Obama Inc. Threatens Schools Over Illegal Aliens


More abusive and illegal behavior by an abusive and illegal regime that puts illegal aliens first and Americans last.

The Obama administration delivered an unequivocally clear message — again — on Thursday: All children have a right to enroll in public schools regardless of their citizenship or immigration status.

For example, schools can violate federal law by requiring Social Security numbers or birth certificates when a student wants to enroll.

The first mark on the letterhead is Holder’s criminal DOJ illegal alien lobby.

“To comply with these Federal civil rights laws, as well as the mandates of the Supreme Court, you must ensure that you do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin, and that students are not barred from enrolling in public schools at the elementary and secondary level on the basis of their own citizenship or immigration status or that of their parents or guardians,” Obama Inc. warns schools.

“Similarly, we are aware that many districts request a student’s social security number at enrollment for use as a student identification number. A district may not deny enrollment to a student if he or she (or his or her parent or guardian) chooses not to provide a social security number.”

Obama Inc. is relying on the Supreme Court’s Plyler v. Doe which was itself a ridiculously unfounded decision as it claimed that the 14th Amendment banned limiting school access to children legally in the United States.

The absurdity of the ruling becomes obvious since schools are still allowed to ask for proof of district residency, but not legal residency in the United States. If the latter is a violation of the 14th amendment, then so is the former.

The Plyer decision explicitly emphasized that it expected these children to stay in the United States and gain legal status. The Obama Inc. threat letter does the same.

It was essentially an Open Borders argument. It still is.


  • Ban Liberals

    Obama is proof that the American people will elect anyone and anything to any political office without using logical reason, common sense or intelligence at all.

    • glpage

      Obama’s reelection is proof that zombies exist and walk among us.

    • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

      Obama is proof that anyone with a “D” after his name can be elected because the Democrats have bribed so many millions of voters with other people’s money.

    • USARetired

      Even if that person is a fake, a non citizen, with no legal papers to his name, including his birth certificate, which is stolen! He is a ‘Troll’ and rubbing in in everyone’s Nose!
      His credentials will not pass E-Verify!

  • WiseDude

    Proof of district residency requirements usually only include proof of address (bills, lease agreement, tax return, etc) and proof of guardianship (for the adult registering the children). The absence of a social security number has never been an impediment to enroll in school.

    • A Much Wiser Dude

      Illegals are big problem for school districts. it drives up the cost of education, because bilingual education is mandated.
      To become an American citizen most of us (except for elderly) have to prove some proficiency with the English language. When you get illegals, you get a whole household, who often do not speak English including the children.
      How many times are you going to jack up taxes for education?

  • GSR

    Since the 90’s, the US political elite have practiced “post national globalism” and that includes not enforcing borders and immigration laws. This is simply one more step in “replacing” the American people will the more “compliant” foreign-born.

  • USARetired

    Once again the Ah@le is wrong! No NONE citizen has any rights in this Country!