Obama Inc: Don’t Trust What Iran Says, But Trust It To Keep its Word

obama iran

The pro-Iran left has responded to each Iranian disavowal of the supposed ground-breaking deal by pretending that words don’t matter. Only actions do.

When asked about the statement by the President of Iran and other Iranian officials that none of its nuclear program would be dismantled, White House Spokesman Jay Carney responded, “It matters less to us what they say than what they do.”

This has been the position all along and it makes very little sense.

What Carney and his bosses are really saying is that Iranian leaders are so untrustworthy that you can’t trust anything they say, but you are somehow supposed to trust that they will do what they supposedly said they will do in a secret agreement that we aren’t being allowed to have full access to.

There are two possibilities here

1. Iran is lying about the agreement

2. Obama is lying about the agreement

Since Iran has been consistent in saying it will not dismantle anything, it appears to be more credible than Obama and his allies who claim that Iran did agree to it. That’s a pretty horrible thing to say, but it’s even more horrible to live in a world where that’s true.

But let’s assume that Obama Inc. are telling the truth and Iran is lying. Their contention is that Iran’s regime is pathologically dishonest, but that it can be trusted not to lead the United States and the international community around the nose the way it had all these years, the way Syria, India and Pakistan had, to name a few members and wannabe members of the nuclear club.

It’s like claiming that the guy selling fake Rolex watches can’t be trusted to tell you the truth about the watch, but you can trust that the watch is real.

  • truebearing

    I just bought a huge amount of lake frontage in Iran from a very friendly mullah, for a great price. For a little extra cash, he gave me the “Shariah-Free” guarantee. He assured me that I can cook brats, roast pigs, and drink as much beer as I want with no governmental interference. It set me back many thousands, but I will replentish my bank account with the amazing amount of money I’ll be making for letting a Nigerian bank deposit 60 million dollars in my bank account. I only have to send them a few thousand to get $500,000!

    I say we start trusting out Muslim friends more. I’m inviting the Revolutionary Guard over for a cookout as soon as the Nigerian bank deposits my money.

    Oh, and the correct choice is #2.

  • Edward


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