Obama’s Own People Keep Shooting Down his Al Qaeda JayVee Claim


First Clapper and then Kerry.

Kerry confirmed new testimony by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who told Congress last week that al Qaedas affiliates in Syria “have aspirations for attacks on the homeland.”

“Kerry confirmed that,” said Graham, “The first thing [Kerry] said [to the lawmakers] is, ‘The al Qaeda threat is real. It is getting out of hand.’”

The JayVee line used by Obama evolved as a CYA measure to deal with the collapse of his narrative that Al Qaeda was on the path to defeat freeing him up to release the last Gitmo terrorists and jettison the last War on Terror measures.

Al Qaeda JayVee was supposed to be a metaphor that would fundamentally distinguish between the “core” Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

This distinction was always debatable. Al Qaeda in Iraq had proven to be nastier and deadlier than Bin Laden’s people before Obama was even in the Senate.

The Jay Vees in Iraq and Syria are trying to take over heavily armed countries. That’s not something the Taliban have a shot at doing. Let alone Al Qaeda.

Obama’s fallback distinction was the claim that the affiliates were no threat to the United States. That’s a claim that Rand Paul has also tried to make when he ridiculed the idea that Al Qaeda in Mali might be a threat during his drone rant in the Senate.

That distinction too doesn’t hold up. If they didn’t share Al Qaeda’s global worldview, they wouldn’t be Al Qaeda and even the most parochial Islamist groups tend to think globally to some extent even if it’s only seeing themselves as part of a regional and global wave and coordinating to some degree with international groups.

Bin Laden attacked the United States to destabilize Saudi Arabia and rally support for a local war. He was a “JayVee” by Obama’s silly tag. Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s current leader, came out of an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood splinter group that wanted to do the same thing to Egypt.

The idea that Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has killed quite a few American soldiers and may have been present in Benghazi, has no ambitions on the homeland came apart when the Iraqis caught them with nerve gas plotting attacks on Europe and the US. That news hasn’t been widely reported for the same reason that stories inconvenient to Obama Inc. get buried.

Now Clapper and Kerry are dissenting from the JayVee line because not only doesn’t it hold up now, it never held up.

  • Texas Patriot

    “Kerry confirmed that,” said Graham, “The first thing [Kerry] said [to the lawmakers] is, ‘The al Qaeda threat is real. It is getting out of hand.’”

    Sounds as if there is at least some coming to grips with reality.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not so long as they continue arguing for arming Al Qaeda linked groups to fight Al Qaeda

      • Texas Patriot

        I can’t believe they’re still doing that. It’s like theater of the absurd.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Politicians and bureaucrats only know how to rinse and repeat

          • Texas Patriot

            I wish they would all watch Anjem Choudary’s recent talk entitled “24 Hours after the Establishment of the Islamic Caliphate”. Among the notable ideas he discusses are: (1) the elimination of all existing governments in favor of one world government under one supreme leader; (2) the elimination of all existing courts in favor of local Islamic courts from which there is no right of appeal; (3) the elimination of all departments of defense in favor of one overarching department of jihad; (4) the development of high tech weaponry including nuclear weapons by Muslims and for the exclusive use of Muslims; and (5) the assembly of a 300 million man Muslim army from Muslim nations around the world. It’s available on YouTube at the following address:


          • A Z

            If there is one world government, the caliphate, then why would they need a nuclear force and a 300 million man army by then everyone has converted.

            Because the Caliph will be an economic illiterate and surround by economic illiterates. People will get other ideals about how to run economies and of course the Caliph will need to nuke said people, Muslim or not.

          • logdon

            Thanks for that bit of rancid fishy Anjem Chowder.

            I’ve forwarded it here in Britain to the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Home Secretary, Theresa May, Communities Minister, Eric Pickles amongst others under the heading

            Incitement to religious hatred? Look no further.

            You may say, what’s the point and there is validity in that question especially in view of the acute dhimmidom exhibited by our government.

            My answer will be, there’s no excuse. Ignorance cannot be cited and Choudary’s thin islamic green line, just about a hairs breadth from actual threat to kill is becoming extremely tenuous.

            This cannot continue. The mood here which you’ll never see mentioned in the msm, especially the craven BBC is of extreme anger.

            It’s all piling up with multiple factors adding to the rage and abandonment of Britain and British values at the core.

            Much of the dismay is aimed at the EU which pulls Cameron’s strings, but there is more.

            They say that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, but I’d add that not looking after the very people who fund our nation and incidentally pay the groveller politicians wages is the first refuge.

            And also what is actually missing from the aphorism is the word ‘hypocritical’ between ‘that’ and ‘patriotism’.

            When those revolutionaries dumped the tea crates into Boston Harbour, the message was, no taxation without representation, yet right now back in the land where Mad King George once reigned, we’re taxed to the hilt at every conceivable opportunity yet we are completely ignored.

            What an irony? This man whose final words were an incomprehensibly ridiculous, ‘Bugger Bognor’ would be rolling in fat bellied regal mirth.

            We are in fact that new revenue providing golden goose and they are metaphorically killing us.

            Perhaps it’s Britain which is now in need of the ‘don’t tread on me’ mentality.

            Something has to give and one things for sure, it cannot carry on.

          • Texas Patriot

            Anjem Choudary is an expert on Islamic law and theology, and his willingness to discuss how the original vision and intent of Muhammad and his followers might play out in the modern world is something we should all be thankful for.

          • logdon

            No need to lecture me on Choudary. I know all of that.

            He is also a rabble rousing dole scrounging traitor who leeches on the British state whilst simultaneously telling us how awful it is.

            To him his entire welfare funded existence is merely application of the jizya.

            However I’ll grant you, his valuable insights into Shariah and the caliphate dream does educate our public as well as amuse.


            If he was living in Texas stirring up your Muslims and other immigrants would you be as sanguine?

          • Texas Patriot

            I always welcome anyone who is willing to talk about the truth. Hiding the ball and pretending that Islam is not a religion dedicated to world conquest and submission of non-Muslims is how we got in the mess we’re in today.

          • logdon

            I’m certainly with you on that and as I have said on numerous blogs, including FP he’s the insight into the realities of Islam that the rest of the taqiyya merchants scurry to obscure.

            This is what I object to – rubbing it in our faces.


            We take the money from the kaffir this is normal- you work, we take the money.

          • Drakken

            In Texas, someone with a little foresight, would get rope. Someone in Britain needs to hand that bloody traitor from London Bridge like the old days and let everyone see it.

          • Drakken

            It would seem with a great deal of certainty that the ballot box has no meaning anymore, it would seem that the bullet box at this point is now coming to bare. My prediction is that under the surface is rage waiting for an excuse, and that excuse will come from a small incident and snowball from there, where it starts in Britain or Europe for that matter is a crap shoot.

  • LieutenantCharlie

    In his book, ‘Audacity of Hope’, Obama says, “I will stand with the Muslims, should the Political winds shift in an Ugly Direction.”
    In the summer of 1981 Obama, and his older Brother, traveled to Pakistan, where they both joined the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.
    And today, at least twenty-five members of the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood are working in the White House, as advisors on such items as; Foreign Policy and National Security.
    Since we all know, that the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is today, the primary supplier of both Arms and Money, to many active Islamic Terrorist groups such as A-qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Shabaab.
    So basically the United States is supplying the Islamic Terrorist groups, that are our enemies.

    • Texas Patriot

      LC: “In the summer of 1981 Obama, and his older Brother, traveled to Pakistan, where they both joined the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.”

      Do you have any proof of that? Or do you prefer to deal in fantasy rather than truth?

      • logdon


        You are difficult you know. Ten seconds on google is all it took to confirm what I already knew and what LC says is right.

        And from the man himself.


        Apologies to Charlie but I couldn’t let your contrarian ignorance stand.

        • Texas Patriot

          Where in any of the articles you cite does it say that Barack Obama joined the Muslim Brotherhood?

      • logdon

        Did Obama confess to this trip, which he doesn’t mention in either of his autobiographies, because of the passport breach?

        While the oft-repeated charge that Americans were forbidden to travel to Pakistan in 1981 appears to be false, questions remain about why Obama took the trip at all, and what he did there.

        Indian counterterrorism expert Bahukutumbi Raman asked pointed questions about this trip:

        Why did he keep mum on his visit to Pakistan till this question was raised?

        Has he disclosed all the details regarding his Pakistan visit?

        Was it as innocuous as made out by him — to respond to the invitation of a Pakistani friend or was there something more to it?

        As I read about Obama’s visit to Pakistan in the 1980s, I could not help thinking of dozens of things.

        Of the Afghan jihad against communism.

        Of the fascination of many Afro-Americans for the jihad.

        Of the visits of a stream of Afro-Americans to Pakistan to feel the greatness of the jihad.

        Of their fascination for Abdullah Azzam[.]

        Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/07/obamas_passport_breach_unanswered_questions_and_an_unsolved_murder.html#ixzz2srJoq67q