Obama Says Muslim Country that Banned Bible has “Work to Do” on Human Rights… “Just like the United States”

On his visit to Muslim Malaysia, Obama at least went so far as to acknowledge that the Muslim country has some human rights issues. That’s more than he did for his own Indonesia, which is a genocidal nation engaged in an illegal occupation of Christian territories.

And he did it with the usual backhanded slaps at America.

President Obama celebrated America’s closer ties with the Muslim-majority nation of Malaysia Sunday, even as he suggested “there’s more work to be done” here on the issue of human rights.

“There’s a recognition by the Malaysian government that more work needs to be done,” Obama told reporters, adding he shared with Najib that democratic protections such as “the respect for freedom of assembly, the respect for people of different races and different faiths and different political philosophies — that those values are at the core of who the U.S. is, but also I think are a pretty good gauge of whether a society is going to be successful in the 21st century or not.”

Obama even used the example of alleged racist remarks by L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling as a lesson in the importance of racial and ethnic tolerance for Malaysians as well as Americans. “Like Malaysia, we constantly have to be on guard against racial attitudes that divide us, and instead embrace our diversity as a strength,” he said.

The difference is that Sterling is an individual. Islamic law in Malaysia however uses state power to persecute and discriminate.

Islamic authorities in Malaysia on Thursday seized 321 Bibles from a Christian group because they used the word Allah to refer to God, signaling growing intolerance that may inflame ethnic and religious tension in the Southeast Asian country.

The raid comes after a Malaysian court in October ruled that the Arabic word was exclusive to Muslims, most of whom are ethnic Malays, the largest ethnic group in the country alongside sizeable Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities.

… just like America.

In a separate event Sunday, during a town hall with young leaders from 10 ASEAN countries, Obama spoke more explicitly about discrimination against minorities as he replied to an online question from a Burmese youth. The president noted that some Muslims in Burma have experienced discrimination, and added, “Then there are times in Malaysia where people who are not Muslims find themselves perhaps being disadvantaged.”

Watch the differences in language.

Obama bluntly accuses Burma of persecuting Muslims, but when it comes to Muslims persecuting Christians in Malaysia, he uses convoluted indirect language with plenty of weasel words.

But that’s what a weasel does.

Najib, for his part, defended his regime’s human rights record while echoing Obama’s remarks that “there’s more work to be done.”

“President Obama and I are both equally concerned about civil liberties as a principle.”

That I believe.

He prompted shouts of appreciation during the town hall event from a delegation of Indonesians when he mentioned he had lived in their home country. And the president suggested that he would continue to promote closer ties between the United States and Asia, because it is “part of the connection I felt, and still feel, to this region.”

There he goes, misspelling ‘religion’ again.

  • truebearing

    Malayasia is as racist as it gets, so Obama attacks the US. He’s already got his big mouth flapping even though it hasn’t been proven that Sterling actually said the things he’s accused of. So much for innocent until proven guilty…but then Obama never did have any respect for American justice. He prefers Sharia.

    Sterling’s comments weren’t made publicly. They were made to his girlfriend, which TMZ somehow recorded. Why are possibly illegally recorded remarks being included in a presidential speech in a foreign country? Simple. So Obama can let the Muslims off the hook with yet another false equivalency.

    • CaoMoo

      what is the racist situation there? I’ve heard itsaid but not sure where to find the answer.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    It takes childhood anti-racism to obliterate racialist feelings, and may be impossible in mature adults. I wrote my own story here: http://clarespark.com/2012/01/21/the-persistence-of-white-racism/. “The persistence of white racism.” We have yet to evolve past tribal/localist consciousness in most parts of the world.

    • Softly Bob

      Just read it. It’s drivel.

  • Nightowl

    He’s so right. The United States government needs to stop turning immigrants into political prisoners for making films about why they think their country of origin was ruined by Islam – a right I thought was covered by the 1st amendment. Apparently, we really do have a long way to go! /sarc

  • DogmaelJones1

    Two little letters, whose inclusion makes all the difference, are omitted. “There he goes, misspelling ‘religion’ again.” Love that closer.

    • CaoMoo

      Yeah it was the perfect mix of snark and accuracy made me laugh :)

  • wileyvet

    As Mr. Greenfield pointed out, Sterling is one guy. One and a half billion people do not follow what a wealthy team owner says. They do however follow the hate filled, demented teachings of a 7th century, malignant narcissist Arab warlord. Human rights as we know them are not possible from Islam and the culture it has created over 14 centuries. Because Muhammad was a cruel, malevolent, remorseless, barbarous tyrant, Islam and its adherents are likewise. Islam’s hate for unbelievers, disdain for women, rabid anti-Semitism, acceptance of abominable sexual licence, and myriad social and cultural dysfunctional practices, all stem from the mind of Muhammad. It is no wonder that the prophet forbad enquiry into his teachings or of Allah’s revelations, and criticism thereof. Even a cursory examination reveals a mass of deception, incongruity, contradictions, falsehoods, ludicrous assertions, and perversion of logic and reason, drawing the conclusion that his revelations which would ultimately make up the Koran of Islam, were not from a co-opted pagan God, but are the work of a seriously diseased mind created to sate the lust, greed and sociopathic tendencies of an all too, and deeply flawed human.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Demogogic Party: False Equivalence Mill

  • lillymckim

    An American President comparing the USA to genocidal nations?

    The day he finally leaves office cannot come fast enough.

    Disgusts me.

  • Lanna

    Evil thinks it has won….it has not won the final race….voice of the martyrs who have been killed in the name of Jihad will be heard in the End Times, the Almighty will reign with Supreme authority, those who don’t understand truth are doomed!

  • Christopher Riddle

    This “Man”Is An AMERICA-HATING,MARXIST,RACIST A$$H*LE!Now,Do You Want To Know What I REALLY Think??

  • Janice Woods

    Well at least the one bigot Obama highlighted in his speech makes his targets into millionaires where as in Muslim country the bigotry leads to murders and beheadings.

  • Gee

    It does sound as Mr. Sterling has made racist comments – though President Odumba’s racist comments are at least as bad if not in fact far worse than Mr. Sterling.
    Of course Odumba never means he has any work in that matter – while making moronic racist comments

    • info warrior

      When did Obama say he wanted black people excluded from events?

  • SandyLester

    I never knew that the US was maundering Christians, stoning woman who are raped, hanging homosexuals and incinerating Jews.
    Or forcing five year olds into marriage.

    • info warrior

      America has tortured people and still executes prisoners. Still a lot of work to do.

      • SandyLester

        Yes, people are executed for capital crimes, hence the term capitol punishment.
        The US does not torture people, it’s called enhanced interrogation.
        However if you are equalling islamics to your mentioned items, there is a serious problem with your ability to reason.

        • info warrior

          Call it what you like, torture is torture.

          • Softly Bob

            Call it what you like, an idiot is still and idiot.

  • info warrior

    He’s right about that. Nations that embrace radical fundamentalism will not prosper.

    • Softly Bob

      Radical fundamentalism? Do you mean Islam?

  • CaoMoo

    Just when you think he cant be anymore smug and obnoxious he ups the ante.

  • ServosT

    How many blacks has Sterling killed?