Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ambassador Says Critics of Muslim Brotherhood Make Fighting Terrorism Harder

anne patterson

Egypt gave Anne Patterson the boot over her support for the Muslim Brotherhood and intimidation of Egyptian Christians.

Youm 7, a popular newspaper in Egypt (the sixth most accessed website in the nation according to Alexa), conducted a survey this morning asking its readers “Do you support the call to kick U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson out because she interfered in Egyptian affairs?”

A whopping 87.93% said yes, 10.54% said no, and 1.53% were indifferent.

El Fagr reported that, during their most recent phone conversation, Patterson demanded that Egypt’s recently appointed Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces, General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning.

Patterson called on Egyptians not to protest — including by meeting with the Coptic Pope and asking him specifically to urge the nation’s Christian minority not to oppose the Brotherhood, even though Christians were naturally the most to suffer under Morsi.

So Obama promoted her and she’s still continuing her Jihad on behalf of the Brotherhood.

The desire of some elements in the Middle East to “eliminate Islamists entirely from the political scene” was complicating the fight against violent extremists, a senior State Department official said on Monday, citing the tendency of some to “conflate Islamists with terrorists.”

The remarks were made in Doha by Assistant Secretary for the Near East Anne Patterson, whose tenure as U.S. ambassador to Egypt was marred by allegations that she was too cozy with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood before the military ousted it last July.

“Some people in this region conflate Islamists with terrorists and desire to eliminate the Islamists entirely from the political scene,” Patterson said. “Our difficult fight against violent extremists is made more complicated by this viewpoint. The need for compromise is underscored by political experience in the Arab world as well as our own.”

To make matters worse, Patterson was saying this in Qatar, a key Jihadist ally. But she is spelling out the Obama position that the only way to fight terrorism is by allowing the terrorists to take over and set up their Islamic states.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Some people in this region conflate Islamists with terrorists and desire to eliminate the Islamists entirely from the political scene,” Patterson said. Patterson’s mind is conflated with visions of Islamic sugar plum fairies.

  • FrontandCenter

    Apparently Ms. Patterson has been grossly compromised.

  • sydchaden

    When the Egyptians protested for Freedom and Democracy, Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the ouster of Mubarak. But, they also supported the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed for years by Mubarak, had declared its holy mission to establish rule by the Shariah in Egypt. But, Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t mention that, they said that the Muslim Brotherhood would bring Freedom and Democracy to Egypt. That was entirely an invention of Obama and Clinton. The Muslim Brotherhood has never said that it would bring Freedom and Democracy to Egypt, only that they would institute rule by the Shariah. When the Muslim Brotherhood were in power, the Egyptians who had protested against Mubarak for Freedom and Democracy again took to the streets, in protest against the Muslim Brotherhood. And, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and her successor, John Kerry, didn’t support the protesters for Freedom and Democracy, they supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, are not supporters of Freedom and Democracy in Egypt, they are advocates for the Muslim Brotherhood.
    And, that is further evidenced by Obama’s appointment of Muslim Brotherhood members to his White House Advisory Council. Clearly, he is taking their advice.

  • wileyvet

    Do none of our best and brightest have the slightest inkling as to how Islam came about? Islam was created by an illiterate Arab, in order to aggrandize himself, and reap the wealth and power that had eluded him for 40 years. Having failed as a “warner” in Mecca after 13 years, and garnering only a few supporters and exhausting his resources and the goodwill of the Meccan Quraish tribe, he emigrates to Medina. It is here that the Islamic period begins, as he expels his enemies and enriches himself by confiscating the assets of the former inhabitants, and raiding the financial assets of the merchants of Mecca. Medina becomes an Islamic state within a state, violently and ruthlessly controlled by the newly formed dictator, Muhammad. No more Mr. Nice Guy after the Hijra. It was Muhammad that was to be feared, obeyed and worshipped. He eliminated all opposition, threatened and assassinated his critics, and ruled with an iron fist. Islam during the Medina period became political. Because it is Muhammad’s religion, it has remained so ever since. Islam can never be democratic or pluralistic. The Muslim Brotherhood are every bit as fanatical and tyrannical as Islam’s founder because they seek to recreate the time of the Prophet and the period of the 4 rightly guided Caliphs. They, The MB object to any governing institutions that do not conform to strict Sharia as they see them as enemies of Muhammad and contrary to his ideals and teachings. As backward and dysfunctional as the Muslim world is, they believe the answer to their wretchedness is MORE Islam. And more Islam means more ignorance, and the spiral is set in motion. The only thing sadder than these people being trapped in this insanity, is the Western intellectuals who
    whitewash and then praise the culture that produces it, by denying the elephant in the living room.

  • De Doc

    The great lie sold to the American people is that certain types of Islamists are good for us. Yeah, and so is a bottle of cyanide with an attractive label. Poison all the same.