Obama Says Execution of Man Who Shot and Buried Teenage Girl Alive is Racist and “Deeply Troubling”

obama killer

A foreign reporter asked Obama about the execution of Clayton Lockett who shot a teenage girl, laughed about it and buried her alive.

The reporter compared America to Iran, Saudi Arabia and China. Instead of disagreeing with him or at least taking issue with such a description, Obama agreed with him.

After conceding that the death penalty might be appropriate in a very “terrible” crime such as “mass killing” or “the killings of children”, Obama went on a rant about the death penalty.

The application of the death penalty in this country, we have seen significant problems — racial bias, uneven application of the death penalty, you know, situations in which there were individuals on death row who later on were discovered to have been innocent because of exculpatory evidence. And all these, I think, do raise significant questions about how the death penalty is being applied. And this situation in Oklahoma I think just highlights some of the significant problems there.

Obama doesn’t directly state that Oklahoma’s execution of Clayton Lockett was racist, but he implies it by saying that it highlights these problems.

So I’ll be discussing with Eric Holder and others, you know — you know, to get me an analysis of what steps have been taken, not just in this particular instance, but more broadly in this area. I think we do have to, as a society, ask ourselves some difficult and profound questions around these issues.

That last part is ObamaSpeak for “I’m going to unilaterally enforce my way of doing things without regard to the law and you should think deeply about why I’m right.”

Remember that is the monster that Barack Hussein Obama is empathizing with.

The men beat her and used duct tape to bind her hands and cover her mouth. The men had also beaten and kidnapped Neiman’s friend along with Bobby Bornt, who lived in the residence, and Bornt’s 9-month-old baby.

Lockett later told police “he decided to kill Stephanie because she would not agree to keep quiet,” court records state.

Neiman was forced to watch as Lockett’s accomplice, Shawn Mathis, spent 20 minutes digging a shallow grave in a ditch beside the road. Her friends saw Neiman standing in the ditch and heard a single shot.

Lockett returned to the truck because the gun had jammed. He later said he could hear Neiman pleading, “Oh God, please, please” as he fixed the shotgun.

The men could be heard “laughing about how tough Stephanie was” before Lockett shot Neiman a second time.

“He ordered Mathis to bury her, despite the fact that Mathis informed him Stephanie was still alive.”

Stephanie was guilty of not only being murdered, but of being the wrong race to be worthy of Obama’s empathy.

Unlike Clayton Lockett. Another one of Obama’s many hypothetical sons.



  • Judahlevi

    The only time Obama talks about ‘injustice’ is based on the skin color of the individual involved. He and Eric Holder are of like minds about this.

    Reverse the situation for a light-skinned president and you get all the enlightenment you need.

    Racism is indeed alive and well in America as practiced by our president and attorney general. Everything about you is determined by the color of your skin. Only if you ‘look’ like Obama or Holder do you get any compassion from either one of them.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I think it was actor Morgan Freeman who told a reporter, more or less: “Racism is a problem if you keep talking about it.” Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others want to keep racism alive and like to talk about it.

    • truebearing

      They aren’t interested in talking about it if their own racism is included. They are only interested in white guilt, ie. leverage. Black leadership is based on blame, nothing more.Their only skill is blaming whites for the dysfunction of blacks.

    • American Patriot

      So do hate mongers and black liberation theologists like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Both are obsessed with race.

      • wisegal1958

        Don’t forget Michelle Obama. She’s right up there with those guys. She’s gone so far as to suggest that blacks need to separate themselves from white, who are all racist by nature, according to her college thesis. She’s a full-blown America-hating, white-hating, black liberation theology proponent, right up there with Wright, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton,and her hubby.

        • Doubleace

          I actually agree, they should separate themselves, and go right back home to Africa. That’s a wonderful place to live. Obama could be King of Kenya, if he lived long enough. THey don’t BS around over there, killing each other, enslaving each other, that’s a way of life in Africa.

  • truebearing

    Obama’s seething rage and hate are becoming clearer every day. He has no empathy with or sympathy for white victims, none whatsoever, even to the point that he has sympathy for the blacks who heinously torture and murder whites. This is racism on a level that we see from Muslims, which figures, since Obama has outed himself as a Muslim, as well.

    Obama isn’t even trying to mask his racist attitudes, or perhaps is no longer able to. Like his white mother, white voters have abandoned him and he is in a full-blown narcissistic rage over the criticism and loss of popularity. In his mind, white people are second class citizens, at best, deserving whatever blacks or Muslims dish out. Whites deserve dhimmitude in perpituity for their offenses real and imagined against blacks. Neither he nor Holder see injustice in the things blacks do to whites because they believe the same things that virulent racists like Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan believe about whites.

    He has always been dangerous, but he is reaching a psychological tipping point where in his warped mind, there is no longer any reason to mask his bigotry, vindictiveness, paranoia, or true ideological biases. Obama irrationally wants revenge against white people, despite the fact that it was white people who raised him. His black father abandoned him long before his mother did.

    Obama warned this nation openly that he would punish his enemies. White people are the primary enemy he was referring to. His passivity in foreign policy has unleashed the dogs of war. His sympathy for black demons is a green light to all blacks who hate whites. It will get worse.

    • some guy

      Obama will be gone in 2-1/2 years. This too shall pass.

      • truebearing

        Theoretically, but how much damage will he do before he goes, and how much of that damage will become rooted in our society?

        • The March Hare

          And the second term damage is worse than the first term and will probably get worse. Maybe beyond repair.

          • Doubleace

            The only hoipe is the 2014 elections. We must get supporting democrats out of office, take back the Senate, and freeze his stupid ass objectives until his term is up. If we don’t do this, two years is all he will need to ruin this country. He is emboldened by the lack of resistance by Congress.

        • Chavi Beck

          He has done an awful lot already. America is much more race-conscious than a decade ago.

          • SubSumeYou

            Race conscious? Don’t you mean entitlement consciousness? That’s what’s playing out here.

      • ConcernedCitizen999

        The greater threat is that Obama was elected by a large part of the population who share his hatred of white America. Obama may, or may not, be off the stage in 2017 but those who share his rage will be stronger than ever.

        • Drakken

          Let them, let’s see, blacks 12% of the population, Hispanics 15-17% and whites 70 odd %. Hmm isn’t math fun? If Obummer let the Balkanization of the US go full term, they get what they deserve.

          • mardabo

            What percentage of the white population worship Obama do you suppose?

          • Drakken

            I would say a good die hard 30%, and they are nothing but a statistic after all is said and done.

          • MS660teror .

            “Balkanization of the US” Balkan is paradise unlike USA, more then 95% are white people! We dont have that terrible crimes here, and people cant have licence for fire arms, its much much safer!

          • DAWNOFNEWDAY

            this country is destroying because we lost our 90% white majority demographics that we had for centuries. Multiculturalism doesn’t work.

        • SubSumeYou

          Support for Obama from American (blacks) is plummeting.

      • carpe diem 36

        but the bad taste in our communal mouth will stay there, and the stink of him will endure forever. history books will not tell the truth and even if they did they could not convey our feelings about this POS of a Potus.

      • Tony Sofio

        We can only hope that the morons who voted for him the second time are getting pounded by Obamacare and any of his other socialist policies.

      • kat

        Not soon enough to prevent disaster.


        you’re assuming this country will still be intact by then and you will elect a black conservative, with the impression that they don’t hate whites as much as the race hustling ones do, and many whites still don’t get it that they need to unite as whites just as other races unite for their race. Until most whites think racially and act racially, we will continue to have these problems. You can proclaim “oh, my god, why it’s not the 1950s anymore” or “Oh, I love all people.” Most blacks, Mexicans and other races don’t care about that. They hate whites. They want payback. They want to take over and control and remove you from the picture. When will that be clear to you, white people?

        • SubSumeYou

          You DAMN monger.

  • http://www.BanLiberals.com/ Ban Liberals


    That’s the number of times Obama, MSNBC, CNN, the NBA, the NAACP, and the Congressional Black Caucus use the word “RAAACIST” in a 24 hour period, every day, 365 days a year.

  • Noah Bama

    this is nothing compared to what Obama is capable of. give him absolute power with no constitution or congress or courts in his way and Obama will make Hitler look like a saint

    • CensoredSpeech

      I don’t think any of the three you mentioned are getting in his way now!!

  • NJK

    Obama’s a psychopath.

  • GMMI

    I wonder how Obumphuck would feel, if it had been one of his daughters in that grab.

    • disqus_rC9x7dle3x

      its time they get a taste of the real world . a gang bang

  • Jim Kirk

    in other words, o bomb a the muslim piece of sh’t trash scum, disagrees with executions of ni’ggrs for doing what ni’ggrs do and let them walk free is that it? f’k..execute HIM already will ya? geezz

  • Smoking Hamster

    I find it deeply troubling that that monster got to live nearly fifteen more years before justice was served…

    • CensoredSpeech

      Me to, he should have been executed as soon as he left the courthouse!

  • liz

    This is no surprise coming from the guy who’s reaction to the brutal rape and murder of Ambassador Stevens was that it just wasn’t “optimal”.

    • carpe diem 36

      on Fox news they showed that the father of one of those murdered in Benghazi asked obama if it were one of his relatives who were in Benghazi when the riots happened what would he have done and he answered: probably nothing.: this is the man, this is who he is and so we should not be surprised by anything this POS says and does. He is not a real person, he is missing two main parts that makes a man a man: a mind and a heart.

  • VHG1

    Obama always proves what a race baiting pimp he is! He hasn’t moved out of his “community organizing agitating destruction mode! Who voted for him? Raise your hands! America would like to see the faces of the people that put this incompetent inept useless self absorbed pile in the the White House!

  • PDK

    The most troubling realities here are that BHO would be re-elected after he proved himself to be the anti-American, wrecking ball Messiah, and that white liberals and negros would grieve for the negro murderer of an 18 years old, innocent white woman while glossing over her horrible, unjust murder.

    BHO clearly suggests the few and far between, insane mass murdering, white culprits should be executed, and just as clearly implies not the thousands and tens of thousands negro murderers.

    The group of people who pay the taxes by which our legal, justice and penal systems is financed are white people, not negros. The white man’s higher culture of civilization was created by whites and maintained by whites. The negro is primarily a parasite in the white man’s higher culture of civilization.

    Time to reconsider our ideology. Our white posterity hangs in the balance.

    From the Sanctuary, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/
    I’m PDK: Thank you.

  • mikeman

    I wonder what in obama’s psyche causes him to identify with his black half, while denigrating his mother’s white race? I guess you could chalk it up to political ambition, but the guy really goes out of his way to side with blacks. He’s one weird character.

    • carpe diem 36

      there is only one explanation: this man is missing a heart and a mind, he does not understand right from wrong.

    • Doubleace

      He wasn’t accepted by the white race, or so he thought. He was immediately taken to Africa, then to Indonesia, All his life he only heard hatred for America. He was taught hatred from the time he was born. Just like most muslim children. Things will not change until the muslims either dominate the world, or are annihilated.

    • Richard Martin

      If you can get a Nobel Prize for simply being black and blackness can get you from Community Organiser to U.S. President in no time at all, why wouldn’t you want to disavow your white part?

  • ann bradley

    Personally, I don’t give a damn how long that evil, vile, despicable piece if s..t scumbag murderer took to snuff it. Bloody good riddance and not before time.

    • carpe diem 36

      actually the longer the better, which is exactly what he did to this poor girl. he should have been buried alive too, to have what he had done.

  • poison whiskey

    Obama is an asshole. that piece of garbage got exactly what he deserved

  • willywonka

    I never come to the defense of statists but who is the reporter? where was the question asked? etc.?

  • Tony Sofio

    What upset me was how long this dirtbag got to live before his execution. Obama and his Socialist administration are the problem with this country, not racism.

  • Doubleace

    Since when is it racist to execute a murderer, There is no question this POS killed murdered a teenage girl, buried he while still alive, and laughed about it. To my way of thinking there is no punishment to severe for this piece of crap. Regardless of whatever color his skin is. The death penalty has been used to remove violent criminals from our society. If a black man in America doesn’t wish to be punished by the death penalty don’t commit the crime. Obama is worthless, he doesn’t feel any empathy for anyone. He’s upset because he knows if he gets caught for all his crimes against humanity, he too could end up in a similar situation. This man (if he is a man), is incapable of feeling for anyone but himself.

  • Alice Manfredini

    The race baiters have no shame. Do they even realize that the rampant use of the race card is setting race relations back by decades? The election of a black president could and should have brought us closer together, yet we are more racially divided today than we were six years ago.

  • Sharon K Erdely

    He showed no mercy on the young girl so why should the court of law show a murder any? Yes our President and Eric Holder are racists, black that is the worse kind. People that take lives regardless of race, color or nationality if they take a life should have theirs taken in return. Let God sort out their innocence or not.

  • Richard Martin

    Though I dislike Obama intensely I think this post is misleading. The problem the Clayton Lockett execution highlighted was that the method of lethal injection doesn’t always work is it should. Even I, a died-in-the-wool anti-Obama man, don’t think he was referring to race here. Yes, he did mention race earlier in the piece but I’m sure if you go back several decades you will be able to find one case where a black man was falsely executed. That’s all Obama needs to prove his claim.

    Obama is bad enough without us needing to falsely attribute malign thoughts to him.

    • mardabo

      It’s funny that my vet was able to put my dogs to sleep, as recently as three years ago, and they died peacefully, without a whimper or twitch.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        That’s because there’s an aggressive campaign to prevent the supply of the right drugs in order to shut down the death penalty.

        • David Sharpe

          Use guns, it’s faster and cheaper.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This is a direct quote from Obama.

      “The application of the death penalty in this country, we have seen
      significant problems — racial bias, uneven application of the death
      penalty, you know, situations in which there were individuals on death
      row who later on were discovered to have been innocent because of
      exculpatory evidence. And all these, I think, do raise significant
      questions about how the death penalty is being applied. And this
      situation in Oklahoma I think just highlights some of the significant
      problems there.”

      He mentions racism, racism and DNA.

      • Richard Martin

        On second reading I am inclined to agree with you. Obama wasn’t specific enough for us to pin him down but it appears that race was at least one of the aspects he found deeply troubling about this case. So, I stand corrected.

        • Daniel Greenfield


  • Wilkins Micawber

    Regarding the execution of this Lockett vermin, this country should adopt the Chinese practice of shooting the malefactor in the back of the head then billing the family for the bullet. Barring that, then continue using this same slow-acting concoction for all future executions. Justice must be served.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bill the family and the taxpayers will still pay for it

      • Wilkins Micawber

        Unfortunately, too true.

  • jwhitehawke

    Y’all voted him in….. TWICE. Most of you did by not getting off your ass to vote.

  • Weldfreek

    We will see him swing from a rope.

    • Gunner

      what the fuck are you dribbling about??

      • SubSumeYou

        238 years ago, Weldfreek, Obama may well have earned hanging by the American people.

  • Joe Jones

    But using predators to kill Americans without a trial is OK. Why don’t you just shut up and go away LIAR!!

  • dan

    Another example of head up his ass. Thinking of the animal monster who killed this innocent woman and sympathize with the killer. Par for this man.

  • Crrrock

    I call bullshit. O’Bammy wouldn’t know where to use the word “exculpatory”

  • Ginger Snap

    GOOD FOR YOU TEXAS..TAKE OUT SOME MORE TRASH.. We’re tired of feeding and housing them for years and years.

  • fpm

    Maybe B Hussein O is trying to prevent people from connecting this criminal back to him and give him the same treatment as the result of his murdering domestic and foreign policies.

  • M

    Let me get this right…

    Stephanie Nieman at the young age of only 19 was a victim who was kidnapped, raped multiple times, brutally beaten, shot in the head and buried alive while screaming for help AND there are individuals protesting and complaining that her killer, who was sentenced to death, suffered for roughly 35-40 minutes during the so-called “botched” lethal injection.

    There is nothing positive or kind I can say about these individuals complaining or about the fact the death of this POS has received more press coverage than poor Miss Niemans.


  • whiteisrightblackwhack

    this is why I don’t like lots of blacks. This is why you don’t let blacks into your country and, especially, give them positions of power. if whites don’t wake up, they will find themselves being displaced and killed like the whites in South Africa are right now.


    this is the problem with the West. We think simply ‘voting’ is going to change anything. Our ancestors didn’t ‘vote’ to solve a problem. Are you going to wait for the next election as they are taking your property with armed guards or hauling your kids away for ‘re-education’ or kicking your door in for your firearms? Are you going to just stand there with your thumb up your butt going, “Why, they can’t do that! Why, we have a constitution!” Wake up, people.

    • Doubleace

      Dawn, i agree with s lot of your post, but i have a question? Have you ever seen combat? No one wins win the bullets start flying, and this would be on our soil, with our families in the firing zone. I would much rather try to solve it peacefully. That being said, i will fight again before I will become a slave to my own government.

      • SubSumeYou

        That’s the spirit.

  • SubSumeYou

    SMH….2 more years of this fuck head moslem. 2 more years : (