Obama Lost the War on Al Qaeda, While Claiming to Have Won It

alqaedaLast year Obama delivered his own “Mission Accomplished” speech at the National Defense University. Its broad theme was that the War on Terror was over; it was time to shut down Guantanamo Bay and stand down from a war footing.

Obama claimed credit for putting “the core of al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan” on the “path to defeat” with his disastrous Afghan strategy which cost 1,600 American lives while letting the Taliban take over the country. He did not acknowledge that the so-called core Al Qaeda had stopped being relevant even before he was elected.

1,600 Americans died chasing a political slogan that existed only in the heads of his speechwriters.

In 2009, the CIA determined that there were at most 100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Next year his own CIA director admitted that there were at most 50-100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

That same year 499 Americans were killed in Afghanistan.

Obama had declared victory against an enemy that the United States wasn’t fighting while losing a war to an enemy that the United States was fighting.

Meanwhile his own people were telling him that Al Qaeda had not been defeated.

National Intelligence Director James Clapper said, in response to a question about whether Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat, “No. It is morphing and franchising itself, not only here but in other areas of the world.”

“They are not,” Defense Intelligence Agency Director Michael Flynn added.

These two men were not telling the Senate Armed Services committee anything they had not already told Obama. But their boss was choosing not to listen.

By narrowly defining Al Qaeda as a small number of leaders and fighters in pre-existing war zones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, he and his White House staffers were making it easier to claim victory while ignoring the threat from expanding groups such as Boko Haram and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria.

Obama’s policy snapshot of Al Qaeda in which Osama bin Laden was still a menace and Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan were the biggest threat to America was a decade out of date.

In his Mission Accomplished speech, Obama said that the core of Al Qaeda was no longer a threat.”They did not direct the attacks in Benghazi or Boston.”

Al Qaeda’s core might not have directed either attack, though it’s possible it did, but both attacks emerged from its strategy of building up local franchises and training lone wolf attackers over the internet.

What Obama was celebrating as proof of his victory over Al Qaeda actually reflected his failure to understand and prepare for Al Qaeda’s next move.

He was using the fact that Al Qaeda had outmaneuvered him twice, and carried out devastating attacks, as proof that he had defeated Al Qaeda and that we no longer had to worry about Al Qaeda.

It was a moment of supreme cluelessness.

In the speech, Obama warned against “a boundless global war on terror’”, but a boundless global war had been Bin Laden’s strategy all along. Al Qaeda was never meant to be a bunch of fighters running around caves in Afghanistan. It was and is an international network of cells, militias and individuals financed by international donors. Bin Laden’s money and fame only got the ball rolling.

And it’s still rolling.

Al Qaeda was never bound by Obama’s insistence on limiting the war to the same locations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. Al Qaeda could and would spring up anywhere there was an opportunity. While Obama was losing to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda was rising in its hometowns in the Middle East and its old stomping grounds in Africa.

Boko Haram was one of the many dragon’s teeth sown by Osama bin Laden. The delay in making that connection and putting Boko Haram on the terror list was caused by a White House which insisted on the distinction between core Al Qaeda and everything else. Meanwhile US intelligence agencies were warning that Al Qaeda was a global network that was no longer dependent on a central leadership.

Obama’s rigid focus on core Al Qaeda made it difficult to understand and prevent what was happening in Syria, Libya and Mali. It was only French intervention that prevented Al Qaeda from seizing Mali, but it was Obama’s intervention that allowed Al Qaeda to seize portions of Libya, murder four Americans and attempt to seize Mali. Obama’s confused and incoherent policy in Syria, where Al Qaeda dominates the opposition, nearly led him to engage in another disastrous regime change intervention that would have turned over a country with WMDs and the remnants of a recent nuclear program to Al Qaeda.

Obama tried to limit the scope of the War on Terror by maintaining rigid boundaries between core Al Qaeda and its affiliates and between its open affiliates and its covert affiliates. This served his political purposes by allowing him to declare victory, but his word games did not change the nature of Al Qaeda.

It only blinded the United States to its next move.

To claim victory, Obama had to define Al Qaeda as narrowly as possible, while Al Qaeda was defining itself as broadly as possible in order to actually win on the battlefield.

Obama saw the war as tying up old business. He pivoted to Afghanistan to finish what he claimed Bush had left undone. He went after Bin Laden to arrest him and try him in a civilian court in order to end the military tribunals. Instead of fighting to defeat Al Qaeda, he was working to defeat Bush’s policies.

Al Qaeda was not viewed as a cunning opponent following a larger plan, but a blowback, an unintended consequence of the bad foreign policy and unthinking imperialism of his predecessors. Like most critics of American foreign policy, Obama found it difficult to take Al Qaeda seriously on its own terms. Instead he viewed Al Qaeda as extremists who could only be defeated by isolating them with a more understanding foreign policy that would address Muslim grievances and empower political Islam.

But the Arab Spring didn’t shrink Al Qaeda. It expanded it into a major force capable of overrunning entire nations.

Even after all that, Obama insisted in his speech that “the next element of our strategy involves addressing the underlying grievances and conflicts that feed extremism”. Like many leftists, Obama conflated Islamic grievances with Islamic ambitions and by addressing them, he empowered them.

Before his speech, an official stated, “The president has indicated and will indicate again that he rejects the notion of global war on terrorism, which is an amorphous definition that applies to a tactic.”

Terrorism is a tactic, but means are often indicative of ends. The alternative to defining the war in terms of means would have been to define it in terms of ends. Al Qaeda’s goal, like those of the political Islamic parties that Obama was empowering, was Islamic rule. And a war on Islam was off limits.

In its obsession with root causes, the left refused to deal with either means or ends. It bypassed what Al Qaeda was or wanted and instead focused on a root cause explaining how it was our fault.

And so instead of defeating Al Qaeda, Obama helped it achieve its goals.

The distinction between political Islam and Islamic terrorists, like the distinction between core Al Qaeda and its affiliates or between its open affiliates and fellow Jihadists, was always fluid. Obama’s insistence on the absoluteness of these distinctions is why he lost and why Al Qaeda is winning.

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  • Gylippus

    Daniel I wonder if you’d weigh in on
    the debate that has been ongoing on the internet for some time, and
    that is whether the expansion and spread of the Jihadist networks you
    describe is in fact being deliberately enabled by the Obama admin?

    In your column you characterize it as
    the by-product of blinkered, mis-informed policies based on a deep
    misunderstanding of Jihad and Islamic irridentism. I agree that such
    utopian thinking is certainly present. But as with Obama’s domestic
    policies, I have never been able to shake off (though I have tried)
    the strong conviction that Obama wants to harm the U.S. on many
    levels, and as grievously as possible. Part of that would be
    accomplished by empowering our enemies on the international stage,
    while simultaneously diminishing our own power and influence.

    I believe this is an outgrowth of his
    lifelong indoctrination at the hands of an assortment of radical
    communists and America hating radicals. I think that this goal is
    being cloaked in a layer of utopian “soft power” thinking in
    order to provide cover and plausible deniability.

    I realize that by making such
    assertions one risks the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” label,
    since the idea of a president that is seeking to raise up a global
    Jihad against America is unthinkable. On the other hand if you
    wanted to do such a thing, you would certainly adopt exactly the same
    policies that Obama has done, namely declare the enemy defeated, blur
    all discussion of radical Islam, withdraw your forces and topple
    every established middle-eastern regime that is unstable or
    vulnerable in favor of a mob of assorted rebels, half of whom are
    rabid Jihadis, and then proceed to arm and finance them…?

    • 95Theses

      Actually, you are on to something. I had my eyes opened wide after viewing Steve Emerson’s 2012 documentary Jihad in America: The Grand Deception. I urge you to see it for yourself. Obama has appointed so many members of the Muslim Brotherhood! to keys positions of his administration that — if you weren’t previously aware — you would have arrived at this conclusion much earlier. Emerson is also the author of several books and is considered by even the New York Times (according to Wikipedia) the foremost expert on terrorism is America. In other words, this man is not some flaky conspiracy theorist.

      Even FPM wrote on it when it came out last year:

      And Steve Emerson joined that Glazov Gang for a discussion:

      Just two of several places the DVD can be purchased:

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        The biggest and most dangerous terror “sleeper cell” is located at 1600 Penn Avenue and it is fortified by the media and the U. S. Congress.

        • 95Theses

          Don’t tell anyone!

        • nomoretraitors

          Unfortunately it is not sleeping. It is very active

        • truebearing

          And that is why we are losing sleep.

    • Joe

      Your average swagger does not know what irridentism means much less Islamic irridentism.

      The U.S. is filled with swaggers.

      • 95Theses

        True, but these are the same swaggers who are too lazy to
        grab a dictionary and learn.

        • nomoretraitors

          Why should they, when they have all the food stamps and Obamaphones they need

    • liz

      You have to judge by a person’s actions, and as you point out, Obama’s actions are exactly those of someone who wants to do harm to this country. Whether it’s on purpose or just the result of idiocy ( which is unlikely), it still has the same results.


        It’s not just Obama, it’s too many democrats and “libertarians”.

    • 95Theses

      Here’s a flavor of what you will see in The Grand Deception:

      Imagine if you had 150 KKK groups around the country being appointed to the State Department, being appointed to DHS, having their indictments dropped. This is what’s going on with the radical Islamic lobby the tutelage of the Muslim Brotherhood which created all these groups when it started coming herein 1963. It was a deliberate effort to basically camouflage their true agenda, the agenda of creating an Islamic state. In the film we used informants to secretly tape many of these Muslim Brotherhood groups behind closed doors where they openly stated, ‘the U.S. would become a Muslim state,’ ‘that Islam will prevail in the United States,’ ‘that Islamic terrorism does not exist’ in fact.


      • Gylippus

        Thanks for the references.

        • 95Theses

          Thee is welcome. Just returning the favor that others have provided me.

    • iluvisrael

      It sure is. I’m sure Daniel has a lot to say about this, but also read David Horowitz’ book UNHOLY ALLIANCE about the relationship between the left and islamofacists.

      • schmoj

        Again, another made up story designed to appeal to the delusional.

        • iluvisrael

          The connection between the left and islamism is well documented along with the love fest between hitler and the grand mufti of Jeruslalem, but why let facts interfere with your fantasy?

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I am wondering if Daniel has weighted in on the Scandal of the Century, the fact that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Obama Soebarkah, – alias should be dead give away) used fraudulent documents in his rise to power? There is enough evidence to sink a battleship and I don’t recall Daniel weighing in on any of that evidence. For that matter I haven’t seen any folks that contribute to Frontpage weighting in on the only scandal that will end this man’s reign of terror. Get with it Daniel before it comes back to bite you in your butt as the evidence is about to be splattered all over the world.

    • PAthena

      President Obama has insisted on calling the case of Islamic jihad by the Muslim Nidal Hasan shouting “Allahu Akbar” when killing many American soldiers, “workplace violence.”

    • nomoretraitors

      What nailed it for me was when his pick to head NASA stated one of the agency’s missions was to “highlight Muslim contributions to match and science”

    • truebearing

      You can doubt your sight, hearing, touch, dreams, or even your rational thinking, but never doubt your intuition. The problem people are having with Obama is that they are projecting their own values and the traditional expectations of an American president onto Obama. He doesn’t have a single American value and he is the anti-thesis of an America president. He is a traitor, a transnationalist, and serves two ideologies that are inherently hostile to America: Islam and Marxism.

      The sheer magnitude and unerring consistency of Obama’s destructive policies excludes incompetence as an explanation for the damage he has inflicted upon this nation.

      That is my two cents worth. Daniel’s take would certainly be worth reading.

      • schmoj

        Don’t be delusional. Obama has the EXACT same values as every other US president. He serves as a puppet for the business interests that run this country. All this gibberish about him being a muslim, etc. are just distractions from the real issue. WAKE UP!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a little of both. The left is Anti-American in that it supports groups that wage war on America, at the same time it supports appeasing them to mollify them, the roots of the conflict stuff.

      What I’ve offered here is a general analysis of Obama’s public policies. I can’t speak to what goes on secretly in his head. No one can. It’s certainly possible that he sympathizes with Islamic terrorists in a more visceral way than the usual position of the left.

      There’s no doubt though that he does sympathize with their sense of grievance as a matter of policy. That’s standard for the left.

      The issue becomes more complicated because there is unconscious appeasement (I want to end the fighting) and conscious appeasement (the enemy is right and deserves to win). Both are destructive and the left has blurred the lines because the latter have been setting the agenda for the former.

      Conscious appeasers have been making compelling arguments to unconscious appeasers. That is in short liberal foreign policy.

      The question is whether Obama is a conscious or unconscious appeaser. I personally believe that he leans toward the conscious side, but in a foreign policy analysis, I avoid the unprovable and focus on what is wrong with his stated policy.

      • Gylippus

        Yes I understand that it’s generally a good idea to stick to what can be fairly directly inferred from effects rather than speculate on motives. The leftist mind is murky, highly compartmentalized and inherently contradictory anyway. Still, you are adept at parsing out material from formal cause in your analyses, so I was curious as to your personal opinion. Thanks for sharing that.
        As other’s here pointed out, it scarcely matters. At least at this point. On the other hand if ever we are in a position to prosecute, perhaps an understanding of intent will become more relevant.

    • John E Coleman *******

      Mr Gylipps ,
      Well written TRUTHS we think alike ! I have said many times :
      Obama is without doubt ” The United States Own Chosen defeat ”
      The Voters are the reason !! Who put this Group of fools in charge !
      I hope they are very happy ! { The Basturds }

  • mollysdad

    Obama didn’t lose the war. He won it in the same sense that Italy won the Second World War – by changing sides.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Give the B.O. another Nobel Peace Prize and a third term and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be a Mosque .

  • wildjew

    How can a Muslim president effectively wage war against Islam?

    • truebearing

      I have another question: Why would a Muslim president wage war against Islam?

      • Drifter12

        Answer: He isn’t. He is supporting them in Libya, in Egypt and Syria…

  • H Anonymous

    “In his Mission Accomplished speech, Obama said that the core of Al Qaeda was no longer a threat.”They did not direct the attacks in Benghazi or Boston.””

    The U.S. is in Uganda and Nigeria providing logistical, training and intel support.

    So if the Ugandan crush the LRA or the Nigerians free the enslaved school girls will not the U.S. similarly instrumental in effecting those outcomes as Iran is in providing an similar support to Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda to all the other terror groups?

    We send military trainers to other countries. Al Qaeda has sent military trainers to Somalia. Al Qaeda can be quite small and still have a big effect.

    Obama is an idiot, if he wants us to believe he had Al Qaeda on the ropes. BTW Obama has a tough work schedule today. His first meeting is at 10:30 Am ET.

    • Drifter12

      Don’t make the mistake of thinking he is an idiot. He is sucessfully destroying the United States .An idiot wouldn’t have a chance…

  • joshuasweet

    he has gotten away with treason yet again.

  • joshuasweet

    the reason Hillary is so fast in side stepping “The Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad (Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad) Boka harma” lets just call them “Boko Haram” instead. ” was getting aid and support from the Obama adminstrations’ advancement funding and arming effort for the brand of Muslim Brotherhood that Obama has “taken sup with.”

    • Larry

      I would support Boko Haram if they would put Hillary in a hijab on day 1.

      • Ross

        Sorry, Larry, the hijab usually only covers the hair. What she needs is a burqa!


        • truebearing

          She needs a straightjacket and a muzzle…and a cell.

          • T800

            she needs a muzzle releasing a 147 gr. JHP into her brain,same for the other traitors in the WH.

          • Drakken

            A complete utter waste of the taxpayers dime, a lamp post, a rope and a stool, you and me can flip a coin to see who gets to kick the stool.

          • johnnie the jew

            Parfait monsieur !!!

      • johnnie the jew

        And perform FGM on her please, all the pretty pleases available, just so she can emphasise better with retards. Every little removal helps

  • Clovis

    “In the speech, Obama warned against “a boundless global war on terror’”, ”

    One of our problems is that most people think World War 2 was the second world war. It was not.

    It depends on your definition. By some counts WW2 was the World War 7.

    There are enough radical Muslims willing and desiring to kill all non-Muslims from a large enough manpower pool drawn from 57 Muslims countries & diaspora and who are willing to fight on every continent (and have). These associated groups may not have a large nation state(s) in the purest definition, but they have a shadow governments in many different countries plus financial support from rich Muslims (who we are told are our friends) and many average Muslims.

    We are in a world War. It doesn’t matter if Obama or a certain stupid ring knocker realize it, but we are n a World War.


  • RogerDane

    Compare “Peace in our time” by Chamberlain and today’s atmosphere (deceptive and purposefully so) promoted by Obama. Either hopeful idiocy or complicit traitors, your call.

    • nomoretraitors

      I’ll go with the latter

    • Drakken

      A healthy dose of both.

    • knowshistory

      wrong on both counts. chamberlain was no idiot, and no traitor. he was a man of his times, and just did not have the exceptional wisdom to see the result of his efforts to avoid war. Obama is not an idiot or a traitor either. he is an Islamic enemy of the population of the united states. he is loyal to his own kind, which is islam. it is the population of the united states that are idiots or traitors. it is we who elected him, knowing what he was. “i will fundamentally transform America” “when the political winds blow in an ugly direction, I will stand with the muslims” what were we thinking of? his own words told us all we needed to know, and we elected him!!!!!!!!! shame on us.

      • RogerDane

        Chamberlain was foolish and, in hindsight, an idiot. To believe, in the face of then available intelligence, that Hitler would stop his invasions (Sudetenland especially and the ‘Friendship with England’ pact – imagine you were Czech at the time??) was ludicrous. Like trying to make peace with a rattlesnake. The issue here is not the ‘intellectual quotient’ of Chamberlain or those like him (including the many who believe today that Obama is ‘just mislead’ or ‘does not understand’) but their ability to comprehend malice and its unwavering allegiance to mendacity and, as a means to any end, violence. “We” did not elect him (perhaps you voted for him), a rather small overall number of registered voters did… I was not one. What might be more accurate is that America’s electorate has been dumbed down by a long present effort by progressives to DO JUST THAT and, by doing so, allow the wool to be pulled over the ‘sleeping’ eyes of many indifferent voters (emphasis on ‘indifferent’!). Sadly we are past the point of discussion and down the path towards confrontation. What form that will take rests solely upon the shoulders of the ‘contestants.’ I don’t “think” it will be pretty.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Has Daniel weighted in on the biggest scandal in the world today, the use of fraudulent documents by Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, etc) in his rise to power. NOPE. The biggest “sleeper cell” in America is located and operating from 1600 Penn Ave under the protection of the media and the U. S. Congress who refuse to investigate the crimes.

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    Lost the war on Al Qaeda? Hell, Obama is FUNDING and equipping them.

  • Ross

    It’s also worth noting how the European Court of Human Rights, and its handmaidens like Obama’s buddy Cameron, do their bit to save the skins of terrorists. http://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/pig-hamza-convicted-but-snake-cameron-blocked-real-justice/

  • De Doc

    I think we can safely assume that Sun Tzu’s classic manual “The Art of War” has been banned from the administration’s libraries. In that tome we learn that one must know his enemy’s abilities and resources as well as his own to achieve consistent success on the battlefield. This timeless principle is viewed as anathema by Obama Inc.

    • T800

      Comrade Obama is not fighting for America,he’s fighting AGAINST America.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    We are not fighting a war against only AQ, as the entire Islamic totalitarian world is waging a jihad both violently and non-violently against all infidels and all religions throughout the world to ultimately make Islam supreme. As a matter of fact, the jihad manifests astronomically far more prevalently non-violently by stealth and deception than it does violently. Indeed, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage to the infidel world is non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the nefarious purposes of mass Muslim infiltration of our societies and eventual demographic conquest, and an exponentially is a far greater threat to the infidel world relative to AQ. All AQ is, is just a Sunni Islamic group of Muslims dedicated to waging jihad violently. It doesn’t by a long shot constitute the totality of Islam’s perpetual jihad.

    • johnnie the jew

      Right again. As we’re being bullied by leftarded, dhimmi apologists now in our education system into learning all about Islam the simple response from all parents is to tell their children to ask questions about the puff prophets lifestyle i.e he married a 6 year old girl who he raped from the age of 8, so why is this someone we should be learning about as part of our multi-cultural heritage? Is this really someone who we can ascribe moral virtues to or have we all degenerated into cowering, incredulous, multi-cultural cretins. We must teach our kids to put it on these lunatic, leftarded traitors. We owe it to our offspring, if nothing else.

  • ShelbySkinnerura321

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    laptop . She has been without a job for 5 months but last month her payment was
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  • Lanna

    Exactly right…he has empowered them to become stronger, at the same time putting destructive policies in place to destroy America…then go after Israel.

    • Harry_the_Horrible

      From what I can tell, Israel is backing them against Assad, too.
      I am not entirely certain, and I would appreciate clarification on Israel’s stance on the Syria debacle.
      My stance, of course, is “pop more popcorn.”

      • Drakken

        Israel is not providing material or technological support to any faction of Islamic jihadist in Syria. They are taking the pour a bourbon and watching the fireworks stance.

        • johnnie the jew

          Exactly Drakken, while they develop their invisible missiles and state of the art 6th domain technologies. They’ll be really able to enjoy a few drinks after that release, great infidels that they are. Just as they were making and sharing their wine with the ANZACS in WW1 who made a sizeable contribution to the demise of the Ottoman “empire”. Got a story or two on that one.

  • GSR

    Trying to fight a war, any war, while you let the enemy’s civilian population immigrate to your own country, is impossible (and insane). When the US and Western nations decided not to stop or at least severely restrict Islamic immigration after the several major jihadi attacks in the 2001-2003 time period, that told me we (the West) are not serious about this war. And since 9/11/2001, Islamic immigration has greatly increased into the US as well as European countries.

    • HarrietHT2

      Oil for immigrants. That’s the deal. Read “Eurabia;” Western elites have signed a pact with the Devil to wipe out Christendom while using cultural Marxism to distract the masses.

  • T800

    Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

    There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

    “The Obama Doctrine can be described in just nine words: Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country.” Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

  • WhiteHunter

    Perfect, again, Daniel.

    To hear the Obammunists tell it, “al Qaeda” is/was an organization very much like any NYSE corporation, with a home office at a street address in a known city, a boardroom with a conference table on the 57th floor, and regular monthly meetings of the board of directors, with bin Laden presiding at the head of the table as chairman and a Recording Secretary keeping the Minutes.

    Kill bin Laden and some of the other Directors, and al Qaeda destroyed. Problem solved!

    Problem? Like “La Cosa Nostra,” “al Qaeda” doesn’t “exist” except in the minds, loyalty, and acts of its members. There’s no single, identifiable office address, no receptionist to take messages, no monthly board meetings, no annual reports.

    All they have in common is what they do, how they do it, and why they want to: they’re all moslems; they all hate Western civilization (especially the U.S. and Israel); and they all want to kill us whenever, wherever, and however they can.

    Obama and his lackeys still call Ft. Hood “workplace violence.” They barely admit that Benghazi was a “terrorist” attack, much less a planned moslem terrorist massacre of Americans because they were Americans.

    To hear Obama tell it, the 3,000 Americans murdered on 9/11/2001 were simply “victims of a tragedy” like an earthquake, a tornado, or a catastrophic meteor strike–and many, perhaps even most, of those victims and even more of the self-sacrificing first responders were brave, innocent Muslims!

    Bullshit. All of it. And all of those who blindly parrot whatever Obama says instead of opening their eyes and recognizing the undeniable reality are sick and dangerous. Really sick. And really dangerous.

  • Drifter12

    Why is anyone talking about a war on Al Qaeda? Obama has been arming and supporting Al Qaeda for three years, ever since Libya…

  • OBamaIsASaboteur

    You said Sunni Saboteur Imam Obama was outmaneuvered by Al-Qaeda and Hussein Obama was clueless. This is a fantastic compliment if he is actually working with the Muslim Brotherhood. Is he not acting EXACTLY as a Sunni Saboteur would act? Your journalism is fantastic. But why are even bold voices afraid to even hypothesize that Islam has infiltrated our White House? http://www.IslamOCaust.com

  • knowshistory

    the people of the united states have a huge problem: influential people of both parties who are determined to import enough enemy to overcome our citizenry and defeat our population in a war of annihilation that has been going on for 14 centuries.
    our enemy, islam (not al Qaida, not boko haram, not muslim brotherhood) also has a huge problem. Islam’s problem is that, while the opinion makers, government, media, and other traitors in the west are doing their best to surrender to Islamic tyranny, there are subsets of islam (al Qaida and other violent jihadis) who are DETERMINED to upset the inevitable Islamic victory by prematurely warning the intentionally ignorant fools of the west of the peril of islam.

    if violent jihadis are successful in creating a truly horrific event, the fools of the west will finally wake up and deport all muslims. if a truly horrific event does not occur, the west will continue to import, protect, coddle, and enable their Islamic enemies until islam has the power to round up the remnants of recalcitrant infidels and murder them. then the peace of the grave will reign over the land of infidels, and the world will be safe for muslims to kill each other, having run out of infidels to murder.
    we are not smart enough to save ourselves. only our friends, the violent jihadis, can save us from genocidal islam, and they are doing their best. we need to stop preventing them from helping us. or we could deport our invading muslims and then we don’t need violent jihad, but we cannot do that. to save ourselves by deporting our sworn and deadly enemies would be “islamophobic”. our traitors would prefer death for us (not themselves, they plan) rather than be “islamophobic”.

  • USARetired

    Oboma tells more lies then truth, so why would a devout, in the closet’ Muslim, not be secrarly supporting Al Qaeda or the Taliban ??

  • carpe diem 36

    as we have seen from the time Obama ran for president, he is living in a make-believe world. He has no grasp of the real world in any field, he is totally wrapped in a fictional world that has nothing to do with reality. the big question is and should have been from the beginning: how come those around him and those promoting him and those supporting him did not see that? time and time we see he is not at all involved in anything real. Obamacare is the most obvious of his delusions, but because so many people have faulty judgement he is allowed to continue to bring us one disaster after another. It will not end as long as he is president, and we do not know what is coming next. I shudder to think of how we will ever extricate ourselves from this disaster.

  • Eugene Koshanof

    It is a fact that 9/11 terrorosts were trained in the American camp that was build to help the poor suffering country of Afganistan back in the 1980th, when the Russians began military operaton there

  • http://trucklicense.net/get-cdl Freedom Jackson

    damn. Reading today’s headlines of what’s happening in Iraq we are all screwed.