting Hamas as you claim, then one can reason that he is also supporting the Hamas bid to get the Jews out of their homeland – which implies that he is interested in the land; not only that, but also specifically in Jerusalem – recall that Ottoman’s had a caliphate and the keys of Mecca as well.

          • kasandra

            I just don’t see Erdogan as wanting to re-establish the Ottoman Empire. I could be wrong but I see him supporting MB puppets such as in Gaza and Syria while I find it hard to see him actually taking over Gaza and Syria. He simply doesn’t have the military force to do it.

          • Guest

            Whether he has the
            military or not may not be important at this point because he has been using
            such ideas to motivate his people and change society; as a result about half of the country keep
            voting him in, in spite of dissatisfaction.
            And, he may have gotten himself directly or indirectly involved in the
            war in Syria (but there isn’t anything about this in the western media), so he
            appears to be building some sort of momentum towards something or other. He was emboldened by the US & EU in
            relation to the headscarf issue and they may not be able to reign in his

    • kasandra

      Believe me, the American government knows who and what the governments of Turkey and Qatar are. But our government is being lead by people who essentially share their views. Remember, Erdogan was said by Obama to be one of the five foreign leaders he most likes. And the cease fire plan Obama is pressing is the one Turkey, Qatar (main supporters and financiers of Hamas, respectively), Hamas, and the EU support rather than the one Saudi Arabia, Egypt, moderate Gulf States and Israel support. Sort of tells you something about our administration right there.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Where’s an airliner full of crazy Arabs to fly into the White House when you really need one?

    • tickletik

      Trust me, you DO NOT want that.

      The only upside here is that Obama is seen as a Muslim and a Jew hater. So he has some limit on what he does.

      • Hard Little Machine

        I’m not making a rhetorical point.

      • RaDonna Marshall

        Remember he built a second oval office at the WH except this one is a BUNKER..tell you anything? It cost over $300 million and rarely even mentioned in the news. I believe the story is still online.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I keep telling people that, down deep, in a corner of his soul not even he dares contemplate for long, Obama is a nihilist and wants nothing less than Israel’s destruction. This would give him more pleasure than dictating the terms of Israel’s survival, which are basically the terms of suicide. The man is evil. Grasp and accept that truth, and articles like this one make sense. And this is on top of Obama’s hating his own country. The man is, I repeat, evil to the core.

    • Viet Vet

      Odumbo is as bone fide muslim.

      • Viet Vet

        ‘a’ not ‘as’

      • Johnny Pallyswine

        The real Odumbos were his voters in 2012

        • ANNG14

          Nope the real dummos were the ones who voted to re-elect Bush.

    • truebearing

      Well said. The only thing I would differ on is how deep down his evil is. It seems to me the evil of his cup runneth over.

    • Smoking Hamster

      Obama is not a nihilist. He has values but they are diametrically opposed to those of America’s.

      • DogmaelJones1

        Which means they are anti-life, and anti-mind, i.e., nihilist.

    • steelraptor from Saturn

      100% he seeks Israel’s destruction, even though I would argue that it’s not necessarily conscious at all, an unconscious thing (something he doesn’t realize himself, he is so self-deceiving). But it matters not, the disastrous results are no different if he were marching in a neo-Nazi rally. The latter even preferable because more honest, and so more easily recognized for what it is. That’s why Obama’s Jew-hatred is a type that threatens Israel more than Muslim fanatics whose Jew-hatred is honest. Thing is Obama is like millions and millions of Leftists. He is not alone, he is a symptom.

    • T.C.

      All muslims are nihilist.

  • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

    I know, I know, I’m a “conspiracy theorist.”

    That said, repeat after me… “Obama is not a Mooslim… Obama is not a Mooslim… Obama is not a Mooslim…”

  • http://www.wavevolution.org/ Ettore Greco

    Divide and Conquer

    The recognition of Equality has always generated much fear for that concept of Individualism so adored by the Jewish culture and this Culture has always defended with one well defined strategy: Divide and Conquer.
    It is applied anywhere there is a form of Equality in order to instigate a conflict between two factions at peace. This strategy takes advantage of one human weakness and always begins with one interference and with the same sentence:
    “Let me help you”.
    Betrayal is soon to follow.

    Nevertheless, no one should be found guilty only for being born in a certain part of the World or for having learned what was taught since childhood.
    It is not a matter of DNA or races.
    Instead it is about Cultures.

    In historical sense, the Animal behavior in the Human being has never changed but was simply redressed by teachings, Religions and traditions that are different in the many areas of the World and that define the characters of each Culture.

    Among many, there is also one Culture that believes it can distinguish Good from Bad and that lives its own actions with a constant sense of guilt. This Culture prefers protection over freedom in a World that only recognizes the rule of force and an eye for an eye.

    That is why from the beginning the Jewish culture, for fear of its survival, has always embodied the role of the slave for the ruler of its time. At first, with Moses for the Pharaohs of Egypt, then with Herod for the Roman Empire, more recently at the service of the Royals of England and in our days for the most influential governments: USA and UK.

    Time has always brought change hence hope for the future although the views of all populations in regard to the Jews have so far remained unchanged throughout history.
    People have always called them greedy, parasites, masters of lies ….
    but in the UK and US, the Jews are fully protected and no one dares to talk publicly about the vices of this Culture.
    Media and governments all over the World are always under strong pressure to follow that same example.

    As they believe they are the “chosen people” from God the Jews are also the sworn enemies of Equality. This Belief, incompatible with peace and Human respect, has brought over the centuries constant wars and destabilization.
    Today the World in turmoil is a sign of their “success”.

    After 3,000 troubled years, the Jewish Culture can be defined today with utmost clarity.

    The more they feel protected the more they become arrogant.
    Fear and arrogance allow them to only look up or down.
    They detest any form of transparency and they know better than anyone else how to navigate in turbid waters.
    Corruption is their vital organ.
    They adore a deep voice and have constant need of attention.

    Their “sense of humor” revolves around bashing on cultures and people from all over while they accuse antisemite any remark about them.
    They find very amusing to be the judges of everyone.

    One famous “sense of guilt” follows them everywhere and the word “sorry” is always their companion.
    With a tight hold on Hollywood, TV stations and newspapers their influence has no rivals in the World and reflects more and more in the values of our times.

    The nature of this Culture exemplifies the role of the middle man.
    Like the eternal second, It is near the strongest but also at a safe distance from the troubles it stirs.
    One peculiarity of this Culture is the need to always look up to someone and idolize who is “better” (like who is richer or more famous. Who is more ……).

    That is why the Jewish culture is perfect for the agents of the New World Order and for their adored pyramid that would enslave all, except One.

    On Guard!

    Not against the greed, hypocrisy and selfishness of our culture imported by Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions. No need to stay on guard against these 3 Religions that for the past 3,000 years have been disgracing the name of God. Instead, stay on guard from an Anglo-Judaic private society that plays with these three Religions and bets the Destiny of Humankind in a Plan that is so ambitious it is almost unimaginable.

    You are invited to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
    Much has been written about this century old manuscript describing the minutes of a very specific Plan for a World dominated by only one man, one World Dictator. It is been said that it is a hoax or a reverse conspiracy written to blame a certain group of people but the fact remains that still today its original publication remains illegal all over the World. It is kept hidden from the eyes of the new generations for fear of possible repercussions. Although in the past everyone have pointed finger and repudiated the paternity of this manuscript, today it is not so relevant to know who is responsible for writing it. Instead, it is important to know the fact that its strategy is being executed with utmost precision and could soon be finalized by a small group of individuals. Too many similarities during the last few years coincide with escalating events already described by the final stage of the Plan written in this hateful manuscript.

    Read it with an open mind and without prejudice toward any person or Religion. For the most part, the religious followers are in good faith and not aware of this Plan based upon the Biblical concept of one “chosen people”.

    During World War Two, the propaganda of this manuscript has been used to instigate all people against the Jews and became one of the main causes for the Holocaust. This has brought nothing but animalistic destruction of many innocent lives.

    Instead, the sinister words of this manuscript, used to describe such hate for Humankind, can be clearly explained today. Those words are based on one single principle and its belief that Equality does not exist.


    • liz

      What utter drivel.

  • fpm

    “immediate and unconditional”? That’s for Japan and German in WWII, the evil aggressors who got defeated. Or maybe Hussein is working on his 2nd peace prize and Kerry will get nothing, oh, it might get nasty.

  • Viet Vet

    Odumbo is every bit the SOB we know him to be.

  • JDinSTL

    Push them into the sea

  • dgala

    Don’t listen to the “forked tongue SOB”. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. In case there is anyone out there who doesn’t understand what I’m saying, then let me be just a tad more clear…..OBAMA IS A BACK-STABBING S-O-B. Don’t listen to a word he says. By the way, if (and I say if) he poked BN in the chest (the way it looks in the pic) the next thing potus would remember is waking up in the ER wondering what the heck happened. The man is an absolute disgrace!

  • ForIsraelandthePeace

    The final sentence is troubling. “any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the
    disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.” Since the intended goal is an immediate ceasefire ” any lasting solution ” can come later. This is a mere addendum. Every Israeli incursion has been predicated on the rocket fire from Gaza. BB put Israel first, Obama last. Call the President’s bluff and defy his efforts.

  • Pete

    Something like 11% of the countries of the world are at war.

    If you count countries using other countries as proxies or leave small postage stamp countries out of the mix, the percentage is bound to be higher.

  • SoCalMike

    Someone should spit in Obama’s face for his overt Jew-hatred.

    • Pete

      The best thing to do is to not help him. He is nothing without a support staff.

      The world is getting dangerous in no small part due to him. He won’t be able to travel much. He will stay in his gilded cage in Hollywood and other gated communities.

      As the world gets more dangerous there will be no adoring crowds overseas to greet him. With the oligarchs back new politicians in 10 to 20 years time he will be bereft of support. He will be as popular as Michael Moore.

      Best to block him via congressional action and let be a living morality tale for the next 30 years.

      You know there are going to be some good pictures coming out.

  • AZ

    Obama and Kerry are utter fools to do business with Hamas…. There is no point in it when all Hamas wants is the destruction of a People in total…… That is a declaration of GENOCIDE. EU and UN stand by and do nothing…as usual. We must support Israel!

  • edlancey

    Obama has spent years sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood – he’s probably a member.
    Hamas is the Gazan branch of the MB.
    Obama hates America, so just imagine what he thinks of Israel – in fact we’d find out if the LA Times ever released that video of him…

  • iluvisrael

    Fcuk the metrosexual marxist moslem occupying the WH.

    • Webb

      I second the motion!

    • retired22

      Don’t ever say that again,the walls have ears!
      If our fearless leader were to hear you say that again he would be at your door in 5 minutes.He would ask if you really meant it & if he could come in for the evening!

      • iluvisrael

        especially with those dumbo ears of his, but since I’m a woman, I doubt he’d want to spend any time with me. He’d probably like a roll in the hay with the cute guy who cleans the pool.

  • laura r

    i just finished watching the film “eichmann”. the double talk the lies. last night i saw “the conspiracy” (another nazi film). interesting how they plan media stategies.

  • truebearing

    Netanyahu needs to hold a press conference, hinting that there is a momentous decision imminent. He then needs to calmy delineate how differently Israel is being treated from any other nation, point out Obama’s history of aiding the Islamists, starting with Egypt, then Libya, then Syria, and now Hamas, and then say:
    “No, President Obama. I am not a traitor. I have an obligation to my people and I will keep it. Your proposal puts them at terrible risk and is entirely unacceptable. Why are you offering aid and comfort to the same terrorists who want America destroyed too?”

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The President stressed the U.S. view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.

    What he doesn’t understand is Muslims aren’t terrorists, which consist of only a few, radicals, extremists, and Islamists here and there that perpetrate terrorism. In reality all Muslims are jihadists, i.e., mujahideen (holy warriors), in one form or another instead, and indeed, women and children wage jihad by volunteering to become human shields. They are not civilians but jihadists instead waging jihad in a way that they are capable of. As a matter of fact, what other societies besides Islamic totalitarian society do civilians eagerly volunteer to become human shields? Indeed, we only hear about human shields when Islamic totalitarian society is involved. That’s because no other societies are quite so draconian and so totalitarian at the same time.

    Now, of course, infidels view them as being civilians because they are naively equating them with their own society, even though Islamic totalitarian society is extremely draconian relative to Western infidel society. While at the same time not realizing because of the enormous amount of misinformation everyone is forced to consume on this website and also too many others, that in Islamic totalitarian society all Muslims, as opposed to only a tiny minority of extremists, radicals, and Islamists that resort to terrorism, are jihadists in one form or another.

    Some (a minority) choose to wage jihad via violence, those are the ones too often misconstrued as being terrorists, while most (the majority) choose to wage jihad by other means, and in the case of women and children in the current jihad other means is volunteering to become human shields. Of course, in the eyes of clueless infidels, i.e., most people, they are moderate Muslim civilians, because most people have been conditioned to be transfixed only on the terrorists that comprise so-called radicals, extremists, and Islamists.

    Not to mention that launching in excess of 1600 rockets into Israel is hardly terrorism, but coordinated war instead. Yeah, Muslims primarily target innocent civilian infidels whenever possible, but that’s because Muslims only use total warfare tactics. Although they are quick to accuse Israel or, in the case of Iraq, America, of violating Geneva conventions. The truth is, however, that Muslims never ever abide by Geneva Conventions unless it is by accident, as they only adhere to divine law, i.e., Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, and they target innocent civilian infidels specifically because it is proscribed for them per the dictates of Sharia as it is the weak underbelly of infidel society.

    Yeah right, Mr. President, just disarm the so-called terrorists groups and the problem will be solved.

    enacting a sustainable ceasefire that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.

    More naive association of Islamic totalitarian society with our own infidel society. Why naively assume Muslims think and feel as we do, and want and desire all the same things we do, because they do not?

    They come from a completely alien society from our own. The only thing so-called Palestinians in Gaza care about is wiping Israel off the map so that they can make Islam supreme. Long-term development and economic needs may be a leftwing infidel fantasy, sort of like Muslims perpetrate terrorism because of poverty and despair, but in the Islamic totalitarian world, it’s the last thing Muslims care about, at least, until Islam has been made supreme.

  • sasdigger

    This Obama threat against Israel is equivalent to the US ordering the United Kingdom during the WWII bombing of London to surrender immediately to Hitler while promising to rebuild Germany with US citizens’ taxes paying for the defeat of our closest ally so that Germany can win the war.
    Shame on this Administration for not doing everything in his power to help Israel, our once closest ally, with everything in our power. At least Benedict Arnold did not play golf.
    Finally, the Communist Collective and the Democrat Party send a hearty Ho, Ho Chi Minh to Komrad Kerry.

  • loyaldem4646

    Obama has the guts to hint to Israel it’s time to start allowing the Palestinians to be independent and he gets criticized. Netanyahu refuses to negotiate in good faith with Hamas and they’re tired of it. The Palestinians must always live in fear of having their homes destroyed and are boxed in like sheep living in inhumane conditions. Obama can’t win no matter what he does but at least he’s not another Israeli yes man like the Republicans. Good luck getting rid of Hamas after all the damage you’ve done to Gaza. If anything, you’ve just helped them become more powerful.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      What are you smoking? The Islamic totalitarian world through their proxy – the so-called Palestinians – are not only waging jihad against the infidel state of Israel, but also against all infidels and all infidel states throughout the world, including you and me moonbat. Indeed, you are a classic example of a gullible useful idiot. As a matter of fact, you are so mentally handicapped that you are siding with your own eternal mortal enemies and against fellow infidels in Israel, and yet you are obviously too dumb to realize it. Which also explains why you are a delusional leftwing supporter of Obama and the Marxist totalitarian left. Indeed, you are exceedingly mentally deficient. Sucks to be you!

      • loyaldem4646

        Once you start downgrading Obama, your comment loses all credibility just like all conservative comments. It sucks for you that I’m not dumb and I’m not a Israel conservative yes man. The MIddle East is already in a civil war, and now Israel has found a way to unite them. You call me dumb, but I’m not the one who turned 4 killings into a major war making Hamas stronger than they ever were. If Israel would’ve handled the situation differently, they could’ve made a huge statement in the Middle East. Instead, Israel is no different. Human lives mean nothing in the Middle East and they have just shown genocide is just a word which only those being killed understand.

    • truepeers

      I suppose you don’t think of yourself as belonging to a cult of blood sacrifice but that is exactly where you are. By thinking of war in terms of a “morality” in which the side with the greater number of victims is the more worthy party, you help create the incentive to produce more victims, which Hamas gladly does (see e.g. the video where they are beating those who don’t want to act as human shields).

      A serious approach to morality would weigh the desires and goals of the warring parties, and if the weaker party had horrendous desires, your idea of just proportionality would be for the stronger party to use no more, but no less, force than is necessary to defeat the weaker party. You would not support the weaker party’s survival if you deemed their genocidal objectives to be truly repugnant. But you don’t. You consider Israel has no right to defend itself. Judeophobia thus becomes your own genocidal hatred. Take off, eh.

      • loyaldem4646

        You’re one to talk. Why isn’t Netanyahu helping Palestine become a state? Israel was never supposed to be a state and you wonder why the Middle East has a problem? Not only are you a state, but you have nuclear capabilities that no one else in the Middle East can have. Give Palestine sovereignty and let’s see what happens. Until then save your morality talk. It seems to me you’re both using innocent Palestinians as pawns but one side should be more advanced to realize a different strategy needs to be used.

        • truepeers

          Where on earth do you get the idea that Israel was not meant to be a state? Israel was the world’d first nation-state. In the modern era, international law – look up the San Remo conference – clearly intended Israel to be a state. In any case, states. Generally come into existence through their own self-assertion. Who intended the USA to be a state?

          You may be daft, but since 1967 the majority in Israel have not wanted to annex the lands captured from Jordan and Egypt, they have wanted, against realistic appraisals of Arab-Muslim culture, for responsible Palestinian parties to emerge who could govern a Palestinian state. It hasn’t happened. Their overriding desire is to destroy Israel, not to live in peace alongside it. If the Palis stopped fighting they wpuld have peace. if. Israel stopped it would be destroyed. I was going to say you must be doubly daft not to see this but then I realized that your “not meant to be a state” comment implies you really do get it and want to see Israel destroyed. You buy into the Islamic idea that no Jewish sovereignty may exist in a land once under the Caliphate. The Caliphate by the way is what the majority of “Palestinians” want, not a “Palestinian” state.

          • truepeers

            Sorry for the typos, edit function not working for me.

          • loyaldem4646

            Forget it, I’m not going to do the research for you. The US promised it wouldn’t allow a Jewish state in Palestine and therein lies the conflict. The original goal was to make Palestine a state but Truman screwed that up. So yes, you now have a lot of enemies and Netanyahu is a fool. For all your name calling, you and all your cohorts are rather dumb.

          • truepeers

            Don’t you mean Allah promised? You sound like a true believer. There was never any such *official* promise from the US notwithstanding the undoubted antisemitism and pro-Arab sentiment of the state department, which is why you can’t do the research. It would be easy to point to if it existed. But that is all irrelevant. The Jews declared a state of their own and were able to defend it. This is the basis for statehood everywhere. Except, of course, you can’t treat Jews like other human beings. And while it means little to me, those who argue the UN created the state of Israel have a much better argument than anything you have said,

          • loyaldem4646

            I’m not going to do the research for you but US promised the Arabs Israel would never be a state without their approval. Truman came along and disregarded the Arabs’ feelings and helped Israel to become a state and therein lies the problem. For you to say Palestine wasn’t capable of becoming a state is an insult to injury. They didn’t have the luxury of having a super power backing them simply because we felt sorry for how the Jews were treated in Germany. So yes, Israel has a lot of enemies in the Middle East for good reasons as far as their concerned. Knowing that, Netanyahu should have shown restraint but now it’s too late. Everything the Arabs were afraid of when Israel became a state is coming true. For someone who insists on name calling, you and your cohorts are not very bright.

          • truepeers

            So, because you think Truman screwed up, you support destroying what has grown, over 66 years, into a very successful country, home to six million Jews from all over the world, the majority refugees from Muslim countries, world leaders in science, health care engineering, etc., etc. you are willing to destroy such a fact on the ground but you can’t be bothered “to do the research” to even dress your resentment up in something. A hole does not even begin to describe you.

          • loyaldem4646

            You’re too arrogant to debate with. I never said Israel shouldn’t become a state. It’s the way they became a state which upset the Arabs. Palestine should’ve also been a state by this time but Israel’s not allowing it which is making for more enemies. I was simply trying to explain why I have sympathy for the Palestinians which you’re not interested in hearing. All the people dying in this conflict is for nothing because unless Palestinians are allowed to have their own state with clear borders, this conflict will never resolve itself. A true leader, which Netanyahu is not, would understand that.

          • truepeers

            Netanyahu understands the situation perfectly ell, get real. The “palestinians” have been offered a state numerous times, but they always walk away from a deal. Why? You can convince yourself that Israel is to blame but Israel has offered much. The underlying problem is that no Arab leader has the authority to accept a Jewish state in land once controlled by Muslims. That would be to break a central tenet of Islam, and no one can do that whatever they think on a personal level. The “peace process” has always been a sham because it is only engaged in by the Arabs to gain concessions and foreign aid and to gin up antisemitism in serving the long term objective of eliminating Israel. Sympathy with the holographic nation “the palestinians” is de facto allying with an eliminationist objective. That’s because a desire for palestinian nationhood alongside israel doesnt really exist in sufficient numbers. The overwhelming desire, as Hamas makes clear in its statements, is to grow an Islamic empire. You must side either with Islamic ideology, or Jewish ideas of nationhoood.

          • truepeers

            P.s. Ican’t complete or edit that last reply. I just want to add, Looking for Arrogant jewish bogeymen to blame is just mindless scapegoating that shows you,not Netanyahu,fail to understand the underlying dynamic. Some problems don’t have a solution absent total defeat for one side or the other. If you take the “Pali” side, you are de facto calling for the elimination of Israel because that, it is now clear,i s their leadership’s bottom line. The PLO was created in 1964,before israel captured gaza and the West bank. What do they want to liberate then? All the land under Jewish sovereignty.

    • Webb

      I love the sound of Jew haters crying in the morning!

      • loyaldem4646

        Just because I’m upset with Israel doesn’t mean I hate Jews. Just like Obama doesn’t hate Jews but he realizes a cease fire does no good unless there’s a compromise on both sides. If Israel has the backing of the US, I don’t see the need for this useless fighting because all it does is promote more useless fighting. Hamas isn’t going to go away and now you’ve just made them stronger as Iran and Turkey are now getting involved.

    • kasandra

      Yeah, that’s close to being a factual analysis of the situation. Say, I have some land in Florida you may want to buy and I swear it’s not in a swamp. You’d probably believe that, too.

      • loyaldem4646

        Really, is Palestine a state? Is Palestine just as advanced as Israel? Does Palestine have an Iron Dome? Did Palestine raid your homes when the Israelis burnt their youth? With all the civil wars happening in the Middle East, you would think Netanyahu would think before he struck. Now, you’ve upset the whole Middle East. You thought you had a problem before, now you really have one. If we have to come clean up your mess, I’ll be highly upset.

        • kasandra

          Yup, that’s right. It’s not the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the Nusra Front, ISIS, AQIL, Bashir Assad, Hamas, Iran or the countless other Islamic terror groups and nations that are “upset[ting] the whole Middle East. It’s Israel. Great thinking, there.

    • Habbgun

      Ignore the Jihad. The Left Wing Trash Democratic way. Go back to living in parks and crapping in buckets. It is all your kind is good for. Even the people you supposedly care about have contempt for you. What do you think a believing Moslem sees when he looks at a bucket crapper? Pretty much what everyone else sees. Scum.

      • loyaldem4646

        So genocide is the answer. I get it. Except, I thought we were supposed to not let that happen again. Netanyahu is handling it all wrong but go ahead and support your yes men conservatives who care nothing about us and as long as you put money in their pockets they’ll condone your futile killings of Palestinians. I just want to know how getting other muslim in Middle East is going to support your cause.

        • Habbgun

          No you don’t get it. Go back to bucket crapping. It is all you are good for. By the way less skanks and more freedom. An idea so crazy it just might work!!

  • Smoking Hamster

    How do they expect Hamas to disarm? The only way that is going to happen is through an extended occupation of the Gaza Strip. I’m not talking about the military blockade that is obscenely referred to as an occupation but a REAL occupation with curfews and checkpoints.

    America did the same to Japan and Germany. The reason was the same. They simply would not make peace and their governments had poisoned the minds of the people to make occupation necessary.

  • RickLoomis

    It’s time to expose the fact that the entire Israel-Palestinian conflict is a “false flag” operation, a staged plan by Hamas to mobilize their population and other Muslims to support a universal war by calling it a war against Israel and Jews, who they claim has conquered Palestine. Hence the term “resistance movement.”

    The Hamas Charter, has no goal of merely liberating Palestine. The goal is “universal,” to spread “the Islamic Resistance Movement all over the world.” Then why is Palestine so important? Because the Muslims conquered entire Levant in the 7th century, they feel it belongs to them forever: This is the status [of the land] in Islamic Sharia (law), and the same goes for all lands conquered by Muslims by force, during the times of (Islamic) conquests, and made thereby Waqf lands upon their conquest, for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection. Palestine was a small part of the Levant, and important in the 7th century only because it was then a vital trading crossroads to three continents.

    Hamas is also still obsessed with Muslims having survived the Crusades, and the word is mentioned nearly a dozen times, ie. “Multitudes of Crusades descended on it, carrying their faith with them and waving their Cross. . . . Hamas draws lessons and examples from all this, that the current Zionist invasion had been preceded by a Crusader invasion from the West.”

    It’s also worth noting that according to the Charter, Palestinians never owned any part of Palestine, and were always simply tenants: “The ownership of the land by its owners is only one of usufruct, and this Waqf will endure as long as Heaven and earth last.”

    So the entire conflict is a false flag deception, to distract from the real stated motive, that of reconquering the entire Levant, from both Jews and Christians. The Palestinians are simply the banner for this war, but the goal is broader. The irony in this is that the Koran itself acknowledges that only one people have superior rights to Palestine: the Jews. Moses and Israel are mentioned throughout the Koran, Palestine in not mentioned once. Muhammad takes full credit for helping them escape from Egypt, 2000 years before he lived, for giving him the Torah, and for giving them land to settle in. Muhammad made a full “covenant” with the Jews, he abided by Hebrew scripture to obey the Sabbath, to honor your father and mother. The Jews lived in the land of Palestine for thousands of years. It’s now just a war for conquest of land, pure imperialism, and has little or nothing to do with liberating the Palestinian people, the false banner.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    The thing that needs to be stressed – why even pretend surprise? Oh my God it’s going to be cold in Canada this coming winter, just like the one before.

    Obama and his administration is a Jew-hate administration. Why aren’t so-called pro-Israel supporters wherever they are in the world, calling for Israel to do all it can to be rid of nefarious American influence and control. If we don’t, there won’t be an Israel for much longer. What if the next president of the US is another Jew-hater? How can we gamble Israel’s future on blind hopes? It appears plenty so-called pro-Israel folk don’t want Israel to break free from America’s back stabbing, all they can do is go on about how Obama is betraying Israel. Well duh he and his administration are Jew-haters, so what else to expect? How does going on about that, help Israel?

    Israel needs to be far more independent of America wrt to military hardware, supplies and spare parts. Very difficult but our survival is at stake.

    We need to be proactive here, Israel needs to make closer ties with other powerful nations like China, Japan (who don’t have a culture of Jew-hatred, just self-interest). Pro-active means viable contingencies wrt thwarting ONGOING and inevitable FUTURE American support for the Jihad against the Jews at the highest levels, the White House and the State Dept. I don’t see anything on the horizon, in any meaningful sense. And yes I blame Bibi for this as well but I must admit, it’s very difficult. Our opportunities and resources are limited. When you have no friends in high places… Thanks Harper btw (notice American conservatives don’t pay much attention to their northern neighbour. Maybe they should, might learn something).

    • Joseph Salmen

      May I ask what country you live in? If it’s the US, please leave. Only people who are loyal to one nation should be citizens. Israel is one of the only countries to not agree to the non proliferation treaty of nuclear weapons, the others being India, Pakistan and South Sudan. Israel exists because of the United States and our foreign aid along with our military technology.

      • Webb

        I love the sound of Jew hating whiners in the morning! Please cry louder. It’s music to my ears.

        • Joseph Salmen

          Is that your only trump card, to label people Jew haters? I don’t hate Jews. How can you label me as such from my previous post? I can tell that you are not very sophisticated or able to think critically due to the fact that you attack people personally instead of challenging their ideas.

          • retired22

            You have no ideas,shmuck.You only have talking points & sound bites that you barely understand.

      • retired22

        Joe baby,If your mother had signed the non-proliferation treaty you wouldn’t be around today & the world would be a better place.

        • Joseph Salmen

          I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force thank you.

          • Webb

            Cry louder, Sallie. Perhaps your Allah is sleeping and does not hear you.

      • American Patriot

        Just like the main reason why there is a fictional “Palestinian nationality” was because of the Soviet Union when the KGB created the PLO during the 1960s. Though it is no longer around, the Soviet Union has definitely influenced the international arena, as well as the current foreign policy of neo-Communist Russia which, under the leadership of a KGB member (Vladimir Putin) and the ruling United Russia Party (which I call the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union), has tried to reclaim the so-called “glory” of the worst empire in human history.

  • notme123

    Sounds exactly like 0’s mindset. Just like here in the US, money for illegals, not US citizens, and no security on our borders.

  • Arlie

    The IDF needs to takeover Gaza completely! Hamas must be destroyed never to rise again.


  • bob smith

    is this really an appropriate ad for fpm to display on its site (copied from above on this article page)? edit, seems the ad requesting money for palestinians with the islamic brand below cannot be copied and pasted)

    how much more money do these asswholes deserve? how about we stop sending these terrorist supporters anything at all until they stop voting for and supporting hamas?

    until then, they should have the many millionaires who apparently are from hamas and who either reside in Gaza or Qatar send them some of their terrorist, blood soaked cash.

  • Gee

    Israel should accept an unconditional cease-fire. It starts exactly one hour after the unconditional surrender of Hamas and not one single second before that.

    • Contemptuous Maximus

      Make that a week after the surrender

  • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn


  • PJ1

    Now that the PA and Hamas have a unity government, why don’t Israel and others challenge their non-member Observer Status in the UN, which cannot accept a designated terrorist organization? The UN is now directly supporting Hamas.

  • getreal5

    bibi needs to tell president koranderthal to blow him!

  • getreal5

    0bama : ” I demand you give my brothers hamas an “immediate unconditional” ceasefire! ”
    Bibi ” how about you blow me … you evil half breed koranderthal grifter and take the fellow lurch you sent with you!”

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    An “immediate and unconditional” surrender, by Hamas. Nothing else will work, and Israel should accept nothing less. Am Yisrael Chai.

  • PatnTrucks

    I replay the segments about the President saying his job is to “Defend Islam” and ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Really? Leader of the Free World? Christ is the only way to salvation. Believing that is slandering Muhammad.”
    THEN THIS KICKER: “That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
    WHAT!!???? I thought the President’s job was “defend the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AN DOMESTIC”? The mohammandan population of the United States per the 2010 Census was .6% of ONE PERCENT. What about the rest of the 99.4% of AMERICANS?

    Send this stuff and these inane quotes to your CONGRESS REP AND SENATORS and demand answers!

  • nightspore

    If the Egyptians could push back against this administration successfully, why can’t the Israelis?

  • putupjob

    tell obama to shove it.

  • USA

    Israel, why in Yahweh’s name do you want to live in the middle of the Islamic World?

    You have money and influence like your cousins in Europe and America. Why not just follow them and live with the rest of the Civilized World?

    Yet you choose to live in the midst of Islamic barbarism, always out-numbered, always causing problems for the rest of the world. And the US has to constantly hold your hand in the matter, providing you billions in aid.

    I for one am Glad that Obama is pulling the leash on these Christ-Killers.

    • luckyintheorder


    • Marlow D.

      Jews were there 4,000 years ago, 2,500 years before Muhammad. There have been many times fewer Jews that have died at Muslim hands than Christians, who nonetheless set up missions and tried to tame the barbarians, and having failed miserably, are now being wiped out. The Jews simply wanted to live in their biblical homeland, never interested to converting Muslims.

      The Muslims, including the Palestinians, will not be thanking the church for their help in trying to civilize them. Nor will Jews be thanking some church groups, who are again watching silently as Christians get murdered. Much as they were silent when Jews were once rounded up and murdered.

    • Webb

      Nice whine. I’ll bet you’re a professional mourner at muslime funerals. Your crying is music to my ears. The Jooooooz did it! They have all the money and influence and I don’t have squat! Help me Jesus!

  • Maynard

    Fortunately, Ben Netanyahu dose NOT bow down and kiss Obama’s tale like John Boehner does. He has a pair and he will stand with his people. I wish our president would do the same for US citizens.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Don’t they have a phone number in Israel that you can call to block unsolicited calls from pitchmen selling crap?

  • Eugene Koshanof

    Obama! Who cares what you want?

  • American-By-Choice

    The election of 2012 was a catastrophe beyond description. When it’s all said and done, it will make 9-11 look like a MIRACLE of peace and prosperity.

  • Daniel

    The truth is, israel stole their land and have been, for decades, trying to eliminate the Palestinians from living comfortably, or at all, in the land they have occupied for hundreds of years. Hamas has every right to defend its people, considering there home has been invaded and illegally occupied by israelis. Zionist are terrorists, and they treated by the world accordingly.

  • George Frayer

    Obama is playing a dangerous game with the (Christian) citizens of the United states when it comes to Israel. If he keeps pushing he will likely see an uprising that America has yet to see by comparison. I sure hope he does not cause the fall of the Holy Land.