Obama: “Is it a Lack of Respect for Me? Do They Resent That I Never Served in the Military?”

"Petraeus, Petraeus, What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?

“Petraeus, Petraeus, What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?”

That’s Obama showing his thin-skinned self in Robert Gates’ self-serving memoir, taking standard Washington politics personally.

When the McChrystal plan for Afghanistan leaked to The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, according to the memoir, the president raged to Gates, asking, “Is it a lack of respect for me?… Do they resent that I never served in the military? Do they think because I’m young that I don’t see what they’re doing?”

And then there was Harry “Cowboy Poetry Pork” Reid.

He also wasn’t exactly enamored with the idea that the calls he received from Reid had to do with Air Force objections to wind farms in Nevada, and Reid pushing him to spend DoD money on irritable-bowel-syndrome research. Gates writes, “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

There are also fond memories of Nancy Pelosi.

Gates went to breakfast with then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi days after she said “The president’s strategy in Iraq has failed,” and “The choice is between a Democratic plan for responsible redeployment and the president’s plan for an endless war in Iraq.” Gates argued with her that President Bush and Gen. David Petraeus had enacted a change of mission and a “sustainable path forward,” but according to him, she did not care.

This led Gates to surmise that, “after all, one wouldn’t want facts and reality—not to mention national interest—to intrude upon partisan politics, would one?”

Later, Pelosi is briefed on the timetable for drawdowns in Iraq, during which she was informed that roughly 50,000 troops would remain in Iraq through 2011. Gates describes that she “alternately looked like she had swallowed an entire lemon and like she was simply going to explode.”

Or it may have just been her latest Botox injections.

While all this is fun and games, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Gates is as much a part of the political circus as any of the men and women he takes shots at.

  • Veracious_one

    Gates describes that she “alternately looked like she had swallowed an entire lemon and like she was simply going to explode.”
    that’s Pelosi’s everyday look…and if you were as demented as she is you’d probably look the same way too…

    • CowboyUp

      When I look at Pelosi, I’m reminded of a bird that’s just spotted a bread crumb. I also get a flash of the seagulls in Finding Nemo.

      • oneteedoffpatriot


      • watcherofolde

        ‘SQUIRREL!”–in the movie ”UP”

    • tatave

      She looks like a failed whore.

  • Veracious_one

    Do they think because I’m young that I don’t see what they’re doing?”
    well they see what you’re doing…

    • truebearing

      Or not doing, as the case may be. Either way, contempt is the natural reaction.

  • Gee

    Odumba has disrespected the military. Both the officer corps and rank and file.

    Respect must be earned and Odumba has never done anything to earn any such thing

    • guest

      mitt robme did not go and he was drafted..just ran off and dodged… like the ahole he was

      • Tspeak.us

        which is nothing like a chicken dropping that makes unrelated posts under a generic name.

        • truebearing

          Now I thought it was a dung beetle, but maybe you’re right.

      • tatave

        Well Obama’s mentor was the good old Reverend.We know what he was preaching.The other buddy was Bill Ayers,we also know what he did.Obama follows the steps of Clinton the deserter,liar,perjurer.There is some continuity here.Quit the show going,we love it,with Obama and his cohort,never a dull moment.By the way,is the Kenyan Embassador to the Us telling a lie when he says that Obama was born in Kenya.Just ask the Kenyan Embassy to confirm or refute it.

      • ruralcounsel

        Which has nothing to do with this article.

        Trying to distract from Obama’s failings is a poor strategy for addressing them.

  • USARetired

    Obama is a buffoon, and a complete fraud, to be ridiculed forever !

    • tatave

      That he is a buffoon is well known,the world’s laughing stock.Says a lot about those who elected and reelected them.Trouble he is doing lots of damages around the world,the reputation of the usa is down the toilet,around the world the country is ridiculed and not respected.

  • john spielman

    to answer Obama; yes, they don’t respect you and yes, they resent you because you didn’t serve and, yes but they don’t care if you see it

    • Leah Keever

      Amazing that he thinks he deserves their respect. I’m sure he thinks he is a better military strategist than any of the officers because he may have read a book about it.

      • flyingtiger

        BHO has never read a book on military strategy. Reading the biography of Malcolm X is of no help in today’s world.

  • Fed Up

    Obama reminds me of all those banana-republic dictators, ridiculous island “Colonels” with all of a jeep and company of “soldiers” behind him and presidents-for-life from the ’70s and ’80s. Haiti’s Duvalier comes to mind. Living high on the hog while their countries go down the drain and pretending to be a real Commander in Chief. His only redeeming feature is at least he’s refrained from wearing those preposterous military uniforms like they did.

    • Veracious_one

      well he does ride a girl’s bike while wearing a plastic helmet…

      • Fed Up

        True, dat.

    • guest

      at least he didn’t avoid draft like mitt robme who ran off on a phoney religious quest…. ahole that he was

      • Fed Up

        Welllll, ok. So Mitt didn’t serve. What exactly has that got to do with our so-called Commander-in-Chief again?

        Why is it you libs ALWAYS point at someone else when the people you support who are actually in power are called to account? Is Obama not a man? Accountable, like any other?

        • Leah Keever

          His supporters are racists…..they hold a half-black man to a MUCH, MUCH lower standard than they would a white man.

          • autdrew4real

            Very true!! No one else would be so fawned over and covered for. They are trying like hell to have the “perfect” 1st “black” president and only JUST started asking a few questions harder that What’s his final 4 bracket looks like

      • tatave

        Forgot the deserter Bill Clinton,liar and perjurer.

      • truebearing

        Well, dung beetle, it seems Obama didn’t serve, and still isn’t, and is still on his phony religious quest. Marxism and Islam are both phony religions.

      • autdrew

        A religious obligation is not a phoney religious quest. That is what Mormons DO. Any difference to you between that and a Quaker conscientious objector?

  • Drakken

    When you see how our political elite act and react to what the military does or won’t do for these power hungry abortions, maybe the military should run things, since it is obvious that the American people are now so dumbed down and retarded that they vote for their own demise, TWICE! The American public is too ignorantly stupid to be left to their own devices, Heinlein was right !

    • autdrew

      Haven’t you heard? The men in charge have been purged and in its place, yes men are running the show. White, Christians (especially the Marines) & straight men need not apply

  • NoName

    Nobody ever taught him that respect is earned, not automatically conferred due to position. He is essentially a salesman, with himself as the product. He hasn’t actually accomplished anything of worth or value; something, anything, with metrics attached to it (until now, which is why he has a million excuses and scapegoats). Instead, he sold himself well enough to gain this or that position, then used the position he gained to sell himself for the next one. He reminds me of the old “three envelopes” joke.

  • Hank Rearden

    Am I the only one who finds this book distasteful? Isn’t the SecDef in the nature of a confidential colleague of the president? I guess we Republicans have had to step through kiss and tell so it is fair turnabout that the Dems should have to.

    The best thing for the US of A will be when Obama walks out of the White House for good. But…this McChrystal thing blows up. Obama is reflecting on it with his go-to defense guy. Isn’t that meant to be a confidential conversation?

    I don’t think that Gates has raised his stature with this book.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Gates is a politician like the rest of them

    • truebearing

      Maybe Gates is trying to warn the nation about who Obama really is, as if we didn’t figure it out on our own. Maybe he is trying to atone for not resigning and spilling the beans sooner, like he should have.

      • autdrew

        I wish this were true. If it was, he might not have stolen that second term. He is a Beltway boy

    • Webb Cook

      Like the pants wetting pukes who say they respect the office of president although they don’t like Obama. It’s an oxymoron to respect the office of president when it’s occupied by a puke like Obama.

    • unionville

      I don’t find it distasteful, but I think there was a time when they would wait until the primary targets of their criticisms were out of office before they would spill their guts.

    • autdrew

      I find the book distasteful for two reasons, what has been revealed in it thus far and that the s.o.b. chose to tell the world about it a full year after the election, when it could have made a difference.
      I guess I actually have three reasons, that the s.o.b. stayed in the position, went along with it and couldn’t even bother with a leak.
      There was a time when I would have thought it better to wait until the admin was out of office, however, this is personal for me. I have been married to a career service member since Bush the elder. These weren’t play men on a chess board. These were my friends, their families, my husband, our family, we even had My daughter’s best friend’s father stationed at the embassy for State. So many people I love & have people who love them, sent to die (casualties rose,I believe) because our CinC wanted us to lose and a secdef who said nothing. This was supposed to be “the good war the right war, the one we neglected in favor of Iraq. I see the broken bodies every day that I go to our base. I guess the word is disgusted, because they were not only sent far fewer than requested, our projection of strength was cancelled out by our immediately informing them exactly what we were doing & leaving. Don’t even get me started on the rules of engagement!!!!
      My husband retires in 6 months. Our son wants to follow in his dad’s yellow boot prints and I don’t want him to do it anymore. The admin has dismissed all his commanders & replaced them with a rubber stamp career force of yes sir guys to do his bidding. Then there is the homosexual and women in combat issues aagghh. We can afford to give those partners benefits but can’t keep their promises to the retirees. Can’t make illegals close the loophole re claiming children without a as# while our lawful citizens must. So let’s breach our contracts!
      Slightly off topic and I apologize for my screed.

  • http://inthisdimension.com/ Alexander Scipio

    WE had a right to know what Gates was seeing and hearing at the time; Gates did NOT have the right to keep it from us.

    The political ramifications of this extend far beyond the DoD and men in battle. Gates’ behavior is exactly of a piece with the lack of Separation of Powers lawsuits from Boehner.

    By doing what he thought was the right thing – in Gates’ case sticking it out and (maybe) doing the damage control he thought was the best that could be done; in Boehner’s case, who knows? – BOTH sets of actions have allowed Obama to
    maintain and enlarge the political capital he has used to further his destruction of our Constitutional Republic. BOTH are TACTICAL decisions from men in STRATEGIC positions.

    Had Gates come out with the information about pure politics driving troop deployment decisions, that information MIGHT not have resulted in impeachment – or it might have. But it WOULD have reduced Obama’s political capital to the extent he may have been unable to pass Obamacare, a law never supported by a majority of Americans, a law detrimental to all Americans, our liberty, the Rule of Law and our Constitutional freedoms. It MAY have reduced Obama’s re-election chances enough that donors would have bailed or coughed-up less, or that he simply didn’t run, providing an exit from this
    tyrannical despot.

    It MAY have prompted the necessary Congressional investigation: If the CINC doesn’t care about the war for any reason beyond domestic political advantage, if we aren’t going to fight to win, why are we sending men to die?

    Same with Boehner: Had he pursued even ONE Separation of Powers suits, Obama MAY have lacked the political capital necessary for re-election.

    Had Boehner pushed Separation of Powers for DOMA, DREAM and each of the
    Obamacare Executive Power rewrites – totally unconstitutional but no one seems to care – would he have been re-elected? No. Would he have had
    the capital needed to fight the GOP on the shutdown? Probably not. Would
    he be able to continue his anti-constitutional march toward regency with EOs for everything he wants? No. (My statements on DOMA and DREAM are based ONLY on the anti-Constitutional power grabs they represent.)

    Both Gates and Boehner are taking – FOR THEMSELVES – the easy way out to the detriment of America, the Rule of Law, and the future of our nation.

    • No RNC

      Exactly, go long on Rope! Add the Fat Thug Christie to the hanging stand also.

  • A Z

    “Do They Resent That I Never Served in the Military?” -Obama

    No we resent you because you have no military acumen and you despise the military.

    The fact that you felt it beneath you to not serve is just the icing on the cake.

  • onecornpone

    … it shouldn’t be forgotten that Gates is as much a part of the political circus…

    Nor that a quiet little bureaucrat like Gates never takes a risk of the magnitude of this book, before calculating the benefit he expects to reap.

    IF he intended this book as a patriotic effort, wouldn’t he have resigned and outed Generalissimo o-FlimFlam pre 2012 POTUS campaign?

  • Yael

    No one should be commander-in-chief without first serving in the military. IMHO.

    • autdrew

      This military spouse agrees. I also want more in congress to have served and have their own children serving. Maybe then they will give some thought to what they do with us, aside from their self serving bs

  • Yael

    Heh. Years ago, Axelrod questioned Obama’s “willingness and ability to put up with something you have never experienced on a sustained basis: criticism,” warning that “You care far too much what is written and said about you.”

    Let’s hope that’s still true. Maybe the Gates book will distract him from his next dangerous “pivot.” http://bokertov.typepad.com/btb/2010/05/axelrod-recognized-obamas-weakness-early-on.html

    • Webb Cook

      Thanks for the link. I’ll check out your blog and make contact. I really like your quote at the top. I’m a Sar-El volunteer from Nebraska who has served in the IDF 7 times, and will return asap.

  • truebearing

    “Is it a lack of respect for me?… Do they resent that I never served in the military? ”

    Fantasy Gates: “That’s a good start, Mr. President, but there is so much more behind their well justified contempt. I can’t believe one of them hasn’t…er…never mind.”

  • gawxxx

    the plague on this nation that is wasington d.c. has to to cleansed not by vote but by blood .

  • DaRueStir

    It’s not just you, you narcissist A-Hole, the average US General simply can’t stand to even look at much less take orders from a limp-wristed-homo-commie-wannabe dictator, who hates everything (the Constitution, free market capitalism, individual liberty) that this country stands for!
    I agree with them.

    • Samo

      I say rewrite and throw in some more invective. You might have missed something. Obama pretty much covers any and every bad characteristic available to human beings and maybe then some.
      “limp-wristed-homo-commie-wannabe dictator”
      (as a “homo” I take offense at being lumped with this scumbag)
      He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor either.
      He’s just a waste of space.

  • SDLakeshore

    Whatever. Vets don’t count. What would he know about it?

  • No RNC

    Mr. Gates of CIA/NSA, GHWBush & PNAC fame…another one that needs a short rope!

  • 3rdInfantryGrunt

    Actually shitbird, what we REALLY resent is the fact that you never amounted to anything more than an f’n WETSPOT on your mudshark mother’s sheets.

  • jfl184

    Did Gates say anything that, although may have been unstated; was new or unknown about these people?

  • cuchieddie

    Ready to serve again but not in O’CornHolers militia