Obama Enters Putin’s World

p061812ps-0404At the beginning of February, Fred Kaplan, the Edward R. Murrow press fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, headlined a Slate article, “Obama Isn’t Disengaged From the World: He just has a better understanding of how power works in the modern world.”

Power, as it turned out, worked much the same way in the modern world as it did back in the horses and bayonets era as Putin demonstrated when he did what no one in the West believed he would do by sending men and armor into Crimea.

Since one doesn’t get to be an Edward R. Murrow fellow by sitting on one’s hands, Kaplan dashed off to pen a follow-up article headlined: “There’s Nothing Obama Could Have Done to Stop Putin.” Kaplan’s advice to Obama was to avoid threatening Putin with “consequences.”

“Obama should be looking for common interests. One such interest is ending the bloodshed,” Kaplan suggested.

If the Russian dictator is known for anything it’s his tender heart and opposition to bloodshed.

“Even Putin couldn’t want to send troops to the Ukrainian heartland,” Kaplan wrote. Unless of course Putin, whom foreign policy experts assured us couldn’t possibly want to send troops into Crimea, turns out to be ignorant of “how power works in the modern world” and does it anyway.

If that happens then the same experts who told us he wouldn’t do it, will tell us that we can’t do anything about it. It’s not in the nature of “power in the modern world.”

“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext,” a baffled Secretary of State John Kerry said, as if Putin had decided to bring back monocles and pork pie hats.

But nevertheless Putin dug through his closet, stuck in his monocle and decided that you actually can invade other countries even though it’s 2014.

Lieutenant John Kerry, still baffled by the concept of one country invading another, also called it “an incredible act of aggression” and “a stunning, willful choice by President Putin.”

“Russia is in violation of its international obligations,” he bleated. Despite presenting a ceremonial potato to the Russian Foreign Minister, Kerry didn’t seem to understand that Russia cares about its international obligations almost as much as his boss cares about the United States Constitution.

This strange claim that invading other countries went out of style in the 19th century is belied by two world wars, countless smaller conflicts, including the Korean War and the Gulf War, and a few wars in the 21st century, but those facts don’t penetrate the progressive worldview.

At the debates, Obama had mocked Romney’s criticism of his drastic military cuts by accusing him of living in a 19th century “horses and bayonets” world and sneered at Romney’s statement that Russia was our leading geopolitical foe by asserting, “You don’t call Russia our No. 1 enemy… unless you’re still stuck in a Cold War mind warp.”

When Sarah Palin predicted back in 2008 that the invasion of Georgia would lead to the invasion of Ukraine, Saturday Night Live brought in Tina Fey to put on a little skit about seeing Russia from her house and everyone had a good laugh at the bumpkin who didn’t realize that the Cold War was over.

Last summer, Obama told Jay Leno, “There have been times where they slip back into Cold War thinking and a Cold War mentality. What I continually say to them and to President Putin, ‘That’s the past. We’ve got to think about the future.’”

Leno is gone and Putin is in the Ukraine and Obama is baffled to realize that when your enemies are stuck in the Cold War mentality, you either get your Cold War mind warp on or give up and go home.

Putin is thinking about the future. It’s Obama and Kerry who are clinging to discredited ideas about international law and diplomacy. These ideas are much more 19th century than anything Putin did.

The progressive spin is that Putin’s invasion, as the Center for American Progress put it, is “an act of weakness, not strength — an act, as Kerry aptly characterized it, anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms… fundamentally mismatched to 21st century realities.”

In the upside down world of progressive soft power, invading another country is an act of weakness while being unable to do anything about it is an act of strength. Weakness is the new strength and strength is the new weakness.

Obama’s impotence makes him a world leader, while Putin’s potency makes him a 19th century relic.

The more Putin does, the more he shows that he’s another Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, a déclassé bumpkin unfit for the modern 21st century realities of discussing foreign policy on Jay Leno and cracking wise about horses and bayonets.

True strength means recognizing your own weakness and not doing anything about it except making snarky remarks about how backward those rough 19th century barbarians with their old-fashioned invasions are.

“In a world of free trade and highly globalized markets, territorial conquest simply isn’t a good way to make your country stronger,” the Center for American Progress insists.

But what if it is?

What if we haven’t entered some land after time where armies don’t matter and everything works because Tom Friedman wrote a book about the flattening earth?

What if all those old strategies that made today’s powers what they are, still work? What if steel and lead, the old verities of the world of horses and bayonets that Obama cheerfully dismissed while cutting the military to the bone, still make all the difference in the world?

“He has the G8 summit in Sochi coming up, no one really saw this kind of thing coming,” a Senate aide protested. In the world of Senate aides, G8 summits matter more than territory. That attitude reflects more on the unreal world of modern politics than on what it actually takes to be a great power.

Meetings, committees and conferences, international organizations, multilateral initiatives and all the other dross with which the great powers occupy themselves are nothing more than the elite rituals of an exclusive club whose members have forgotten that it was their wealth and armies that made them powers, not their committee meetings.

The progressive delusion of a modern world with no room for armies and invasions falls apart the moment that a barbarian rides in on a horse brandishing a rifle with a bayonet and shows that it can be done despite all the free trade agreements and G8 summits in the world.

Obama and Kerry find themselves, like time travelers thrown back in time to the 19th century or the 1950s, stuck in a world that plays by Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Vladimir Putin rules, where no one knows that invading other countries is passé and that power is achieved at summits and not at the point of a gun.

Like the nerds at the back of the cafeteria they pretend that the jocks who invade other countries will flunk out and have to work in a Moscow shoe store and eventually everyone will recognize that real power is being able to denounce the uncivilized ruffians as backward cretins in the school paper.

And if that doesn’t happen, due to the nature of power in the modern world, they won’t be able to do anything about it anyway.

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  • Judahlevi

    It is amateur hour (actually five years) for American foreign policy ran by Obama and now (reporting for duty) Kerry. The affirmative action president is not working.

    Don’t worry. No matter how Obama handles this, his media minions will say it was brilliant. You can’t criticize a ‘person of color’ in their ‘progressive’ minds.

    All of which demonstrates quite clearly how race-obsessed the left is and how our country will suffer because of it. The next politically correct president will need to be a woman (according to the left and Emily’s List) because gender is the second obsession the left has.

    We will also all remember how Kerry assured us that Russia told him that they would not violate Ukraine’s borders. Shades of Neville Chamberlain?

    • obadiahlynch

      Hillary will be the next president if she decides to run.

      • lhfry

        Preferably a woman who is a lesbian or transgender or “questioning” ….

        • Vlad Lenin

          That’s Hillary.. her and Bill both have girlfriends.

          • oneteedoffpatriot

            And a peter.

          • Ariel Invest

            at least they have something in common!

      • Myrtle Linder

        I believe another stroke may stop that, her rages and tempter fits can easily cause another one.

        • III J

          we can hope

      • Notalibfool

        The media has pretty much already elected her, just like they did when she ran for the Senate.

        • obadiahlynch

          The voters in her district elected her. Just like the voters in America will elect her, should she choose to run for president.

      • MacGregor

        And Huma Abedin could be her V.P. That fits the Muslim narrative. God, I hope not!!!

      • oneteedoffpatriot

        And Ambassador Stevens will vote for her 12 times I’m sure.

      • Steve Bryant

        That election cycle will be a national I.Q. test…. and a Hillary victory will demonstrate a need for more teacher pay increases. It’s head they win, tails we lose.

      • FrontPgSubscr

        God forbid.

        • FrontPgSubscr

          The above comment was intended for the “suggestion”
          that Hillary’d be our next president. It got ‘lost’ in the mix.

    • Realist

      “The next politically correct president will need to be a woman (according to the left and Emily’s List) because gender is the second obsession the left has.”

      Make that a leftist black lesbian Muslim woman.

      • Steve Bryant

        lol, there simply has to be an oxymoron nestled somewhere in that apt description.

      • Schmitty

        With a cane.

      • III J


  • truebearing

    Brilliant analysis! Now we’ll watch the the Left attempt to bury Obama’s impotence and myopia with lame excuses. I expect George Bush will eventually make a cameo appearance in one pathetic CYA narrative or another.

    “Putin is thinking about the future. It’s Obama and Kerry who are clinging to discredited ideas about international law and diplomacy. These ideas are much more 19th century than anything Putin did.”

    Why are they so contemptuous of the 19th Century? What about Darwin, Hegel, and Marx? it seems that the Left forgot that their ideological roots are in the 19th Century, and that despite the abject failure of every derivation of Marxism, Obama and the Left persist, even into the 21st Century, with ideas that weren’t tenable when horses and bayonets were used by the military. Talk about discredited.

    “The progressive spin is that Putin’s invasion, as the Center for American Progress put it, is “an act of weakness, not strength — an act, as Kerry aptly characterized it, anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms… fundamentally mismatched to 21st century realities.”’

    Wow! This is rich. The Center for American Progress used the “M” word. That alone makes their statement laughable. But if invasion is “anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms,” why are they defending, enabling, and encouraging the spread of Islam, which is as anachronistic as it gets? Is stoning your wife, castrating a slave, or beheading an infidel well matched to “21st Century realities?”

    The American Left has done everything in its power to culturally neuter American men. Now they are faced with Putin, who for all of his faults, is not a neutered male. He thinks more than he feels and acts more than he dithers. Maybe he is an anchronism, but he is an anachronism that sees the weakness of those who would oppose him and is kicking sand in their sensitive little faces.

    I predict Sarah Palin stock will begin rising. She’s more of a man than Obama ever was, yet more of a woman than Hillary could hope to be, and she knows that a reset doesn’t require groveling capitulation on every issue.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s the left beta males that are anachronisms. They’ve carved up spaces in the modern world that they control, but their control collapses the moment they are confronted by forces that won’t back down.

      • darnellecheri

        Putin prays and give thanks every night that Ronald Reagan is dead. (I saw this comment elsewhere and just had to repeat it).

        • truebearing

          Putin is thankful that McCain didn’t win and then have Sarah Palin’s resolve to deal with. She was McCain’s testosterone supplement in 2008 and Putin no doubt knew that at very least, she could see his true nature from her home in Alaska.

          I realize now that part of the reason so many girly-men resented Palin was because she put their manhood to shame. She could shoot, hunt, fish, and fight better than any of them, Republican or Democrat. The mere thought of any of those activities scared the highheels right off’em.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            I like your fresh, forceful speaking of truth. However, I don’t believe that Putin would be intimidated by Sarah Palin either. He is a classic “inner directed” individual, a man who is not playing to the crowd. Nonetheless, he cannot be an “American hero” not only because he is Russian, but because he does not believe in natural law. But then again, does Pres. Obama? Kerry? the Clintons? I doubt it.

          • Drakken

            You ignore natural law and instead use lefty, lofty, unicorns and wishful thinking as your basis of your definition of the word.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            I don’t know what “unicorns” you are talking about. You are the first person in recent memory to refer to me as a lefty. “Might makes right” (you put that in another comment)? I’m just guessing here, but it may be you are an atheist. I sense a lack of respect for the other commenters, not only me.

          • Drakken

            No I am not an atheist, I am Catholic, but I am not one of those who turn the other cheek types, history is full of those folks, they are called mass graves. There is a bloody difference between respecting a person and respecting an opinion, I would think that you would be able to see the difference.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            I do see the difference. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean and never has meant that one does not have the right to defend himself or herself against crime or war. (Did you ever hear about ‘just war theory’? However, I assumed that you are an atheist because you seem to see “fighting” as an end in itself. Perhaps you’re one of those nominal Catholics…people who were raised in the church who have it as part of their identity, but don’t really see a difference between sin and righteous, or between evil and the goodness that comes from God alone through His Son.

          • obadiahlynch

            What’s ‘natural law’?

          • truebearing

            Here is a manifestation of natural law: honest people ask good, sincere questions and dishonest people ask insincere, snotty questions.

          • obadiahlynch

            My, what an insincere, snotty comment.
            Regardless, maybe someone could explain what ‘natural law’ is since Drakken invoked it in a sort of unclear way.

          • truebearing

            I didn’t say she could intimidate Putin, did I. I said Putin would be able to see her resolve — to do what is in the best interests of America. He would also recognize that she could see him for who he is, which is something that Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and the leftist media failed at miserably.

          • obadiahlynch

            LOL .. my wife can outshoot or outfish young ms Palin any day. That doesn’t make people nervous. What made people nervous was the prospect of electing a ditz like her to be a heartbeat away from the atom bomb codes.

          • truebearing

            How would you know that your wife could out-anything Palin? That is assuming you have a wife.

            If Palin is such a ditz, why was she able to clearly see into the future and predict with deadly accuracy exactly what Putin would do, while the “experts” and self-appointed pundits failed so thoroughly? Your moronic argument is the same one the Left tried to use against Reagan, yet were proven resoundingly wrong when his “warmongering” resulted in prosperity and peace.

            Apparently it doesn’t make you nervous that Joe Biden is a heartbeat away from the “atom bomb codes.” Biden was thoroughly and utterly beaten by Palin in their debate, and proven himself to be a complete buffoon. With every utterance, he further proves himself to be a total fool, yet you voted for the ticket that put him there. The fact that you get to vote makes me nervous.

          • obadiahlynch

            LOL Palin did better than anyone expected her to, but she didn’t ‘thoroughly and utterly’ beat anyone, even Katie Couric. And even broken clocks are right more often that young ms Palin has been.

        • Steve Bryant

          That was my first thought after hearing the astounding news that Putin still has a stable full of horses and a warehouse full of bayonets.

      • truebearing

        The Republican Party could learn a lesson from Putin and how the Left has reacted. Maybe pulling down the weather worn white flag would good for starters.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Then they would have to relearn that power requires power.

          • truebearing

            Maybe we could all chip in and buy Boehner a testosterone patch and a 6 week training session in mixed martial arts. Sure, he’d get his butt whipped, but he might stop enjoying it.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Wouldn’t work. He needs to learn to believe in something first

          • Jeff Ludwig

            Yes yes yes. There must be foundational principles, beliefs, ideas, goals. We can’t just be using power for “power plays” but for the sake of national interests defined by fundamental and purposeful ideas, beliefs, and ideals — and (here’s where I really get controversial) for the sake of moral values inherent in natural law.

          • Drakken

            I really hate to break up your liberal love fest of unicorns and wishful thinking but, never in the history of mankind has those utopian ideals have ever been the underlining foundations of statecraft. It has been trade, power and might as it has always been since man walked the earth and it will be that way for another thousand years or more. There are no morals and ethics where the issues of war and peace are concerned, only national and personal survival.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            Aren’t there “good guys” and “bad guys” as well? If so, what makes one set the “good guys” and the other “bad?” I don’t see it as “liberal” if you believe your side is right. Liberalism is a particular set of reasons for thinking your side is right. But there are other reasons for thinking one’s “side” is right other than those advanced by liberals. I hope I am one of those non-liberals who nonetheless needs to rationalize or justify the use of power to be certain we are “good” or “right.” What have I missed here?

          • Drakken

            Again, you get caught up philosophical nonsense, I am really sorry to have to break it to you, but the world isn’t full of unicorns and rainbows, no matter how much you wish it so, it is a cold, brutal, harsh place and people really do want to harm you, and there is no way to make peace with them. Western Civilization has given you everything you enjoy today and folks across the world want what you have, it is that bloody simple. What would b a fun exercise in reality, is to throw you into the 3rd world with the clothes on your back and see how you would be extremely grateful that you are from the west.

          • cant_login

            I think the point is that you need power and wealth in order to have the freedom to act altruistically.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            I simply fail to see how what I said would imply unicorns and rainbows. Either I have a blind spot or you are reading things into my statement that are not there.
            Thank you for being cold, brutal, and harsh in my behalf, but I’m assuming you are one of the “good guys.” If not, if for example, you are involved in human trafficking and are being cold, brutal, and harsh in order to do that work, then it would not be in my behalf. That’s all I’m saying. I can’t see what you would classify that as “nonsense,” philosophical or otherwise.

          • Jeff Ludwig

            Albert Camus asked this question, “is suicide the only real question?” He meant, if there is nothing to live for — if life is absurd — then why continue living. He then came up with an answer that, for various reasons, I find unsatisfactory and will not argue about here. Your so-called “arch-realism” (I’m coining a word to express your emotionally and philosophically flat view of life as lived) really leads one to ask the same question that Camus asked. If there is nothing to live for other than “national and personal survival,” no greater telos, then why bother fighting a war. If you’re not fighting for a cause, you (meaning any person who has that view) is living a mean, nasty, brutish life (which is how Thomas Hobbes thought life really is). Perhaps you share this view. If you do, I would pray for you to have more vision, more spirituality, more ethics, and a more enlightened (albeit not liberal) viewpoint.

          • Drakken

            The mistake you make and others as well, is you get caught up in the philosophy of it all, instead of seeing things as they are. What I do for a living is brutal and nasty business, but they pay me extremely well to do it, as for my personal life, I leave my professional life at the door when I am home. Sorry but the reason you sleep peaceably in your bed at night is because rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf.

          • Judahlevi

            Actually, there are morals and ethics in issues of war and peace. There are some who will act on them and others who will not.

            This is not to discount “trade, power and might” as powerful motivators of national conduct. Nonetheless, as human beings, we also rise above the instinct of self preservation – at least occasionally.

            Free will allows us to make the right choice even if it does not directly serve our own interests.

          • III J

            With respect – ‘rising above the instinct of self-preservation’ is the reason that kassam rocket are daily being fired at the peaceful civilians of Israel. Any time that Israel, to placate the Jew-hating powers of the world offers concessions to the terrorist muslims, Israelis die. No, I side with the ‘power, might, trade’ equation.

          • BagLady

            Sadly true. We seem incapable of moving out of the spiral of self destruction.

            Our death wish seems to be getting stronger as we veer towards self gratification and gluttony, always claiming it as our human right.

          • Drakken

            War is natural to the human condition and no matter how much folks want peace and pay any price for it, it still comes down to, might always makes right.

      • Jeff Ludwig

        Great insight Mr. Greenfield. They are taking things personally that should be not an expression of their “beta” psyches, but of historical insight, strategically valid and teleologically sound policies, and a gift for weighing complexities (I tell my students that holding 16 or more ideas in one’s mind simultaneously is a most useful ability when dealing with the complexities of this world). I’d be so honored and pleased if you would comment on my lengthy comment which I just posted above.


      Yeah, the trashing of Ms. Palin has amped up considerably of late.

  • Larry Larkin

    Everytime the obamessiah steps onto the world stage he ends up with his pants down around his ankles and his underwear pulled over his head.
    The only PoTUS dumber on world affairs than Woodrow Wilson.

  • pirate hanny

    Why the fuss? The US, NATO or Israel constantly invade other countries , bomb, close airspace and occupy as they deem right with absolutly no respect to international law whatsoever.

    What Putin is doing in the Krim is well within the rules of international conduct that the West has implimented over the last decades.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It was all over once those freaking crazy Ukrainians flew that massive passenger jet airplane in to the highrise building and starting launching ballistic missiles towards Moscow. They’re getting what they deserve.

      • WW4

        Russia should invade Poland, then, to punish Ukraine!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Sure. That makes sense.

    • Gee

      Yes the US and NATO does that – Israel has NEVER attacked another country. Defending oneself is not the same moron

  • Bamaguje

    Frankly, I don’t understand all the hoopla about Russia “invading” Crimea.
    Crimea is not historically or ethnically part of Ukraine. Historically Crimea belongs to Russia, and even today the bulk of its population is overwhelmingly Russian.

    In 1954 Nikita Khrushchev, then Soviet leader merged Crimea with Ukraine for
    administrative reasons.
    With the break-up of USSR in 1991, Crimea should have reverted back to Russia. Moscow didn’t make a fuss back then, so long as Ukraine allowed continued access of Russian navy’s Black sea fleet to the strategic Crimea.

    Since Ukraine is jostling to join EU, as possible stepping stone to NATO, Russia is justified to reannex Crimea, lest she have NATO on her door step.

    NATO is already huffing & puffing… idlly threatening to ‘support’ “Ukrainian
    sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity, democratic development,
    and the principle of the inviolability of borders”… whatever that means.

    See: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/02/26/uk-ukraine-crisis-ministers-idUKBREA1P1DC20140226

    One of the conditions for full EU membership is for Ukraine to get rid of foreign
    military bases. Although hypocritically, EU countries like Germany harbour
    American military bases.

    Russia is not Serbia that can be bullied by NATO bombardment into giving up Crimea… just as Serbs were forced to give up Kosovo to Muslims. Kosovo was the cradle of Serb civilization.

    • blert

      The realities of modern life will compel Putin to take possession of Ukraine. The Crimea can’t function any other way.
      It’s too water dependent… and electricity dependent… and telecom dependent…
      Further, Putin needs to occupy Odessa. It’s a significant naval asset, too. Both Odessa and Sevastapol were bitterly defended during 1941-1942.
      Putin is going to use KGB/ SVR gambits such as to ‘compel’ him to advance west so as to ‘stop the fascists’ and defend hapless Russians holding Ukrainian passports.
      Such souls are sprinkled all the way to the west of Ukraine.

      Expect Minsk to fold back into Russia, too.
      The West/ NATO will do squat.

      • Drakken

        Just wait until the Balkans goes hot again and this time Putin isn’t going to stand by as the muslims think they have the strategic initiative to take all of Bosnia and Kosovo and make it a complete muslim enclave. I am really curious as to why no one and I mean one has brought up the fact that Russia has over 1,800 “advisors” in Serbian enclaves in Bosnia and Serbia proper? This time there won’t be a damned thing NATO or the US is going to be able do to stop it, frankly, I wish the Serbs and Croats well this time.

    • obadiahlynch

      Most of the folks on these blogs have no idea where Ukraine is, and had no idea that Crimea was in it until a couple days ago. They’re just mad that Obama got elected, is all.

      • Gee

        Actually most of do know exactly where it is and have forgotten more about Crimean history than you will ever learn.
        The Eurotrash will pout, but because the United States have been defending them since 1945 – they have very little military power. Now Odumba has disarmed America – they too can do nothing.
        Whine is all you can do

      • alericKong

        So Obama gets a pass for giving everything away in a reset policy, fake red lines and a total lack of awareness in foreign policy.

        • obadiahlynch

          Well, that’s not anything like what I said, but okay, I guess ..

      • Drakken

        Ever been there Sparky? I’ll bet dollars to donuts you haven’t,,and yes I have, my better half is from there. Keep defending your messiah Obummer, as you can see, it is really working well for you.

        • obadiahlynch

          Nobody’s ‘defending’ anyone, and while it may be true that your honey is from Ukraine, that doesn’t negate what I said.

          • Drakken

            People are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. Most of the people commenting here have degrees up the kazoo and have actual traveled, and actually pay attention to past and current events, so you know what they say about assumption.

      • truebearing

        If I thought you had the integrity to pay up, I’d bet you big money on your arrogant assertion that most here don’t know where Ukraine is on a map.

        Yes, we are mad that Obama got elected. Any sane person would be.

        • obadiahlynch

          Impossible to tell. But we both know I’m right. This isn’t a blog for high information readers.

          • Fran800

            Oh la-de-da! Actually it is, relatively speaking.

          • Drakken

            And Huff and Puff is? Good God, you really are a presumptuous little lefty aren’t you?

      • iluvisrael

        folks like you can’t admit you backed a milquetoast

        • Gee

          He is not a milquetoast – he routinely attacks Israel and other allies

      • Steve Bryant

        oba, I think most folks reading this are floored to know that there is still some moron willing to attempt a public defense of Obama’s …er, …talent.
        Thanks for the rush!

        • obadiahlynch

          LOL no one’s ‘defending’ anything. I just said, correctly, that most of the readers of this blog are low-information types that, until a couple days ago, didn’t know what Crimea was.

          • Drakken

            You could not be more wrong son, assumption is the mother of all fu** ups. So pay attention, you might actually learn something.

          • Steve Bryant

            Well, you certainly are a digit in the column proving your thesis.

          • http://google.com/ obadiahlynch

            You’re a month late, dolt.
            No one’s reading this anymore. Find a new article.

      • liberalism is a mental illness

        Ummm. I actually am Ukranian. How do you know that most people don’t know where the Ukraine is?

        • obadiahlynch

          Most don’t, and why would they?

          • Tiberius

            Just like the low information voter that voted for President Obama. I bet they would not know where the Ukraine is either

    • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

      Yes, it is an accident of history that the Crimea became part of the Ukraine. So what? If you had said that the Russians in the Crimea wanted to break away from the Ukraine and deserve a vote on succession that would be different … and they’d get the world’s respect. Putin is doing what a dictator does best.

    • alericKong

      Europe has very little military spending, thinking the US will support them. They can either start rebuilding, setting the stage for another World War, or stay hostage to Putin because they have no energy reserves and import everything from Russia. It’s best to solve problems when they are small and before millions of people have died.

    • Historian

      “Frankly, I don’t understand all the hoopla about Russia “invading” Crimea.”

      Putin has as much right to invade the Crimea as Hitler had the right to invade Poland. Large chunks of Poland was historically and ethnically German areas.

      Do you support Hitler’s invasion of Poland as well? (Well, don’t forget that the eastern half was invaded by Stalin.)

    • Fran800

      Great comment Bamaguje. Of course Russia can’t let NATO and the EU take Crimea. Of course it should have reverted back to Russia when the USSR broke up.
      When Krushev (a Ukrainian) transferred it from Russia to Ukraine in the 1950’s “for administrative reasons”, there was zero popular or democratic input. Anyway it was all one country it was hardly noticed.
      I really appreciated your last comment Bamaguje — Russia can’t be bullied as easily as Serbia. The dismemberment of Serbia by handing Kosovo over to Muslims just because it seemed “fair” or something to Westerners was an abomination. Putin will not let that happen to Crimea.
      I wish the EU, US and Canada would stop their nonsense. Do they really think Russia should let the EU take over the Crimea? — which is apparently the end game here. And then open up the external borders so that the whole place will swarm with Muslims like in Greece and the Balkans, Spain, Britain, France — all of them.
      I can’t imagine why any country would want to join the EU.

    • NotJim

      Our assault on Serbia over Kosovo was a strategic blunder, likely to haunt us for a long time (like now).

      • Drakken

        Well pay attention to the region, it is about to get hot there again.

  • StukaPilot

    Did you all suddenly forget the (intercepted) Nuland conspiracy call? Putin will not permit American neo-conz and Euro banksters to hijack and collateralize the Ukraine (see also: Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, etc.). He will not permit it under ANY circumstances. That’s why we’re fortunate that Zero is Prez. Were it Romney, surrounded by neo-con warmongers, we might well be looking at the big D.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “…as if Putin had decided to bring back monocles and pork pie hats.”

    I love that line. But, we’ve evolved! How can this be?!

  • http://www.edytak.ulotka.org/ Ośrodek Sielpia Regent

    Ukraine is free country. Nato, UE and they have USA to her to help.


    • Gee

      They have no forces. Sorry but the Eurotrash have cut their militaries to next to nothing, because America defended them.
      Odumba has disarmed America to pay for welfare and be just like the Eurotrash. The Ukraine has 40 million people – why don’t they fight for themselves like we do? We are facing far more enemies and have far less people

    • Headed4TheHills

      I’m sorry, but why?

      When the USA steps in to help, we’re castigated on the world stage as warmongers, imperialists, oil-hungry capitalists,etc.

      When we step back and decide to let others handle their own affairs (or have our marching orders handed to us by a Communists dictator-wannabe – thanks Obama), we get castigated for letting “evil have its way”.

      Today, I think I’ll crack open a Bud, put my feet up on the ottoman,and jus’ chill. No posturin’, no sabre-rattlin’, no “make it rain”, nothing, nada, zilch. Y’all want Putin out, y’all take care of it yourselves. Oh, and when ol’ Comrade Putin has you standing in bread lines again, don’t come screamin’ at us.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    …and to think they don’t even teach the Monroe Doctrine in our schools anymore. Someone should tell Barry Obama about THAT, too.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Kerry apologized for the Monroe Doctrine already.

  • cacslewisfan

    This article made me chuckle. Ah, the schadenfreude. The nerd analogy at the end was particularly good.

  • Servo1969

    “The progressive spin is that Putin’s invasion, as the Center for American Progress put it, is “an act of weakness, not strength — an act, as Kerry aptly characterized it, anachronistic in both moral and strategic terms… fundamentally mismatched to 21st century realities.”

    “In the upside down world of progressive soft power, invading another country is an act of weakness while being unable to do anything about it is an act of strength. Weakness is the new strength and strength is the new weakness.”


    • Headed4TheHills

      Ah, George Orwell newspeak

  • bob smith

    Daniel, The Republic as well as the (for the moment) ‘free world’ is doomed when an institution of ‘thinkers’ named Center for American Progress can stand by with the idea that ““In a world of free trade and highly globalized markets, territorial conquest simply isn’t a good way to make your country stronger,” all the while China and Russia are doing exactly that, territorial expansion to recapture days of old.

    the muslim community activist has has released the tempest from the tea pot…who, how and when will it be returned? kaplan may wish to ponder that thought for awhile before he pens his next fallacy.

  • Docs357

    I hope these libtards get there assests handed to them cowards one and all

  • Navy Vet

    This man is showing us how to bow down! He still thinks he’s in the States and a community organizer. While the whole worlds laughs at us, and our allies leave us. He’s living in his own world and his MINIONS keep him in this world.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      #bowdown indeed

  • Sharps Rifle

    The roots of this debacle were sown in the time of George H.W. Bush. Bush, as you recall, was a liberal Republican who decided to dismantle the magnificent (and powerful) military which had been built under Ronald Reagan. He did so on the rather spurious notion that with the dismantling of the USSR, the US had no more major threats (pretty odd that a foreign policy “expert,” such as Bush, wasn’t paying attention to the rumblings from China…). The destruction of our military continued through eight years of “loathing the military” Clinton…such idiocy as the destruction of our B-52G fleet in order to comply with a treaty signed with a country which no longer existed (that same USSR), and ignoring Boris Yeltsin’s position in Russia–which if Clinton had worked with and aided Yeltsin MAY have kept Putin in his slot as a relatively obscure KGB colonel noted for brutality, and NOT as president of Russia. As well, Clinton used the US military as a social laboratory (DADT, anyone?), which, combined with the pointless Balkan deployments, destroyed morale and hurt readiness. Next we had G.W. Bush who, rather than expand our military during a war forced on us because of his weak and worthless predecessor, sent regular and reserve troops on multiple deployments, had a SecDef (Rumsfeld) who wanted to entirely re-create the Army into a light force made up of brigade-based units, rather than a force which had the muscle to fight an enemy who had a real army (as we’re seeing, the Russians and the Chinese both didn’t get that memo Rumsfeld sent which said tanks were no longer going to be used in warfare…), and continued our decline (hey, liberal Republicans are the same as other libs…just slower about how they go about it). Now we have a TOTUS who openly hates the military, mocks them whenever he can, and wants to make a barracks into a bathhouse (I guess he thinks all Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and sailors need is a little time in “Man’s Country”…look that place up if the reference is unfamiliar) and do away with all that icky Christianity which so offends the muslimes…

    Well, the KGB colonel is being a true-to-form Russian nationalist, and the Chinese are getting ready to control the Pacific. For most leftoids, I’d give them the benefit of thinking they’re just deluded fools who see the world as they want it to be, and that might be the Republican liberals, who really aren’t too bright at all. The ‘rats, however, get no such benefit. They have proven consistently to be duplicitous and treasonous…not merely enemy sympathizers, but enemy operatives. Obama’s actions lay their traitorous natures bare, as do the actions of his lapdog, Hagel.

    Stupidity can only explain so much. When stupidity fails as an explanation, evil takes over. Obama and his whole regime are evil.

    • truebearing

      Well said.

    • bigjulie

      Obama is already well-placed for a position high in any Russian or Muslim Occupation regime and I am beginning to believe that such a position is what he is eventually angling for, given the “help” he has already rendered to both camps.

      • Sharps Rifle

        Wouldn’t surprise me, although such a move would also show obama’s sheer stupidity. Putin is a Russian nationalist, and would have no use for a traitor working under him, and obama’s actions show he is a traitor and would readily turn on Russia if he thought he could get a better deal. To the muslims, obama is just another abd, and would NEVER hold any authority under their rule.
        As I’ve said, when stupidity fails to explain someone’s actions, evil usually does. Obama is evil. But, this is also a reverse of the “Spaceballs” corollary to obama’s actions. In “Spaceballs,” Dark Helmet pointed out that evil usually wins because good is stupid…here, our evil is stupid and will lose to smart evil. In either case, things aren’t rosy for the future of the United States as a free nation.

        • bigjulie

          I agree, but it would be better for the take-over force to have someone familiar with the take-over country in place to run it. Of course they would watch him…especially the Russians, who don’t even trust themselves! But the watchword for Putin would be to make things as easy for his rule as he could. There are still a helluva lot of people in America who are completely captivated by him and honestly believe he would NEVER do them harm. Similar with the Ayatollahs. Barky would become a simple “convenience” who would be eliminated once the power behind the power was sure of its iron grip. Meanwhile, I doubt that he looks any farther forward than to highly screened aides who would lose closely to him in golf, let him keep the 747 (at our expense) and allow his partying in Hawaii for him and the family. They would all fall into the “useful idiot” category once they had control and his days would be numbered.
          He, of course, does not believe that! He thinks his charisma and charm will keep him alive forever and because of those “qualities” he would always remain
          “valuable” to his handlers. He continues to want to play wiffle ball with people who would win the World Series in hardball every year, if underhanded political dealings were the main play tactic instead of excellent pitching!

        • bigjulie

          Of course, Putin already knows Obama is a traitor by his actions over the last 5 years. Putin already knows how to handle such actions, when the time comes. The Muslims would consider his actions a high religious act to further his relationship with Allah! Putin also is very familiar with Obama’s abject stupidity!

    • Drakken

      Not to be a stickler as I do agree with all of your points made, but Putin was a KGB General of the 1 st Directorate. He did not get there by politics and frankly he makes Machiavelli look like a rank amateur in comparison, there is no doubt that Putin would have never done what he has if Bush the 1st or Reagan was in office.

      • Sharps Rifle

        Thanks for the correction. I was only aware that he had made it to colonel. You’ve shown he’s even more of a force to be reckoned with.

        • Drakken

          Not to defend Putin, but the guy has an IQ upwards of 160 or better and he understands history and knows his opponents and how to read them. Our leaders are less than useless and have no clue, they have painted themselves into a corner in the true belief that they can just charm a guy like Putin, they could not be more wrong.

          • Sharps Rifle

            You’re absolutely right.

  • Atikva

    When I heard that M. Obama was “warning” Mr. Putin over the Ukraine story, I laughed – and Mr. Putin probably did the same thing. Warning him with what, the military forces that Mr. Obama himself has weakened and decimated?

    Obviously, “the President” hasn’t realized that Mr. Putin sized him up a long time ago and knows that not only has he absolutely nothing to fear from this “community organizer”, but that he can twist him around his little finger to do his bidding any time anywhere.

    As usual, “The President” hasn’t got a clue. Entering Mr. Putin’s world? He can’t, the only world he knows is his own fantasy world.

    • No RNC

      I imagine Putin has seen the complete Intelligence on the Choom Gangleader & knows exactly how to handle this dullard prick! Where are the US leaders. There is going to be hell to pay!

    • nimbii

      Obama’s gonna hold his breath until Putin backs off.

      • Sherry Allain

        One could only hope!


    This is one of your best, Mr. Greenfield. Precisely spot on.

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • Painted Horse

    If weakness is the new strength then Obama is the Hulk in World Affairs.

  • Robert Buchar

    Maybe it’s time to realize that we didn’t win the Cold War and, in a fact, the Cold War never ended.

    • Atikva

      Right. The USA and the West didn’t win the cold war,
      they just appeared to have won. The USSR simply changed its name and went full
      speed into its ideological subversion of the West program, courtesy of the KGB.
      Mr. Putin now reaps the harvest.

    • Atikva

      Right. The USA and the West didn’t win the cold war, they just appeared to have won. The USSR simply changed its name and went full speed into its ideological subversion of the West program, courtesy of the KGB. Mr. Putin now reaps the harvest.

  • Realist

    Faithful, fanatical apologists of the libcult who portray themselves as journalists are just doing the (liberal) lords work. Their objective is to try and formulate some nonsensical packaged phrase that appears to say one thing but in reality says the opposite, and therefore serves to muddy the waters and allow their Obamesiah (or any lib) to escape judgement for their incompetence or to dismiss the disastrous consequences of lib policies. You know the type of nonsensical phrases I am talking about, like “Diversity Is Our Strength!” and “The Science Is Settled!”.

    I would recommend that every middle school and high school student read Orwell (In particular 1984 and Animal Farm) to understand and put into proper context what they see and hear in so much of the libcult controlled media every day. The actions of the libcult are actually rather easy to discern once the veil of legitimacy that the lib controlled infotainment machine grants modern liberalism and liberal premises is peeled back, and the utter vacuousness that underlies so much of modern liberalism is revealed to be just that.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Weakness is Strength

      • Drakken

        History is about to slap the brutal reality out of them. Everybody forgets that might in the end always makes right.

        • Jeff Ludwig

          It doesn’t.

          • Drakken

            Hmmm could you please point out anywhere in history that it doesn’t?

        • bigjulie

          …and if the “right” that got made ain’t your right…YOU DIE!!

  • LawReader

    Obama is to ‘leadership’ what gasoline is to fire suppression. The latter at least provides the benefit of actually getting us somewhere…

    • Headed4TheHills

      Now, now, LawReader, y’all need to back up off Obama’s case. It ain’t his fault he sucks worse than a super-massive blackhole. Man cain’t help it. No real experience other than community organizin’, playin’ golf, an’ takin’ vacations on someone else’s dime.

      • LawReader

        But…but…but…he has a degree in Affirmative Action! (and can’t even handle that past *thinking* about action…). Apparently he dropped out after the ‘talk the talk’ semester, but before the ‘walk the walk’ course…

  • Habbgun

    The problem with appeasement is soon or later you run out of other people’s land.

    • truebearing

      Well played.

  • JVictor

    The term “gravitas,” or lack thereof, comes to mind when talking about the Community-Organizer-in-Chief.

  • zombietimeshare

    Looks like Barry is going see what it looks like to lead from in front.

  • Jerry G

    It’s obvious that the world is divided into two. One is the real world of Putin, Sara Palin and those who are as far away from the left as they can go. The other world is the make believe, Alice in Wonderland world of the left.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And eventually Wonderland has to end

      • LoJoFo

        When, if ever, we wake up from our sweet dreams and face this nightmare, which is real.

        • Steve Bryant

          gee, talk about a national nightmare!

      • nimbii

        Didn’t Reagan tell us “…don’t be afraid to see what you see”?

  • Itsy_bitsy

    In the eyes of Putin, Obama likely resembles a cockroach scurrying across the floor! If only we had another Reagan – if only!

  • Jersey Bill

    Putin vs Obama. A starving pitbull vs. a lamb chop. A wolf vs. Bambi. No mas.

    • Sharps Rifle

      Godzilla vs. Bambi, to place a finer point on it.

    • Larry Larkin

      That’s insulting to lamb chops and Bambi.
      They both taste good and have a reason to exist.

  • Texas Patriot

    Daniel, my take is that things may be speeding up faster than we think, and Obama is on the right track here. Look at it this way. Unless Iran voluntarily agrees to permit free, full, and permanent inspections to verify the peaceful nature of its nuclear programs, it will be necessary to destroy those programs in order to prevent the jihadist elements in Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    Look at it this way. Short of sending in a hopelessly inefficient and ultimately counterproductive land army to destroy the facilities (which as a practical matter is now politically and economically impossible), it will be probably be necessary to destroy Iran’s deeply buried nuclear weapons facilities by subterranean bunker-busting technology equipped with tactical nuclear warheads. Having Russia and China on board with us as we carry out that operation will be essential, and in that regard, it should not be surprising if some pieces of the international chess board are realigned in the interest of strategic solidarity as we move forward together for the purpose of fighting WWIII against the forces of Islamic jihad.

    Under these circumstances, an increasing regional hegemony and closer international cooperation to combat the phenomenon of global Islamic jihad will characterize relations among America, Russia, and China going forward, and I think we can expect a lot more of the same in rapid order.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obama is not going to destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, nor would Russia be on board with such a move, it set up the Syrian deal scam to fool Obama into letting Iran go nuclear.

      • Texas Patriot

        Hahaha! I admit it would be a monstrous surprise to all of Obama’s critics (not to mention the mullahs of Iran), but I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility. The bottom line is that if the Islamic Revolutionary Party of Iran obtains the capacity to produce nuclear weapons, Russia and China would also be in the bullseye of jihadist nuclear blackmail, and I don’t think either one of them is that stupid. If I’m right, I’ll let you buy me a cup of coffee. Otherwise, I’ll owe you one.

        • Drakken

          I’ll take that bet, Obummer isn’t going to do a damn thing to stop Iran from getting nukes, period.

          • Texas Patriot

            Hahaha! I’m not sure I want to have a cup of coffee with you, Drakken. You’re too scary for me. I’m more of a lover than a fighter, and the best way to avoid all out nuclear Armageddon is to defang the Iranian wolf by pulling its nuclear teeth.

          • Drakken

            Oh come on for Pete’s sake, I only bite those that need biting and that happens to be overseas, not CONUS. Soon my friend your going to have no choice but to have to stand up and fight to keep the US of A a 1st world nation, Obummer and company can’t crash this nation soon enough for their purposes. Besides, you would have to pay me in Bourbon, nectar of the Gods. ;) I make this prediction, Obummer ain’t gonna do squat except talk out of both sides of his mouth and do absolutely nothing.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          If Russia really were worried about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, it would have behaved very differently in the last twenty years.

          • Texas Patriot

            Make no mistake about it. Russia is in it for Russia and no one else. Always has been, and always will be. And there is no question that Russia has made a lot of money assisting in the development of Iranian nuclear infrastructure over the last twenty years. In the event Obama/Hagel go forward with a surgical strike to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons complex, don’t be surprised if Russia goes through the motions of making the appropriate diplomatic protests (as we are doing in the Ukraine) and then signs up for the massively lucrative contracts to rebuild the Iranian nuclear facilities from scratch. In that scenario, Russia could actually make more money if we destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons complex than if we don’t.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Russia is out for the money, but it’s also out for power. A nuclear Iran is their method of gaining more power.

          • Texas Patriot

            When he was on the Tonight Show recently, George W. Bush was talking about how Vladimir Putin likes to keep a stable of powerful guard dogs. If he could count on Iran to do his bidding and fight Russia’s battles for him, it would probably make sense for him to be in favor of Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons. But I don’t think that is an assumption a rational man would make, and I don’t think Vladimir Putin is irrational.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            From P’s perspective, a nuclear Iran is a problem for America and its allies. Whatever happens, he thinks we’ll be the ones who have to deal with the fallout while he plays the disruptor.

          • Texas Patriot

            That’s a possibility, but I think it assumes that Putin’s motivation to one-up America is stronger than his motivation for self-preservation and survival. If Iran develops there capacity to produce nuclear weapons, there would be no nation on earth immune from from the possibility of nuclear blackmail, including Russia.

            Let’s imagine that Putin receives a confidential communication informing him that a miniature nuclear weapon has been smuggled into Russia by terrorists supplied by Iran, and that it has been placed in a strategic location in Moscow and is now awaiting a command to be detonated by remote control. And further, that unless Russia is willing to provide Iran with extraordinarily favorable and one-sided contracts for further nuclear weapons technology, the weapon will be detonated forthwith.

            What would Putin do? What would anybody do? That is the nature of the risk to the world if the Islamic Revolutionary Party of Iran is allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, and I don’t think Obama/Hagel, or Putin/Medvedev or Xi Jinping in China or any other rational world leader would knowingly permit that to happen under any circumstances. On the other hand, if the powers that be in the world for whatever reason do allow that to happen, whether by misfeasance or nonfeasance or sheer cluelessness, then I think it is fair to say that all bets are off on the idea of maintaining any sort of peace and stability anywhere in the world.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Russia isn’t going to face nuclear blackmail because it isn’t going to give in to it.

            Can you say the same thing about the US?

            Let me give you one small example. After the Chernobyl disaster, and this was not that long ago, the Soviet leadership decided to take milk contaminated by radiation and distributed it throughout the country to maintain quotas by mixing it with clean milk.

            That’s the mindset you’re dealing with. They don’t care about their people.

          • Texas Patriot

            Even if Chernobyl occurred almost thirty years ago during the final and most desperate phases of the Cold War, it’s still chilling to hear of that kind of inhumanity of the communist government toward the people of Russia. Fortunately, the nihilism of the Soviet system has largely been replaced with a Christian ethos, and I don’t think anything like that is possible in Russia today.

            But I agree that the neither the Russian government or the Russian people would give in to nuclear blackmail, and anyone who tried it would immediately be faced with the prospect of nuclear annihilation, in much the same way that the Soviet Union faced the prospect of overwhelming nuclear attack during the Kennedy administration when they tried to smuggle nuclear weapons into Cuba.

            Would America be able to stand up to that kind of threat of nuclear blackmail today? Well, that’s really the question, isn’t it. Personally, I think as long as Chuck Hagel remains as Secretary of Defense, a reasonable likelihood exists that that Iran will never be allowed to develop functional nuclear weapons. On the other hand, if Hagel resigns in the next six months, I think it is fair to say that all bets are off, and anything is possible. We shall see.

          • Drakken

            What would Putin or the Chins do if a nuke was covertly put into one of their cities? They wouldn’t give in one goddamn inch, and call their bluff, if the nuke went off, Putin and the Chins wouldn’t leave a telephone pole standing in Iran and send a really nice message to the Saudi’s probably in the form of a note nailed to some poor dumb hajis skull.

  • bigjulie

    Difficult to believe, yet here, right under our noses, once again, are political leaders who, like my teenage grandkids, believe that World History began at their birth. How, indeed, DOES power work in the “modern world”? I know…all those “armed men” on the airfields in Crimea don’t mean a thing, because very soon, with technology known only to us, Barky will flash the highlights of the Academy Awards across the sky and those armed men in unmarked BDUs will lay down their arms and begin quarreling among themselves over the contested award for best supporting actress. Power working in the modern world…in some other galaxy, but not here!
    Jihadists outgun the military in Nigeria, 32 people dead so far. Barky asks Kerry to dispatch an aide there to inform them of the “proper use of power in the modern world”. And all those IEDs going off in Afghanistan and Syria…Hey Kerry, can you send another aide to Syria to inform them about the modern use of Power in the 21st Century? At some point, the State Department runs out of Aides, then what?
    I’m waiting for the presser next week. Secretary Kerry is going to make his famous “Peace in our Time” speech. And those thousands marching up Pennsylvania Ave. with what look a lot like AK-47s, pay not attention to them, they are only there to enforce the “peace”. I’d laugh…if only I could stop the uncontrollable sobbing…

  • jerseydave

    The diplomatic and intelligence crew in the US and EU should be fired to the last person. How they can pretend they couldn’t see this coming after Georgia a few years ago is beyond me. Then you had Susan “Benghazi was a Video on Youtube” Rice warning Putin the same day the Administration send Chuck Hagel out to propose cutting the size of the Army and grounding the A-10 Warthogs, which are the one plane in the inventory built from the ground up for stopping a Russian tank offensive.

    • Well Done

      Yes, jersey, I was disgusted at the very idea of grounding the A-10. When they show up, the battle is over. Every time. Soldiers who have seen them work have bottomless affection for them. Grounding them proves the 0bama administration is an abusive entity and must be removed from office.

      • Drakken

        To be fair, it is the Air Farce brass that wants to eliminate them because they are not fast movers and a shinny new toy.

      • III J

        Warthog = finest aircraft ever built for the primary purpose of saving the a**es of the grunts on the ground. Their pilots would fly into the gates of Hell if they needed to support the troops heading in there.

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    Obama enters Putins world…..and gets a super wedgie.

  • rbla

    Some questions for all of the old unchanging and newly minted cold warriors:

    1. How is what Putin is doing different from what Clinton did in his criminal war against Serbia? Are the Russians who make up a majority in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine not entitled to leave as the Muslims in Kosovo did?

    2. How is Putin any more repressive than the petty tyrants of the EU who drag into court and seek imprisonment for any of their citizens who dare raise their voice against the destruction of their culture and displacement of their native population? (E.g. Bardot in France, Fallaci in Italy, Wilders in the Netherlands, Robinson in Britain etc.).

    3. Why is it suddenly OK to have a coup deposing a duly democratically elected president?

    4. Why is it that the same crew who thirty years ago were screaming ‘better red than dead’ can’t wait to push the west into a conflict with Russia?

    5. Could it really be that the thing that upsets them is that Putin and Russia refuse to join in the project to dismantle western civilization and hasn’t endorsed the gay agenda?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      1. I opposed Clinton’s illegal war in Yugoslavia, that said there’s a big difference between intervention and annexation.

      Nor is Putin going to stop in Crimea. We all know that.

      2. How many dissidents have been killed in the EU under the guise of fake suicides or locked up in psychiatric hospitals.

      3. Did I say it was? That said this wasn’t a coup in the technical meaning of the term.

      4. That crew is currently running the country and backing away from a conflict with Russia.

      5. No doubt that has set off some liberals, but the issues predate the current gay rights frenzy.

      • rbla

        1. Actually what Clinton did was worse. Putin is helping out his fellow Russians adjacent to his own borders. Clinton intervened in a conflict in a faraway region and went to war against the Serbs who had been our allies and championed Muslim expansionism; we saw how grateful the Muslims were a few years later on 911. No Putin will probably occupy all Russian speaking regions in the east. I doubt whether he is as stupid as we have been and will not attempt to ‘nation build’ in the tinderbox of Western Ukraine.

        2. Putin is not Mr. Nice Guy and I’m sure there is plenty of repression, but nor is he Stalin and there are dissident voices permitted in Russia. BTW what about that ordinary citizen in Britain, an old lady who was dragged into a police station and
        charged with ‘racism’ because she had the nerve to loudly complain about the influx of immigrants while riding a bus. Here in the good old USA Obama’s minions sent a Coptic immigrant to prison for making an anti-Muhammad video.
        Then there was the case of Jim McDougal who knew of Clinton’s secret dealings and mysteriously died in prison.

        3. Perhaps when a president must flee his capital in fear of his life it is not a coup but it’s pretty close.

        4. Probably the only good thing that can be said for Obama is that his weakness will keep us out of a senseless war with Russia.

        5. True, Russia has for many years been an obstacle in the way of the liberal project of trashing the traditional nations of the west.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          1. Putin is helping out Russians, the way that Hitler helped out the Sudeten Germans. It’s empty propaganda.

          2. There’s a continuity of tyranny. Putin falls somewhere between Stalin and the EU.

          5. That’s Russian propaganda by a totalitarian country trying to cope with losing its Communist allies.

          • Well Done

            Aha, there it is, attempts to equate Russian rep of Crimea with Hitler annexing the Sudetenland. Comparisons are odious, and you stink, Daniel. Good mention of the EU, though. The dolts in the Ukraine who were rioting in favor of joining the EU (!) are largely responsible for the current situation.

  • nimbii

    Greenfield’s wit and sarcasm cut through progressive silliness. These fragile hybrids simply are useless in dealing with real power.

    Benjamin Franklin once said (and I paraphrase) Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually wind up plowing the fields of those who did not.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Their idea of power is issuing regulations that the cops will then enforce.

      • nimbii

        Enjoy your work.

  • Drakken

    I have to give ole Putin credit, with his little invasion, he is causing oil and energy prices to spike and will drive Europe’s and the US fragile economies into the tank even further. Putin is playing chess and is ten moves ahead while Obummer can’t figure out how to put the pieces on the board for a game of checkers.

  • kevinstroup

    Try that weak is strong stuff in prison. See how well that works out for you. Guess what? This planet is a prison. We are all trapped together and my POTUS wants us to be the beotch.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Good analogy

  • Webb Cook

    Wow, Daniel, your articles describing Obama, Kerry, et al. as eunuchs really keep the trolls from emerging from the woodwork. That’s because the trolls are all eunuchs and are incapable of saying anything that requires testosterone to say. Where are Uptown Steve and The Facts? Unless an article is about manhood — or true womanhood in the case of Palin — those guys come out to be used as punching bags day after day, proving by their pathetic example what was revealed in the article, yet they’re so crazy they don’t have any idea how crazy they are. They, just like Obama and Kerry, are living the delusion that mankind has achieved to the 21st Century where the brutality of military invasions, slavery, and the dictatorship of the proletariat are all passé. Enhh!

    • bigjulie

      It’s true!! There has been, by and large, virtually NO TROLL INFECTIONS
      on this string. Do you suppose even Trolls can see when they have to run with their tails between their legs? We can only hope…

  • edlancey

    If you like Crimea, you can keep Crimea.

    • Well Done

      LOL and it’s edlancey FTW!

  • Randy Townsend

    Send a boy to do a man’s job? You get Obama on the world stage, exposed as the unqualified amateur he is, bested by a hardened former KGB-Chief who obviously hasn’t read the press reports about how “brilliant” Obama supposedly is.

    • Larry Larkin

      More the point, I’m willing to bet that Putin has seen all those records that the obamessiah spent so much money to hide and knows exactly who dumb “the One” is.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    The left sees our militarism and worldwide military readiness merely as a threatening arm of capitalism intended to intimidate the world for the sake of capitalistic and multinational corporation interests. The leftists I know love to quote Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex just as conservatives love to quote Reagan’s accusation of the Soviet Union that it was an “evil empire.” So now, the right reflexively identifies Putin’s aggressive stance with that old “evil empire” idea, and the left sees military posturing or positioning by Europe or the U.S. as merely being a pawn of industries’ needs to make profits. These formulaic responses have, in my opinion, led to an emptying of our sense of reality.
    So, let’s step back. First, did the U.S. allow the southern states to secede? Some self-determination movements are more valid than others. Therefore, would the secession of the Crimea a true self-determination or would it be an untenable secession for Russia given its history, ports with needed access by Russian ships, and its population that includes many Russians? Then there is the question of the Ukraine in general. Did we not complain recently about the ousting of Morsi since he was elected President of Egypt supposedly fair and square. Well, the President of the Ukraine who just fled was elected (elected!) also. Does he deserve to be persona non grata because he has accepted overtures from Russia? Furthermore, what is the EU going to do for the Ukraine? Furthermore, what groups have really promoted the ouster of the President? Are they “democratic” groups or are they neo-fascist groups who want to disrupt democracy? And then there is this question (I guess only libertarians will be asking it, so it’s strange that I am bringing it up since I am not a libertarian), why is the U.S. involved in this struggle taking place in the Ukraine? What is our stake in this business? Our purpose and goals there are anything but clear. The President and John Kerry are somberly declaring that Russian involvement will be “costly” to them, but it’s not clear to this citizen why that cost should or will be exacted (putting aside for a moment the caveat that it may just be a bonehead threat).
    The Ukraine has a history of being caught between greater military powers. They were rescued from Polish-Lithuanian domination by the Russians, but that rescue led to another former of second class citizenship and servitude. Then, after the Russian Revolution, Stalin crushed the kulaks who were farmers in the Ukraine. Some 1-2 million of them were killed or sent to Siberia. So these memories are deep in the Ukrainian soul, so many hold that against the Russians to this day. On the other hand, when the Nazis marched in at the beginning of WWII, they suffered greatly even though at first they hoped it would be a relief from the crushing rule of the Soviet Union.
    The President of the Ukraine, the one who fled from his office, originally agreed to a truce. What happened? Russia originally offered Ukraine $15 billion, but that has been withdrawn. Why? Diplomatic conversations with Putin have broken down. What was said and not said?
    Meanwhile our government and various pundits try to re-write the script into simple bad guys vs. good guys scenarios when the picture is actually more complex. And, as Mr. Greenfield expresses so beautifully, the action people — with Putin at the helm — keep making strategic moves that are more effective than our committee-oriented Western leaders. There is an emptying of reality going on in the minds/hearts of world leaders. Which way is up? they ask. And their answers are “down” or “sideways.” This is supposed to be paradoxical and acute reasoning like all those pundits in organizations fondly saying “more is less” for a few years (thankfully, that cliché is no longer widely used). Allow me to counteract the paradoxical mindset with a truism, “When you’re dumb, you’re not smart.” That’s the best I can do this evening.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I think there are few ‘good guys’ in the local conflict on either side where nationalism usually means mass murder, but this isn’t really about the fractured situation there, it’s about Putin’s expansion of power and his global chess game with the free world.

      • Jeff Ludwig

        Thank you for your insight.


    In the upside down world of progressive soft power, invading another
    country is an act of weakness while being unable to do anything about it
    is an act of strength. Weakness is the new strength and strength is the
    new weakness.


    Thank you, DG.

    • CapitalistPig

      War is Peace
      Freedom is Slavery
      Ignorance is Strength
      …………….so Orwell was a couple decades late for the Democrats.

  • 11johnmac66

    The fact that the Crimea region is today a part of the Ukraine is only so because Kruschive handed it over to the Ukraine in the 50s for his convenience politically – never dreaming that the Soviet Union would come apart – this was done without the consent of the people there who are overwhelmingly Russian. The crimea is historically, culturally, spiritually Russian. Why should the Crimean’s not have the power to secede from the Ukraine today when it is going in a direction not conducive to their hearts desire. I would bet that should they be allowed to vote secede they would. Which I think would be their democratic right and about the best outcome for the current crisis.

    • Well Done

      You’re right, 11john, but 0bama loyalists are comparing people who point out what Kruschev did with those who apologized for Hitler by saying the people in the Sudetenland spoke German, after all. They’re wrong, though, but that’s what they’ve been throwing up. This incident should serve as a warning to fools who want to battle police, riot, and set barricades. Play with fire, you get burned. The authorities in Canada and the U.S. are going to have to deal with heinous, one-note, know-nothing protesters in the near future, over fracking, the XL pipeline, the Gateway pipeline, the Kinder Morgan pipeline, oil tankers, LNG tankers… a pattern emerges. All efforts by Canada and America to become self sufficient, indeed sellers, of oil and gas, are being opposed. The money probably comes from the Saudis. Funny though, the organization that accepts donations and distributes them to anti-development creeps keeps it donors secret. New rules are needed.

  • rmm

    I can’t stop laughing reading this article. Obama and his Leftist are a joke, of course, but the culmination of all their stupidity, with the wit of the author, makes this piece one for the ages!

  • Ariel Invest

    Its not so complicated….
    The US would do the same to defend its strategic assets.

    • Well Done

      Dumb comment, Ariel. Very dumb. First of all, Russian “assets” in the Crimea are not threatened. Secondly, by your laughable attempts at equivocation, the U.S. should occupy the oil sands in Alberta and “assets” in Mexico. Thirdly, anyone who equates the U.S. with Russia is a moron. That’s you, bud. And most every dolt who voted for 0bama. I’ll remind you that Palin and Romney both predicted Putin would invade the Ukraine. I’ll remind you that 0bama’s supporters, and probably you, scoffed at them. Didn’t you? You idiot. You know nothing. Get stuffed. Soon and often.

      • ArielI

        If the US actually had some strategic foreign assets such as these, they would. It is not about the Crimea, it is about Ukraine. Look at the image. It is interesting how a factual image (pictshure to you) can enrage as much as a cartoon of the prophet Mohamed would your fellow extremists. In the end you are the same. Your insular ignorance, and assumption that I am even from the US, shows just how removed from the reality of global geopolitic you are. Your cartoon cut out version of pantomime that masquerades for politics, has created a policy vacuum that Putin has gladly stepped into. People get the government they deserve. If you are so upset, that is when you ought to think and try to comprehend why you have Obama as your president. You should step back and do something your knee jerk reactions and petty prejudiced assumptions have left you unable to do. Go to the nearest thrift store and dig out a copy of Dale Carnegie, that is once the hang over you must have today from drinking a case of your favourite Miller high life has worn off this morning. You can happily frack your way to energy independence and build a wall around your entire once great nation while you piss away the inheritance of your intelligent forefathers. You “bud” are the problem and you are simply too ignorant to even understand it.

  • Gee

    When Odumba said he would be more flexible – it meant he would not only bend over and spread his cheeks but could also put both hands on the ground at the same time

  • Ellman48

    “Lieutenant John Kerry, still baffled by the concept of one country
    invading another, also called it “an incredible act of aggression” and
    “a stunning, willful choice by President Putin.”

    Mr. Kerry has put all his eggs into the Globalism Basket so he is utterly incapable of understanding nationalism or national interests. After all, he and his progressive cultists have been willing to surrender all kinds of US national interests because ‘this is the 21st Century ‘where war can be avoided because the world now consists of “a community of nations’, willing to beat ‘their swords into plowing shares’.

    Putin is interested in personal power and the prestige and security of Russia, not in conforming with the “will” of the “international community”.

    Mr. Kerry needs to “Go back to the Future”.

  • FrontPgSubscr

    Once upon a time, after Syria’s adventurism with chemical
    weapons, a comparison was made regarding Obama (as
    woman) and Putin (as man). Do we not see this now played
    out in front of the entire international scene?? HEAVEN HELP

  • Lanna

    Folks, You are looking a joint effort to promote communism. Don’t kid yourselves the US is part of this whole global mission…….. Forced coersion by governments to rule the people. It doesn’t get any worse than that, they don’t believe in Democracy by the people and for the people…that’s why they go around laws and implement their agenda by force.

    • carpe diem 36

      and we have a communism promoter writ large. and americans have invited this of their own free will, not all of course but enough were useful eediots to bring us communism.

  • Surprised

    We can’t just stop by saying that Putin is mounting a a 19th-century-style land grab, though. The Daily Mail reports, “This morning a Kremlin aide said that if
    the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine,
    Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and
    refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks….”

    This very specific threat shows that Russia recognizes our pressure point. I doubt that Russia would act alone in abandoning the dollar as its reserve currency; China has been making similar noises over the past couple of years, and an American response to the threat would have to account for the possibility that Russia and China have coordinated a move to a different reserve currency. And also, possibly, the Middle East oil-producing countries, who have talked about denominating oil prices in something other than dollars…. Certainly the Saudis are unhappy with us.


    Bears don’t care about what century they are living in. At any opportune time they will eat you.

  • Twisk

    Nowadays, the American power is based on two axis: flexing muscles for the cameras (the scare-off-the-enemy gorilla strategy) and back-stabbing (for instance, stirring phony local revolutions through relentless lobbying).
    When the opponent is unimpressed, they are at a loss.

  • Dallas25305

    Barack Hussein Obama, liar, corrupt, racist and a moron. That is the type of leader you get when the Liberal Socialist media picks your leader. Covers up all of his faults, his arrogance and stupidity. Then promotes him as a messiah, a celebrity and absolute genius who will solve every problem known to man. No such man exist however leftist indoctrination in the schools is turning out the most clueless generations in history. People were more intelligent in many cases when there was no schools because at least they had the ability to question and think.

  • Atikva

    The picture in this article speaks volumes. On the one side, we have Mr. Putin looking bored & on the brink of exasperation, wondering “how long will I have to endure this guy?” On the other side, we have the deeply worried community organizer, not sure whether he is coming or going, and praying for his interlocutor to give him a clue.

    • carpe diem 36

      a picture worth a thousand words. shows what they have selected as their Messiah, which is ok with me, they can call anyone a Messiah whether he is one or not. But why did they make him president??

  • Billy Talley

    There is an air of science fiction here with the insistence that no everyone is on the 21st century page. Maybe Liberals are living in a future age prematurely? This form of fantasy is called science fiction, except that an author of science fiction usually knows that they are not yet living in the world they are writing about.

    I think Marx was in essence, a science fiction writer. His Communism would come to fruition only after science, technology and industry would advance to the point where all human needs would be fulfilled (think Star Trek and their replicators), a simple and perhaps simplistic straight line projection of industrial progress. With the need for human struggle ended, Marx anticipated that capitalists/captains of industry would hoard the wealth generated so copiously by industry, so a revolution would make this right and afterwards people would spontaneously cooperate in the just redistribution of the horn of plenty to come.

    And so it goes as it does in any cult, fantasy was sold as reality. What must be protected is the bubble of fiction , no one should be allowed to puncture and explode the dream that if wishes could be horses, beggars would indeed ride. Truth is malleable only if everyone is compelled to pretend otherwise.

    Finally, a SciFi move recommendation: Zardoz (1974, John Boorman). A barbarian pops the hypertrophic bubble of the progressive elite and rectifies their predicament of stultifying impotence. A bandoliered Zed (Sean Connery) is the protagonist sporting a loincloth astride a horse, pistol wielding. Google that image, and ponder Zed juxtaposed with the shirtless Putin astride his own steed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When you don’t play by Obama’s rules, he simply covers his eyes and you cease to exist to him.

    • carpe diem 36

      yes, the Leader of The Western World!! our eunuch in full!!

  • III J

    Excellent article, as always. But tell me – is it schadenfreude to find delighted amusement at Putin repeatedly bitch-slapping the preening peacock of Pennsylvania Avenue, and his traitorous buttboy Kerry? Personally, I would be ecstatic if Putin challenged Obunghole to a one-on-one boxing, wrestling or MMA cage match, allowing the winner to decide how to handle the Crimea situation.

  • carpe diem 36

    our lilliputians in the world of giants. what a sight!! we have a eunuch, a scarecrow who does not even scare the birds in charge of our safety and that of the world. it is too embarrassing for words. I did not vote for Obama, but I wonder if those who did still see him as worthy of their votes. Why aren’t they ashamed of him and why don’t they express that shame is beyond me.