Obama: My Muslim Family’s Polygamy was Empowering


Well now that we’ve gotten gay marriage out of the way, next stop is polygamy station. Consider this a little trial balloon.

OBAMA: This is where sometimes traditions can get in the way. As many of you know my father was from Kenya. We see this in other parts of the world. Some of the old ways of gender relations might have made sense in a particular setting, all right? So in Kenya, for example, in the Luo tribe, polygamy existed. It was based on the idea that women had their own compounds, they had their own land, and so they were empowered in that area to be self-sufficient. And then urbanization happened, suddenly the men may be traveling to the city, and suddenly there is another family in the city and the women who are left back in the villages may not be empowered.

Polygamy wasn’t based on the idea that women have their own compounds. That’s a blatant inversion.

Obama is dramatically rewriting the reality of his Muslim family and the Luo tribe, which is about as feminist as Mohammed.

A woman in a traditional Luo context has no embedded right to inherit land from her deceased husband. Additionally a woman does not inherit land from her natal family, as only male children are obliged to inherit land. A family member, most of the time a brother of the diseased, inherits not only all property, but also the widows. Within the polygamous setting of the Luo society a man often has three and more wives. Inheritances can easily double the size of a family.

Yes, men inherit the “wives” in the literal sense of the word. It’s known as wife inheritance and has resulted in the spread of AIDS.

Widows often call their inheritors “terrorists” who make their life more dreadful.



  • Wolfthatknowsall

    God, he’s going for the Mormon vote …

  • Pete

    As far back as Mazdak it has been known that polygamy was debilitating for society as a whole. Some British Columbia researchers have proved it. One reason the probably researched the question was because of Bountiful, BC (see linked court cases below).The documentary film “Sons of Perdition” proved it.

    __a_a is a m0r0n.

    Come on, you freaking _0_0_ Obama, males without spouse or hope of one are what what the Chinese call “bare twigs”. They have no skin in the game. Bad things happen to society, when males have no future.


    “China faces growing gender imbalance”





  • pupsncats

    To fundamentally transform America, you have to destroy all of the cultural and societal foundations which gave rise to America. The family unit of one man, one woman and their children had to go because that is the basic building block of a culture. That is why there has been such a push for women to use birth control and have abortions and why homosexuality has risen to a level of glorification over heterosexuality. The commonality of promiscuity and shacking up rather than marriage and the increase in illegitimate births, the commonality of divorce, and the commonality of porn, sexual abuse, and murders due to jealousy and envy proves the success of the transformation.

    Obviously, since the traditional family unit is all but dead, anything and everything is possible and probable. Polygamy, incest, and adults having sex with children will be as common tomorrow as abortion, sodomy, shacking up, and illegitimate children are today.

    • laura r

      the fall of rome?

    • liz

      Right. Then, of course, the “solution” will be for the state to raise the children.

      • hitler was right

        Is that a final “solution”?

  • De Doc

    Still stuck in the Noble Barbarian myth.

  • Habbgun

    Leftist trifecta…..blaming economic and social progress instead of seeing it as an improvement in the quality of life with complications from the less than perfect older ways. Then again that was his mother’s career.

    Trying to put a primitive and greatly flawed civilizations as the west and the implication that any disagreement is Islamophobia.

    The question is not what Obama believes. Its how he got so mixed up with Muslim Brotherhood in the first place. It would make for quite a book.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Gee, why weren’t the women going into town to get some of those well-paying jobs? Could it be because their Muslim husbands forbade them? Decades ago I read an article in The Economist about how Capitalism supposedly increased gender inequities in Africa. The article looked at a tribe where both men and women owned fields, but after marriage it became the duty of the wife to work both the husband’s fields and her own. (No reciprocal duties on the husband’s part, of course) As Capitalist influence brought more profitable cash crops to the region, a curious pattern emerged. The fields growing cash crops always belonged to the husbands (while being worked by the wives), while the fields growing the subsistence crops always belonged to the wives. Naturally, the article concluded that these inequities were solely the fault of Capitalism and in no way reflected the misogyny of the local culture!
    More recently my left-leaning PBS ran a show about the life of Muslim Bedouin in Israel. In the heat of the summer, the family’s women and young children lived outdoors in a tent, surrounded by chickens and goats. Their menfolk drove in on the week-ends in their newer model air-conditioned SUVs. Had those women ever enjoyed air conditioning? Or were they condemned by gender to forever endure the desert heat?
    See also the Saudi cleric who recently condemned women who run their air conditioning when their husbands are not home. Air conditioning running in the middle of the day, claimed the cleric, can only be a signal sent by evil women to indicate that they are home alone and available for sin! (Apparently this cleric is blissfully unaware of the high unemployment rate among Saudi men) – But now I’m ranting.

    • laura r

      possibly people keep airconditioning on so the house is cool when they get home? when is it a sin for a women to be home alone? and are muslim men so sick in the heads that they breakin their neighbors houses & rape the wife? this cleric doesnt sound too smart.

      • TSA_TheSexualAssault

        “are muslim men so sick in the heads that they breakin their neighbors houses & rape the wife?”

        Yes. If the woman admits that this happened, she may be stoned to death for her trespasses, UNLESS she has 4 male islamic witnesses to testify that it was rape.

        This is why Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. No snitching. Rape is the perfect weapon against European culture. This could be solved in less than a week by good men with pistols, followed by a mass-deportation of the Mohammedian auxiliary.

    • spitfire1938

      Well…now you understand why most American girly-men can’t wait for ‘Sharia’!

  • edlancey

    Doesn’t President Ebola have some fundraisers to go to ?

  • truebearing

    This is Obama trying to retroactively justify his fathers bigamy, while furthering the Left’s destruction of the family, while simultaneously defending the practices of Islam. He also tried to put a feminist spin on it, but even after donning his most effeminate pair of mom jeans, couldn’t quite make the pitch. Greenfield hit it out of the park.

    This is the kind of convoluted gibberish you get from a malignant narcissist who was raised on ideologies of hate that conflict with each other. Obama is nonsensically flailing about…destructively, as always.

    • laura r

      hes an idiot.

  • CA Grandma

    Wow! What is Michelle going to say about this? Especially after Barak’s flirtations are plastered all over the supermarket gossip sheets?

    • hooneybee

      Flirtation’s ?? with which gender ????

      • 4arepublic

        He stands behind Reggie.

        • brockosama

          Mostly vice-versa.

  • JR Kipling

    “This is where sometimes traditions can get in the way. As many of you know my father was from Kenya”
    Two short sentences containing at minimum four major lies.
    1. Obama knows his father is not from Kenya. His father is Frank Marshall Davis.
    2. The quaint Western tradition of the objective verifiable truth did indeed get in the way f the Lefts Third World America narrative. that’s why the birth certificate was disposed of. .
    3. Obama’s assertion that many of us “know” is another power grab. Many of us
    know we don’t know. We resent being told that we do “know” but that resentment doesn’t matter, and neither do you or I. Pure power on display.
    4. When Obama says “this is where tradtions get in the way” . Where is this “where” he is talking about? What it means is the place “where” Obama wants to insert a lie. And anything that gets in the way is a outmoded, and disposable “tradition”. Hence truth itself is disposable in the name of “progress”
    Two sentences. Four lies. Welcome to the Progressive Left. Welcome to Obamerica.

    • laura r

      daniel, youre mking too much of this. he is just speaking about what goes on in kenya. yes in his partonizing bs way. jr kipling, BO may not know for sure that frank marshall is (or isnt) his real father.

      • JR Kipling

        Obama isn’t talking about Kenya..he using Kenya as a convenient excuse to talki about dissolving all sexual identity ..and that fits right into his agenda here in the USA..Also, Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obamas real father. Go to
        the” Dreams from My Real Father” website . Judge for yourselfYou might also check out
        Mia Pope audio on here memories of Obama as a teenager when he was a homosexual prostitute in Waikiki gay scene.

        • laura r

          old news, i wasnt born yesterday. i do youtube too. the mia pope thing is hesaid shesaid gossip. there is no proof, & its a cheap shot anyway. as for disolving sexual identity, that agenda was written in the 80s. he supports it as the gay lobbies have the $$. it has little to do w/his alleged past. about marshall, we still dont know what obama believes. he could be in deep denial about the father thing. thats commen in these situations.

      • Phil

        Laura: have you heard of NLP or neuro-linguistic programming? It provides techniques for achieving objectives via tuning the connections between neurological processes, language and behaviour. His use of language as in the quotation may be a good example of such programming, which has uses in business and also court cases when there is a jury present; community workers and lawyers would know about NLP, even if they are not experts themselves.

        • laura r

          i know about NLP, but im too smart to fall for obama’s bs. what he said wont sway me @ all. even IF i was an obama fan.

  • georgejochnowitz

    Jacob, David, Solomon, and other men mentioned in the TaNaKh were polygamous.
    As for inheriting your brother’s wife, it is called “levirate marriage.” It is part of the story of the Book of Ruth, and is mentioned elsewhere as well.

    • Nan

      That’s great but neither jews nor christians follow polygamy. And levirate marriage only came into play if a man died childless.

    • liz

      Yes, which was written centuries ago, by primitive people. Like the Koran. The point is civilization has advanced a bit (!) since then, at least for most non-muslims. Polygamy is not “empowering” for women.
      Notice the women said it made their lives MORE miserable.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And each of those stories of polygamy ended badly.

      Obvious lesson there.

      • georgejochnowitz

        Gay marriage is turning away from the Bible. Polygamy is returning to the world of the Bible.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          In your imagination, yes.

          Not in Judaism which outlaws polygamy.

          • georgejochnowitz

            Rabbeinu Gershom banned polygamy among Jews in Europe 1000 years ago. For most of Jewish history, it was legal.

  • Malik Obama

    Obama can hardly hold it in. Maybe soon he will admit he is a muslim. Its just so difficult for him not to lie though

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Polygamy is a weapon of war, the war of Islam against Western Civilization. It’s how Islam out breeds and overwhelms it’s intended victim in dar al Harb. It’s how Islam produces it’s excess population, the foot soldiers of Islam, that it’s using to flood Europe and displace the native population on it’s way to the victory of Islam over Europe.

    Polygamy is the spoils of war, multiple wives and the rape of the women and girls of the defeated Christian and Jew is the reward Mohammed offers his Jihadi’s.

    The Manchurian Candidate and under cover Muslim in the white house legitimizes polygamy because he does everything he can to advance the cause of Islam, the wrecking ball he’s using to bring about the destruction of the country he hates.

  • getreal5

    Polyandry like the Eskimos practice is very beneficial to the family unit, If one male dies you have 2 or 3 more to keep the family unit from starvation.

    Polygamy on the other hand is a slap in the face to tribal co-operation and more directly to weaker beta males.

  • creeper

    Another day, another lie.

  • knowshistory

    polygamy is useful when there is a shortage of men, and the need to maintain population. in the days before gunpowder, to maintain ones homeland, maximal breeding effort was necessary. polygamy is also useful when there is a surplus of women. this was the case in classical islam, when muslim hordes were overrunning the world, killing the men, and enslaving the women. the harems of rich and powerful muslims were stuffed with women whose families had been murdered, and who were enslaved by the religion of peace. today, when islam is not able to capture the huge numbers of slaves that it needs, polygamy is just the rich and or powerful muslims taking the women, leaving the unrich and not powerful without. this is why the young muslims turn to rape, particularly when there are infidel women available as prey, homosexuality, and suicide bombing (if they are not allowed female attention here, they will get it in the afterlife). ever heard of a rich muslim polygamist strapping on a suicide bomb? nope. they will, of course, provide the bombs, free of charge, to those stupid enough to believe that suicidal mass murderers get virgins as their reward.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      Polygamy is also useful for rulers who wish to expand their territories. Where one man may have four wives, three other men must have no wives. The three bachelors can be sent off to war without creating a lot of economically disruptive widows and orphans. Further, the lifelong bachelors can be easily motivated by the promise of turning the captured women and children of the enemy into sex-slaves. A practice explicitly endorsed by Islam’s holiest books.

  • brockosama

    So Bathhouse Barry is looking to build a harem himself . . . . of little boys? Oh, that’s right, he prefers older men to plow his lower digestive tract in exchange for cocaine. Well, what did anyone expect from a miscegenated sodomite?

    • laura r

      its people like you who make the right look like every characture imaginable. i could give a damn who sleeps w/who & when. not my business & not yours. trying to convince people not to like obama? you could come up w/something better???

      • brockosama

        Bathhouse Barry doesn’t deserve any better treatment — I just enjoy mocking the Sodomite in Chief and anyone who worships her. And sodomites should keep their disgusting behaviors deep in the closet. I’ll stop talking about it as soon as they do.

        • laura r

          hes done an ok job covering up. there is also more believable evidence than some hesaidshesaid interview. which should have gotton more PR in 2008. but so what? @ the end of the day dont you think there are bigger issues w/him? i only wish this was americas only percieved problem.

  • laura r

    looks like obamas statement is directed toward muslims? saying “i understand you”? “im on your wave length”?

  • theBuckWheat

    Inheriting a wife? Yet another quaint native custom that we should embrace in the interests of multicultural diversity.

  • lettruthspeak

    The only thing one needs to know about Obumstead and his clown car posse of followers is that they are all deranged psychopaths. Every once of their being is spent living in their self-actualized utopia, and that means no judgment is allowed about anything. Everything good in America, to these moonbats, is evil, because he came about from “stealing” from the losers of life. These cretinous jackholes need to be stopped in their tracks because they have already inflicted so much damage on this nation, that I fear we can never return it to it’s former glory.

  • Lanna

    Anything goes…..no wonder our country is falling from within, every kind of immoral or perverted action takes precedence over a Godly society…..totally lawless and immoral.

  • Empress Queen Caren

    B. Obama doesn’t touch on the positives of polygyny such as families staying together and widows being able to have companionship and protection, etc. I see the pros and cons and honest enough to acknowledge it all. In his position, his statements command a certain level of honesty and integrity. I hope there was more and just omitted . I’d like to add that omission of truth is a lie tainted.