Obama Gave Iran $20 Billion in Sanctions Relief

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But what possible harm could there be in boosting the economy of a terrorist country with a nuclear weapons program that keeps threatening the United States?

Iranian oil exports have steadily risen since negotiations with the West restored confidence in Tehran’s economy. The increase runs counter to a promise by the Obama administration that “Iran’s oil exports will remain steady at their current level of around 1 million barrels per day.”

The significant rise in oil exports has led some experts to accuse the Obama administration of misleading the public about the amount of sanctions relief provided under the interim nuclear deal.

Obama misleading Americans?  Why that would be the first time that’s happened… today.

While the White House said Iran would receive no more than $7 billion in relief, these experts say that the rise in oil exports and other economic spikes will give Iran “well more than $20 billion.”

Iran is still set to cash in on $4.2 billion in cash infusions courtesy of the Obama administration, which began unfreezing these cash assets last month. Iran will receive some $450 million on March 1 and another $550 million on March 7 under the deal.

I wonder how much of that money will go toward killing Americans.



  • herb benty

    Why isn’t Obama, Jarrett and Axelrod in jail?

    • SoCalMike

      Because the Repubes are cowards.
      The only thing Rand Paul is willing to criticize is our own NSA.

      • Erudite Mavin

        The Republicans do not hold the majority in the Senate.
        The cowards are the libertarians such as Ron Paul who said American sanctions against Iran is an act of war and that Iran is not a threat and has a right to have nuclear weapons.
        Ron Paul and the libertarians, the usual allies of the Radical Left.

      • herb benty

        Republicans and Rand Paul criticize Obama/Dems all the time, But the RHINO/ cowards are pitiful I agree. R.Paul won’t be the Republican POTUS candidate. Cruz missle!

        • DB1954

          Rand Paul is a nitwit. I heard his Texas speech about “inclusivity” and “diversity” in the Republican Party. As if the Rep. Party has no race minorities at all! Worse than that he said that the Rep. Party needs to reach out to people with “tattoos.” OMG, what a boob. And if he doesn’t comb his damn hair someone should hold him down and shave his head bald.

          • herb benty

            I agree totally! Republican’s will come up with a great candidate for POTUS, the question is, will Americans come out of their coma and rid Washington of this wickedness.

      • DB1954

        Ted Cruz appears to be our only hope.

    • Erudite Mavin

      Because the Senate is majority Democrat, the MSM is a Democrat echo chamber.

      • herb benty

        Yes, the “impartial” MSM went commie on us alright.

  • blert

    “We will only buy crude oil from Iran in 2014-2015 period if [ that is: the moment ] the current
    sanctions on the insurance coverage of tankers are lifted,” an official
    from India’s Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) was quoted as saying by Fars.”

    (From Daniel’s citation at top)

    HPCL is the state owned and operated enterprise that holds the expropriated assets of Esso(ExxonMobile) and Chevron. (1970s) It has about 20% of the over all market. Naturally Tata will follow HPCL.

    Let’s all put in a call to Lloyd’s of London.

    Such talk is an indication that Tehran is selling production forward. The cited artical also makes plain that Iran has a floating store — off shore in Asia. This staggering feat indicates that Iran is coming up for air: revealing how sweetly she’s been skirting sanctions all this time.

    Chamberlain was ram-rod stiff compared to 0bama.

    • herb benty


  • EllenBernal

    Why is Obama and his cronies not being prosecuted for Treason? This is a Death penalty case.

    • Erudite Mavin

      Do you think the Democrat Senate is going to do this

    • herb benty

      The leftist machine covers for him. Dems go on and on about the evil Koch Brothers giving Republicans 34 million dollars, yet the government Unions gave Obama HUNDREDS of millions. The Dems control the narrative.

      • DB1954

        That’s not to mention the devil incarnate … Soros.

        • herb benty

          No kidding. Soros’ Tides Foundation has a “Tides Canada” that is working feverishly against Canada’s vast oil deposits. Can’t have America being energy secure now can we. Not to mention giving our enemies all the dough and being subject to embargos. Soros works against you and me through Media Matters, Moveon.org etc. He pays trolls!

  • SUSANM621


  • DB1954

    I would say every penny of that 450 M will go to killing us–in some form or sense or another.

  • Truth

    Naughty You-hoo and his stooges in US are in full trot again!

  • kal98

    On other news station says 11b in the past it has been a variety of quoted figures but why? and this is a great article! When will the USA people say no and who cares about their sanctions? we will hand them the money to create the bomb that will cause a nightmare for USA!

  • Slayer

    How does one penny get to Iran when the Republican congress holds the purse strings? Because, as many here fail to understand, the Republicans are no better than Obama. Not one of them. Not Cruz, Paul, Walker, or anyone else you can come up with. Forget a solution at the ballot box. It’s long past time people marched on DC. It is incredible how so many of you with all you have seen just over the last forty years – much less the last ten – continue to put your faith in these two parties. You will NOT get a savior from the GOP who will come in and sweep the left away and put the house in order. You will get, at best, another liar who screws you all over again while advancing the agenda of the left. The Republicans could have – numerous times – really put their foot down and brought things to a screaming halt until they got their way but notice how they never do. They always have some excuse why they were never able to fulfill their promises on anything. Be sure to vote for them next time around though, because that’s when they’ll really do what they promised. And don’t post criticisms of my comments either until you explain in clear terms exactly what your elected officials have done to stop Obama on anything the last six years or even the last three months since they took control of both houses. The entire DC organization has to go.