ObamaCare Architect: “You Don’t Want the Election to be About Obamacare”


Reportedly Mrs. O’Leary’s cow doesn’t want the election to be about that fire that swept through the city. And the Center for American Progress doesn’t want it to be about their own unpopular health care destroying disaster. But if the election isn’t going to be about the economy or ObamaCare, what does that leave?

The minimum wage. Obviously. Because wiping out another few million jobs will fix everything.

Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden, who has boasted about her role in crafting the legislative language of Obamacare, thinks the issue is a loser for Democrats in 2014.

“You don’t want the election to be about Obamacare,” Tanden told National Journal on Thursday.

Tanden was formerly a senior adviser to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, advising her specifically on health care reform issues and working with Congress to draft legislation.

“I helped write the bill,” Tanden boasted last year.

Considering that the Center for American Progress is the evil brain inside the Frankenstein of this administration, that’s saying a lot. So just ignore the signature legislative achievement that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was insisting that Dems would run on.

And pivot to something else. The minimum wage. And hope that enough stupid voters buy the same trick one more time.

If the Center for American Progress were advising Charles Manson, it would tell him to pivot away from the murders and the race war to help legalization and hope everyone forgets about the corpses.

But Neera Tanden is noted for her astounding communications skills.

“People say the reason Obama wouldn’t call Clinton is because he doesn’t like him. The truth is, Obama doesn’t call anyone, and he’s not close to almost anyone. It’s stunning that he’s in politics, because he really doesn’t like people.”

— Former Obama aide Neera Tanden, quoted by New York Magazine.

So much for running on the economy, ObamaCare or liking people.

  • alericKong

    “And hope that enough stupid voters buy the same trick one more time.”

    There’s a strong possibility they just might.

  • dchrist81

    The left is desperate to buy off the victims of their past schemes with the empty promises of their future schemes.

    • chuckie2u

      Actually buying off the Insurance companies,Hospitals and Hospital Clinics will be a big step forward in creatiing one payer insurance. Just think of all the jobs that should/will be created managing the paper work .

      • dchrist81

        What does it say when the powers that shouldn’t be would rather impose administrative controls than encourage productive innovation?

        • rocketride

          What it says is that the wannabe tyrants and their cronies have things just the way they like them and don’t want innovation. Some upstart engaging in unauthorized innovation could completely screw their “business plan”. So it must not be permitted, and if it can’t yet actually be stopped, it certainly won’t be encouraged.

  • A Z

    Yup, it is still posted at NYMag.com

    “OBAMA doesn’t call anyone, and he’s not close to almost anyone. It’s stunning that he’s in politics, because HE REALLY DOESN’T LIKE PEOPLE.”

    – Former Obama aide Neera Tanden

    “Bill & Hillary Forever”


    Obama does not like people. What if he hated people?

    • DB1954

      He does: he hates white people most of all.

      • danfan

        so he is half-way to selfloathing?

  • wileyvet

    Wow, that is some admission. Eric “KGB” Holder better send a car around and pick her up for re-education. I mean questioning.

  • blert

    What’s astounding is that she’s a (D) who is telling the truth:

    0-care is nothing to run on.
    Barry doesn’t like people, not in the way conventional politicians do.
    It’s stunning that he’s in politics.

    Dead on target, I’d say.

  • MJUdall

    So we have the Democrats who gave us Obamacare, a law that the CBO says will remove the incentive for folks to work, but they’re going to campaign on raising the minimum wage?
    I’m confused….

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The problem we have is the Progressive Leftists who control the Republican Party do not deserve a victory since all they have done for the past five years is roll over and play dead. Prior to that, they grew government like Marxist Dhimmicrats on steroids under GWB. If they win, it want be because they have successfully opposed Obama and his imposition of Marxism. Rather, it will be because the Obama administration self-destructed on its own accord.

  • david5300

    Obama does not like people? Well the feeling is mutual.

  • DB1954

    Stunning that Tanden still defends the President who’s in politics but doesn’t really like people.

  • ebonystone

    “You don’t want the election to be about Obamacare,”

    What she means is: “We Dems don’t want the election to be about 0bamacare.”

  • ebonystone

    “You don’t want the election to be about Obamacare,”

    Fine, let’s make it about 0bama’s lies about Benghazi.
    Or about the NSA’s spying on American citizens.
    Or about 0bama’s pro-Moslem, anti-American foreign policy.
    Or about 0bama’s use of the IRS against political foes.
    Or about Holder’s racist DoJ.
    Or about 0bama’s energy policy, which consists of doing everything possible to thwart domestic energy production and maintain high import levels for his OPEC pals.
    Or about 0bama’s dishing out billions of dollars to his cronies and contributors, like Solyndra.

  • chuckie2u

    Most of those who have been freed from having to work because of insurance will now be able to get free insurance and free stuff from the government . The only jobs they will create in their freedom from work will be more jobs for Government employees to manage them. Socialism is such a wonderful system.