Obama Gets Serious About Al Qaeda Takeover, Will Send Kerry to General Area, Go On Doing Nothing

obama kerry

In between golfing and fundraising, Obama is taking Al Qaeda’s takeover of Iraq absolutely seriously. There are meetings, some of which he may have attended, and multiple statements emphasizing that all the options are on the table.

Like the option to do nothing. Or the option to do absolutely nothing.

In this case that means sending a few more military advisers who are coming too late to do much of anything and urging that Iraqi government to be more inclusive.

That should solve it. And if that doesn’t work, he will be sending Kerry to the general vicinity. If anyone takes a shot at him, he can always lob one of his old medals at him.

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to the Middle East and Europe where he will talk about the situation in Iraq.

That’s great. Kerry talking has solved many problems in the past. Such as his prospect of becoming president. The one thing a massive Al Qaeda advance needs is Kerry talking to people about it.

“We do not have the ability to simply solve this problem by sending in tens of thousands of troops and committing the kinds of blood and treasure that has already been expended in Iraq,” Obama dishonestly said.

Except that tens of thousands of troops were never on the table. The Iraqis have asked for air strikes.

Obama decided to illegally bomb Gaddafi in support of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. But in Iraq he’s unwilling to bomb Al Qaeda.

But as usual Obama would rather fight strawmen than address the issue. But don’t worry, all options are on the table. Like the option to issue another pointless statement if his poll numbers keep falling.

If they hit 33, maybe he’ll even arrest another of the Benghazi killers. If they hit 29, he’ll fish up Bin Laden’s corpse and parade him around.

Also there might be “precise and targeted military action” in Iraq should the situation require it. Apparently Al Qaeda trying to take Baghdad doesn’t require it.

Maybe if Al Qaeda renames itself the Redskins, then Obama will bomb them.

  • Frau Katze

    I cannot even keep track of what — if any — their plans are. One WSJ news alert: “US to work Iran on Iraq”, the next day another: “Not considering working with Iran on Iraq.” Since then, it seems “unclear”. Reports are contradictory.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Some amount of coordination with Iran, possibly, if you believe Kerry.

      It’s not clear whether Kerry actually has any authority in this administration however. The actual decisions get made by a small group around Obama.

      • Pete

        Valerie Jarrett as you well know speaks Farsi and would be considered an expert on Iran by the Obama administration.

        The group would be very small.

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  • pupsncats

    If you talk to three, four, five different “experts” you get different responses. A former deputy director of one or the other of our national security agencies on one of the non-MSM stations put the situation clearly. The practioner’s of Islam are fighting a war they have always fought and will always fight because there will never be peace for them. Their tribal grievances are not solvable. Our priorities should be ensuring Iran and then the rest of the barbarians don’t get nuclear weapon capabilities and get serious about working on getting the oil and gas we have out of the ground to become free of needing oil from the Middle East.