Obama Suddenly No Longer Interested in Taking Credit for Ending Iraq War

There I go, turn the page

There I go, turn the page

The first rule of Obamaism is that Obama is always right. The second rule of Obamaism is that Obama meant to do that. The third rule of Obamaism is that he is never responsible for anything.

Obama spent much of his time in the White House taking credit for ending the War in Iraq, even long before it was over. He changed the name and took credit for it. He ran for reelection and kept taking credit for it. He went on taking credit for it until Al Qaeda began taking over Iraq.

Now Obama doesn’t want the credit anymore. He wants Iraq to have it.

Obama surprised a few people during a news conference Thursday by claiming that the 2011 decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq, a politically popular move on the eve of an election year, was made entirely by his Iraqi counterpart. The implication ran counter to a number of claims that Obama has made in the past, most notably during a tight campaign season two years ago, when he suggested that it was his decision to leave Iraq and end an unpopular war.

For much of that election year, Obama had included a line of celebration in his standard stump speech, one that among an electorate exhausted by more than a decade of war always drew a rousing applause: “Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq,” Obama proclaimed in Bowling Green, Ohio, in September 2012, and did nearly every day after until the election. “We did.”

By “we”, Obama apparently meant the Iraqis.

“With regards to Iraq, you and I agreed, I believe, that there should be a status of forces agreement,” Romney told Obama as the two convened on the Lynn University campus in Boca Raton, Fla., that October evening. “That’s not true,” Obama interjected. “Oh, you didn’t want a status of forces agreement?” Romney asked as an argument ensued. “No,” Obama said. “What I would not have done is left 10,000 troops in Iraq that would tie us down. That certainly would not help us in the Middle East.”

Obama was lying, obviously. But it was an old lie. Attempts had been made to negotiate an agreement even while the White House went on denying that any such thing was going on.

But now Obama is lying all over again in a whole new way.

Q Just very quickly, do you wish you had left a residual force in Iraq? Any regrets about that decision in 2011?

OBAMA: Well, keep in mind that wasn’t a decision made by me; that was a decision made by the Iraqi government. We offered a modest residual force to help continue to train and advise Iraqi security forces.

Obama is finally admitting that he had proposed a residual force, but he did so in such a way as to make it unworkable. That allowed him to have it both ways. He could blame the Iraqis for turning him down while claiming credit for ending the war.

Normally he would play up the war’s ending, not the residual force, but if Iraq went to hell, his ass was still covered.

So suddenly Obama doesn’t want to claim credit for ending the war. He wants Iraq to have all the credit.

No one can say that Barack Obama is not a generous man.

  • Janice Woods

    With Obama there is always plenty of blame to go all around and he gladly hands it all away..

  • skier

    I know a few people who voted for Obama. They only voted for him because he promised to end the Iraq war. That’s it! That’s all they wanted from Obama: He will end the war!
    He will not get away with saying it really wash’t him… This time, this lie won’t work!

    • truebearing

      Now the ones who voted for him will start denying it, or claiming they were forced to by aliens (illegal aliens).

  • DB1954

    Obama the malignant narcissist. He claims credit for everything good. He accepts responsibility for NOTHING bad.

    • truebearing

      Evil is as evil does. A constant companion to malignant narcissism is pathological lying. Obama’s got it all.

  • Brian Kelsey

    The fact is the Iraqis did not want us to stay. The withdraw of troops was on a timeline set by Iraq and the US during the Bush admin. Barry is right to now say he didn’t end it. He was a fraud when he claimed he did.

    • Beeker D.

      That `FRAUD`(lie) helped him get RE-ELECTED. Along with that other little forked tongue statement: “If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor”!
      Biggest problem here is the people that continue to support/vote and make EXCUSES for him. Call them `The Enablers`, his media especially those `WHATEVERS` at ms(BS)nbc.
      `The Enablers` represent this type of(twisted)thinking and liberal logic;
      They didn’t rob the bank, They didn’t even go into the bank ‘BUT’ they
      did drive the robber(i.e. 0blahma)to the bank and away from the bank after
      the hold up. And they’ll Swear that oblahma didn’t hold up the bank because, ‘They Were There’.

  • truebearing

    Obama sent Biden to supposedly negotiate with the Iraqis. Is there a better way to insult them into not agreeing? If you send The Dolt of Delaware on a mission to get something done, you didn’t want it to get done.

  • Kiara Martin

    This article is pathetic! This sounds like it was written by a sore loser that chose to vent about his hatred towards Obama. What is the point of this article exactly? By the way, Janice Woods is an idiot because that was Bush. He would always try to deflect, however, his mistakes were too obvious to convince anyone that he is not the one to blame. Let’s be honest, if Obama was not in office this war would not have ended. Bush was angering the Iraqis and they were done with him. So his proposal had absolutely no significant impact on the Iraqis government decision, really? That’s bullshit. Bush made thousands of proposals but all they gave him were videos of him being burned with the American flag. If it wasn’t for his thinking we’d still be in war with them. This is why I think the government should work sometimes work things out in private because once it goes public, idiots like yourselves over analyze and try to manipulate others to conform to they way you think. Pathetic!