Obama Pressured Israel to Stop Demanding Demilitarization of Hamas


The ceasefire agreement didn’t give Hamas everything it wanted, but it gave Israel nothing at all.

Israel’s insistence on demilitarizing Gaza fell by the wayside.

Why? Here’s one answer.

Nabil Shaath, a senior PLO official and confidante of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel dropped the demand that Hamas be demilitarized, due to American pressure, in an interview with the Arabic Ma’an News Agency.

As usual the war was won on the battlefield and lost at the negotiating table. Which means it will have to be repeated in a year or two with a stronger Hamas.

Without demilitarizing Gaza, the entire war made no sense. Obama’s pressure on Israel and Netanyahu’s surrender made the purpose of the conflict into a temporary lull with lower level fighting.

  • Gee

    Netanyahu is and has been a weak leader. He talks far better than he acts.

    The sooner that gutless wonder is removed from office the better

    • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

      The problem is who will replace him?

      • SoCalMike

        The motivation for Netanyahu wielding to Israel is that he fears Israel will be isolated the same way multicultural free Rhodesia was by the West.
        He is balancing the perception of his enemies against the appearance of a geopolitical alliance and source of military hardware.
        After the US homeland suffers a WMD attack compliments of Obama Inc and his enablers, Americans will want Netanyahu for president here.
        At that point he won’t have to be so circumspect anymore.

      • Gee

        Moshe Feilgin and Danny Danon come to mind very readily.

        • Lanna

          Danny Danon is a smart leader….does not do what is politically correct. Our politicians should learn to stand up for humanity…not politics too!

      • Bamaguje

        Dan, are you implying Netanyahu is the toughest leader Israel can boast of?

    • Bamaguje

      He should have reannexed Gaza.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I imagine that wouldn’t be too difficult from a military perspective (Israel has done it before against better equipped opponents) but I’d figure from a political perspective it would be a no-win.

  • kasandra

    Well, this one is easy to figure out. He likes Hamas; he doesn’t like Israel. According to this administration, Israel has no legitimate interests – not in having defensible borders, not in having a nuke-free Iran, not in having its “negotiating partner” observe the undertakings it made in prior agreements (Oslo), and, now, not in having Gaza. run by the murderous death cult Hamas, demilitarized. Same with the U.S.. We have no legitimate interests in enforcing our borders, having an adequate military, having sufficient domestic energy to fuel it, in having budgets that are sustainable, and so on. Everyone except the U.S. and its friends have valid interests but, under this guy, not us.

  • Pete

    For his next neat trick who wants to bet that Obama suggests Ukraine be de-militarized?

    • truebearing

      Yes, Ukraine is insulting Russia by being next door.

  • RAM500

    However, Obama is trying to demilitarize America, except for armed and dangerous agents of his bureaucracy.

    • Gee

      No – just disarming the American citizenship

      • JayWye

        no,he’s doing the same thing Erdogan did with the Turkish military;cashiered officers for political reliability,he’s already insulted our allies and aided our enemies,blocked military equipment such as fighter jets,downsized and qu eered up the military.(plus women in combat positions)
        And now he wants to cut our nuclear inventory to 300-400 warheads,after shutting down most anti-ballistic missile defense,leaving us vulnerable to a first strike. Unilateral action,not getting ANY matching cuts from Russia and China. Comrade Hussein signed New START that cuts our nuclear weaponry,but allows Russia to build UP to the limits,and doesn’t affect China at all.

        “once is accidental,twice is coincidence,three times is enemy action.”

        • Libslayer

          This is what liberals call “smart diplomacy”.

    • Lanna

      Sure, they have been trying to disarm the American people, just like Hitler did before he caused so much harm to Europe and the Jewish people.

  • http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/ Edward Cline

    It should be obvious even to a blind man that Obama wants to see Israel overrun by Jew-hating ragheads and killers and the destruction of the country.

  • Arlie

    Obama has just been named in a RICO lawsuit for arming Hamas. Also names Kerry, Moon at UN, both Clintons and Malik Obama. http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/obama-named-in-rico-lawsuit/

    It’s about time! I support righteously seeking justice & truth.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need to give Hamas the coordinates of the US embassy. Make sure they get one thing right.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Well not that I’m an Obama fan, but nonetheless it will take far more than the demilitarization of Hamastan to end the Islamic totalitarian world’s perpetual jihad being waged against the infidels in Israel. Indeed, the only solution for Israel is also the only solution for the collective infidel world at large, and that is for the entire infidel world to come together to unite to destroy Islam, whatever that takes.

    However, practically the entire infidel world thinks the totality of the problem consist of a few Muslims being radicalized and then joining Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS and Hamas, because of writers like you Daniel that mislead them.

    Nonetheless, the problem is astronomically far more extensive than just a few Muslims here and there that are becoming radicalized and joining terrorist groups, as jihad, which is a holy war waged by all Muslims against all infidels in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and its followers supreme, involves all Muslim throughout the world.

  • JayWye

    “The Obama Doctrine can be described in just nine words: Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country.” Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

    Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

    There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

    BOTH sides keep on doing the same thing,over and over,expecting different results each time.
    The muzzies make attacks,Israel retaliates HALFway,doesn’t finish the job,and the muzzies lick their wounds,rest and rearm until the next time. A stupid cycle.

  • truebearing

    Israel better have an improved Iron Dome, and a lot more batteries, because Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, North Korea, and maybe China will be supplying Hamas with bigger and better rockets.

    • Gamal

      In the last week of fighting Hamas was using Russian gps guided mortars that I think they got from Libya. Those mortars were hitting their targets despite iron dome.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        A guided mortar round? Is there even such a thing?

  • http://johnnyangeladvocacygroup.net JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    So…let me get this straight, ObaPutin is for Americans giving up guns and destroyers like Hamas keeping them…oh,ok

  • Libslayer

    Obama supports Hamas. Period.

  • El Cid

    To say that Obama has a strategy is to give him credit for having the ability to have a strategy. Only an idiot undermines his allies.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Wars are no longer fought with the object of winning or achieving a decisive victory.
    In Viet Nam, soldiers were never allowed to bomb strategic targets (supply lines from the Soviet Union), soldiers weren’t allowed to fire until the situation became really desperate and huge areas were given to the enemy as sanctuaries.
    These same rules of engagement apply/applied to Iraq, Afghanistan and to Israel.
    It explains why the US chooses not to destroy ISIS (or any other terrorist group) and why Israel can not destroy Hamas.
    National and supranational organizations (the UN) and government agencies fund both sides in these new “controlled” wars. No one is meant to or allowed to win.
    Please see Joan Veon’s book, “The United Nations – Global Straitjacket”
    It can be read for free at:

  • http://LiberalPandemic.wordpress.com/ Peter Pocket

    Obama’s primary reason for being elected is the destruction of Israel:


  • Lanna

    The plan has been from the start of Obama’s Presidency to push Israel out of their land, and give Hamas an edge, just like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Those cement tunnels, funded by the US and the UN were the first steps in attacking and killing Jews and overcoming the Israeli State. Never a mystery to most of us!