Obama Wants Free Trade for Islamic Tyranny that Wants to Stone Gays


In 2013, Obama called the Sultan of Brunei, “My good friend” and praised his “great leadership”. A year earlier, he had proposed lavishing $6 billion on a Green Energy partnership of mostly Muslim countries that including the oil-rich Brunei.

The Sultan’s passage of Sharia law normally should not have changed anything. Most of the Muslim world has some form of Islamic law and criminalizes homosexuality. Certainly no one stages massive protests against Qatar or the UAE. But gay groups decided to challenge Brunei’s Islamization with a boycott.

Obama has cracked down on Uganda, but routinely ignores the persecution of gays in Muslim countries. So he’s stayed good pals with the Sultan.

But now attention is being focused on Brunei’s presence in an already controversial free trade agreement.


Speaking at a protest in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday, actress Frances Fisher called for “contacting the Obama administration and Members of Congress and urging them to ban Brunei from the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The TPP is a dangerous pact in its own right.”

The very day Brunei was phasing in Sharia law, Obama’s chief trade negotiator Michael Froman was on Capitol Hill selling the TransPacific Partnership, which would bind the U.S. to Brunei and give the Islamic Sultanate special economic privileges.

If the Obama administration gets its way, Brunei could bypass U.S. courts and go before an international tribunal to sue for lost profits from the boycott being pushed by the city of Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities and human rights advocates.

There’s already a sizable movement underway against the TPP. This provides them with more ammunition. TPP is dysfunctional and in practice it’s a series of crony capitalist negotiations that advantage some industries in some countries at the expense of others. No one much likes it, in or outside the United States.

And the backlash over Brunei suddenly provides a new wedge issue.


  • objectivefactsmatter

    Fascism in the 21st century. What’s changed? The facial hair and some of the rhetoric. But not that much.

  • 1stworlder

    The reason the left is ok with this is they think muslims want to give them pot. Which is how gays usually try to pick up straight boys. We need to make sure we tell them they want to stone them to death. Actually we need to be even more clear that they stone them with rocks.

  • wileyvet

    What does the US need to have anything to do with a wanker country like Brunei? I am sick of these Muslim douchebags being treated with diplomatic niceties. The guy wears $5000.00 suits but thinks like the sick and twisted Muslim that he is. Sultan, what the hell is this the 15th century. Where is John Kerry. Sultans are old thinking. We don’t do Sultans in the 21st century.

  • wileyvet

    Alright, I’ll clean it up a bit. What does the US need of Brunei, that is dinky country with fewer than 500,000 people? Sultans are old thinking, in the past man, like 19th century. We don’t do Sultans in the 21st century.

    • Drew

      Secretary of the State Lurch keeps telling Putin this is the 21st century and we do not do things “that” way anymore.

      What does Kerry give the Sultan a pass?

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Ah, a wedgie issue. The picture of the Sultan and Obama screams “wedgie”.

  • Nick

    Obama should have got the free trade deal done before the boycott. The Hollywood stars might still grovel and give Obama contributions, but his popularity will take a hit of 1% to 3%. He can’t afford it now.

    There have been press stories coming out about Brunei for a month now. The intel of the political types at the Whitehouse on world affairs must not be that good. they must not read a representative sample or world and national news papers. Reading the LA Time. Washington Post, NYT and USA today is not enough unless you want to feel the vibes of he echo chamber.

    “Stars boycott Beverly Hills Hotel after owner Sultan of Brunei made it legal to stone homosexuals to death in his home country”


  • Ban Liberals

    Obama’s misbehavior cements the doubt many HAD, that he is undoubtedly a closet Muslim.

    His hatred of Jews and Israel, support for radical Islam, demand for Sharia-supporting leaders in the Middle East, appointment of radical Muslims to posts in the U.S., and of course there’s the inexplicable affirmation and endorsement of the crazy mullahs in Iran and Iran’s quest to obtain nuclear weapons.

    If we see (a growing likelihood of) World War III, HUSSEIN Obama will be at the center. He is the catalyst.

  • Jeff Rogers