Obama’s Alliance with Boko Haram

moLeftist policy is the search for the root cause of evil. Everything from a street mugging to planes flying into the World Trade Center is reduced to a root cause of social injustice. Throw poverty, oppression and a bunch of NGO buzzwords into a pot and out come the suicide bombings, drug dealing and mass rapes.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Boko Haram, the Islamic terrorist group that kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls, or a drug dealer with a record as long as his tattooed arm.

Obama and Hillary resisted doing anything about Boko Haram because they believed that its root cause was the oppression of Muslims by the Nigerian government. Across the bloody years of Boko Haram terror, the State Department matched empty condemnations of Boko Haram’s killing sprees with condemnations of the Nigerian authorities for violating Muslim rights.

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton haven’t championed #BringBackOurGirls because it’s a hashtag in support of the kidnapped girls, but because it undermines the Nigerian government. They aren’t trying to help the kidnapped girls. They’re trying to bring down a government that hasn’t gone along with their agenda for appeasing Boko Haram and Nigerian Muslims.

The hashtag politics aren’t aimed at the terrorists. They’re aimed at helping the terrorists.

There’s a reason why the media and so many leftists have embraced the hashtag. #BringBackOurGirls isn’t a rescue. It denounces the Nigerian government for not having already gotten the job done even as the State Department stands ready to denounce any human rights violations during a rescue attempt.

Obama and Boko Haram want to bring down the Nigerian government and replace it with a leadership that is more amenable to appeasement. It’s the same thing that is happening in Israel and Egypt.

State Department officials responded to Boko Haram attacks over the years with the same litany of statistics about unemployment in the Muslim north and the 92 percent of children there who do not attend school. When Hillary Clinton was asked about the kidnappings by ABC News, she blamed Nigeria for not “ensuring that every child has the right and opportunity to go to school.”

Clinton acted as if she were unaware that Boko Haram opposes Muslim children going to school or that it would take the very same measures that her State Department has repeatedly opposed to make it possible for them to go to school. This is a familiar Catch 22 in which the authorities are blamed for not fixing the socioeconomic problems in terrorist regions that are impossible to fix without defeating the terrorists and blamed for violating the human rights of the terrorists when they try to defeat them.

The mainstream media has been more blatant about carrying Boko Haram’s bloody water. Their stories begin with the kidnapped schoolgirls and skip over to a sympathetic reading of history in which Boko Haram only took up arms after government brutality.

Two years ago the New York Times ran an op-ed titled, “In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not the Problem.”

The op-ed contended that Boko Haram didn’t exist, that it was a peaceful splinter group and that the Nigerian army was worse than Boko Haram. Somehow these three claims were made on the same page.  The editorial warned the US not to give the impression that it supports Nigeria’s Christian president or it would infuriate Muslims and suggested that Christians might really be behind the Muslim terror attacks.

Last year, Secretary of State John Kerry , after a pro forma condemnation of Boko Haram terror, warned, “We are also deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations, which, in turn, only escalate the violence and fuel extremism.”

Kerry was blaming the victims of Boko Haram for the violence perpetrated against them and claiming that resistance to Boko Haram caused Boko Haram’s attacks.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, three of whose members had been appointed by Obama and one by Nancy Pelosi, issued a report blaming Nigeria for Boko Haram’s murderous Jihad.

The report’s findings claimed that the Nigerian government’s “violations of religious freedom” had led to “sectarian violence.” It echoed the propaganda of the Islamic terrorist group, stating that, “Boko Haram also justifies its attacks on churches by citing, among other things, state and federal government actions against Muslims.”

The report suggested that the Nigerian government was too focused on fighting Boko Haram and not focused enough on dealing with Christian violence against Muslims. “The Nigerian government’s failure to address chronic religion-related violence contrasts with its commitment to stop Boko Haram, which at times has resulted in the indiscriminate use of force against civilians and in human rights abuses.”

The solution was to scale back the fight against Boko Haram and appease Nigerian Muslims.

“In meetings with Nigerian officials, including Secretary Clinton’s meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in August 2012, the U.S. government consistently has urged the Nigerian government to expand its strategy against Boko Haram from solely a military solution to addressing problems of economic and political marginalization in the north, arguing that Boko Haram’s motivations are not religious but socio-economic,” the report stated.

“Additionally, senior U.S. officials frequently warn in private bilateral meetings and in public speeches that Nigerian security forces’ excessive use of force in response to Boko Haram is unacceptable and counterproductive.”

A year earlier, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns had proposed helping Nigeria develop “a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy” that includes “citizen engagement and dialogue.”  This was really a proposal to export Obama’s failed appeasement strategy in Afghanistan that had cost over 1,600 American lives to Nigeria.

Boko Haram’s kidnapping of the schoolgirls is both convenient and inconvenient for Obama and the State Department. On the one hand it has brought negative attention to their stance on Boko Haram, but on the other hand it may end up toppling the Nigerian government and empowering Muslims. And they see a more flexible Nigerian government as the only means of coming to terms with Boko Haram.

This isn’t just their strategy for Nigeria. It’s their universal approach to Islamic terrorism. It’s why Kerry blamed Israel for the collapse of the peace talks with the PLO. It’s why Egypt is being pressured to free its Muslim Brotherhood detainees. And It’s why the United States is never allowed to defeat Al Qaeda.

Obama is trying to bring down governments that fight Islamic terrorism, whether in Egypt, Israel or Nigeria, and replace them with governments that appease terrorists. This shared goal creates an alliance, direct or indirect, open or covert, between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama and the PLO and Obama and Boko Haram.

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  • DogmaelJones1

    The rule of thumb for understanding Obama’s foreign policy: If a foreign government is against terrorism, it must be brought down. If it is willing to submit to terrorism, then it deserves Obama’s support.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      Except that it’s not that simple. You have to add Putin into the equation, and when you do, it looks much different. The USA is not in a position where it can cooperate with Russia on anything. What happens to Christians who are not Americans abroad comes second.

    • G2

      “After Ali traveled with bin Laden to Afghanistan he was provided with $3 million in Nigerian currency in 2002 and sent to the north of the country to fund a wide array of Salafist political organizations to help spread al Qaeda’s ideology.”


      Curbing Violence in Nigeria The Boko Haram Insurgency


    • mikeh420

      More specifically…

      The rule of thumb for understanding Obama’s foreign policy: If a foreign
      government is against ISLAM, it must be brought down. If it is
      willing to submit to ISLAM. then it deserves Obama’s support.

    • Judahlevi

      There is no doubt that Obama favors Muslims (he is not one, but who knows what the future may bring?) over Christians or Jews. His decisions prove this over and over again.

      If Clinton was the first ‘black’ president, Obama is the first ‘muslim’ president.

      • truebearing

        I don’t think we can say he’s not a Muslim. By Islamic law, Obama was born a Muslim, so he would have to renounce Islam and become an apostate to cease to be a Muslim. His lies about being a Christian are based on attending Reverend Wright’s fake church. Wright preached anything but the Christian Gospel, and is allegedly an apostate himself. One large problem iwith that is that both are friends of Louis Farrakhan, a Muslim leader who is obligated to punish apostates. Instead, he’s a close friend of Wright’s and once called Obama “the messiah” and “the hope of the world.” Strange praise, indeed, coming from a Muslim leader for a Christian who renounced Islam.

        It appears that both Wright and Obama were lying about rejecting Islam. Imagine that. A Muslim lying to the infidel.

      • Golgotha86

        Obama absolutely IS a Muslim, and only the ignorant or willfully blind deny it. America was ready for a black (actually mixed) president, but a follower of Mohammed still could not have won that election. Once he is out of office though, you are guaranteed to see him admit it openly and probably flee some Middle Eastern country away from the mess he created.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    “This shared goal creates an alliance, direct or indirect, open or
    covert, between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama and the PLO and
    Obama and Boko Haram.”


  • ajweberman


  • Greg Hamilton

    “Kerry was blaming the victims of Boko Haram for the violence perpetrated against them and claiming that resistance to Boko Haram caused Boko Haram’s attacks.”

    It is a sad fact that the West has a leadership steeped in dhimmitude. Under the dhimma, non-Muslims had to be careful to demonstrate humility and submissiveness at all times. Any contravention of the dhimma rules was sufficient cause for a resumption of jihad violence against them. It was forbidden under the dhimma for non-Muslims to defend themselves. It was forbidden for them to seek help from other non-Muslims.

    We can see exactly the same logic being applied by Kerry in the above: Resistance is always a provocation; you cannot defend yourselves; submit to the demands of the violent; we cannot come to your aid because that would offend Muslims.

    • truebearing

      We are under tyrannical oppression right now, and millions of Americans don’t know it. Obama’s minions released somewhere around 50 murders, plus rapists, arsonists, etc. from prison, with no deportation. They are back out on the streets. He is trying to break this nation down in any way he can. Obama needs to be removed as soon as possible.


  • Ban Liberals

    Obama is pure evil, and when World War II breaks out, his place in history will be cemented. As will the reserved parking spots for Kerry, Clinton, Hagel, and the rest of the malevolent machine.

    • dennis x

      Earth to ” Ban Liberals” WWII is over. You must be a strict constitutionalist / teabagger wanting to ban freedom of ideas, thought or expression.

      • Ban Liberals

        As though your intelligencia prevented you from realizing I meant WWIII…

        Earth to Dennis X. apparently a coward without a profile… You must be a hopelessly bitter liberal wanting to ban any thought but dangerous, leftist ideology.

        And WWII may be over, but your pal Obama and loony liberals are leading us straight into the third.

      • wileyvet

        We are talking Islam here. You are an ignoramous and a fool to boot. Islam is the world’s most intolerant ideology. It is Islam that bans freedom of ideas, thought, expression and might I add speech, conscience and religion. It is forbidden to question Islam and its prophet under pain of death. It is punishable by death to leave Islam as per Muhammad. It is punishable by death to proselytize to Muslims. Before you go throwing around your smarmy uninformed ad hominems, you might want to actually study what Islam is based on, the character and behaviour of its founder, its historic traditions and it cultural legacy, instead of relying on Muslim apologists and the craven media, political leaders and Taqiyya practitioners such as CAIR and every other phony Islamic front group who insist it is a “Religion of Peace”. It is neither religious nor peaceful, but a doctrine of universal subjugation and under the Sharia, the end to all civil liberties and freedoms as we have come to define them.

        • kaka


        • johnnie the jew

          For sure wileyvet. Dennis, i’m afraid to say it, but you’re a doughnut. Real pencil head mate. Try the barbecue spicy spare RIBS. You’re fired.

      • truebearing

        The Left is trying to limit free speech on the internet, and everywhere else. They are the ones who don’t want a diverisity of ideas. The Tea Party supports freedom in every way.

        You are confused, brainwashed, and possibly stupid, though undoubtedly posting stupid thoughts. Anyone as wrong as you just proved yourself to be should do some soul searching, and some research, before humiliating yourself by posting again.

      • johnnie the jew

        Sorry Dennis malcolm, i dropped you a line down below via wileyvet. don’t begrudge good advice now

      • Jan Dinkins

        When did Tea Party Members( did you ever hear of the BostonTea Party) not uphold and support the Constitution which does NOT ban free speech. You are so ignorant of the facts! Give examples to prove what you say.


      Wow! where did you get this one??

  • IngeC

    Boko Haram are one of the most vicious jihadist groups out there; their systematic killing of Christians has been going on for a long time. Burning down villages, churches and people inside as well as abducting Christian school girls is their intent. The last abduction of these Christian girls was not part of a co-incidence bur rather calculated.
    One think we now know is this: Whenever it involves Christians – the administration remains silent; never speaking up on their behalf. That is their intent – who cares that they are killing Christians not only throughout the middle east but, also in Africa.
    Michelle Obama’s lame handwritten hashtag sign was done not to look insensitive even though the abduction took place a while back. The administration did not even mention it in passing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      One problem with your statement: Historically, the USA has not been concerned with what goes on in Africa…and why should the USA be? Except for South Africa, around the Mediterranean, they’re don’t exactly offer anything of value to the USA. The silence on what happens in Africa tells me little if anything, because Africa is often ignored. Vis a vis Christians in the Middle East…this may sound Cold War-like, but when they’re on Putin’s side, their faith comes second, as defeating Putin’s allies is more important that protecting Christians who are not Americans.

      The hashtag really is all America can do, short of: in sub Saharan Africa, the governments growing a brain and requesting help (they waited 18 days), or in the Mediterranean area, essentially surrendering the region to allies of Vladimir Putin, who intend to inflict harm on America’s allies in western Europe by blocking critical supplies through the Suez Canal.

      That the administration did not mention something happening to Nigerians is not something that concerns me (as neither an action nor an inaction on the part of the USA caused this to happen); rather, it should be indicative of an inept Nigerian government. The USA can’t give Goodluck Jonathan a brain.

    • DennisMets

      why do you think the obummer administration has been bringing in millions of somalia and other Muslims and putting them in small communities in the States where they terrorize the locals? THis is his way and the black leaders of carrying out war on the devil whites and it is working.

      • WhiteHunter

        That’s exactly what’s happening in the once-Yankee, “Downeast” towns of Lewiston and Portland, Maine, which are quickly becoming unlivable for the 10th-generation fishermen, lobstermen, sailors, shipbuilders, shopkeepers, and hardscrabble farmers whose ancestors settled there centuries ago. It’s like building a sewer pipe to empty into a town’s drinking-water reservoir, and then claiming it improves the taste.

  • Davros11

    Until we start exterminating all the Islamists, this will never stop!

    • FactsRule

      Starting isn’t enough.

      • WesternCivilization

        Less than ALL the muslims isn’t enough.

        Just as a tree, though cut down, sprouts up again if its roots remain uncut and firm, even so, until the craving that lies dormant is rooted out, suffering springs up again and again.

        Dhammapada 24.338

        • truebearing

          True, but once a tree is cut down, the new shoots are easy to mow.

          Evil will never be eliminated entirely by man, since man is susceptible to envy, hate, and lust for power.

          • Drakken

            Very well said.

          • Worrell Sam

            not all man has a lust for power, or susceptible to envy or hate…..typical americians thinking they know the world. IF YOU want to what lies in store just look at tower hamlets ( and most of the main city’s here in the uk) we can blame him and her or this and that all we want but there is only person we can blame for the for the mess we are……ourselves

    • johnnie the jew

      Churchill had it nailed. But to quote him in public now in England about the plague is an arrestable offence. We don’t need international retard driven anti blasphemy laws instilled. We have them de facto, enshrined in our “hate speech” laws. Thankyou, you leftarded dhimmicrats and limp wristed PC stupified multi-culturalists. Cometh the hour cometh the culture, our glorious culture ! Not a useless, non value adding, primitive retarded totalitarian swine trough of an ideology. Who do they really think they’re kidding…

  • liz

    Something that has struck me as odd in this whole thing was that the Nigerians you see in the news are all holding up these very professionally printed signs.
    As if they are being helped out in a media staged event.
    This article helps explain that, and once again exposes the phony hypocrisy and evil motives of this bunch of scumbags in the White House.

    • bigjulie

      And the signs are all in ENGLISH! That should tell you something about who they REALLY want to influence…

      • DrBukk

        English is the first language of Nigeria.

        • bigjulie

          I did not know that!

          • Kepha Hor

            Actually, most Nigerians learn their English in school. Their first languages are things like Yoruba, Igbo, Calabr, Ibibio,Tiv, etc.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    You go too far on this one, Daniel, when you say the Obamas aim “at helping the terrorists.”

    The post-modern left, including the Obamas, support Salafi ambitions to rule and impose Sharia as you correctly note. But they are turning Boko in the “bad cop” while touting the “stealth jihadi” as the “good cop.” By objecting to the techniques of Boko they help to further the goals of Salafi Shari-compliant Muslims of achieving domination in Nigeria.

    Bush did the same. He used bin Laden to support the Wahabbi establishment in Saudi Arabia. The “terrorist” was the only “bad Muslim,” an extremist who “hijacked a religion”. Both Buch and Obama merely oppose “terrorism,” a technique. Neither opposes Islam, true fundamentalist Salafi Islam as Mohammad founded.

    While we focus on the technique, we turn our collective eyes away from the everyday reality of Islam. The revival of original Islam, aka Salafi Islam, is going full force and we pretend that Boko and al Qaeda are different in kind when they only differ in degree and the details of the path to the same goal.

    • bigjulie

      Absolutely correct, Jason! Andrew McCarthy, the Federal Attorney that prosecuted the “blind sheik” started out by believing that Islam was, indeed, a “Religion of Peace” and what he learned in is research (intended to back this popular but totally erroneous contention that Islam was being “hijacked” by a few radical and violent individuals) formed the basis of his best selling book, THE GRAND JIHAD. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become educated regarding the ultimate goals of Islam. They have no intention of “living in peace” with anyone! It is either convert to Islam or DIE for the entire population on Earth, and they are well on their way, given the frightening ignorance among westerners, who eat up and believe all the hocus pocus being announced by Islamic leaders whose ultimate goal is a World Caliphate for those still living when they win!

      • ricpic

        I believe that the next 9/11 will be answered by…nothing. Every power center in America is now so totally under the control of those who believe in nothing but being the ones in power that the only response to the next devastating attack will be “We’re in charge here and we will direct the rebuilding but we will not respond. In fact we INSIST that Islam be respected and will destroy utterly those who attempt to respond.” The People? The People will take it.

        • bigjulie

          If it is left up to my friends and acquaintances, Islam is toast!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obama Inc. would like to “reform” Boko Haram by giving them a political ‘peaceful’ option just like the LIFG in Libya or the Muslim Brotherhood…

      …or Hamas

      it’s standard lefty foreign policy doctrine.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        I see what you’re saying. I don’t think he can talk about the Boko Abubakar Shekau as a “freedom fighter” … yet. I suspect he’ll talk about the “poor” who join out out of desperation that would turn “mainstream” if the Nigeria government recognized “mainstream” Islamist groups.

        But I could be wrong. If you asked me 40 years ago that an American President could see Yasser Arafat as a legitimate leader, I would have laughed in your face.

      • trickyblain

        Hamas? Remind us who the US president was in 2006 — the guy who was promoting free elections in the ME. Remember him?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          One reason I have no use for Condi.

          • trickyblain

            You seemed to have blamed Obama for Hamas taking power. But when faced with actual facts, now you’re blaming Rice. I’m sensing a blame theme here … Is Powell next? Karl Malone? James Brown? Jay-Z? Sam Jackson?

            Of course, the Bush doctrine wasn’t written by James Brown or GWB or Sam Jackson, even Trayvon Martin.

            It was written by others, Do you have use for (Paul) Woflie, Dickie, Rummy, or Billy Kristol and his daddy? You know, the architects of the Bush Doctrine?

            Until Obama was elected, FPM spastically attacked all questioning of “all they need is democracy.” And you slandered people like me — who questioned the rationale of Hamas as a governing body — as traitors. Obama continues these stupid dreams and now they’re wrong???

            Where were you in 2006?

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            I’m blaming Obama and Kerry for the current Hamas unity deal.

            I’m blaming Rice for championing the PLO and pressuring Israel. She was Secretary of State and at the time the most influential figure in the Bush White House.

            Your attempt to call that racism is pathetic, even for you.

            Here’s where I was in 2006


            “And is it the snake oil of Democracy that is at the root of the disaster. As vividly as 19th century Christian missionaries believed in the civilizing effects of Christianity, the neo-conservatives of the Bush administration believed in the civilizing effects of Democracy. What they and Bush failed to understand is that Democracy is not a creed, it is a political system. An adversarial political system in which the popular and the ruthless campaigner thrive.

            In a society in which 70 percent of the population supports Cannibalism, the Cannibal party will win. In a society in which 70 percent of the population supports murdering Jews, the Nazi party or Hamas will win. Democracy is only as good as the nation itself. A government cannot be better than the people who vote for it.”

            Where are you now?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I’m blaming Obama and Kerry for the current Hamas unity deal.

            I’m blaming Rice for championing the PLO and pressuring Israel. She was Secretary of State and at the time the most influential figure in the Bush White House.

            Your attempt to call that racism is pathetic, even for you.

            Here’s where I was in 2006


            “But before there was the myth of Democracy currently dying a bloody death in the streets of Baghdad and Basra, there was the myth of Palestine. A mythical country and a mythical people that the United States and Israel decided would be appeased by getting their own country. For over a decade we funded and promoted the leading terrorist in the world pumping hundreds of millions of dollars even as he used the money to pad private bank accounts, enrich his cronies and continue a war on Israel, this time equipped with the weapons and training we had provided him.

            Rather than end the support of terrorism we increased it under the Bush administration which welcomed Abbas to the White House where Bush lavished praise on him fit for a Churchill. When election time came around we campaigned for his Fatah party and now that Fatah has lost the election in a fit of deranged Chutzpah, the Bush Administration suddenly declares they only lost the election because they were corrupt all the while asking Abbas to stay on in office…

            As Hamas waves its green banners, the Bush administration encourages Hamas to issue some platitudes about respecting Israel’s right to exist before we begin to shower aid and support onto them. Already the Administration does not refer to Hamas as a terrorist group but mentions them having an “armed wing.” From a terrorist group in the adminstration’s view, Hamas has become merely a political organization which happens to have a militia attached to it rather than an Islamic terrorist group whose only difference with Al Queda is on questions of theology.”

            Where are you now?

          • trickyblain

            I right here and man enough to admit that I got carried away lumping you in with the rest of FPM. Mea culpa.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I’ve never had a problem criticizing Republicans for being soft on terror. I don’t think most in the Counterjihad have.

            I certainly didn’t see a lot of hesitation in taking on Christie at a time when he was the GOP favorite. IPT, Robert Spencer, not to mention myself, were all there.



            You left out Susan Rice, Obama, Holder, Louie Farraklan, Michael Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley, Jesse Jackson, Shela Jackson Lee.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        I see what you’re saying … my full comment is being held up for review for some odd reason.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I don’t control comments

      • WW4

        “standard lefty foreign policy doctrine”

        That type of “leftism” has been particularly championed by this magazine for at least 12 years. Maybe you’ve wised up since then?

        Jason P’s point goes to the heart of what is wrong with Benghazi/Libya/Syria, what was wrong in Egypt with the MB, what was wrong with invading Iraq, and what would have been wrong had Obama taken this magazine’s advice and supported Ahmadinejad’s opponents: Picking sides is a fools game. “Reform” is a fool’s game.

        • Drakken

          When an enemy is standing in the ruins of their cities and starving, then you have victory, anything else where dealing with muslims are concerned, is an exercise in futility.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          This magazine championed having terrorists take over countries?

          New one on me.

  • Rick

    As DG & many others have pointed out Boko Haram is against western education.

    How are you going to get jobs programming or engineering when all you read is the Qu’ran?

    Answer is that you cannot. So a large part of the problem in fact the largest part is with the customs, traditions, mores, and religious practices of the people of the northern Nigeria.

    Hillary Clinton got the memo, she just chose not to act on it’s truth for political reasons. Thus she has ‘painted’ herself. This alone shows that Hillary is not presidential material.

    In fact Hillary Clinton is no more Presidential than Monica Lewinsky. they nearly have the same modus operandi. Think about that or a while.

    • Kepha Hor

      The rise of Hillary Clinton–who (GROOOOAAAAN!) is probably going to be next POTUS–shows that God probably has a serious controversy with the USA.

  • Lanna

    Sickening…and Boko Haram wants more terrorists released into the environment in exchange for the girls that they are forcing to convert to Islam…this sounds like a foreign policy under Islam by the US government.

  • james connolly

    As if the tweet “Bring Back Our Girls,” will accomplish anything. Boko Haram holds all the cards and like all terrorist groups, has been boldly empowered by US foreign policy. They and the world are laughing at us naive weaklings. Ronald Reagan touted “Peace Through Strength.” IT WORKED. Obama touts “Disaster Through Supporting our Enemies and Gutting our Military.” Any further questions?

  • Rosasolis

    It took Mrs. Obama a whole month to appear for TV, to show her “sympathy”
    for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria! What an awful cover-up to the incredible truth of the situation. I hope this excellent article will open the
    eyes of many Americans:
    How could an American government ever support Islamist terrorist groups
    like Boko Harem with the excuse — they are supporting social injustice!
    How many more Islamist Jihad groups are they supporing, and will continue
    to support, if they are not stopped. Since they are also supporting communist
    governments in South-American countries, they will soon force extreme stagnation
    and poverty all over the world. Where the Islam takes over, their cruel, primitive
    Sharia Law is also forced upon all people. This is not what we in Europe
    would welcome, and I am sure that most Americans would not want to live under
    the Sharia Law! Obama and his corrupt government has already forced
    America to become a 3rd. world country, because he is a supporter of
    “Social Justice”, and who knows….maybe his next step will be the Sharia Law.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    Leftists find root cause of oppression in finance capital and in imperialism, which supposedly destroyed the local communities of Africa and distorted the post-imperial period. Not just any social justice cause will do.

    • truebearing

      The Left used to say capitalism is too materialistic, which is amusing criticism coming from those who believe in the most materialistic ideology on Earth.

      • Kepha Hor

        Waaaaaal…..these same “scientific materialists” also tell me that someone whose every cell screams “XY!” is really a “woman” if he gets some cutting done, silicone, and the right wardrobe.

    • Joe The Gentile

      Yes. The emotional core of Leftism is an emotional opposition to anyone else’s EARNED privilege or power. This grows into a narrative of de-legitimizing the successful/powerful, and explaining all evil as being MADE by the successful/powerful, which are variously, the rich, the capitalists; the West,; America; the Men; the Whites; the Jews; Israel, the Bankers, the Businessman and so on.

      Daniel opened with ‘Leftist policy is the search for the root cause of evil.’. This will do in its context, but if it were written to stand alone, it would give the Left too much credit. Leftism does not really SEARCH for root causes. It ASSUMES root causes according to its narrative. And it closes its eyes to real root causes that don’t fit its narrative.

      • Dylan Skriloff

        But what happens when LEFTism becomes successful and powerful? They then start exterminating opponents and cease the anti-power theology.

        • Joe The Gentile

          Yes. Indeed, leftism *always* exempts the power obtained in the name of leftism and in the mission of utopia from proper scrutiny and criticism.

  • AlexanderGalt

    In England we’ve got our own Boko Haram according to London’s mayor.

    Inured as I thought I was to the decline of modern Britain, nothing prepared me for the spectacle of Jeremy Clarkson’s mea culpa for may mumbling the N-word. Not even the North Koreans would have asked for a second take.

    There’s a great take on this disgrace from that Ruthless Truth guy called:
    “You’ll Know When” at:


    • Rosasolis

      Yesterday evening I watched the shocking report sent out from
      BBC 1, on Panormama, entitled: From Jail to Jihad? Your mayor in
      London is correct. The same situation is going on in Netherlands.
      Young unemployed men and teen-age boys are being recuted for
      the Islam. The mosques are sending them away to Pakistan, Syria,
      Sudan, Somalia, to be trained for the Jihad. All over Europe the
      Safe-houses, are full of young girls forced to flee from their
      own family, who were planning to have them quit their education or job,
      to be married-off to some older man, or face the “honour killing”.
      Please let us in Europe keep writing write more over the terrible threat
      from the Islam that is growing daily.

      • nomoretraitors

        You need to stop writing and start FIGHTING

  • bigjulie

    It is, by now, very well known that the ultimate intent of Islam is DOMINATION! Islam has absolutely no intention of ever existing in peace with any other group who is not submissive to Islam and who might offer any resistance to converting to Islam. Can there be any reason to support a doctrine that stuffs the female half of their population into slavery? How about one that considers beheadings a necessary part of victory? How about one that feels removal of various limbs by cutting them off is a proper punishment? How about the support of severe lashings for simply expressing an idea contrary to what the Imams have to say?
    There is no place in a civilized world for these practices and no place for the people who carry them out. There is absolutely no negotiations with these people! It is their way or …chop chop!! If they cannot be quickly persuaded from these barbaric practices, then they need to have an “enlightenment”…about 20 megatons in the right places (such as Mecca) would be an excellent beginning and the west can play it by ear from there! Rest assured that when Iran gets the bomb, such an “enlightenment” will be visited very shortly on a convenient Christian or Jewish city near you because Allah has willed it!!

  • Infidel4Ever

    As usual, Mr. Greenfield cuts through the fog of leftist lies and deceit and gets to the real root of the problem. Obama’s policies have benefitted Islamic terrorists, to the point the US is currently one of the top, if not the top provider of weapons to these savages. The regime ignored Boko Haram’s slaughter of Christians for years. Barrack Obama and the left, the best friend an Islamic terrorist could have.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      Except that Africa is not our business. How much money has the Nigerian government gotten to fight terrorism, and squandered it all? The Nigerian government really is not trustworthy.

      • FactsRule

        Worldwide Islamic war is our problem. thereligionofpeace.com

      • Infidel4Ever

        And Libya was? All Obama has done is help Islamic terrorists. And the weapons that blithering fool gave the jihadis in Libya are turning up with Boko Haram. Face the facts: our President is an ally of the Muslim terrorists. I know the Nigerian government is corrupt and inept, but they’re better than these Islamic savages.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          The Middle East has Russia on the other side. As for who is better…I’m not sure that the Nigerian government is any better, as they don’t have any brains.

      • YouAreAVictim2

        Your pinion is very regrettable because you judge from a position of poor information. We could say the same of the US that you are all corrupt after the Obamacare website that has cost hundreds of millions of $$s and yet did not work as intended. The best is to focus on the human angle and if you really care you will see that injustice is being done and stand up against it not finding excuses to allow evil to triumph.

  • j Ray

    This fits in with a theory advanced by Richard Fernandez (aka, “Wretchard” of the Belmont Club) wrote:

    “Benghazi had its roots in an alternative theory of foreign policy
    formed in Obama’s team at around the time of the Surge in Iraq. From that
    experience, Obama’s advisers persuaded him that it would be possible to “turn”
    America’s enemies by taking control of them instead of fighting them. It was a
    dazzling prospect which offered victory on the cheap.

    It was to be built on three pillars: covert action, targeted
    assassinations and diplomacy. The idea was simple, instead of relying on
    the regular military, the Obama administration would take over the most
    dangerous jihadi groups through intelligence agencies. Through this mechanism they would become their patrons and cement the relationship with diplomatic deals with their Gulf funders. Drones and hunter killer squads would be employed to promote chosen intelligence assets — American agents — to positions of responsbility in the terror cells. The drones would clear the way for designated jihadis to rise within the ranks.Eventually America would own the jihad and neuter it from within.

    America would out ISI the ISI”

    The malignant narcissist sociopath that sits in the White House thought he was being so very clever. Read the article at http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2014/05/11/the-day-obamas-presidency-died/

    9/11/2012 was the day that Obama’s presidency died…..

    • Habbgun

      Fernandez wrote one of the most brilliant articles I have ever read. Right or wrong he is after plausibility. What exactly are the Obamanites after? What do they want? How are they trying to get it.

      The model seems to me to be based on the UK’s infiltration
      of the IRA. After the IRA was busted open there were many articles on the techniques used. One technique was to infiltrate or turn an IRA terrorist and give them success so they moved up in the IRA. Gradually they came to control the leadership.

      The outcome for Obama is probably an Al Qaeda that uses leftist rhetoric and seconds leftist goals in foreign policy and domestic policy in the USA.
      They are obviously hand in glove with the muslim brotherhood.

      • Bridget

        “Eventually America would own the jihad and neuter it from within”. Nice strategy as explained by j Ray, but it won’t work with Islam – and if Obama is intelligent and familiar with Islam’s fanatic and ideology (which also their Gulf funders subscribe to) he will know, or have learned, that.
        For every jihadi you remove hundreds of others are rising up. Plus there is no longer just one Al Qaeda. Jihad has become globalised Islamic warfare, and don’t forget incubator Europe. It isn’t just about America.
        There’s got to be another agenda the Obama Administration is pursuing. My guess is, something much more sinister.

  • Cappy1437

    Obama is doing this in the name of a pervert who is a predator and a murderer? Maybe he thinks he will be awarded with all those virgins that are promised by the pervert, pedophile. God bless Christians.

  • Habbgun

    If my memory is correct the French were using a similar strategy in Africa during the Bush years. The Ivory Coast christians were begging America to get involved because the French were clearly favoring the Moslem faction. The French have never explained their massacre either. More christians were blamed for having weapons that never appeared than Moslems for weapons that appear everywhere. Hmmmm… Its almost as if factions in Western governments have picked a side.

    • Drakken

      Because the French having a 10% muslim population are scared to death of what will happen if the muslims start rioting enmasse, so they had to be seen as semi-sympathetic to the muslims of the Ivory Coast as to not to cause the muslims living in France to go full jihad.

      • Kepha Hor

        Also, there is a strong anti-Christian tradition in French politics going all the way back to the Philosphes of the 18th century and the French Revolution. The Socialists carry that torch. Remember as well that it was Jean-Jacques Rousseu, a Genevan living in France, who gave us the whole mythology of the “Noble Savage”.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    And the Left screamed Bush a “war criminal”?

  • ratonis

    The REAL problem in the world is that there is a vast inter-religion conspiracy to discredit Islam, made up of the combined efforts of Christians (ESPECIALLY Christians!), Hindus, Buddhists, B’hai’s, Jews, and even secular humanists, who are carrying out terrorist acts, screaming “Allahu Akhbar!!!” in the process, to make everyone think that Islam is not really the benign Religion of Peace we all know it is. It’s obviously the greatest conspiracy in all of history. If you don’t believe me, just ask Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, et. al.

    • bigjulie

      This “tongue in cheek” is going to rip a giant hole in your face! (almost had me choking from laughter!)

    • Joe The Gentile

      Yes. This vast conspiracy has also managed to replace ALL the sacred Islamic texts with ones in which Muhammad is not very peaceful in his commands and behaviors…. to say the least.

  • DrBukk

    After Russia conceded defeat in Afghanistan, our supply routes were changing from delivering weapons to delivering food and reparations under GHWB. Hillary and Bill stopped that immediately after being elected, because Afghanistan did not respect “human rights”. Thus, tribal warfare ensued and sure enough the Taliban took over. History repeats itself, as Democrats are always snatching defeat from victory.

    Obama & Hillary cut all U.S. funding for the Green Revolution in Iran immediately after taking office. The rebel’s radio and print capabilities were grounded and a real chance to close the hell-hole of Iran was forfeited.

    They tried to help a Chavez buddy become dictator of Honduras. They gave a drone to Iran, instead of blowing it up. They did nothing to help set up democracies and consequently, help Muslim women, in the Arab Spring. They’ve made all our sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan an unspeakable tragedy because they can’t flex a muscle to negotiate treaties. He rarely communicates (once a year) with Karzai, instead of Bush’s twice a month.

    It is sorrowful beyond words.

  • Darrell Pack

    About six months ago, I wrote to my Senator Dick Durbin (IL – D) to ask him to push for Boko Haram to be treated as a terrorist organization. His response (almost certainly written by a staffer) was trite and blasé with a superficial explanation of why he was not ready to do such yet. Is he ready yet? Not really.

  • menschmeyer

    “… and skip over to a sympathetic reading of history in which Boko Haram only took up arms after government brutality.”

    This sounds EXACTLY like the world-wide, leftist propaganda defending Viet Cong atrocities against children in the 1960’s!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s how the left interchangeably justifies every terror group

  • info warrior

    Haha. Silly racists, will they never learn?

  • Bandido

    It’s not Hillary’s or Obama’s fault. They think Boko Haram is the ’60s rock group that recorded ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale.’ The group makes Hillary nostalgic for her days of drugs, while a misty-eyed Obama fondly recalls his bathhouse days of yore.

  • FactsRule

    Fantastic article, one of the best I’ve read in 35 years.

  • karen4dfw

    Proof obama is absolutely a practicing Muslim and sides with Muslim terrorists because of this.

  • Libslayer

    The two greatest enemies of the United States: Islam and Barack Obama.

    • menschmeyer

      I’m beginning to think that the two are really one and the same.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Mr. Greenfield reveals certain high level discussions as well as NY Times reactions to Nigerian politics and the Boko Haram that I had not been aware of. Yet, at the same time, I ask, “Why did John Kerry then decide to place Boko Haram on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations?” (assuming that my info is correct on this point). There might be some interesting nuances to be considered.
    Also, I’m surprised that Mr. Greenfield did not include Pres. Obama’s deep-seated resentment of the British because of their colonial role in African history. We know that the British controlled Nigeria as a colony during the period 1900-1960. It does not seem implausible to me that that our present Administration might be blaming Britain as well as the Nigerian security forces for Boko Haram’s wicked behaviors. The desire to excuse Islamic fiendishness, and to justify Muslim uprisings against their neighbors throughout the world as being “understandable results” (sic) of colonial exploitation, prejudice, and neglect is very common on the left. Only the West, white males, Jews, and Christians have failed and are failing in their moral responsibilities according to the Left. Other groups need to be excused for their moral failings because of their never-ending victimhood, although sometimes the Left is willing to say that the “underdogs” (sic) have gone a bit too far. It’s all quite unpleasant to consider, is it not?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      State resisted the terror placement as long as they could. But there’s a point at which you can no longer deny that terrorists are terrorists.

      • Drakken

        The Obummer administration really does remind me of the little Dutch boy trying to plug all the holes in the leaky dike with his fingers.

    • Calvinius

      Also, I’m surprised that Mr. Greenfield did not include Pres. Obama’s
      deep-seated resentment of the British because of their colonial role in
      African history.

      You nutcases do realize that the United States was founded on opposition to British colonialism, right?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        The United States was founded by British colonialism. You’re confusing colonialism with opposition to imperial rule.

        • Jeff Ludwig

          Exactly sir.

        • Kepha Hor

          Here English law and English thought
          Against the self-will of England fought.

          Longfellow on Lexington and Concord.

          BTW, I am an “Anglo-Saxon” chiefly through osmosis. The ancestors mostly came from outside the British Isles.

      • Jeff Ludwig

        I think Mr. Greenfield explained your confusion here. However, I would like to note that your calling me a “nutcase” itself delegitimizes your comment. I notice that at another point you refer to Mr. Greenfield as “psychotic” and a “pathological liar.” You are not alone. Conservative commenters are calling anti-conservatives these names too as well as “idiot” or “stupid ass” etc. All you name callers are ill-tempered people who never learned respect for others at your mother’s knee. Mr. Greenfield, by even commenting on your assertion is “turning the other cheek.” Normally, name callers and ill-tempered responders in life are ignored and rejected. I hope you will consider sticking to expressing your opinions without the name calling.

  • Krolll

    And the excessive rapporting on rape cases in India is a result of the same policy…

  • G2

    The staff at the New York times is stupid or evil. YOU DECIDE!

    Consider the NYT Op-ed

    “New York Times ran an op-ed titled, “In Nigeria, Boko Haram Is Not the Problem.””

    Consider this Daily Beast article

    “Boko Haram’s Bin Laden Connection”


    • Daniel Greenfield


  • DennisMets

    It is so strange to look at the agendas of the political agendas and the groups in them and compare them to what is good for our families our country and our very existence. For one the democraps always cry about certain things but then promote something completely different or preach or back something totally different. Demos want to scare us with global warming but never focus on the one culprit that hurts it the most, (overpopulation for resources) Demos
    want to say it is all about the children then they do not address the
    overpopulation of the poor that cannot and will not support their families. The
    majority of good people will plan their families and for the most part only
    have children they can support. How many times have you seen whites with one or two maybe there children. By limiting the number of children you have you can help the environment(less people means less factories and resources) whites want to be able to put their kids in a safe school and pay for a good education.
    On the other hand blacks are out breeding us like rats and their goal as well as the goal of the black Caucasus and other black reverends is for blacks to out breed whites to the point they outnumber us. But that is not enough, the democraps also want to bring in millions of illegals and refugees to help in their war on the devil whites. This leads to a bunch of street thug kids born into black families that will make the taxpayers pay for everything they do, so good whites end up paying for their own kids that they planned for and they have to pay for everything from the illegals and the blacks that
    are overpopulating the earth. So
    is this fair to anyone?

    • Fritz

      What you just wrote is a load of white supremacist B.S mixed in with Malthusian “Population Bomb” scare stories. The black population in the U.S, which only makes up about 11% at best, has a declining birth rate, in fact the majority of pregnancies now end in abortion, just as Margaret Sanger wanted nearly 100 years ago. While the birth rate among the white population is not in decline, it is not growing but it is far from being outstripped by the birth rate among the black population. Population control is not exactly an issue anywhere in North America anyhow, most of this continent is vastly underpopulated compared to Europe or the far East as is Africa.
      You seem to have an sickening obsession with skin colour and identity politics, like this block ethnic group plus this block ethnic group will take over from this block ethnic group, no acknowledgment of individualism or personal ambition or thought. That there are no poor white children with broken homes, and no black children with a stable home. No whites living on welfare or joining gangs, and no successful blacks starting their own businesses or working in law enforcement. That there are no white leftists and no black conservatives.
      I’m not sure if you sincerely believe what you posted or are simply acting as a foil posting racially charged posts on Conservative websites to give ammo to critics from the Far Left. If you do actaully believe this crap I suggest that you get out of your Mother’s basement, meet some real people, and quit regurgitating what you read in white supremacist/neo Nazi news letters.

    • Fritz

      Why was this racist post allowed to stand and my rebuttal to it was not?
      It’s sad to think that at least five people on here agreed with this white
      supremacist garbage.

      • Eddie Henely

        I am not a white supremacist like you reverend wright is a black supremacist and that is not a racist post. It does not make me racist just because I do not trust young blacks or any blacks that are standing together or that I am mad that obummer is bringing in millions of black Muslim refugees and placing them in small white christian communities and watching them terrorize the locals. It is easy to see what is going on with this county and who is preaching hate. That would be the black Panthers and the black reverends and leaders that preach hate for the devil whites. if you wanna see racism listen to the black leaders. Not one time do you hear the black leaders or the black reverends preach about living peacefully and co existence it is always about them programming their followers to have devil whites. and you are calling Dennis racist open you eyes dufas

  • SoCalMike

    Rush highlighted this article in his first hour today.
    It’s about time.

    • Infidel4Ever

      Beat me to it!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

  • DennisMets

    This will allow them to bring in millions more black Muslim refugees in holder and obummers war on wrights devil whites.

    This might be an unpopular comment but something people should observe. I have been to many countries and one thing I can tell you is the United States is one of the most murderous of them all. We have been sold on diversity but if you look around the world you see it does not work. Israel will forever be a blood bath with Muslims (Arabs) killing Jews. And despite what our president says he has made it clear he will stand with his Muslims and racist reverends to the end.
    The president’s reverends and heroes have made it clear they hate the devil whites and they will continue to program future generations of black youths to carry on the hate for the devil whites. If you take what black leaders, reverends and the panthers are saying about whites and put the words in a whites mouth about blacks there would be a nationwide freak show on about it. Now think about this hate and what they are doing to carry out the war on whites? Not only are they pushing to get as many Hispanics into the country to get them under the minority umbrella and to program them to hate whites
    they are bringing in thousands of Somalian Muslims and others and they are
    placing them in mostly small white communities. This is akin to promoting
    war because you have diverse cultures like black Muslims moving in on
    peaceful white communities and they are also programed to hate whites and think they are entitled. Make no mistake the overall plan is to push out whites
    and by bringing in Muslims that over breed everywhere they
    are you can see in a few generations how they will overwhelm the whites
    that are regulating their families to a smaller size in order to send
    them to good schools and live in safe neighborhoods. In other words
    whites are paying for getting these people here to murder and push them out. Anyone can see what crimes these Muslims have brought to us as
    refugees and what our congress has become, ESP. since the
    president has only appointed people that share his views of hate and
    entitlement like Sotomayor to make sure minorities have every advantage in the world handed to them. How could anyone think that refugees or illegals from another country should get preferential treatment over whites that have lived and worked for a living)? Black people have a tremendously
    powerful voice and when it speaks people shake and do crazy things, like
    the sponsors that pulled adds with the clippers. If whites had that much
    of a voice we could get a lot of racism stopped against us to. If you do not
    think there is a war on Christian Whites your naive and stupid, why else would
    you bring in thousands of Muslim refugees that make no secret their hate
    for Christians and put them in mostly small white Christian communities?
    Normally predators are outnumbered and breed by what they prey on
    otherwise they would run out of food. But in this case the Hispanics and the
    Muslim refugees are overwhelming the White Christians they prey on and that is by design. I guess whites will stand by and get exterminated
    while the white leaders in politics sell them out for a dollar.

  • Infidel4Ever

    By the way, Rush Limbaugh just discussed this article on his show. Watch the MSM apologists defend our stupid Commander N’ Thief.

    • FingerBoogie

      sup babycakes?

      • Adbul

        Hi, Troll with a .2 rating.

        We are a little short on trolls right now so you are welcome. The previous ones were converted or wandered off like a fart in a skillet.

        Stay awhile.

        • FingerBoogie

          yay! I get a rating now!!!!!

          • Abdul

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            It is just one more data points showing the world your game.

            Just remember the more comments you generate, the higher the statistics for FPM as calculated by Alexa.

            So troll away.


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            I just love your insecurity!!!!!!!

            Would you like a vote to improve your rating freak?

            How many ids you up to now son?

          • Abdul

            You don’t get the concept of a ratio no do ya,
            p.s. Read what Dg had to say about the blogger who got dropped by SCIAM. Maybe it will school ya.

  • G2

    1:10 PM ET and rush is mentioned DG and this essay. DG is show prep for Rush.

  • Uptown Steve

    Why does the State Department’s have a $7 million reward for Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, if he is not a terrorist?

    • realclearconservative

      Probably to give him a cabinet position.

  • Walter Sieruk

    One thing is for sure . Which is that those Islamic terrorist have commited a great sin by the kidnapping of those girls. Such a great sin, in fact, that the Bible teaches that such men as those jihadists who did the kidnapping should be put to death for it. For it is written “Whoeover steals someone to sell as a slave or to keep for their own slave must be killed.’ Exodus 21:16. [ERV]

  • Rmic

    Prejudice fueled by leftist bigotry stupidly and cowardice. Commie Slim, Madame Pantsuit, Snot Nose Kerry and their ilk make Neville Chamberlain look like a lion !

  • bigjulie

    Wow!! Daniel’s great article really got a lot of airing on Rush Limbaugh’s program this morning. Rush concurred with Daniel’s positions (as well he ought to!!) FrontPage Magazine gets a lot of reading and exposure by a number of Conservative talk show hosts. Keep up the great work, Daniel!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thanks for letting me know

  • wileyvet

    There is no accommodation with Islam. There can be no dialogue with Islamists, except at the end of a gun barrel. Destroying groups like Boko Haram down to the last man is all that can be done. The Quiraysh of Mecca had a chance to wipe Muhammad out, but due to their sense of tribal honour, they did not raise their hand against him. They tried to persuade him peacefully, resulting in the Satanic Verses in the Koran which should have killed Islam in in its infancy. However, Muhammad moved his motley crew to Medina, where he again started his bullying and insults against the Pagan Arabs and educated Jews. It was here that the prophet turned from an unsuccessful preacher to a victorious warlord. It is in Medina that the violent Surahs including the concept of Jihad, the exhortation to lie, steal, assassinate enemies, plunder others property, take slaves, and massacreing enemies in the name of Allah were composed. After the move to Medina, his followers were broke and getting restless. Muhammad had to think fast, so “Allah” sanctioned Caravan raiding against the Meccan merchants to pay his ragtag bunch of lazy Muslims. From this point on, the Koran provides all the justification for jihad and offers the inducements for Muslims to follow Muhammad. Twelve failed raids finally culminate in the Battle of Badr in A.D. 624, which becomes the pivotal moment in Islam. This battle was, as well as the others nothing more than thievery, instigated by Muhammad, the leader of the first Muslim terrorists, and condoned by his Allah. Promises of booty (Surah 8 The Spoils of War ) were the motivators of these brigands. At this point the Medinese Ansar had not partaken in these raids, because they still had a moral tribal code and couldn’t justify the stealing and gratuitous murder by the prophet. However time and successive fraudulent divine verses would corrupt the Pagans, and help to grow Muhammad’s struggling band of cutthroats into a force to be reckoned with. Promises of greater wealth in this world and immediate entry into a pornographic Paradise if they should be martyred in Allah’s cause, eventually became the carrot and stick that would lead to 1.5 billion people today being infected with the same belief. Allah is Muhammad, and Islam is Muhammad. He lives in every Muslim and he is as feared today as when he was alive. He was made victorious through terror, he said so himself, and his methods are what the likes of Boko Haram et al practice the world over today.

    • bigjulie

      Fascinating! Any sources for your information?

      • wileyvet

        Yes, there are plenty. Naturally the Koran itself. Secondly the Ahadith, from my understanding it is Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that are considered absolutely reliable by Islamic scholars, but there are others. Thirdly the Sira, biography of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq. The Alfred Guillaume translation is the one I have. Next the history of Islam and Muhammad by al-Tabari are a comprehensive narrative of the prophet, as well as the tafsir collection of Ibn Kathir. Also for Islamic law read “Reliance of the Traveller” by al-Misri. Naturally the Islamic sources are the first to be considered as it is Muslims themselves that have written them, so they can’t say they are not authentic. Following that try ” Life of Muhammad” by William Muir, “Early Development of Mohammidism” by D.S. Margoliouth, “Religion of the Crescent” by William St. Clair Tisdall. These were early writers from the late 19th century and early 20th, and can be found in PDF on the internet. For current and modern writers, try Serge Trifkovic “Sword of the Prophet” , ” Muhammad, and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism” by David Hayden, and Robert Spencer’s ” The Complete Infidels Guide to the Koran” and “The Truth about Muhammad”. Also there are several excellent monographs and books written by ex-Muslims online or for purchase. The ones I have read are; “Unmasking Muhammad” by Sujit Das, “Muhammad and his Quran” by Mohammad Asghar, and “Islamic Jihad” by M.A. Khan. By far the most fascinating and comprehensive dissection and distillation of all things Islam that I have read is “The Prophet of Doom” by Craig Winn. Ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq has many books on the subject, and also Ali Sina at his website faithfreedom is an excellent source. One thing I have yet to determine is whether Muhammad actually existed. Of course far greater examiners than myself cannot determine that either. If he did, he is the vilest human being to ever walk the earth, in which case he is not a prophet except of Satan. And if he did not exist, then Islamic scholars of later centuries created a character that is so repugnant that again can only have been inspired by Satan. If this is so, then there is no Prophet, and if there is no prophet, no Allah, ergo No Islam. I hope this helps.

        • Bridget

          Thanks much for this wealth of information. If I may add one reference that reveals the pagan, idol-worship origins of Islam dating back many centuries before Muhammad. The Bible, in Judges 8:25-26 describes the deliverance of the Israelites by Gideon from the Midianite armies (descendants of Ishmael, today’s Arabs), then tells us that “… the weight of the golden earrings that he requested was 1,700 shekels of gold, besides the crescent ornaments and the pendants and the purple garments worn by the kings of Midian, and besides the collars that were around the necks of their camels”.

          The crescent moon, of course, is the symbol of Islam and can be found on top of every mosque as well as on their flags.

        • bigjulie

          Thank you, wileyvet…I have printed your list and I will use it in my own independent searches. Very thorough! I got started after reading Andrew McCarthy’s THE GRAND JIHAD. I would certainly agree that if Mohammed actually existed, he was a thoroughly despicable character indeed, and has rendered Islam to the same characterization. Thanks again!

          • wileyvet

            Be prepared for some mind numbing, non-sensical drivel as you read the Islamic sources. If you approach it as a comparative religion to Judeo-Christian doctrine, it will be night and day differences that are the most alarming. If you study it on its own merits, you will find nothing to recommend it, unless you wish to be a terrorist or an Imam and you will constantly be asking yourself, How can anyone believe this? All the while bear in mind what 14 centuries of this belief will do to a people and its culture, and you will know why the Islamic world has failed so miserably and what it portends when the same ideas are brought to western nations. Remember, the Koran is not arranged chronologically, so as it stands you do not get any historical context. In order to understand Muhammad’s progression it is necessary to arrange it so and then a light will go on, as you say, Aha! Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn does this. It is a very long book, but worth every minute of reading. His website I can no longer find up, but there are copies available as PDF. Good luck with your research. P.S. Have lots of coffee standing by when you read the Islamic source material.

  • Sudipta Barat

    Obama is taking the Americans to a path of mass suicide

  • iluvisrael

    The first grifter’s next move will be placing a flower from her organic garden into a boko machine gun.

  • herb benty

    Here, spit it out! The Bible clearly says there will be a ONE WORLD SYSTEM in the latter days. And ONE WORLD RELIGION, and if you don’t join, they BEHEAD you……..guess the name of this religion? This is why LEFTISTS have embraced Islam with both arms. Cut the crap and call a spade a spade.

  • truebearing

    Add this article to the list of Greenfield Greats. This is penetrating insight…the kind that infuriates and scares the Left. They recoil at any contact with truth.

    “Everything from a street mugging to planes flying into the World Trade Center is reduced to a root cause of social injustice.”

    This is the essence of leftist thinking. They are quintessential reductionists who take every existential human reality or event and explain it with their one-size-fits-all Marxist theory. They reduce everything from morality, religion, violence, poor academic performance, and even the weather, down to one simplistic political theory.

    When Karl Marx attempted to explain all phenomena through his economic theory, he wasn’t expanding his theory to accomodate the infinite immensity of reality, he was reducing the infinity of reality to fit his cramped, narrow, dishonest, bitter, little philosophical theory. Marx tried to impose logic onto existence…the ultimate folly and favorite pastime of philosophers suffering from messianic delusions.

    Since his theory is essentially materialistic, all social reality requires a root material cause. He even reduced the concept of cause and effect to a material nature. This leaves things like morality, or individual moral rectitude, in the reject bin and invalid as predictors of human behavior or success. Social justice is all that matters and if material isn’t equally distributed, people will have all kinds of strange psychological manifestations, including mutilating the genitals of young girls, slaughtering innocent people, or wanting to commit genocide against other nations. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t directed the Department of Health and Human Services to reduce all disease to one cause and one name: “Materialosis.” Who needs psychologists or psychiatrists to deal with psychosis? Just give the one so afflicted a bigger piece of “the pie.”

    Social justice is the seemingly simple matter of accurately slicing the pie. All of human existence is reduced to one’s supposedly equally apportioned slice of pie, according to the Materialists, who for decades demeaned capitalism as materialistic. To call this simplistic is a crime against euphemisms. It is sheer idiocy that self-exposes when it comes time to calculate and distribute this evanescent “equality.”

    Is it any wonder that Marxism and its “social justice” nonsense works as the master key in unlocking all of the doors of evil? No crime is too great for the Materialist Reductionists to justify with “social injustice” theory. In their smug stupidity, the true believers are arrogantly convinced that evil doesn’t objectively exist — an ultra irony — but is a result of one, and only one thing: poverty. A cornerstone reduction. Yet, curiously, they call the rich evil. How does that work? Apparently some things escape reduction containment, like compressed gas leaking out of a cracked cylinder.

    It certainly would be a neat trick to reduce all of existence into a few volumes of theory — a god-like achievement, to be sure — but Marxism’s failure is commensurate with the abject delusion that inspired it’s unendingly regrettable creation.

    The obvious problem is that while the deluded reductionist Left persists in their regressive, ridiculous, and repeatedly refuted theories, they are enabling evil to spread like wildfire. “Social justice” is a liberator of evil. It is a great scimitar that divides and weakens those who oppose Islam. No atrocity will be great enough to convince Obama or Hillary to abandon their beliefs. Dead humans are just collections of cells that were expendable in the march of “progress.”

    • Joe The Gentile

      >> ‘In their smug stupidity, the true believers are arrogantly convinced that evil doesn’t objectively exist — an ultra irony — but is a result of one, and only one thing: poverty. A cornerstone reduction. Yet, curiously, they call the rich evil. How does that work? ‘

      Marxism is called a ‘theory’ but that it is too kind to it; I would say Marxism is really more a mere narrative than a theory. Theories are supposed to be able to predict something, aren’t they? Marxism has never successfully predicted anything that I know of, though it is unparalleled at making failed predictions and false solutions.

      The Leftist is emotionally opposed to ALL PRIVILEGE EARNED IN FREEDOM and, is moved to blame everything on the inequality that arises inevitably in a free society, among people who behave differently, and who will differently work for the fruit of their labors. You can practically DEDUCE everything else about leftism from this fact. The emotional opposition inevitably leads to invalidation and demonization; therefore the Leftist is opposed to the rich. The rich are bad; they are ‘oppressing’ the poor.

      It’s all one big toxic brew. It’s all one big toxic set of mind-habits, dividing the world into the successful (wolves) as the oppressors; the unsuccessful (sheep) as the oppressed, and the Leftist himself as the Messiah-Shepherd. There is no validation of effort and work; in the Leftist mind, mannah is falling from the sky and the wolves are taking more than their share of it and oppressing the sheep. It’s not as simple as ‘all evil comes from poverty’, though some simplistic leftists do seem to think this way. Therefore, there is no worry for them about the inconsistency of ‘all evil comes from poverty’ and ‘the rich are evil’. But what you say is a useful answer to leftists who say ‘all evil comes from poverty’ — you can answer them very well by asking ‘are the rich all good then?’.

      Thankyou, truebearing, for your thought-provoking writing.

    • scooter63

      Out of the thousands of blog responses I have read over the years, this is one of the best.

  • vnamvet1969

    Everything that this administration touches turns to excrement. There exists no intelligent decision making process by any of them. They are tearing down the United States as they also wallow in failed diplomacy. I am ashamed that we as a free people have degenerated to the degree that we have. With two years to go, we may not recover as there is nothing from history that favors our direction. Nowhere does it say that our Nation will last forever. Ancient Rome comes to mind, not of their greatness, but of their fall. Such an unpleasant thought that has plagued my mind for years.

    • BrainDirt

      Rome? look at the pastey imasculated disheveled shell of what was once Britain. I know yanks hate imperialism, it seems what was once a hatred has now consumed those that fought against it emanating in self destruction.Ironic don’t you think?

  • ping

    More partisan lunacy from Greenfield. Nigeria’s government has spent more time locking up activists and making up conspiracy theories than trying to actually, well, bring back the girls. http://dailypost.ng/2014/05/05/patience-jonathan-reportedly-orders-arrest-of-leader-of-protest-against-abducted-chibok-girls/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
    Acting like Nigeria wants to fight back but is being stalled by Obama is just naive.

    • YouAreAVictim2

      You may think you live in comfort now but do not worry this thing is coming turn by turn. It is Nigeria and Africa today who know where next the fire will devour. Europe is gradually heading that direction. Ask Sweden.

      • Calvinius

        Europe is gradually heading that direction. Ask Sweden.

        Seek the psychiatric help that you so desperately need.

        • UCSPanther

          It’s funny how left wingers always resort to psychiatry to try to silence their foes.

          Just like the Soviets…

          • Calvinius

            Are you by any chance a Scientologist?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Are you denying that the USSR used repressive measures against dissidents including punitive psychiatric hospitals?


            No. But thanks for asking Mr. Cruise.

          • UCSPanther

            No, that is more a favorite cult of left-winger nutjobs.

            The Soviets were fond of abusing psychiatry against dissidents, and you clearly are in favor of it too.

          • Calvinius

            I asked because the cult of Scientology shares your obsession with the notion that psychiatry is a threat.

          • American1969

            Speaking from experience?

          • UCSPanther

            I’ll take that as a tacit admission you want to follow in the Soviets footsteps of abusing psychiatric medicine to silence and torture dissidents…

          • Calvinius

            Wow, claiming that psychiatry is “torture”. You really would fit in with the cult of Scientology.

          • UCSPanther

            Thanks for offering, but no. I don’t buy the stuff about humans coming from some alien emperor detonating nuclear devices in a volcano billions of years ago.

          • Calvinius

            But you do buy the idea that psychiatrists are torturers, which is just ludicrous.

          • UCSPanther

            Using psychiatry to smear and torture people just because you don’t agree with their views is ludicrous.

        • Drakken

          Denial isn’t a river in Egypt. You peace at any price types are nothing but a statistic and deserve your fate.

  • T800

    How did NIGERIAN girls become “our girls”?
    I suggest we trade Hillary and Michelle for the kidnapped Nigerians. surely they are willing to step forward to help these poor girls of theirs.


      If the kidnapped girls were white, they wouldn’t be Michelle’s “our girls”.

      Michelle is overtly racist. She is why Barack attended Rev. Wrights church of racism.

  • YouAreAVictim2

    As a Nigerian who has seen it all this article has captured what many of us having been saying for a long time that most American policy makers and leaders especially the current government either do not understand what is happening in Nigeria or are deliberately lying having been bought off by the Northern Nigerian Muslims. 3 years back some of us through comments challenged the denials of US Advisers like Jeanne Herskovitts and Amb. John Campbell the peddlers of the damned lies that Boko Haram was rooted in Christians oppressing the Northern Muslims. Nothing could be further from the truth. What horrible people these Americans are. Some years back a young Nigeria Muslim tried to blow up a plane over Detroit, and no one asked who is the father and what are his antecedents? AbdulMutallab, the underwear bomber comes from one of those families that got rich in Nigeria because of their geographical pedigree coming from a ruling Muslim family. The young man had one of the best education money could buy and was in Engineering School in Cambridge UK and was living in a $6.73 million dollar house alone in London and yet wanted not only to kill himself but to kill the infidels in the aircraft. What more does Obama and his advisers need to understand? The current leader of Nigeria despite all that may be his failures has been the one and only from his part of Nigeria since the country was created. Nigeria has been ruled for 40 years out of 54 by Muslims from the North who devastated the land with corruption and arbitrariness. They refused to improve education in the North and hung unto the old Madrassah system. While every year the north was busy churning out hundreds of thousands of young beggars called Almajirris from the Madrassah system on the street the Southerners were through their own efforts training people in western education. Would the south force them to go to school? Yet the Obama administration and the bunch of evil Muslim apologists refuse to see or understand. It is so frustrating and what is happening in Central African Republic may become the norm all over Africa if the US and the West continue to blame the victims. The rest, Christians, Animists and Atheists will take up arms and it will be bloody. Enough is enough.

    • Drakken

      Well now would be a really good time to return the favor to the muslims and their jihad with you from the South giving them a nice rich taste of a Crusade. What is Obummer and minions going to do? Send a strongly worded letter?

      • truebearing

        They don’t have any other options. it’s eother fight or be slowly destroyed by attrition…kind of like what will happen here if we aren’t real vigilant.

        • Drakken

          True, it is already happening there in the US, Obummer keeps chipping away at all fronts and the opposition still thinks it can negotiate in good faith with the left. Tough times are ahead.

    • truebearing

      Those of us who know you speak the truth are sorry that Americans elected the evil people running the United States. Obama is working feverishly to bring Islam here in greater and greater numbers, too.

      Obama and Hillary knew the truth about the Muslims in Nigeria, but chose to support their evil. They know what the so-called “Palestinians” are doing, and what they intend to do, but they are siding with them over Israel. They know the threat of Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, yet they are enabling Iran. You are correct. The leadership in America is evil and we may have a civil war here too, if it continues.

      Obama is becoming very unpopular here. His lies are getting exposed and so are Hillary’s. Hillary’s refusal to include the Boko Haram on the list of terrorists may cost her the election in 2016. She better pray those 300 kidnapped girls are rescued or released, or she will be in big trouble.

      We wish you the best in your fight against the evil of Islam. May God strengthen you. May He give you faith and courage. May he deliver you a victory over your oppressors.

    • Kepha Hor

      YouAreAVictim2: The current administration is steeped in 1960’s and 1970’s Leftist guilt feelings about colonialism. In their book, some Nigerian hears the Gospel (never mind if the Evangelist is an Igbo, Yoruba, Calabar, or whatever) and becomes a Christian, he therefore becomes ipso facto a catspaw of evil, evil colonialism and “inauthentic”. I think they are more horrified by the thought millions of Africans and Chinese becoming Christians of some sort of Evangelical stripe than they are of radical Muslims blowing up a building or terroizing a school full of people going about their business. After all, the 9/11 attacks happened under a Republican administration.

      My prayer: President Jonathan’s government finds these Boko Haram people, rescues the schoolgirls, and hangs the abductors.

      And I will join my voice to truebearing’s with an apology for electing the O 2x. Well, I didn’t vote for him, but too many near and dear to me did.

  • Edgar Davidson

    Forgive me if somebody has already pointed it out here, but I see that the Blaze is reporting Rush Limbaugh as presenting essentially the same narrative.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Limbaugh quoted this article.


        I appreciate Rush Limbaugh coming to the defense of Israel when Israel was under daily bombings from Islamfascists – until Israel wised up and built the necessary Anti-Islamofascist Wall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diversintl.redsea Red Sea Diversintl

    Except with Egypt they did not have terrorist problems, the US even conspired to send in the terrorists to create the catch 22 situation. I am sure they did that in Nigeria also. As well as in Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine. Also Chad and Nigeria have been complaining for a long time about weapons coming from Libya, and also Libya has been screaming for help for a long time, and the weapons just keep coming.

  • Patriotliz

    Why wasn’t 9/11 enough to wake up, even the lunatic left to the fact that Islam breeds crimes against humanity? It doesn’t take much for the lunatic left to condemn conservatives, Republicans and the Tea party—a misplaced word, a Romney binder of women for potential jobs, not having taxpayers pay for abortion or birth control pills, suporting traditional marriage—that’s enough to bring out unrelenting venomous attacks by the lunatics on the left to demonize their political opponents with an unquenchable vengeance–but— mass murder and kidnapping of children and stoning women and killing homosexuals and apostates–doesn’t seem to spark any visceral hatred from the oh-so tolerant multucultural leftists. Leftists are truly mentally ill and suicidal.

    • Calvinius

      Islamic terrorists are conservatives.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Yet their closest Western allies are liberals.

        Funny how that works.

        Much like the Hitler-Stalin pact

        • Calvinius

          They have no “Western allies”. Why must you lie so constantly?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Really? The Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups have no Western allies?

            Is that the story you’re going with.

          • Calvinius

            That’s right, the Muslim Brotherhood does not have any “Western allies”. Of course, you will no doubt declare that every Muslim group on Earth is a “front group” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Sure. It has no Western allies that have agitated for it to come to power and have helped arm it.

            And front groups that were set up by Muslim Brotherhood members are in no way Brotherhood front groups despite documents showing otherwise.

          • Calvinius

            No, as a matter of fact there have not been any “Western allies that have agitated for it to come to power and have helped arm it.”

            Let me guess, next you’ll declare that President Obama provided weapons like tanks and fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood, when in actuality they were provided to the Egyptian military that overthrew the Brotherhood-led government.

      • Patriotliz

        No sirree bob. Conservatives in the US are US constitutionalists, for the Bill of Rights, for our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES and free enterprise. Islamic terrorists are Islamofascists and are for political-religious totalitarianism with supremacist world-domination just like Nazism, Socialism, Communism. The leftist lunies are also totalitarianian with their desire for BIG GOVERNMENT in control of everybody’s lives, legalized plunder via taxes, control of education, control over everybody’s health care, anti-free market with endless regulatory constraints, preventing development of energy resources, propaganda of enviromental junk science to prevent economic growth, politics of division between classes and races and ensuring that the dumb masses stay poor so that they can be easily manipulated. When you hear about a group of Evangelical Christian terrorists flying planes into buildings and committing mass murder in the name of God…let me know.

        • Calvinius

          Conservatives in the US are all about totalitarianism. Calls for “smaller government” are nothing more than a catchphrase that’s never actually acted on.

          And apparently you don’t realize that you and your fellow Evangelicals are in 90% agreement with the Isalmists. You just use the Bible as justification for your totalitarianism, while they use the Koran.

          • Patriotliz

            ” SMALLER GOVERNMENT” DUH! does not a totalitarian make. I’m not talking about Progressive Republican Socialists which are indistinguishable from Progressive Democrat Socialists. Your reply aptly justifies the label “Lunatic Leftist.” I’m not an Evangelical Christian but I would rather be surrounded by them any day (and twice on Sunday) then by Muslims whose prophet and whose deity commands them to kill all non-believers. The Muslim’s Allah and the God of Christians and Jews are polar opposites.

          • Calvinius

            There are no such thing as “Progressive Republicans” let alone “Progressive Republican Socialists”.

          • Patriotliz

            Let me help you out since you are not too quick on the uptake. I put words together to make a point, it’s called FREE SPEECH and I decided that the Progressives (aka, Liberals, Democrats, Leftists) are in fact Progressive Socialists, Progressive totalitarians, —communists, –fascists, etc. just like a Progressive disease. They are anti-Constitutional —get the point? And…there are Progressive Socialists in the Republican party as there are in the Democrat party–all traitors to our founding principles. Conservatives are constitutionalists and are anti-BIG Government, anti-socialists, anti-fascist, anti-communist, etc. Whew! This is exhausting. Obviously you don’t have much insight into politics. What are you doing on this website? Why don’t you read something like David Horowitz’s book, “Unholy Alliances” or Jonah Goldberg’s “LIberal Fascism” or Bruce Bawer’s “While Europe Slept.”

          • Calvinius

            You can “decide” all you like, you’re still factually wrong. And there are no “progressives” of any kind to be found in the Republican Party.

            And sorry, I prefer my books to be written by people whose intelligence is at least above average, so none of those are going to make my reading list.

          • Kepha Hor

            What nonsense you write, Calvinius. People who followed your 16th century namesake were among the loudest to attack royal absolutism and support the political supremacy of law and political compact. It’s no accident that systems of Constitutional liberty struck their deepest roots in Western lands where the Bible was read very seriously.

      • American1969

        You are an idiot.

    • Kepha Hor

      What else do you expect from the movement that made the _”Autobiography” of Malcomb Hex_ by Axel Halley a classic that every middle- and high-schooler in America must read?

  • Charles

    CAR situation is exactly the same. The NYT also wrote about the Christian attacks against Muslims in CAR, without indicating how the government was toppled by Muslims, and the slaughter of Christians that followed. They only reported when Christians decided to defend themselves.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      ditto for Burma

  • FrontPgSubscr


  • Calvinius

    Daniel Greenfield, are you completely psychotic, or are you just a pathological liar?

    Oh and for the record, the root cause of evil is conservatism.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That explains the Gulags


      Funny how CONSERVATIVE ISLAM is not on Calvin’s or the Regressive Progressives radar.

      They may be conservatives, but their OUR conservatives!

    • Drakken

      Your ignorance is only overshadowed by your stupidity. There is no helping people like you, for you ignore reality at your own peril.

    • American1969

      Yeah. Those poor, oppressed women under conservatism! On what do you base your post? Your O of A Talking Points, or did you get them from the DNC?

      • Calvinius

        Yes, oppressing women is a conservative position.

        • American1969

          Would you kindly list the acts of oppression that conservatives in this country are imposing on women everywhere?

          • Calvinius

            You mean like the widespread Republican opposition to laws banning discriminatory pay practices toward women? Or the widespread attempts to limit women’s access to contraceptives?

            Certainly it’s not on the same level as the oppression of women in third-world hellholes, but that’s because conservatives have a lot less power here.

          • American1969

            LMAO! Got your Talking Points from the DNC, did you?
            First off, if women make less it’s largely due to the fact that women have children, therefore, they take more time off as a result. If you’re not going to put the time and the hours in, why should you get the same pay? You’re not automatically due the same amount just because you think you’re entitled.
            Second, how are women limited in their access to birth control? It’s ten dollars at Wal-Mart for pills, or you can use one of the MANY methods available from your doctor or Planned Parenthood! Or you can put change in a machine at a gas station and get condoms, or just get them from a pharmacy.
            HARDLY the oppression you claim! If that’s being oppressed…..ROFLMAO!

          • Calvinius

            Have you failed to notice that prominent Republicans want to ban birth control? Including the runner-up for the presidential nomination in 2012!

          • American1969

            When did anyone say they wanted to ban contraceptives? No one has said any such thing.

  • Kafir911

    The last paragraph says it best.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    This President is a USURPER and it will be disclosed just how pathetic the crimes and fraud have been. All of it right in front of our eyes and the media and Congress intentionally ignored the evidence. Shameless! For that matter so has Frontpage and many of the more popular Conservative web pages and FOX news.

  • rechill

    I can see the logic in this argument for sure but how do we square that versus the CIA action in Yemen where we’re using drones to “defeat al Qaeda” there.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      We’re not defeating Al Qaeda, we’re doing the minimal to keep them down


        The only way to defeat Radical Islam is with the supposed Moderate Islam – if it exists – otherwise it’s a battle to the death or a shameful defeat of Islam – like invading Mecca and canceling the Hajj until Moderate Islam takes a stand against Radical, Racist Islam.

        • Bob

          Do not forget that there are more moderate Muslims that have fallen victim to fundamental islam than any other religious group. The moderate Muslim is equally concerned about this scourge. To them the fight has been on for centuries. The rest of us are only now beginning to feel what they had felt for years. The Sunni Shi’ite battle had always been about the moderate versus fundamental Islam.

  • jjmoose

    these idiots that infest the white house are a real piece of work.

  • El Cid

    Why don’t they suggest “partitioning” Nigeria into an Islamic State and Tolerant State? Then, the Islamic areas could have their own schools and oppress their own women in peace according to their religious beliefs. Isn’t really a serious option is it? That’s the problem.

  • Manial

    Another example of how things these days are never what they appear. Unfortunately for this administration the truth always is revealed, the more one understands what is going on the more you realize the evil that is pervading our once great country.

  • nimbii

    So, Daniel, why don’t we just simply take Occam’s razor approach and accept that Obama is a Muslim? Then, everything he’s doing makes sense.

    He just went to church for cover.

  • American1969

    This administration consistently sides with terrorists rather than those who promote liberty. They hate the West, America, and everything it stands for. Look at how the administration has destabilized the entire Middle Eastern region with its foreign policy and agenda.

  • Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA

    The issue of Boko Haram was present in Africa before the advent of the British on the coast of Africa so Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with. The British Government refused to heed to the warnings of early christian missionaries such as Mary Slessor of Scotland Missionary Society. However, the Irish Republican Army, the People of Scotland, and Boko Haram activists seem to have a common demand, their right to self determination. This right is all Boko Haram is about though their strategy is horrible. Rather than blame Hillary Clinton urge the British Government to compel their Nigerian puppets to conduct a referendum to determine the wishes of the people as Britain is about to do in the case of Scotland.


    Thank you. This helps me understand things better.

  • Bob

    Seriously? Are you people real, making light of the plight of other people and thinking that this is another opportunity to attack Obama? If you have nothing meaningful to say as a way to alleviate the plight of innocent Nigerians held hostage over the years by Boko Haram, then don’t say it, rather than turning it into another unfortunate local political jingle. The plight of over 200 young girls are real, there is a possibility that they have been seriously molested, and may even be killed by the terrorists that have held them hostage, and all you guys can think of is how to score another political point against your government? It is sick and smacks on insensitivity and irresponsible journalism and public comment.
    Islamic fundamentalism in Nigeria started long before Obama came to power. All he did was continue the same American nonchalance to issues outside the US until they now feel that the threat is real and that Boko Haram may have grown powerful enough to be a threat to the domestic interest of the US.
    Well, Boko Haram has now presented the US another opportunity to be the #1 policeman of the world. Congratulations!! but stop and think before you turn a real life horror that presents itself to others into another opportunity to play local and international politics. Some of us are not amused and find the game in bad taste.


    • Calvinius

      Of course, they really are serious about this. Obama Derangement Syndrome is what this site is all about.

  • Bob

    Oh! OOhh!! you see, the mistake you made was crediting your average Senator with being well informed about things happening outside his constituency. Perhaps he had never heard of Boko Haram until you wrote to them about it. The same way, less than a year before 911, the CIA was still financing Al Qaeda, until boom! they woke up to who the real enemy was, not their narrow minded fight with their political enemies at home.

  • pupsncats

    Obama and all Democrats have absolutely no moral authority to speak about violating human rights when they support and promote the genocide of the unborn and their entire ideology is based upon the principle that liberty exists in only two areas-abortion and sodomy-while all other functions, including one’s thoughts, are to be controlled by the state.

  • Emperawpee

    This is a crazy article where in nigeria are Christians brutalizing Muslims when d northern states even barn the teaching of certain subjects n topics in d curriculum now a deceitful people want to blame it all on d Christian south if Obama has no better thing to offer Africa let him dig his he’d inside his whitehouse instead of trying to divide n rule us Nigerians be vigilant!

  • KnotTelling

    This is the dumbest piece of writing I’ve ever come across and a load of crap! it was a waste of time reading it – time, I’ll unfortunately never get back!

    I’m of Nigerian origin, I’m a non-practicing Muslim by birth, I don’t live in Nigeria (the last 2 by choice) – and all the comments by this writer are obviously a figment of the imagination of an ignorant and deluded individual who has never set foot on any part of Nigeria (nor Africa), to even begin to understand the challenges faced by Nigerians (and Africans) regardless of religious bent. I’d advise that people (i.e. the followers of this writer chomping at the bits to jump on the anti-Obama wagon train) refrain from making comments on events they have no personal experiences with, rather than make public fools of themselves. I’d advise that you concentrate on the problems of your own local communities rather than delve into global issues for which you are incapable of understanding nor have the intellect to comprehend.

    FYI, Boko Haram (or BH as Nigerians like to refer to them) kill not only Christians, but Muslims, Atheists and Animists! The kill men, women, children, young, old, able-bodied and invalids, black, red, white, brown and yellow. They neither have a preference nor are they selective in who they kill. They have no stated and clearly articulated ideology except terror!

    Obama has nothing to do with Nigeria’s problems – whether Boko Haram, economic or political problems. Nigeria’s problems are multifaceted and include ethnic, tribal, language, religious, political party affiliation etc. Nigerians are the architects of their own problems and the problems of Nigeria started way before Obama got into office and will continue much after Obama leaves office.

    Leave Obama out of Nigeria’s (and Africa’s) problems. Let Nigeria (and Africa) solve their problems on their own and in their own time – even if it takes them 100years to do so, the pain and suffering of going through the process of “figuring it out”, would have been a learning experience worth their while. Nigeria (and Africa) does not need juvenile and pedestrian comments from egotistical and intellectual empty barrels to further muddy the murky waters of incompetence and half-assed governance in Nigeria (and Africa), for their own personal or ulterior motives.

  • alex

    There’s also another government that fights Islamic terrorism that Obama is trying to bring down: the Assad regime.

  • Sowhat

    Why continue to put up with the muslim BS? Let’s make glass in the dessert! You should watch the video on Muslim’s population spread. It’s quite scary when you know many are just terrorists hiding behind a phony excuse for a religion.

  • Sowhat


    watch this muslim population growth video