ObamaCare Causes Substitute Teacher Shortage


The law of unintended consequences can pop up in the most surprising of places. Looks like schools need an exemption from ObamaCare.

It’s a problem that most school systems face, finding enough qualified substitute teachers.

“That’s difficult in itself to find the subs that we need,” says Marshall County School Superintendent Tim Nabors. “Of course we would love to have certified subs. But sometimes that’s difficult to obtain.”

Nabors says it could get worse next school year as the system becomes subject to the rules of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as the President calls it.

The law says anyone working more than 30 hours a week for the same employer must be offered health care benefits. That would apply to substitute teachers.

“When they can only work so many hours a week, it puts an even bigger burden on us,” Nabors says. “If those subs, if we have to have them, they work over that, we either have to offer them insurance or have to pay a fine, which of course hurts us.”

That means the existence of the substitute teacher becomes more precarious with fewer hours. Considering how difficult life can be for substitute teachers already, this will push more of them out while leaving school districts shorthanded.

ObamaCare: It’s making life worse everywhere.

  • cxt

    Wonder how many teachers—substitute and otherwise voted for Obama and his ACA?

    Whoa…….if only someone had taken the time to point out just what a truly wretched idea Obamacare was…….oh….wait…about HALF the country took the time to clearly….point by point…explain the problems.
    Now people are mad because they decided not to listen.
    Do not touch that hot stove……….nah…I’m going to touch the stove.
    Listen…do not touch that hot stove……yeah…..well I’m going to touch the stove.
    Look, the stove is hot…it WILL burn you, please don’t touch the stove.
    No way man–your just saying that because you neo-cons hate the poor and want the President to fail!!!
    Dude….I’m trying to help you…please, please, pretty please,, don’t touch the stove.
    Up yours man I’m going to….OUCH!!! my hand is burned!!!!…why didn’t anyone warn me?????

  • SDLakeshore

    This won’t stop here. There are a whole lot of people employed by temporary staffing agencies that will be affected. It just has not reached the news yet.

    • blert

      0-care will make most employers mere temporary employment agencies.
      When similar legislation hit Hawaii — when Barry was a teenager — the local economy fulsomely restructured around massive, chronic, part-time employment.
      Since the threshold was set at 20 hours per week, it was as common as dust for anyone in the tourist trade to either form their own firm — a one man shop — or work three part-time jobs concurrently.
      Employers got used to part-timers missing scheduled work times: it was understood that the employee was working at a slightly higher wage at another shop — or was dropping off to sleep.
      Barry thinks that the entire nation will be able to replicate the Hawaiian experience. He is innumerate. It never crosses his brow that Hawaii is a special case. It is held up by massive DoD spending. This ‘tops-up’ the state’s cash deficit, and so permits all manner of insanities by the ruling Democrat clique.