Obama PAC to Protest Global Warming Skepticism During April 1st Snowstorm


OFA, the Obama SuperPAC, thinks it’s making one point. But it might be making a whole other one.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be releasing a 5-year study on climate impacts at the end of March. We will be visiting climate change deniers on April Fools Day to show them how foolish being a denier really is.

In front of Rep. Paulsen’s Office (Eden Prairie, MN)

April 1st in Eden Prairie is projected to be snowy. So there are going to be liberal protesters standing outside Congressman Paulsen’s office on April Fool’s Day screaming about Global Warming while snow falls on them.

Organizing for America might want to rethink who the fools in this little protest will be.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Are those people in the photograph auditioning for an SNL skit on global warming?

  • Donald J DaCosta

    It is no longer Global Warming, Greenfield, it’s Climate Change and here, on April Fools Day (appropriate don’t ya think), the climate is undoubtedly changing and, by changing the name of their crusade, any change in climate is now “proof positive” of the scientific accuracy behind the theory that these zealots have adopted as their “sky is falling” cause celebre.

    But, remember; with this crowd the ends justify the means and what’s a “little scam” in furthering the aim of government control over private industry and the carbon windfall tax which will enrich those these unfortunate dupes support.

    Think of it! What is the driving force behind the giant, industrial, capitalist, enterprises that are the envy of the free world and drive the most powerful economy on the planet. If you said energy, you’re on the right track. If you added, “from fossil fuels” you’d get a gold star. Demonize that process; make it a pending global catastrophe that can only be prevented by imposing stiff penalties on the perpetrators and you’ve almost got Bingo. But how do they expect to control the likes of China, Russia, India, etc. who have no intention of adopting their “solution” or even pay attention to it?

    Good questions but of no concern to those funding this monumental scam. They’ll extort billions from American industry which is likely their only target given the ease with which their scare tactics work here and the utter inattention paid by the foreign emitters of the pollution they claim is their “existential” concern.

    China, for example, is purportedly completing construction of one coal fired power plant per week. What’s in these alarmists play book to put a stop to that? Of course if they can get the UN to go along and institute a global carbon tax penalty that can be enforced (good luck with that), then every America hater on the planet can participate in her demise and reap the reward, albeit perhaps of a temporary nature. The environmental fanatics will hardly be able to contain their glee.

  • Jake-a-runi

    Have sea levels risen or not?