Obama Spends $500 Mil on Veggies for Minorities, Obesity Rates Stay the Same

Someone get Michelle Obama out of the food desert quick

Someone get Michelle Obama out of the food desert quick

Socialists don’t seem to understand that if people wanted to buy healthier foods, supermarkets would stock it. But to a lefty everything I just said is crazy talk.

And so we’re out another $500 million. Because Obama.

With the obesity epidemic in full swing and millions of American living in neighborhoods where fruits and vegetables are hard to come by, the Obama administration thought it saw a solution: fund stores that will stock fresh, affordable produce in these deprived areas.

But now, three years and $500 million into the federal Healthy Food Financing Initiative, there’s a problem: A study suggests it’s not working.

Adding supermarkets to areas with short supplies of fresh produce does not lead to improvements in residents’ diets or health outcomes, according to a report published Monday in the February issue of Health Affairs.

Let me get this straight, stores don’t stock a product because people don’t buy it, instead of people not buying a product because stores don’t stock it? And that means that stocking a product will not make people buy it?

It’s great that we have a country run by “wonks” who sneer at monkeys with MBAs, but who think that they know how business works because they watched Wall Street.

When a grocery store was opened in one Philadelphia food desert, 26.7 percent of residents made it their main grocery store and 51.4 percent indicated using it for any food shopping, the report found. But among the population that used the new supermarket, the researchers saw no significant improvement in BMI, fruit and vegetable intake, or perceptions of food accessibility, although there was a significant improvement in perception of accessibility to fruits and vegetables.

Accessibility is one of those stupid liberal buzzwords that implies the problem is with some sort of external inhibition instead of individual choices.

Supermarkets didn’t stock the food that wonks thought black people should eat because… black people weren’t buying it.

But I’m sure liberals have learned their lessons and will respect individual choices instead of… sorry. You know that’s not going to happen. Thugs will be thugs even when they’re white poetry majors who moved on to nutritional policy.

Cummins said in an email that lawmakers ought to consider policies that will change community behavior to incorporate healthy food into everyday diets.

“These might include economic initiatives such as taxes on unhealthy foods and subsidies on healthy foods, marketing initiatives that focus on in-store promotion of healthy food, and programs that focus on skills related to buying and cooking components of a balanced diet,” Cummins said.

Sure, let’s tax the food people want to eat and subsidize the food people don’t want to eat. It’s the same stupid policy, but now it comes with fines baked in.

It worked for ObamaCare. It’s bound to work for ObamaFood.

  • A Z

    You don’t tax or subsidize foods to get people to eat certain things.

    It is simple. Just tell people they can’t have it. Don’t do anything at all to make it harder to get. Just say they can’t have it. Reverse psychology.

    Alternatively, Michell Obama could get together with celebrity chefs and celebrity fitness trainers. It would be free Except for travel and security expenses.

    • laura r

      untill 1948 it was illegal to have chemicals in food. then they lifted that ban. the newer chemicals which were introduced in the 80s/90s are dangerous. they also upset the natural appetite & people cant stop eatting. disease is increased. also the body shapes have changed to a non human form. when people eat UN natural food this is what you get. add un necessary medications to the mix. there is no way that fast food will go out of business. people have little understanding of food in general. many do have a choice but gravitate to the poison.

      • A Z

        Like using MSG as a flavor enhancer?

        • laura r

          there are 100s of msg kinds of additives food colorings etc. they make people very sick physically & mentally. thats why the bodies are non human forms. it’s the new normal. i dont buy anything that my great grandmother wouldnt understand. (the label that is).

          • tickletik

            You just gave a very great argument against legalizing drugs. If this is what those sick maniacs are doing now, just imagine what they would get up to…

          • laura r

            the differerence is: one is food, necessary for survival. its immoral to put poison there. the other is recreation, & not necessary to live. apples & oranges.

          • tickletik

            No laura, that’s not what I meant. What I meant was, if they are already putting toxic substances into the foods for profit, then they would surely find a way to put what are currently illegal and addictive substances into the food supply for profit.

    • A Z


      Does anyone remember when Schwarzenegger’s was chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports? I remember he was appointed. I can’t remember him making news.

      I do not know the name of the current chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports or any of the other members.

      How effective are they?

      All I know is that Michelle Obama has a Let’s Move campaign and she along with 1 or 2 other celebrities are seen. How effective is that?

      Maybe it is more about Obama and celebrity face time with the public.

      Obama is suppose heal the racial divide. Invite Paula Deen. She is a chef. Well maybe Michelle can do some of that. It would certainly make waves. People would notice. (Paula might have to promote a different set of recipes, but if she can;t adjust then she is not a chef.)

  • cxt

    Except for the fact that the Left never learns.
    The Left is….by and large….not a “reality based” group. At a fundamental level they seem to actually think that “reality” is consensual…..that if they just all think hard enough reality will bend to their will.
    Kinda like a modern version of Trofim Lysenko…….sure the plants will grow in accordance with doctrine…..doctrine is all.
    So what if millions of people starve………the Left simply does not care.
    If reality does not conform to their doctrine….then its REALITIES fault.

    • A Z

      “Lysenko’s anti-Mendelian doctrines were further secured in Soviet science and education by the exercise of political influence and power.”

      The LEFT can get its’ way for a while and harm many people in the process.

  • Barbaree

    Which they’ll promptly throw in the trash. This money could have been put to good use for the veterans.

    • Lady Prudence

      You are spot on. I was disgusted as a high school teacher seeing the free lunch food for minorities thrown into the trash!

      • tickletik

        Throwing food away on school grounds should be grounds for immediate expulsion. Regardless of who gave it to them

  • laura r

    daniel, it is true that depressed areas usually dont stock fresh fruits & vegs. what isnt clear, is DID the customers buy the produce when it was available??? the artical is not clear about several factors. even if someone includes fresh food in the diet, they still will be fat from eating all the other fast foods. they may get more minerals & vitamins which is good, but the damage from all the junk wont change BMI, weight, water retention, blood pressure, diabetis, etc.

  • Yulia Demkin

    “Trying to make the people run on time.”

  • GSR

    Obesity is also the result of lack of families – lack of a mother and father. Period.

    • laura r

      70% of americans are very over weight or morbidly obese. all races, ages, marriage status, most income groups. its the food. end of case. they like themselves so much that they wear as little clothing as possible to show off.

    • Seek

      Bull. I’ve known plenty of fatsos who came from two-parent families.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Children naturally “gravitate” away from fruit and vegetables. That’s nature, that’s history, that’s the way it’s always been. But Common Core will fix that, so that they will naturally “gravitate” towards organic food bars and “community” food troughs piled high with rabbit food on which to graze with all their indoctrinated fellows. Perhaps Michelle Obama would call it, in a private moment, “slopping the pigs.” She and her ilk own the parents, and they own the kids, too. It’s so nice to live in a “free” country!

  • bobro

    can anyone name a single initiative of the Obama administration that is successful?

    • Dudley Dickerson

      beating mitt romney

      • bobro

        That was not an act of his administration. No one disputes that he is a great campaigner. It’s being president is where he lacks.

        • Dudley Dickerson

          You ave to put up a winner

    • Ralph Sampson

      Obamacare. It will be successful in achieving what the fool wanted to achieve. And nothing good will come of it.

      • bobro

        You must live in a bubble!

  • wileyvet

    I had my first real visit to the USA last July. I couldn’t stop eating. Lots of BBQ, ribs pulled pork, pit beef and ham sandwiches, corn bread, giant fried pretzels, funnel cakes, strombolis, cannolis , philly cheese steaks. It was pure heaven. Don’t find that good of food in my Canadian town.

  • Dudley Dickerson

    I don’t know about you but I love that chicken at popeyes

  • sadgurl55

    I don’t know what this Lady 1st idiot is aiming at, but it strikes me funny that I give my daughter $3.00 each day for school lunch. She’s one in 20 that do that.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “…although there was a significant improvement in perception of accessibility to fruits and vegetables.”


  • Ralph Sampson

    Don’t see many fat Africans in Africa. Perhaps foo’ stamps should only be used to buy what the starving Africans eat.

  • tickletik

    The irony is that this is probably the one place where education and a public awareness campaign could help. But no.