Obama: “Ukraine Not a Zero Sum Game” Putin “Yes It Is”


Here is liberal soft power diplomacy in all its tawdry glory. One side keeps saying, “We can compromise.” The other side just conquers things.

Obama has told a Dutch newspaper that the United States does not see the ongoing crisis in Crimea and Ukraine as a “zero-sum game” between Washington and Moscow as pro-Russian forces reportedly overran a third Ukrainian military base in the Black Sea peninsula Monday.

In the interview, published in Monday’s edition of de Volkskrant, Obama said, “The United States does not view Europe as a battleground between East and West, nor do we see the situation in Ukraine as a zero-sum game. That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War.”

The president went on to say, “The Ukrainian people do not have to choose between East and West. On the contrary, it’s important that Ukraine have good relations with the United States, Russia, and Europe. As I’ve said, the future of Ukraine ought to be decided by the people of Ukraine.”

Lots of things ought to be, but they won’t be.

Now that Obama has taken the US from a world power to a world debtor, it will be decided between the Ukrainian military, which Obama helped disarm, and the Russian military, whose treaty violations he covered up.

I don’t expect Obama to have learned anything from history. He’s too “smart” for that. He’s also too smart to waste time with national security briefings. But some of Obama’s supporters do know better.

A zero sum game isn’t determined by both sides, but by one side. As long as one side is committed to a zero sum game, then there’s nothing the other side can do to change that. It’s why pacifism is an absurd suicidal joke.

It doesn’t matter if Obama thinks that Cold War thinking should have ended. It hasn’t. And his response to that is just to repeat that we should stop thinking in Cold War terms.

Problem solved.

  • vnamvet1969

    I saw this coming years ago. And I am nobody. So what does that say about the current Administration?

    • Gee

      I predicted the Gulf War right after Carter’s folly in the desert, even to the correct year.
      It’s not rocket science

      • Drakken

        And there is more to come, you can take that to the bank.

        • Gee

          Not one Arab country is going to survive 10 years

  • A Z

    Inigo Montoya should explain to Obama & Kerry how the world works.

    • Judahlevi

      I think they both would prefer to talk to the princess.

  • truebearing

    Obama wants the world, and especially Americans, to think that Ukraine is not a zero-sum-game because he is the LOSER, yet again. The only way it isn’t a zero-sum-game is if Obama is: A) secretly cooperating with Putin, or B) intentionally letting Russia have its way as a means of diminishing US credibility and respect internationally.
    If either A or B are true, then America is the loser in the zero-sum-game…but then we have been since 2008.

  • Judahlevi

    Obama’s “Can’t we all get along?” foreign policy.

    Yes, history has shown how well human beings can get along with the 20th Century being the bloodiest ever.

    We all dream of peace, but should prepare for war. Peace on this planet is only through strength.

    • A Z

      An armed society is a polite society. I believe that is true of nations in the world as well. After several centuries of no wars because everyone is sufficiently armed wit no wars, fair trade and all,I hope that at that time there will be no need for armed forces. A pipe dream I know.

      Every man should be part of the yeomanry. That is every man should be prepared and fit to fight but engage and prefer a peaceful trade.

      • Judahlevi

        I agree. But there will be no need for an armed forces when there is no need for a police department.

        Unfortunately, human nature does not change. We have to plan and live with this constraint.

        • A Z

          I did say it was a pipe dream.

          Here is the way it would work. Life would be good. People will enjoy not getting murdered or massacred. They will enjoy the free travel and fair trade.

          But the fly in the ointment will be some family or group of families. They’ll decide that they need, want or deserve a bigger piece of the pie and they will have some thugs, a goon squad. And if everyone else is too peaceful or not organized they will succeed. We’ll have come full circle.


  • DogmaelJones1

    Yes, Oh Mighty Obama and Non- Imbiber of the Wisdom of the Ages, it is a zero-sum game. Putin has the sum, you have the zero. You have always wished for the U.S. to be a loser. That is your agenda. It is conscious, deliberate and calculated to bring down our country. That makes you an impeachable traitor who has violated his oath of office — consciously.

  • Charlotta Jones

    I think Putin’s actions are a blessing in disguise.

    Its a wake up call to the American people.

    • Disapp

      I hope you’re correct. Russian President Putin bullies U.S. President Obama; then he bullies the elite Republicans. Elite Republicans in turn bully conservatives and lovers of small government. If the majority of the people are drones; then we are in BIG trouble. The people recognize Putin as an enemy, but not President Obama.

    • Johnnnyboy

      I agree with you but for a different reasons. The US and Europe are in the process of taking themselves down as global powers. Europe is there already, too self adsorbed to be effective outside its borders, and we are on the way.

      So, who is going to replace us? Looking around the globe, there are worse choices than Russia.

  • ricpic

    Obama: It’s complicated.

    Putin: I WON!

    Obama: I’m beggin’ you…

    Putin: I WON!

    Obama: Mwaaaa…bu..bu..bu…Mwaaaa…

    Putin: Here’s a hanky.

    Obama: Does this mean we can talk?

    Putin: I WON!

    Obama: MWAAAAAA!!!!!……………………..

  • bob smith

    Margaret Thatcher summed up idiots such as the muslim in chief quite succinctly…

    “If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”

    Margaret Thatcher