Obama Gave $32 Mil to British Electric Milk Truck Company He Called “The Future of America”



Smith Electric was the future of the UK. Then it was the future of America. Now maybe it can be the future of Zimbabwe or Syria. Or some other sucker country.

The Obama economy would look a lot like the Soviet economy if instead of building non-working third rate versions of Western technologies, the USSR had spent all its time trying to make a car that runs on dreams and pixie dust.

Say what you will about the Lada, but at least they managed to make more than 500 of them.

Smith had a long strange and troubled history and essentially we subsidized a British state subsidized company that used to make electric milk trucks.

Three years before Obama called Smith Electric, “the Future of America”, Tony Blair said, “This will be a company that will really make its presence felt not just in the North East, but actually throughout the world.”

You can guess how that worked out.

Smith Electric was selling government mandated delivery vehicles, subsidized by taxpayers, to major corporations. Then the UK got a conservative government and the US got a Socialist government and the US branch of the electric milk truck company, sensing a good thing, bought out its UK parent and began slurping up that dirty Socialist money in the States.

Obama said Smith Vehicles were “America’s future.”

Four years have passed since President Obama visited Kansas City’s main airport, rolled up his shirt sleeves and admonished the skeptics who said Smith Electric Vehicles was unlikely to make good on its promises to build 510 experimental electric-powered trucks and buses suitable for commercial use.

“Come see what’s going on at Smith Electric,” the president said, inspecting a table full of bright green truck batteries in what was once a maintenance hangar for TWA. “I think they’re going to be hard-pressed to tell you that you’re not better off than you would be if we hadn’t made the investments in this plant.”

The skeptics turned out to be right.

Despite $32 million in federal stimulus funds and status as one of Obama’s favorite “green” companies, the firm has halted production, having built just 439 of the promised 510 vehicles.

The scary thing is that Smith Vehicles just might be America’s future. Worthless politically correct state subsidized industries that are as worthless as their European and Soviet counterparts.

But it’s still a better track record than some of the Green Energy companies that Obama dumped even more money on. Smith seems to have pulled out before it was too late.

Smith Electric relied heavily on the $32 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, allowing Smith to actually subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles to entice customers. In other words when a company like Frito-Lay purchased a Smith EV, they didn’t pay full price.

At least Frito-Lay got to deliver its snack foods on an electric vehicle subsidized by working Americans.

Thanks Obama.


  • Habbgun

    Is there anyone more racist and frightened than a conservative bitterly clinging to his wallet and money making investments? The America of the future is a multiracial multicultural nation where people don’t work at companies that don’t produce products that are based on bourgeois wants and market demands. We will all join hands to meet the problems of the future with visionary companies that defy the doubters and lend their names to future history!!! Only a hick says do you want jobs with that?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sometimes they don’t produce products at all. Just visions for the future.

      • Habbgun

        Absolutely!! Our first tentative steps to becoming beings of pure energy! To think the unenlightened call that corruption! We are setting humanity free one subsidy at a time!

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Now we just need to subsidize sustainable electric money printing

    • glpage

      And there is nothing more idiotic than a leftist screaming “racist” because a conservative disagrees with leftist ideology.

    • hrwolfe

      Do I note a hint of sarcasm here or is this just another plug for another 5 year plan? These “investments” are nothing more than wishful thinking at a high cost and so far “0” return. Anybody sticking up for them at this point has just proven beyond all doubt that they are an idiot.

  • Gee

    The President seems to have a knack. Every single company that he supports and says is the future and millions of taxpayers’ monies into go bankrupt shortly there after.
    If they were public companies somebody could make a fortune by selling their stock short.

    • DVult

      It’s the socialist business model. Get a big government grant. Pay off politicians with a big chunk of it, use some of it for window dressing then steal the rest. Perfectly valid model if you are a crook.

  • DogmaelJones1

    It’s a Monty Python-esque scenario: Battery-powered buses and trucks recharging on an electric power grid that’s handicapped and powered by wind mills and solar panels and gerbils and hamsters running like mad in their spinning exercise wheels. Then there’s no wind, it’s overcast for several days, and the gerbils and hamsters die of heart attacks. And everything goes dark, the milk spoils, and the liberals who pushed this pixie dust idea at other people’s expense must go without cream for their Starbucks calorie-free lattes. Obama or his successor in the Rainbow House (so renamed because “White House” was deemed to be “racist”) will campaign for sails, twenty-mule teams,and citizen “volunteers” to man the exercise wheels. Orange jumpsuits will be provided for free.

    • ebonystone

      “Then there’s no wind, it’s overcast for several days ….”

      Or the temperature drops well below freezing for a few days, and the milk-truck batteries are so weakened that the truck runs out of power half-way through its route.

      • erma652

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        by working part time online. imp source C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

        • ebonystone

          Racist! He should have bought an electric milk truck.

  • Ellsworth Toohey

    So far, there is NO SUCH THING AS AN ELECTRIC CAR ! It is either coal, oil, nuclear powered ! Politicians are illiterate who don’t know what a joule, a kilogram, a watt …. are and therefore can’t understand basic science. Even if batteries could store as much J/kg as gas and be charged as fast as you can fill a tank, the power grid could not supply the required power.

  • USARetired

    This anti-American would give money to ‘Turdhearse.YU, if he was certain they would not succeed!

  • Freda

    Amazing how freely Obummer spends our tax dollars. Million-dollar vacations, flying the family dog around on helicopters, and Michelle’s lavish wardrobe and company of personal servants.

    Now this …

  • T800

    you can be sure Comrade pResident Obama does not put his own money into such “investments”. I would really like to see exactly where he invests his own money.

  • ndacboss

    That’s our money, I want it back. Obama, you stole that money from us! Theft.

    • notme123

      Agree. It’s not his money to give.