Obama to Fundraise w/Racist Mexican Director Who Promoted the Murder of Opponents of Illegal Immigration


Obama’s people claim that he is concerned about the border crisis that he manufactured with an illegal, illegal alien amnesty, and that he’s using to push his agenda of a Super Amnesty.

He’s skipping the border and going straight to Robert Rodriguez’s home.

Then, it’s off to the luxurious Austin home of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez — director of “Machete” Tickets to the soiree are priced between $5,000 and $32,400.

Machete was the incredibly violent and racist movie whose trailer was released with “a special Cinco de Mayo message for Arizona.” It ends with illegal aliens massacring the fictional version of the Minutemen.

How ugly is Machete?

“Machete” …. is a call for revolution; Mexicans against Americans – and in the words of the character meant to be our evolving conscience, Jessica Alba’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Sartana, it’s about how those who believe in only LEGAL immigration “deserve to be cut down.” This is her rousing fist-in-the-air message to a gathered army of illegal day laborers.

The enemies are Americans opposed to illegal immigration who indeed are cut down.

That’s how the racist Rodriguez began marketing the movie with his special message to Arizona. And that’s how the movie concludes. With the murder of Americans opposed to illegal immigration.

It’s telling that this is where Obama is going now.

He’s sending a message and it’s racist, vile and ugly. This is an administration that manufactured a border crisis to force through illegal alien amnesty.

Now Obama will pose with the man who promoted the murder of Americans opposed to illegal immigration.

  • Edward

    If I hated a race, I might campaign to flood all of their countries with
    MILLIONS of people that are not their race, and tell everyone to “mix
    in” until no people of that kind were left.

    If anyone objected, I would scream the R-word! at them and get them fired from their jobs.

    If I hated a certain race, I might do that, but I am not doing that.

    Anti-Whites are doing it to White people in EVERY & ONLY White countries.

    It’s WHITE geNOcide!

    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  • Pete

    We need 2 film festivals to run side by side. One is with Democrat party approved films and the other with Tea Party Approved films.

    The Left will How!

    • Pete

      If we look at film review or film list at PJ Media, we could get off the ground fairly quickly.

  • Pete

    As a ‘thought experiment’ just think if we made land bridge to China, Indonesia, India and many other places to America using a wormhole.

    Just imagine if hundreds of millions of people could vote with their feet.

    Would that be too much chaos for the LEFT and Democrat politicians?

    How could they guarantee their policies and programs would be implemented? How could the guarantee they would remain in power/ on top?

    The Democrat Party is encouraging this chaos because they think they can benefit from it and mange it. They think they can “reap the whirlwind” and come out unscathed

    • truebearing

      They never get past the nihilistic stage of their idiotic revolutions. The only things they are good at are destructive, which is why they can’t govern. They are a curse upon mankind.

  • truebearing

    Obama is a racist and a religious bigot, but rather than list all of his demons, and they are legion, let it suffice to say he is evil.

    As a malignant narcissist, Obama will ally himself with any group he identifies with in his war on the enemies he has chosen. Those enemies are whites, conservatives, Christians, Jews, capitalists, and patriots. He doesn’t care how racist or evil an ally is if he thinks they can multiply his power and help destroy his enemies. His attitude is identical to that of the Islamists: submit or be destroyed, by any means necessary.

    Racially, Obama is as much white as he is black, but his soul is as black as it gets. We should assume the worst from Obama. It has been an extremely reliable rule of thumb so far. The more he sees his popularity and power wane, the more his native sadististic tendencies will show. He will do whatever it takes, including using the presidency to terrorize Americans. He’s already done it with the use of the IRS to attack the Tea Party.

    Notice that Obama is sending this message on the 4th of July.

    • gerry

      Yes he is rubbing it in.The guy isa racist and a criminal.How does that grab you ,you low lives who elected and “reelected”him.You should be real proud!Anyway,thanks for the fun!

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    • durabo

      Correction: his soul is not black but RED – CRIMSON RED!

  • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

    So Obama now openly allies himself with a racist supporter of rule by brute force (mass illegal immigration in defiance of duly-constituted law and order). Why is it only Daniel who’s calling him on this? Why aren’t prominent Republicans now openly question Obama’s patriotism and loyalty? “Whose side are you on, Mr. Obama?” Maybe Obama could be aroused into revealing his contempt for the Minutemen – but you have to confront him.

    • gerry

      Obama was a racist from day one.If you attend the church of the good Reverend Wright you have yo be a racist.Wright was also Obama’s mentor.The Boston incident with the policeman was also racist.How long will it take to get rid of Obama?

      • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

        I wish I knew. We’re probably stuck with him until 2017.

      • DB1954

        I’ve come to believe that we have to start by impeaching 1. the IRS Commissioner, then 2. Eric Holder, then we can go after 3. Barack Hussein Soetoro/Obama.

        • Greg Thomas

          So you think impeachment could get through the House and then garner a 2/3rds majority in the Senate. Obama will simply pull out the race card, which will stop the process in its tracks.

          We have a bunch of spineless “leaders” who are terrified of being called “racists” by the diversity crowd, which virtually ensures obama can do whatever he wants, with little fear of retaliation.

          • DB1954

            To answer your question: No, I don’t think Impeachment of the President can get through the House and garner a 2/3’s majority in the Senate NOW.

            That’s why I suggested that Congress start by impeaching the lower tier criminals. By the time that’s finished in the House, we’ll have a new Congress. Congress can also start defunding Obama’s unconstitutional actions. That can be targeted.

            If we fail in this, what’s your solution?

    • DB1954

      This time the Soros-controlled “MSM” will say, “It’s only a movie.”

      • durabo

        Will the LameStream Enemedia also say, “It’s only a movie” about Dinesh D-Souza’s new patriotic film, “America?” Don’t hold your breath!

    • Babylonandon

      “Why aren’t prominent Republicans now openly question Obama’s patriotism and loyalty?”

      One word to rule them all – RACISM.

      Its not hyperbole … even high-ranking Republicans will join ranks in denouncing anyone who would make such a comment for fear that they would be infected with the RACIST-BY-ASSOCIATION label.

      • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

        Maybe that’s it – just fear of being called “racist”.

        • Babylonandon

          Absolutely it is … any one of them gets called it and the rest will pounce to destroy him or her less any of that stain spread to them.

    • Greg Thomas

      The GOP is as worthless as the racist democrats. They stand by and do nothing out of fear of being called “racists” by this thug of a president and the MSM.. But then again, how could anyone depend on a party led by Bohner. The truth is, both parties have sold out White America, in favor of multiculturalism and diversity, achieved via illegal and legal immigration.

  • Zombee

    Barack is a radical subversive and a menace to our Constitutional Republic. He must be impeached for his treasonous acts. When will John Boehner grow a pair?

    • laura r

      the president is just following orders.

      • DB1954

        Not really. Except if you mean Valerie Jarrett’s orders.

        • durabo

          …as issued by George Soros.

          • DB1954

            Yes, of course. I took that for granted.

  • laura r

    does it occur to you that the director spends zero time around latino workers? (the busboy in the resturant, or his yard man, the maid & the they are out of his face). he makes movies to make $. he lives in a fancy area w/all the security he needs. its about business, he couldnt care less about migrants. the mexicans are very class consious, very racist towards one another.

    • Pete

      I lived south of the border. I remember all the walls around houses.We’re not talking about 4 or 5 foot chain link fences or picket fences, we are talking about brick or concrete walls with barb wire (3 strands or concertina) or sometime there was broken glass on top.

      There there were the obligatory barred windows.

      Then there was the break down on traffic laws due to armed robbery at stop signs and red lights. it made for some crazy driving. Honk your horn during the day time flash your lights at night. the first person to dos so runs the intersection at speed. the traffic fatalities were high. they were not cause by Latino drivers being genetically programmed to be lousy drivers. It was the result of the fear of crime.

      This is what the F_ckerCrat Party is bring to us.

      • laura r

        i live in mexico, know the deal. you have no idea what has gone down here, what i have seen. in 3yrs 9 elderly retired expats were murdered. (home invasions). this does not include the drug cartel abductions @ random mexicans. never thought this area would change, but when it did it was unreal. about drivers, yes people are afraid of hyjacks. but FYI, its status for lower class latino males to speed race, & sometimes do a hit & run. they drive in an “S”shape back & forth. savages? yes. does this film director care about them? no. he cares that they buy tickets.

        • Pete

          I lived further south.

          Where I lived there was not the speed racing. People did not obey stop sign and red lights merely because of robberies. Otherwise I think their driving would be within ‘good’ norms.

          We are on the same page. Except your information is more recent and shows a worse situation than I experienced.

          Where I lived was the calm between 2 storms. The police had fought gun battles with gangs and assault weapons and machine guns were used at time. The police won that time.

          My point in writing my original post is that houses south of the border look fortified and are fortified. It should give anybody pause to think about mass immigration being a good ideal.

          If the domiciles are habitual fortified, then the society must be violent or have serious crime problems. It doesn’t mean that no one from that society would not make a good neighbor, but it does mean that we should be choosy.

  • honeybee

    why does this surprise anyone

    • DB1954

      It doesn’t. Who said they were surprised? I’ve known for 7 years that Obama is a communist and a racist.

  • Reinerius

    Rodrigues could not garner his current position in Mexico, he had to come to America to do it. America kicked Mexico’s ass twice in her history, apparently, Mexico did not learn its lesson. Time for America to remove Mexico from the global playing board, Rodrigues is a traitor, time he did his gallows dance!

  • trapper

    No different than going to Rev. Wright’s church for decades.

  • Well Done

    There are more than a few “latinos” who think the entire SW U.S. is really Mexico. It’s incredibly stupid, as are they. But, how stupid is it to allow people into your country, legally or otherwise, who think it’s not really your country? Amnesty is the America eraser. Mexico, and the countries to the South who “suffer” so much violence and crime, are what they are because of the people who live there. Allow them free rein to overrun America, and, sure enough, America will be overrun.
    Then, SW America will be the same as Mexico and the countries to the South.

    • laura r

      who is the “you”? if there was internet 20yrs ago i would have tried to organize a militia. not me doing it but contacting the minute men org etc.

  • laura r

    the real tragedy here is that so many white educated americans not only voted for him 2xs but still defend him. i know middleclass hispanics who vote republican. go figure.

    • DB1954

      Those whites you mention were first of all not as educated as their economic status might suggest. They’re also thoroughly brainwashed in “progressive” ideology, mostly through the public schools and universities. But look at who these whites are. Many are school teachers, lawyers, or those who work in semi-public professions and occupations. Those are also the jobs and professions that are beginning to see substantially less remuneration because there’s less demand for those forms of labor. Less likely to vote for Obama were skilled tradesmen like electricians or plumbers. Less likely than that are doctors, engineers, other medical professionals and small business owners. Most whites who voted Republican were in jobs and professions that are still in high demand.

      • ohioan123

        Call it Indoctrinated, brain-washed, NOT educated.

  • onecornpone

    The burning question is, WHERE will we find Congressmen who will have the gall to send these third-world tools of Obama’s packing back to their roots once he is no longer POTUS?

    • DB1954

      Hopefully they’re running for Congress this November.

    • HiPlainsDrifter

      It would be great if you ran for public office, got elected, and straightened everything out.
      You could at least sacrifice yourself for the “greater good”, by becoming a suicide bomber for the cause. I would support you in this!
      But you just love to complain, rant, and kiss up to Daniel…
      Love and kisses, Warren Carnell….

  • simonzee1

    Nations that lose control of their borders are not nations they are “bastions of left wing ideolouges,” and E.U and U.N lovers.

    What you Americans need a strong leader like we have in Australia in Tony Abbott.

    Illiberal lefties always make fun of people that get things done. We had leaders like Obama in Gillard and Rudd who cared more for the E.U and U.N than they did for Australia. They are now thrown to the curb from Australian politics. They resided over an open borders policy where over 50, 000 coming into our coutry by boat with over 1200 deaths at sea. It took Tony Abbott no time at all to turn back the boats. There have been no deaths at sea and no illigeals coming in over 7 months. That’s conservative leadership for you. A conservative leadership that said no to illegals getting housing and provisions overnight before Australians that had waited years on 50, 000 strong waiting lists for public housing.

    Obama is pretending to care because his university ideology would have them all swamp your country.

    This video new video warnimg illegals with an Obama look alike is about politics and Obama is just like Rudd and Gillard and that is a socialist activist clown who are all governed by ideology not common sense. People talk about the separation of church and state and these Supreme Court Justices decisions against Obama reflect the fact they don’t like Obama’s religion. It is a religion formed in the “bastions of intolerance” a name that Bloomberg a real lefty gave to your universities. These academics vote for Obama and the Democrats in figures of over 90%. Now that is religious fervour right there. That ain’t no reason!

  • Jason Vickers

    Obama does not have the balls to visit the border crisis he created himself. He sees this as an opportunity to further transform this nation into what he wants it to be. A suffering 3rd world nation. He hates this country with all his black heart. The man is truly evil. Impeach.

  • Ken Adkins

    Can no longer be civil with Obama supporters. This clown is killing this country with his third world antics and his bots are disappearing into the woodwork……like the America hating cockroaches that they are.

    • DB1954

      Tell me about it. But on the other hand, those people were going well beyond the bounds of decency with me years ago. I’ve decided to be a first class pri*k around liberals, those who haven’t already admitted they were wrong.

      • Ken Adkins

        exactly…..these people have no conscience for what has made America unique, and have spewed their bile against every American tradition. I no longer consider them to be Americans and will treat them as hostile invaders of my country. Obama is an effeminate Kenyan marxist and should be identified as such on every occasion.

  • MattBracken

    “The True History of the Southwest,” by Matthew Bracken, 2014

    The fallacies surrounding the history of the Southwest are staggering, chief among them the “Aztlan” fairy tales. What is the truth? How did the Spanish Europeans conquer the Southwest? The “conquistadores” (that means “conquerors”) did it with the lance, and the lash.

    For example, in 1541 Coronado entered present-day New Mexico (which included present-day Arizona during the Spanish era) searching for the “lost cities of gold.” One of his first actions upon meeting the natives was to burn hundreds of them alive in their dwellings for not handing over suspected horse thieves. That is how Spain conquered the natives of the present US Southwest—not with hugs and kisses. It was certainly no love-fest between long-lost brown-skinned soul-mates, as it is often portrayed today by the delusional Aztlaners, who spin the “new bronze race of Mestizos” toro-mierda fable.

    By 1821, Mexico City was strong enough to overthrow the even more decrepit and ineffectual Spanish colonial rule. However, the distant provinces of the current U.S. Southwest were far beyond the reach of the authority of the independent but strife-torn and financially insolvent newborn government in Mexico City. These distant northern provinces received neither military protection nor needed levels of trade from the nascent Mexican government. Under Spanish colonial rule, trade with the USA was forbidden, but at least Spain provided trade and Army protection from hostile Indian attacks. Under Mexican abandonment and neglect, the Southwest received neither trade nor protection from Mexico City.

    For example, Comanches and Apaches ran rampant in the 1830s in the power vacuum created by Mexican neglect, burning scores of major ranches that had been active for hundreds of years and massacring their inhabitants. Mexico City could neither defend nor keep the allegiance of its nominal subjects in these regions. Nor did it provide needed levels of trade to sustain the prior Spanish colonial era standard of living. Mexican governmental influence atrophied, withered and died at the same time that American pathfinders were opening up new routes into the region.

    Increasingly, a growing United States of America was making inroads into the Southwest, via ships into California, and via wagon trains of trade goods over the Santa Fe Trail from St. Louis. The standard of living of the Spanish inhabitants of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas subsequently increased enormously, which is why they did not support Mexico City in the 1846-48 war. In fact, the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Southwest never considered themselves “Mexicans” at all, ever. They went, in their own eyes, from Spanish directly to American. To this very day, if you want a punch in the nose, just call a Hispanic native of New Mexico a “Mexican.”

    So how long did these self-proclaimed (but newborn), free and independent Mexican governments have even nominal jurisdiction over the American Southwest? For only 25 years, during which time they had no effective control, and the area slipped backwards by every measure until the arrival of the Americans. The Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest never transferred their loyalty from Madrid to Mexico City, because all they received from the chaotic Mexican governments was misrule, neglect, and unchecked Indian raids.

    Since then, how long has the area been under firm American control? For over 160 continuous years, during which time the former Spanish inhabitants of the region, (all the while full American citizens), have prospered beyond the wildest dreams of the Mexicans still stuck in Mexico. To compare the infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals etc. of the two regions is to understand the truth. The Mexican government has been mired in endemic graft, corruption, nepotism and chaos from the very start until today. The ordinary Mexican peons have been trampled and abused, while only the super-rich elites have thrived. This is why millions of Mexicans want to escape from Mexico today, to enjoy the benefits of living in America that they can never hope to obtain in Mexico.

    And because today Mexico is a corrupt third-world pest-hole (despite having more millionaires and billionaires than Great Britain), we are supposed to let any number of Mexicans from Chiapas, Michoacán or Yucatan march into the American Southwest, and make some “historical claim” of a right to live there? From where does this absurd idea spring?

    At what point in history did Indians and Mestizos from Zacatecas or Durango stake a claim on the American Southwest? (2014 update: Add the citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and any other nation who can reach our unguarded border.) Neither they nor their ancestors ever lived for one single day in the American Southwest. The Spanish living in the Southwest in 1846 stayed there, and became Americans by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. There were no Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest who were marched to the border and driven into Mexico. It didn’t happen. The Spanish in the Southwest welcomed American citizenship, which brought stability, protection from Indian raids, and a vast increase in their standard of living with the increase in trade with America.

    In summary, no current inhabitants of Mexico (or Guatemala, etc.) have a claim on even one single inch of the American Southwest. Not one single citizen of Mexico is sneaking into the United States to reclaim property their ancestors were deprived of. Not one. They are criminal invaders and colonizers, pure and simple.

    It’s time Americans learned the true history of our Southwest, as a counter to the currently prevalent “Aztlan” fairy tales put out by “La Raza” (The Race), “the Brown Berets of Aztlan,” “MEChA” (the Student Movement for Aztlan, whose very symbol is a lit “mecha” or fuse on a dynamite bomb), and other radical (and usually openly communist) anti-American groups.

    2014 post script: The U.S. Constitution, in Article 4, Section 4, still mandates that the executive branch—President Barack Obama—must protect the states against invasion. Instead of protecting the states from invasion, our rogue president and his gangster henchmen are now intentionally and with forethought laying open our national borders, and are encouraging and assisting the invaders.

    How is this not treason?

    • Jbaker

      Thank you Matt. Is this posted somewhere with citations. I would like to share it with your permission. This is history that is not taught in school, in fact from what I’ve seen they don’t even teach history but more of a communist manifesto….

    • robertsgunshop

      I would like your permission to reprint this with all due credit.

  • BOB

    Bring it.

  • durabo

    Go ahead, Comrade Barack Hussein the Magnificent: MAKE OUR DAY! When CW-2 breaks out, 80% of armed forces personnel and 85% of law-enforcement personnel will side with US, THE PEOPLE. You have almost destroyed America, but we will survive, even if it takes blood, sweat and tears (thank you for this phrase, Winston Churchill!). Your machete-waving invaders will be mowed down like noxious weeds, and, if you survive, we will ship you back to your native Kenya, Indonesia or the Muslim country of your choice.


    So? What’s the big surprise here?

  • Weihan Xingqi

    It’s high time for MASSIVE BOYCOTTS of any and all companies that support this invasion and any form of amnesty!

    • DB1954

      It will soon be time for MASSIVE BOYCOTTS of public schools. Unless, of course, you’re happy to have your child indoctrinated in Marxist ideology and atheism.

  • kathin9

    Old “bobby boy” Rodriguez has his own tv station now, “El Rey”, and is a phony beyond belief. Head on over to “el rey’s” fb page and tell him what you think about him throwing a party for Obama.

  • Jhonnie Walker

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  • Ellen K

    And at the same time, Obama has twice refused to view the border crisis he’s created. He will be in Texas this week only a couple of hours away from the border via AF1, yet refuses to go. He seems loathe to visit the scenes of destruction-note his reluctance to visit the southern U.S. after the oil spill. And has he been in Chicago for a vacation where he can view and discuss the violence there? He’s all about fundraising. And he’s getting his cut.

  • SpeedyGonzo

    Hmmm…last time I checked, Robert Rodriguez was an American director. From San Antonio.

  • realclearconservative

    Four years ago I began investing in precious metals. #1 on my list of acquisitions being lead.

  • latinababe

    This is a threat to our saftey and a security risk arrest Machete rodriquez and Alba all traitors BOYCOTT THERE MOVIES !!