Obama to Spend $1.5 Billion Promoting ObamaCare


The promotional budget for ObamaCare alone would cover much of the actual medical expenses for the people involved. But this was never about paying for medical care, it was about taking over health care for political reasons.

New Congressional estimates show the Obama administration is requesting another $774 million for Obamacare “outreach” and advertising in the 2015 budget. This is on top of the estimated $684 million they spent this year and the $52 million they spent on high-profile ads with athletes and Hollywood celebrities. That means the combined total in taxpayer funded advertising will be over $1.5 billion.

Barack Obama said last week, “We didn’t make a hard sell. We didn’t have billions of dollars in commercials like some critics did.”

It now looks like that was a lie, too.

Rep. Jack Kingston said, “I could have told him about the $774 million he requested for advertising and outreach in his budget or the $684 million already spent and the additional $52 million spent on celebrity endorsements of Obamacare.”

Let’s see.

Over a billion spent and a few million sign ups. If ObamaCare were a product, it would be a disaster.

  • Habbgun

    We haven’t seen what happens when the claims start coming in, when the experimental techniques work well enough to become mainstream (they’ll be rejected as big pharmacy lies), the health care compliance that will lead to IRS audits of ordinary Americans and the release of doctor records to academics (and therefore activist groups) that can be used to intimidate doctors and patients into accepting substandard care or special care given to privileged groups.

    Like they say “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

    • SamZebra

      are you fear mongering again? lol… some conservatives are such cowards and fear mongerers: they are afraid of gay people getting married or serving in the military; they are afraid of people getting a decent wage; they are afraid of poor folks getting health care; they are afraid of bringing terrorists to super max prisons in the US from which no one has ever escaped; they are afraid of the boy scouts letting gay kids in; they are afraid of everyone voting and are constantly suppressing the vote under some bogus voter fraud theory; they are afraid of letting students vote at their universities; they are afraid of women having the right to choose; they even are afraid of women getting contraception [the real issue actually is a women’s agency and control over their bodies]; they are afraid of mandating gun purchasers to undergo background checks for crazy people and terrorists; they are afraid of people smoking pot; they are afraid of climate change being real and contradicting their beloved Bible; they are afraid of legitimate campaign reform; they are afraid of Muslims; they are afraid of blacks; they are afraid of atheists; they are afraid of hippies; they are afraid of socialists; they are afraid of immigration reform leading to citizenship because they are afraid of– name whatever reason; they are probably still afraid of monsters under their beds….lol lol

      • gerry

        KIeep us amused,around the world they are all laughing!America is a joke,the world’s laughing stock,the most corrupt country in the world.No wonder Putin gets such respect.

      • Habbgun

        Awww…..left wing white trash is trying to take the high road??? Not in your DNA. If you guys were people who were worthwhile you wouldn’t need professional activists, lawfare and voter fraud to get your way. You use these methods because as people you have nothing to offer. You are pathetic and the more power you have the more obvious it is. Sam, trash tells. And yes Obamacare is a corrupt disaster….Stalinist shaming rituals beloved by the Left doesn’t change that. Now back to your bucket at the Occupy protest. Excretion is your biggest accomplishment.

        • SamZebra

          Get some help, sparky..you are truly insane..

  • SamZebra

    here’s some real facts:

    We spend so much money on our health care in this country — or as I prefer to think of it, sick care in this country — that for every dollar that the other 33 modern economies spend for universal coverage, we spend $2.64. And this is done using something called “purchasing parity dollars,” so they’re truly comparable. So we spend $2.64 per person and still have almost 50 million people with no coverage and 30 million with limited coverage, and these other countries spend far less with universal coverage.

    Here’s how much that costs: In the year 2010, if we had had the French health care system, which is one of the most expensive in the world, it would have provided universal coverage and it also would have saved us so much money that we could have eliminated the individual income tax that year and all else would have been equal.

    • gerry

      Well move to France and enjoy their system,this is not a threat.Ask the French what they think about it.The waiting list,etc etc.In fact the system is completely bankrupt.

      • Hard Little Machine

        My sister got an essentially free kidney transplant in France. Not to say there weren’t delays, but….

        • Bill Birch

          It was not “free”.
          There was a donor.
          Then a doctor gets paid after going tl med school that was not free.
          A team of assisstance during the operation, that were paid.
          Then a surgical room with equipment, not free.
          All done in a hospital, built by funding.
          Then the meds on and on.
          Its not free.
          There are costs and guaranteed that operation alone was over 100k US.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Yes of course free to her albeit the income tax rate well nigh 67% actually pays for it.

    • Habbgun

      The rollout was a disaster, the rates went up and it is totally devoid of any resemblance to a risk pool which is what actual insurance is. It is just about sticking it to those that the activists in charge believe should pay and then using the same biases to determine who gets treatment.
      Europe is not a basis for public policy. After two world wars, genocides, etc. maybe it is time to realize Europe is a bloody failure.

      • SamZebra

        What country is your role model, bubba?

        • Habbgun

          USA at its best. The Asian countries at its best. Latin American countries when they overcome their problems and make progress. Anything but the continent of World Wars. The argument that Europe does it and therefore it is correct, scientific and perfect doesn’t cut it. Marx made that argument. The proletarian were the glorious Europeans. Guess that worked out real well.

  • Bambie Tibon

    It is normal for Americans to feel overwhelmed with this amount. They have too much on their hands now esp Obamacare is here. Take that load off your shoulder and watch this video in freedomcarebenefits.com. No worries now that a solution is finally at hand.

  • Bill Birch

    If the American public does not know about Obamacare by now,another 1.5 billion won’t get that information to the completely ignorant.
    Put bullhorns on ice cream trucks. Put big labels of Free Healthcare, Welfare, Phones, SNAP cards and drive them around Chicago, So Cal, Pittsburgh and Atlanta.
    That should find the lost souls seeking a free ride.
    The ones in Chicago need to be bullet-proof.

  • lawngren

    Hey, Barry, I thought the debate was over.

    In your dreams.

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