Obama’s Illegal Alien Amnesty Brings Gangs, Gun Violence to US


Obama keeps pounding the pulpit over gun violence rates in the US. But as any law enforcement officer will tell him, national gun violence rates are driven by urban gang violence rates.

Places like his hometown of Chicago which is overrun with gang members. And where the gap between gangs and politicians is thin. Maybe that’s why he insists of increasing gun violence rates with his illegal and unilateral illegal alien amnesty.

Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up with the increasing number of minors illegally crossing the Mexican border are not turning away persons with known gang affiliations. Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley, explained that a Border Patrol agent he represents helped reunite a teenage gang member with his family in the United States.

Cabrera notes the young member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a transnational criminal gang, had no criminal record in the U.S., but asks, “If he’s a confirmed gang member in his own country, why are we letting him in here?”

Because he is a…

A. Future Democratic Party canvasser

B. A payday for many lawyers

C. Welfare client

Who could ask for anything more?

“I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Cabrera says. “Until we start mandatory detentions, mandatory removals, I don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse.”

Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, says agents who recognize the gang-affiliated tattoos of minors crossing the border must treat them the same as anybody else. He says these people are afforded the same rights provided to anyone crossing the border.

“It’s upsetting that a lot of them are 16 or 17 years old and a lot of them are not going to face deportation,” Cueto says.

Cabrera and Del Cueto must be a bunch of white racists who hate Latinos. Or they’re Americans who hate seeing their country destroyed so the Democratic Party can grow fat.

  • Webb

    Say it ain’t so, Barry!

  • cxt

    You know if you TRIED to make this they would call it a “work of fiction.”

    I think Kafka would have enjoyed what he could write about these days—or be really hacked that so many were copying his work.

  • USARetired

    Again, people are not listening, and I have seldom been wrong about what Obozo is up too! He is importing any and all the ‘RIF-raf’ he can locate with the intent they will become his private militia when needed! Time will wither prove me wrong or right!

  • Jose

    Resettle these MS13 gang members to South Florida. Tampa Bay is nice.

    Minnesota has done its part. They took the Somalis. Now dogs are haram there. Atlanta and then Maine also took Somalis. It is time for Florida to do its’ part.

    Let’s be reasonable. These gang members cannot be shipped to Alaska it is too cold. They cannot be shipped to Hawaii. They would not fit in with the Asian-Pacifica islander mélange.

    • notme123

      send them back….period…

    • 95Theses

      Au contraire!

      Actually, I confess to a change of heart. I now say, make them all U.S. citizens … with just one catch. For all those trespassers who mock our national sovereignty with impunity, give them all the supplies they need and allow them – nay, force them – to move somewhere near the vicinity of 69.918642, -148.294342.

      Plenty of space to accommodate 10-20 million persons. And if they like their citizenship, they can keep their citizenship.

  • Bobby

    Obummer just cannot change the demographics of the US fast enough. Here is what we are seeing daily down here….

    • 95Theses

      A picture says a thousand t*rds.

  • Dave Francis


    Neither political party gets it and
    refuses to acknowledge they have done hardly anything for the American people
    relating to the illegal immigration invasion. All they have done is bicker
    among them and regurgitate the same issues for their cronies across the board.
    As an example The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    is clambering for the discount labor and President Obama has assured them that
    this can be done by forfeiting the Rule of Law and shoving Amnesty and a path
    to citizenship for illegal aliens already here. This really is a cheery effect
    when millions of Americans are still seeking work or stuck in under waged jobs.
    The Democrats and their apron string pullers–the progressives and Liberals
    have just one thing in mind, future votes. Although this doesn’t seem to cause
    any real problems, as they have effectively held back any law, that makes it
    mandatory to show ID when voting, thus anybody can slip past minimum screening,
    including illegal aliens to vote. This has been proven as the insipid Acorn
    organization used anybodies cash for registering in many prior elections as the
    Democrats just intentionally ignore this perjury.

    Even the national media has been led
    on by their editorial, to slyly give deceitful soundings on the Polls, by
    carefully wording questions and getting the answers they can broadcast to the
    rest of the nation. I have never trusted the alphabet TV and radio channels for
    any poll because they have been artificially engineered to give a dishonest
    representation of what America thinks. Since 2003 the only poll I truly trust is the rasmussenreports.com, which does not use devious
    psychology to get the interpretation that thy want, such as telling the
    American citizen that 65 % percent approves of immigration Reform, a path to
    citizenship correctly labeled AMNESTY or an unconditional pardon. It is the
    same with the lies committed by this administration on illegal Immigration. We
    have been told by the census people that internally, there are 11 million
    foreigners living in the United States. Do you really think for one minute that the Census
    counters are going to get an accurate figure, when in truth millions of unknown
    numbers are hiding within households and not enumerated?

    Who will really
    pay if another immigration debacle is passed, similar to the 1986 Amnesty? In
    my opinion, I believe that the whole thing was a conspiracy that the whole
    thing was a massive collusion between both parties. All the promises to
    American taxpayers were a lie? Enforcement has always been undermined and never
    built to true specifications from California to Texas. It’s been a fabrication to promote illegal aliens
    to gain entrance miles from ports of entry, where even a basic wire fence does
    not exist. Today we are paying for it, with millions of the uneducated,
    dangerous individuals coming through. Since Obama made the declaration that
    people who come here will not be turned away, the numbers of poor has doubled
    and tripled with no end in sight.

    Now parents in
    South American countries are sending thousands of children with the potential
    that the Mothers and Fathers will be able to join them. It is a carefully plot
    by the administration to side step Congress and gain more votes for families,
    legal or illegal already settled in the US. The Parents know their minors will not be sent
    back, so this was a carefully controlled operation and a way to circumvent
    Chain Migration. It’s incredulous to think that Americans cannot see through
    this ruse. The borders were never meant to be sealed, never meant to hold back hordes
    of the poor; easy pickings for employers and for Democrats who ask no questions
    in blue states whose voting.

    Although the
    pundits will not agree about the political demise of Eric Cantor, illegal immigration and Amnesty had a lot to do
    with his lose. Millions of prudent Americans have no far reaching trust in
    either party and are looking for change. That is the reason why new faces are
    being seen in the Senate and Congressional races, that carry the utmost
    understanding that the Rule of Law and that the US Constitution are firmly
    ingrained in our society; that being what we live by. Americans are no longer
    going to settle for the usual lax interpretation, but a strict regimen of what
    the laws require? “King Obama”
    is back on amnesty with a vengeance, proclaiming it will boost the economy and
    shrink the deficit. It’s yet another lie, just like Obamacare, Benghazi and the VA scandal. If he gets his way 20 million plus
    illegal aliens will steal our jobs, drive down wages and devastate the U.S. economy with their demand for government handouts. And,
    they’ll vote Democrats into office for the next several decades.

    We need people in Congress who bow not going to genuflect to
    corporate cronies, or the big trade unions or play the same old record of the
    Republican elite. All you have to do is
    don’t vote Democrat; don’t vote Republican; when you go to the ballot box make
    your decision on who will balance the federal and state budgets, Remove the
    Affordable Care Act, If you want
    change: removal of illegal aliens; Abolishment of the IRS; introduce a fair or
    consumption tax, reduction in government itself; Returning the Department of
    Education, Environmental Protection Agency to State control. Building the
    Keystone pipeline and making America
    self-sufficient in Energy and not dependent on foreign oil, gas from foreign
    lands. Reduce to a minimum of Regulations for growing businesses. Make
    corporate welfare a thing of the past. Use the Tea Party agenda of Ron Paul, The One Cent Solution is beautifully simple: If the
    government cuts one cent out of every dollar of its total spending (excluding
    interest payments) each year for five years, and then caps overall federal
    spending at 18 percent of national income from then on, we can: Reduce federal
    spending by $7.5 trillion over 10 years. Balance
    the budget by 2019.

    These are issues the
    TEA PARTY has in mind and will guarantee if they climb into the front seat of

    Illegal aliens are taking to the streets,
    demanding “No more deportations!” and Obama’s reply? “If I could
    bypass Congress I would.” We both know it’s a matter of time before he
    does. The challengers from the TEA
    PARTY are what are stopping him so we need to keep the pressure on but–No
    one ever said it would be easy but it will be worth it. Corporate America is turning up the heat in favor of amnesty—no doubt a
    backroom deal for cheap labor. But as Senator Jess Sessions of Alabama said, “America is not an oligarchy… a
    Republic must answer to the people.”

    People–amnesty for
    illegal aliens has been Obama’s M.O. all along. He plans to immediately register
    those who receive amnesty as voters…remove caps from H-1B visas for skilled
    workers …make it illegal to apprehend “undocumented” persons…fund
    neighborhood and education centers for these foreign nationals and much more.

  • rivergal1

    I think Obama is mentally sick. He is the president of the United States, and he is out of control..I think Congress should have his head examined by a trained medical professional?

    • 95Theses

      Sure, why not? Health care has long been free for non-citizens.

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