ObamaCare Is So Awful Prisons are Enrolling Murderers In It


ObamaCare is now officially a punishment. Unofficially it was a punishment for the middle class, the self-employed and small businesses. But now the ObamaCare punishment is being extended to a voting base that is reliably 3/4 Democrat.


Backers have promoted the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion as a way to reduce health care costs for many Americans.
Multnomah County officials expect national health care reform to cut the county’s medical bills, too.

By enrolling jail inmates in nationally subsidized healthcare — best known as “Obamacare” to both the President and his critics — the county could bill the federal government for the cost of providing some of them medical care.

ObamaCare, if it’s good enough for a serial killer, it’s good enough for your family.

I’m glad that everyone is being forced to enroll in a risk pool geared toward prison inmates. And the middle class will just be expected to subsidize the health care of rapists. More than they already do.

The county’s corrections health care team has begun a push to enroll jail inmates in Medicaid or other forms of coverage. Seven “eligibility specialists” began working this week to help inmates complete their insurance applications, and they signed 22 inmates up for continuing care during their first day on the job.

“The jail is the primary place where many inmates receive care, and we are trying very hard to change that, said Nancy Griffith, the county’s director of corrections health.

This is what they call unintended policy consequences.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the county will still be responsible for funding in-jail care of inmates who are on Medicaid, but the county could bill Medicaid for inmates’ hospital trips of longer than 24 hours. That alone could bring a savings of $1 million annually.

Fantastic. Medicaid for Murderers.

Finally rapists, pedophiles and armed robbers can have affordable health care at the same standard as you. And they can thank Obama for it.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    Any Nation with a backbone would have taken to the streets by now. If that failed, they would have burned the streets down by now.

    White Gentiles are miserable failures. I cannot respect them. No other Nation that has suffered so much to earn what they have (and what a thing of Beauty it is!) would sit by and watch hostile minority tribes transform their nation into a North American Brazil.

    Until the Historic Majority “makes some noise” they deserve utter contempt.


      People are disaffected, but they aren’t ready for nullification, secession, or revolution yet. You can’t blame them when there is no leadership (the Republican Establishment is woefully inadequate). The first thing that’s needed is an intellectual defense of fighting back in some other way than having to win elections against a Democratic Party which has rigged the game. Then there has to be some courageous, ideologically-based opposition. Only then can the many who rightfully feel themselves victimized by Obama and the Left be expected to take to the streets.

  • danfan

    ” ObamaCare, if it’s good enough for a serial killer, it’s good enough for your family. ‘
    By golly, THAT’S a philosophy I can live. (although, it’s a little too long for a bumpersticker, unless they print the letters so smalll that nobody would read it anyway)


  • truebearing

    “ObamaCare, if it’s good enough for a serial killer, it’s good enough for your family.”

    That sums up the absurdity of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” as well as anything I’ve read. It’s funny too, but it hurts to laugh.

    I’d like to point out that if those prisoners had jobs and had to pay for it, Obamacare would qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. I guess cruel and unusual punishment is only legal to inflict upon productive, law-abiding citizens.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Under the left, murderers get freebies and workers get punished

      • truebearing

        The Sun’s magnetic fields just finished changing poles. An inversion on that scale is happening in America and it is nothing if not stark raving insane. Nothing Obama is doing is good for anyone, except him and those who are pulling the strings behind him. I’m perpetually stupefied by the passive response of American citizens.