Obama to Latinos: Dump Your Cell Phone and Cable to Pay for Health Insurance

Hey America, would you like budgeting tips from the millionaire who made your health insurance obscenely expensive?

President Barack Obama held a Spanish language town hall at the Newseum last week and was asked a question from a man who wanted to buy Obamacare for a family of three but couldn’t afford it.

“Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable?” the moderator then asked Obama. Obama couldn’t settle on a single answer to the question, so he instead suggested that the man should just sign up for Medicaid, blamed Texas for affordable insurance not being available, and concluded by saying the man should cancel his telephone service if he can’t afford to pay for any of Obamacare’s health insurance options.

The president said the man should “prioritize health care” and cut spending on things like cable, cell phone, and other things to afford insurance.

I guess what I would say, if you looked at that person’s budget, and you looked at their cable bill, their cell phone bill, other things that they’re spending on, it may turn out that it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care because right now everybody is healthy.

Obama clearly has no idea what budgeting $36,000 for a family of three looks like. He’s never had to do it and he’s been living on taxpayer money, his every need waited on by a huge White House staff. When he travels abroad, so many people accompany him that it looks like an invasion.

Instead of significantly addressing the cost hikes in ObamaCare, Obama predictably tries to shift the blame onto everyone else.

1. He shifts blame onto Republican governors who didn’t expand Medicaid

2. And finally on the individuals who can’t afford his health care plan

The most irresponsible man in the White House in American history accuses ordinary people, whose problems, according to Senator Reid, are lies made up by the Koch brothers, of being irresponsible… even as he refuses to take responsibility for causing their suffering.

This is a Spanish language forum and Obama isn’t doing himself any favors here. Latinos lack a racial solidarity reason to vote for him. His approval is underwater among Hispanics with the key factor being the poor implementation of ObamaCare. Hispanic voters like government health care, but they don’t like the mess that Obama made of it.

And Obama’s response to them is to accuse them of wasting money on cable instead of health insurance.

  • glpage

    He can get Wendy Davis to help explain the problems to Texas Hispanics. That ought to work out real well.

  • SouthofCincy

    He also said “You don’t punish me by not signing up for health care. You’re punishing yourself or your family,” he said. What a swell guy.

    • Martina Finley

      Doesn’t that sound a bit narcissistic?

  • DogmaelJones1

    The questioner can always stop eating, too, or, as Groucho Marx said of a certain European country, live “on a diet of rice and old shoes.” That’s Obama’s main message to Latinos and seniors and everyone else: Make Obamacare work, sacrifice everything. Prioritize health insurance, even if you don’t need it or want it or if it bankrupts you or sends your credit rating through the floor.

  • Candice

    AND HISPANICS BUY INTO THIS…. Gonna miss a lot of those lovely rims in our area!!

  • truebearing

    “Forgo food and water so you can buy my idiotic Obamacare insurance that doesn’t cover starvation or dehydrationunless you first pay a $5000.00 deductible. It’s great cuz it has my name on it.”

    Obama is treating Hispanics like they are stupid. That will fly like a lead ballon.

  • RestlessLegs

    “… And you can save money, too, by getting rid of your car and riding a bike instead. If your house is too big, sell it, and move into something smaller and less expensive. Think, too, about putting your kids up for adoption. No sacrifice is too great for your Leader.”

  • GSR

    One big reason for Obamacare, is to secure to poor, Latino immigrant vote for decades to come, for the Democrat party.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    In other words, some people may be qualified for Medicaid, i.e., welfare.

    States that refused to expand Medicaid didn’t do it for political reasons. They did it for fiscal reasons so that they won’t have to raise taxes dramatically to pay for it in the future. Every other word out of his vile mouth is a damn lie.

    Yeah right…tax credits and subsidies paid off the backs of young people who are getting raked over the coals. That’s the thanks they get for voting for that Marxist because it was the cool thing to do. Nonetheless, not nearly the amount of young people projected are signing up for Obamacare, so the insurances companies will inevitably take a bath, unless the taxpayers bail them out. Otherwise, we could drop Obamacare altogether and move to a single payer ration care government run system. What a wreck!

    Who is Obama to lecture people on budgets? This is the President of the USA who almost single-handedly gave us $ 7 trillion dollars in national debt in only 4 years, more that all the rest of the Presidents put together in the entire history of our country, and he did it all the while gutting the military and cutting the retirements of our vets. Priorities man, priorities!

    I’m sure that gentlemen feels a lot better and can sleep at night now thanks to Obama’s valuable advice.

    • objectivefactsmatter



      The Communists, therefore, are on the one hand, practically, the most advanced and resolute section of the working-class parties of every country, that section which pushes forward all others; on the other hand, theoretically, they have over the great mass of the proletariat the advantage of clearly understanding the line of march, the conditions, and the ultimate general results of the proletarian movement.

      The immediate aim of the Communists is the same as that of all other proletarian parties: formation of the proletariat into a class, overthrow of the bourgeois supremacy, conquest of political power by the proletariat.

      So according to Karl, they (progressives with delusions of fighting for “social justice”) are all communists.

  • polk14

    If Obama cared about the US. he would put a loaded gun in his mouth and pull the trigger!

    • Abc

      Huh..I feel the same about YOU

  • loneamerican

    Obama won’t admit the ACA caused healthcare costs to go up. Then he attacks Republicans for not wanting to give away more of other peoples money by refusing to expand Medicaid to more people. Finally he just tells those family’s squeezed by the increased medical costs to just suck it up and cut non-essentials from their budgets. Of course, cutting non-essentials from a budget is something no Democrat is capable of doing, because – in their great wisdom – nothing they support is non-essential.

  • Adam Vetock

    ah just cut all the bills and dont do obamacare either then youll save triple

  • Adam Vetock

    anything above $50 per month for afamily is too much for health care might as well go out of the country at that point haha

  • irvinelady

    Hey, I thought the intent was to make healthcare affordable and “fix” our current broken system? How does giving up every fun thing in your life make sense to buy insurance?

  • Amelia Willson

    Very informative content !

    Going to read more of your articles

  • Gonzo

    A family of 3 making 36 thousand a year would qualify for Medicaid for their kids even in states without expanded Medicaid, but let’s say they were making 37 thousand and didn’t qualify. Obama is right. The family should re-prioritize their expenses to allow for healthcare payments. This would not require cancelling their cable and cell phone coverage. It would require having a less expensive plan, and that is very reasonable. Boo-Hoo, they can only have basic cable! Boo-Hoo they can’t afford unlimited talk and text on an iphone 6! If a member got sick without coverage, what would the cost be for a visit to the ER? It would be devastating. Is the dad saying he would just blow off the bill and not pay it? What is his game plan for a health crisis that is likely to come sooner or later? It is ridiculous to stretch and distort reality in order to bash universal healthcare. We need to stop this behavior. Universal healthcare is as necessary as Social Security or Medicare.