Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit

Obama-FergusonFerguson happens a few times every month. More often in the summer when tempers are hot and crowds of bored men and women fill the streets looking for something to do. Teenagers ransack stores. Small cities stretch their budgets in a bad economy to put as many cops as they can on the street.

And then somewhere between the open fire hydrants, the stores that do most of their business in EBT cards and lottery tickets, the check cashing places and furniture rental outlets, something happens.

And it happens a lot more often than you think.

A crowd gathers. Fists rise in the air. The police deploy. The EBT stores, check cashing places and furniture rental outlets roll down their shutters. A tense hour passes before the scene fades away leaving behind a crude graffiti scrawl of a wannabe gangsta and his favorite pit bull, a few faded color photos and some purple candles guttering in the night underneath his portrait.

Not the full scale rioting, looting and curfews. That’s the sort of thing that doesn’t happen on its own.

It has to be community organized into being.

Fergusons usually happen locally, but when it’s convenient then the looting and car stomping go national. The Trayvon Martin case happened in an election year. So did the Michael Brown case.

Maybe we can look forward to another Ferguson in 2016 and every two years after that.

There’s no need to belabor how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson profit from the racism industry. Even the crowds booing them in Ferguson know that by now. Both men became irrelevant dinosaurs in 2008.

Obama’s election marginalized Jesse and Al. Jesse Jackson was shoved aside, muttering something about cutting off a part of Obama’s anatomy on FOX News. Sharpton became Obama’s messenger boy to the black community while scoring a teleprompter reading gig on a liberal cable news network.

Jackson and Sharpton were displaced and made irrelevant by Obama. Their old way of monetizing racism through protests and private organizations is as out of date as pay phones and cassette tapes.

Obama’s way of monetizing racism for fun and profit is infinitely more sophisticated. Where Sharpton and Jackson pretended to be community advocates collecting tribute from white politicians and companies in exchange for “controlling the anger” of the black community (a community that usually consisted of a few dozen outside thugs that they had imported), Obama plays both sides.

The old community agitators “negotiated” racial tensions with white liberals. The agitators and liberals profited while the working class populations of both races that they exploited lost out. Obama however negotiates these tensions on his own, playing both the agitator and the liberal at the same time.

The new community organizers work for the Justice Department. The agitators shouting through bullhorns are dinosaurs. The government now has a monopoly on racial agitation and racial violence. Obama can use the DOJ, its teams, its investigations and the media to turn the tension on or off.

Sharpton looks unimaginably crude compared to Holder. Wright sounds like a clown compared to Obama. Their empty posturing and hysterical displays of racism have been replaced by actual power. Obama can do what Sharpton and Wright couldn’t; he can merge political power and symbolic power, law and outrage, together into an arsenal of votes, violence and guilt.

Obama sends racial and post-racial signals. He flips from sounding like a JFK liberal envisioning the day when all American children can live together to a Chicago community organizer who uses justice to mean resentment. He tends to avoid explicitly racist rhetoric. Instead he empowers those who do. From Jeremiah Wright to Sharpton and Holder, he surrounds himself with race-baiters on the nastier edge of the spectrum. And while it’s easy to mistake them for the Ferguson looters, that would be a mistake.

Wright is a wealthy man from an upscale family. Holder’s father was a real estate broker. Sharpton’s father was a slumlord who drove a new Cadillac every year. Despite exploiting the resentment of poor blacks in places like Ferguson or Crown Heights, they don’t have much in common with them.

The same is true of Obama.

The race-baiters exist in a different world than the EBT stores, open fire hydrants and tense summer streets. They live in a world of limousines, private organizations and private jets.

And they use places like Ferguson to stay in power.

They don’t need to loot stores. They loot countries. They aren’t the defenders of the black community. They are its destroyers.

Black families have vanished. The kinds of jobs that the black residents of Ferguson might have once held also vanished. All that remains are the EBT stores, the open fire hydrants and the angry crowds.

The black community has been divided between a small elite that runs things, a shaky middle class clinging to government jobs and a vast army of the poor. Everyone who can leaves. Everyone who can’t pays taxes so that the police can buy bigger guns until the money runs out and they’re left with Detroit.

This is the Great Society that the Democratic Party has given us. The Hope and Change that Obama offered was for a privileged club of black limousine liberals. For everyone else there are government cell phones, government food, government housing and government community organizers who will tell them when they need to riot to protect all of these commodities from the government plantation.

Obama abandoned the black working class as much as he abandoned the white working class. He used their dreams and left behind broken communities sweating through the summer and waiting for the next explosion when another wannabe gangsta gets shot in another swing state.

And out of that rioting, the bosses he really represents, the billionaires with a big stake in everything from big banks to subsidized solar power, hope to retain their lucrative grip on the Senate.

The real issue isn’t the militarization of the police. It’s the militarization of racism. Violence doesn’t come from police officers decked out in military gear. It comes from the toxic mingling of entitlement, anger and hopelessness that is the hallmark of failed states and failed communities. The odor isn’t new.

The SWAT team emerged from race riots. The War on Drugs was actually declared by LBJ, not Nixon, and was a spinoff of the racial failures of the Great Society. Ferguson will come again. The riots, the tear gas and the clenched fists are a familiar script that will only stop when we start telling the truth about it.

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  • Digli

    I think that your article is very accurate.
    I might be missing it but you did leave out a component that is very real and part of the equation: The police in this country are not the even handed choirboys in the way that conservatives portray them. Most of them are good decent people doing a very hard job but they are attracted to that job for psychological reasons.
    They very much need excitement and they are very much addicted to adrenalin.
    I’ve run across many who are probably as good as it is humanly possible to be but I have also see many, many cruel people who use the badge to inflict pain on others. We are making a mistake if we don’t or can’t or won’t understand that Black
    people are often mistreated by the police.
    I’ve seen it. It’s not a Gestapo type thing like the Sharptons try to make it but it is real and we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that no problem exists.
    Any honest person with any street experience knows what I’m talking about and will agree with me.

    • truebearing

      I’m an honest person with enough “street experience” to know that the adversarial relationship blacks have with police is due to the fact that blacks commit a lot of crimes, therefore are arrested by the police. Instead of looking in the mirror and facing the truth about their propensity for breaking the law, they blame anyone they can find with white skin, especially those who enforce the law. It is that simple.

      Here is a good reason that police are more likely to pull their weapon on black males:

      “These anecdotes are affirmed by aggregate statistics compiled annually by Mr. Obama’s own Department of Justice and FBI. According to the FBI’s annualLaw Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted study, in 2007, 57 LEOs were killed nationwide; 82% were white. Of the 62 known perpetrators, 39% were black males. Black males comprise approximately 6% of the population but killed LEOs at a rate six-and-one-half times their percentage of the population in 2007.”


      • Digli

        Are you making a kind of “Chicken and egg” argument?
        You’re probably right.
        Which came first? Black crime or police predisposition toward assuming guilt and behaving accordingly?
        I’m white and when I was younger in any situation where I had to deal with the police I was treated badly. That’s a fact.
        Now that I’m older than most policemen that I encounter they treat me with respect.
        From personal experience I know that blacks behave badly but I also know that policeman can behave like the Gestapo.
        Hey ….It’s probably all Bush’s fault.

        • Veritas

          Blacks have always commited crimes in disproportionate numbers to their population. But in the clast century it has gotten far worse, especially since the 60s. If you want to understand the relationship between blacks and the police, ask yourself this, why do black policemen object to being assigned to black areas?
          Case closed.

    • American Patriot

      White people are mistreated by police in Zimbabwe. There are racist agriculture laws there where whites are now not even allowed to own any farmland at all. Yet, you don’t condemn that because you support the racist Marxist Mugabe regime.

    • johnlac

      Maybe it’s because policeman know, like the policeman in Ferguson, that they are far more likely to be assaulted by blacks than any other group of Americans. They have to be on their guard constantly.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Plenty of LEOs are thugs. But that’s not the determining factor. The people likeliest to have negative experiences with police have also had the most contact with them. And those aren’t likely to be innocent people.

      The police state expands through criminality. It’s a cycle. And the cops aren’t the ones feeding the cycle.

      • truebearing

        “The police state expands through criminality.” Rule Number One for Libertarians confused about how a police state evolves.

        Rand Paul has his mouth going again, parroting the Left’s propaganda on police violence toward blacks. Just like his father, trying to peel off black votes. The shameless apple doesn’t fall far from the shameless tree.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          He didn’t get any number of black votes worth talking about when he ran for Senate.

          His whole “I can get black votes” is a scam that he’s running on Republicans.

          • truebearing

            For awhile I thought he might be more sensible than his father, but he is merely smoother.

      • Digli

        You’re right. I just don’t want Conservatives to gloss over the point.
        It could be a determining factor if we don’t pay attention.
        I very much love Mark Levin but it seems he doesn’t understand that it’s a contributing factor.
        It could be a bad cycle: More black crime needs more police enforcement and more fear means overlooking police misbehavior.
        Now that I think about it there has been a lot of commentary about the militarism (or the appearance) of the police but that in itself misses the point. You can behave badly wearing an Eagle Scout uniform.
        Check out all the YouTube videos. They jibe with my experience.
        Great writing BTW.

    • 95Theses

      One year ago to the day I had a close encounter with a mob following a car accident (the other driver had made an abrupt sudden left turn in front of me and – despite my standing on the brakes – plowed into his right rear quarter panel).

      Within 30 seconds — no exaggeration — about 12+ black thugs from the hood surrounded my SUV and begin screaming and making threatening gestures. The other driver was actually trying to open my door!. That was the only time I have ever felt real terror following a traffic accident. I skipped calling the police and was on the phone with 9-1-1, pronto.

      Within 3 minutes a patrol car pulled up, the crowd scattered and the reckless driver (who was cited and failed to appear for his court summons — and who I later learned was a registered sex offender) begin to concoct a narrative that was utterly ridiculous: that I had been speeding, I was distracted – whatever he thought would mitigate his obvious blame.

      There is much more to this tale, but I only want to make the point that I was so relieved to see a LEO show up so quickly.

      Saying that, I still believe that Radley Balko is on to something in the plethora of instances where Law Enforcement Officers have shown themselves to be out of control. Reading those stories (as well as watching more than a few damning YouTube videos) tend to confirm the maxim that one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch … but especially when the bad apple is a corrupt LEO. Trust is a commodity that Law Enforcement cannot ever take for granted, and I would feel a lot better if they stopped acting like they were part of a club and ceased granting “professional courtesies” to each other. That practice is shameful and there should be a zero tolerance policy toward it.

      Still, I would love to buy that officer dinner who responded so rapidly to my call for help. God bless that man.

      Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces
      — Radley Balko

      Incidentally, I have since purchased a DashCam. It is on all the time, and I love it!

    • 95Theses

      For your consideration:
      The Emperor’s New Clothes – The Naked Truth About the
      American Police State

      2014, July 08 | John W. Whitehead

      “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself … Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”
      — H.L. Mencken, American journalist

  • Yehuda Levi

    Race relations are the worst they have been for decades under Obama/Holder. They want to pull the country back to the fifties and are doing a credible job of it. There is no way that Obama is “post-racial”, he is pure-racial 24/7.

    People are not defined by their skin color – only racists do this. Obama and Holder do define people by their skin color. This is why there are 40 FBI agents wasting their time in Ferguson on Holder’s directive. They will search until they find something that they claim is racist – that is their mission.

    In the 21st Century we had a chance to get past the barbaric classification of people by their skin color. Unfortunately, we ended up with a man as president who made his whole career based on making sure people knew what skin color he was.

    We needed a Dr. Carson – we got a leftist community organizer.

    • Dennis X

      Please whites would love to go back to the 50’s.

      • American Patriot

        You would like to turn this country into another Zimbabwe. Please do us a favor and move to Zimbabwe, since you are clearly a hate monger. I bet you support the racist and Marxist government of the tyrant Mugabe, who openly discriminates against white Zimbabweans.

        • Dennis X

          Never been and have no plans to go to Zimbabwe. Could care less what happens to amerikka. It was build on lies and it’s end is inevitable. The death of white supremacy is a wonder to behold, gotta love it!

          • Yehuda Levi

            There is no such thing as “white supremacy.” And the “KKK” came from the Democrats, not the Republicans.

            If you identify people by their skin color then you are a racist and no different than the KKK. If your goal is to be like those people, then go for it – and set your sights close to the bottom of humanity.

            There is always room for one more racist.

          • Dennis x

            No kkk or white supremacy, you need to put the meth pipe down. I’ve faced racism from jews as well. My mother bought an apartment building in the Fairfax district of LA back in the 60’s so I know! Life is defined by color. You people will never understand the extent of your hate and you are taken aback by Black middle class reaction, f__k you!

          • American Patriot

            I knew someone who faced racism from Muslims one time. The problem is that there are fools who think that the West can’t do anything right and that everyone else can get a free pass and be excused for the same issue. That’s a double standard.

          • truebearing

            I don’t know anyone who hasn’t faced racism at one point or another, but the vast majority of them shrugged it off and went about their business, as opposed to blacks who are obsessed 24/7 about their racial status and how they are being treated as a result.

            Remaining hostile to every other race is what stigmatizes blacks. People don’t like being around people who react violently to the slightest little thing.

          • Dennis X

            Your correct you brush it off and handle your business but like the jews say, you NEVER forget! White people are not held accountable for the actions of their entire race.

          • truebearing

            Black people aren’t held accountable for their entire race, either, and they shouldn’t be. Cllective guilt is the prattle of morons, ie those who have allowed their brains to be hijacked by the evil Left.

            Where is the justice in holding an entire race accountable for the crimes a only a percentage? Should all blacks be punished for selling other blacks into slavery? And what about all of the whites who never had any slaves opposed slavery? Hundreds of thousands of those same whites sacrificed their lives or limbs to fight the South.

          • Ivan

            That’s right. Lets not have any collective guilt. It’s not in the bible. It’s not Old Testament. It’s condemned by god. No legal system recognizes it. Collective guilt is the highway to hell. The mountains of skulls in pol pots Cambodia were held together with the mortor of collective guilt.

          • truebearing

            Buying an apartment is proof of racism? Wow! Then I was really discriminated against — I bought a house!

            You people are paranoid and project your own racism onto everyone else, especially whites. If you can’t handle the challenges of competition in a 21st Century culture, maybe you should move back to Africa.

          • Dennis X

            I don’t know if this spelled correctly but SCHWARZ was hurled by way a few times. My family’s success was in spite of racist like you. I can’t go back to somewhere I never been. And we are still very successful which allows us to laugh at low lifes like you who wonder ” how can they afford that” again , f–k you

      • WhiteHunter

        Well, it would be nice to return to one aspect of those times, anyway: a black illegitimacy rate of only 20% then, compared to 72% now. It had to do with self-respect, respect for one’s spouse and the mother of one’s children, a willingness to accept the duties of a father instead of the momentary thrill of a stud, and dignified self reliance.

        We don’t see much of any of that anymore, least of all in the black “community,” which in fact is two “communities”–the respectable, successful one represented by Dr. Carson and Col. West on the one hand, and the much larger one comprising Obama’s ignorant, violent, irresponsible, resentful base–which is now running amok in the streets of Ferguson, and they routinely do at the drop of a hat.

        • Dennis X

          Carson, West, Cain (999) an example of gop affirmative action.

          • WhiteHunter

            Well, I suppose you might say that, if being successful in medicine, the military, or in a legal business, and knowing who your father was, and that he was actually married to your mother, is a “disqualification” for being “authentically black.”

            The problem we most often see in “the black community”–meaning Obama’s “base”–is that to be “authentically black” you have to be a pimp, a crack ho, a race arsonist like Sharpton, or an academic fraud and charlatan like Cornel West or “Skip” Gates. Or maybe a community agitator and election fraudster like your Messiah.

            And–let’s face it–when a black kid tries to go straight, and takes school seriously, and brings books home to study and do his homework, and maybe takes an honest after-school job instead of joining a gang (or banging his girlfrien’), and learns to speak proper English instead of the incoherent feral dialect of the street…whenever one of them tries to do that, to rise above the slime that passes for “black culture” these days, he’s mercilessly ridiculed, even physically beaten, for “acting white.”

            You kind hates and fears nothing so much as one of your own trying to build a good and honorable life for himself. And that’s why so few of them manage to do so. It isn’t the Klan that’s holding them back or threatening them anymore; it’s people like you, and the rest of the race-huckstering establishment that won’t let them break loose and fly. Shame on you. You’re the new slaveholders, imprisoning your own race with bars stronger than any found on the plantations of 200 years ago.

          • Dennis X

            You know nothing of the Black Community. You think you know based only on what other white people tell you. I’m a professional and so our my friends doctors , lawyers , dentist etc. we are accepted and comprise a certain bedrock of the community. I am the persons you are referring to. Your ignorance is outstanding!

          • Kennedy

            And your ignorance is certainly more outstanding! You are a professional what? Certainly not in literacy, your spelling, punctuation and grammar are appalling.
            I suggest you stop being a ‘ professional ‘ and go back to school. Maybe take your ‘doctor and dentist’ friends with you.

          • Dennis X

            Sorry, three degrees later, not going back. Perhaps you can attend the Head Start Program there in your trailer park. Good luck.

          • Veritas

            Dennis when you say three degrees, do you mean youth crime, misdemeanor, felony? Your arrogance is only matched by your ego, typical for the underachiever, but seldom have I seen one so large that your’s has its own gravitational field.
            Seek help.

          • Veritas

            Dennis X:
            I stand in awe of the excellence of black schools, the many community black organizations and charities, and especially the get and go that has propelled blacks to the forefront of our economy. They make the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Iranians, Arabs, Indians, even West Indians and real Africians, green with envy. Which of these groups can boast of a comparable success rate? Which has demanded affirmative action in all walks of life to compete?
            Why when I walk through a Korean, Japanese, Hindu, etc neighborhood I walk in the constant fear that I may be the victim of random violence at any moment, at any time. But who cannot boast of the safety he feels walking through a black area?
            Black dentists, doctors, merchants did exist, in that long ago era called segregation. And when were blacks better off?
            Dennis you can deal in fantasies but you can’t deny the reality.

          • cathnealon

            I would not put Carson in with Cain and West.

          • AbdullahtheButcher

            How are they different?

      • Armed_Infidel

        America was at its height in the 1950s. It was prosperous, secure, optimistic, and mostly white. What’s bad about that?

      • truebearing

        I would like to go back to the pre-slavery colonies and see to it slavery never got started, but living in the past is how fools get stuck in the tar pit of eternal regret or resentment. I never had slaves, nor did my father, nor his father’s father, nor his father’s father’s father. You aren’t a slave, nor was your father, nor was his father’s father, so why are you acting like it just happened?

        My guess is that you don’t want to get over the past…a past that doesn’t determine your present or future, unless you want it to. You are using it to blame your personal failures on others. That is a failed strategy in life, in case you haven’t figured that out.

        • Dennis X

          Interesting, slavery was never mentioned is that a little white guilt showing. Collective guilt, things that come to mind DWB, being followed in a store , Dr. Gates, and the majority of posts at this site, ” child please”

          • Veritas

            Seldom does one see a better example of Eubonics. Did you graduate from Amherst?

    • uncle__adolf

      If Obama is making a profit from racism the he must be Jewish

      • iluvisrael

        still have delusions of relevancy, huh acchhhmed?

  • truebearing

    With his poll numbers continuing to sink, Obama returns to his community organiser roots: find an incident that can be ginned up into a civil rights issue, then turn it into a federal case. The unfortunate fact that he was elected to the presidency, twice, should make this kind of civil rights nonsense a non-starter, but desperate people do desperate things, and Obama is feeling the ebb of his popularity and power. Time for some good, old-fashioned racial theater.

    Or is Obama feeling that power ebb in such a way that he feels he needs to create civil strife…enough to declare martial law? A malignant narcissist like Obama can’t be expected to understand or respect the limitations on his constitutional power, or the length of his rule. Maybe he is feeling desperate enough to do something that will suspend the inevitability of the huge political defeat that looms ever closer.

    • kasandra

      I agree with your comment but feel that the objective isn’t martial law. I believe the objective is to energize the black community with a tale of a racist white murdering an innocent black, with he and Holder as the only thing standing between black people and their annihilation or subjugation by an irredeemably racist white population so that they turn out and vote for Democrat candidates in November.

      • truebearing

        I hope the objective isn’t martial law, but I won’t rule anything out with the likes of Obama and Holder. They have committed enough crimes that they may feel they have nothing to lose. They are also deeply deluded individuals who are motivated by racial and ideological hate.

        Your take on it is the most likely explanation, but one never knows what people obsessed with power will do to keep it.

        • Veritas

          Obama Ebola has planted the seeds of the ultimate destruction of the nation. Throughout the government, down to the GS-5 level there are political appointees. The courts are filled with people who have no regard for the law nor Constitution. The Republic is dead. The deluge comes.

  • Paul – Germany

    It is refreshing to read some real news on Frontpage Magazine every Monday morning instead of this politically correct, leftist crap we are being served here in Germany.

    • johnlac

      Yes, but FPM and similar websites are only seen by a tiny pct. of the American population. The Drudge Report probably gets the most hits, but it is not an opinion site like FPM and the rest. Most Americans still get their “news” from the alphabet networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) who always give a leftist/liberal slanted view of things to the average American.
      It’s not that lib media lies about things, it’s that they leave out i.e. fail to report a lot of pertinent info. I’m sure many Europeans are aghast at all the terrible racism that is perpetrated on the American black population as reported by our thoroughly “unbiased” journalists.
      They, Europeans, scarcely know the truth about the situation. Would that Daniel Greenfield and David Horowitz were reporting on the news every evening instead of who we have currently.

  • Lysander Spooner

    The War on Drugs may have been started by LBJ, but Nixon and Reagan escalated this war on American citizens dramatically. And the War on Drugs is waged in a discriminatory way that sees brown-skinned smokers of crack imprisoned longer for possessing and using the same quantity of cocaine that their pale-faced fellow citizens possess and ingest in powder form. This is like giving different drunk drivers different sentences based on their beverage choices.

    For a thorough history and principled discussion of the drug laws and their implications, see Our Right To Drugs, by Dr. Thomas Szasz, and Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers. Lysander Spooner’s essay: Vices are Not Crimes is also worthy of consideration.

    The criminalization of people’s vices by the federal government has caused far more harm than good, especially in minority communities. It has done more to subvert the rule of law and individual responsibility than anything else. It has escalated violence, as drug disputes can not be addressed civilly, and are consequently settled in the streets.

    Why should minorities, who see their liberties trampled daily by a sanctimonious, coercive, and hypocritical government, have any respect for the rule of law?

    • American Patriot

      Why should minorities in Zimbabwe have any respect for their hypocritical government when that tyrannical racist government confiscates land, particularly farmland, from anyone who is not the skin color of the majority there? The minorities in Zimbabwe have their liberties trampled daily by a sanctimonious, coercive and hypocritical tyranny ruling that country. You are obviously a Mugabe supporter.

    • johnlac

      Read “Manchild In The Promised Land” by Claude Brown. Brown grew up in NYC in one of the black ghettos. He noticed the infiltration of hard drugs and the accompanying violence in the late forties or early fifties.
      The sixties and decades later wars on drugs had little to do with drugs in the ghettos. They were already there and had been destroying lives for decades.
      What is the solution? Don’t use drugs. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but blaming society for the failure of the individual to control his or her wayward habits is a familiar ruse used by the left for more than half a century.

      • Dennis X

        Good book.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Both parties have kept this farce alive. Both parties have been conveniently ignoring the border for decades. I’ve heard about illegal border jumpers for my entire life. Since the grip of power is so far removed from the Americans themselves, I fear that only assassinations will bring us back to the original plan.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually it’s like giving different drunk drivers different sentences based on how much damage they’re likely to do under the influence.

      If you think legalizing crack will help minority communities, you really need to spend more time in them.

      • Lysander Spooner

        You can not “legalize” crack. You can only stop making it illegal.

        Crack is illegal. Has this prevented crack from being widely available anywhere? If you think it has you need to spend more time everywhere.


        Those who advocate the end of the drug war are not advocating for the wide use of drugs. They advocate for individual responsibility and reduced government power.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          We criminalize things based on the harm they cause. We don’t do it because of disapproval.

          If crack use causes more harm than the penalties for it are strengthened.

          There’s widely available and there’s WIDELY AVAILABLE.

          Those who advocate for the end of the drug war seem not to understand what some parts of the country would end up looking like.

        • truebearing

          Murder hasn’t stopped even though it is highly illegal. I guess we should decriminalize it too. Brilliant argument.

    • kasandra

      Isn’t Szasz also the guy who, despite objective evidence, doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as insanity. I wouldn’t lean too hard on him as an authority for anything. His views are often not what you can call mainstream.

    • CowboyUp

      In the 80s when the crack epidemic started the dp/left and Black ‘leaders’ were wailing and gnashing their teeth that “white America” was indifferent to the disproportionate suffering it was causing in the Black community when they weren’t screaming that crack was a “blue eyed devil” Republican plot to keep the Black man down, or outright “genocide.”

      So penalties for crack cocaine were increased over other forms of cocaine (and billions wasted on things like inner city summer lunch programs and midnight basketball). But it turned out that the crack trade was being run by black people. Cue the dp/left and Black ‘leaders’ gnashing their teeth that racist Republicans were trying to imprison all Black men and keep them down.

      “Why should minorities…have any respect for the rule of law?” – Because if they don’t they’ll end up dead or in prison, and their communities will remain the crime ridden garbage dumps they made of them.

  • Biff Henderson

    “Obama sends racial and post-racial signals. He flips from sounding like a JFK liberal envisioning the day when all American children can live together to a Chicago community organizer who uses justice to mean resentment.”

    True dat…

    • Biff Henderson

      Addressing personal accountability gets in the way of Obama having a platform to peddle his list of excuses for bad behavior. Obama’s hands are tied as he is forced to huff and puff within the constants of this outdated narrative.

  • Harold Harry Francis Callahan

    Smart analysis, thank you,
    rgds from Germany

  • 95Theses

    Excellent analysis, Daniel. As odd as it sounds, Obama really doesn’t care about the disintegration of black families … he exploits their plight, and – as you say – the only people who benefit are limousine and Lear jet race provocateurs. (Not unlike George Soros collaborating with Nazis against his own people, for his own self-aggrandizement.)

    As far as truly helping black families, Charles Murray has argued that

    … illegitimacy is the single most important social problem of our time — more important than crime, drugs, poverty, illiteracy, welfare or homelessness because it drives everything else. Doing something about it is not just one more item on the American policy agenda, but should be at the top.

    … Bringing a child into the world is the most important thing that most human beings ever do. Bringing a child into the world when one is not emotionally or financially prepared to be a parent is wrong. The child deserves society’s support. The parent does not.

    … A society with broad legal freedoms depends crucially on strong nongovernmental institutions to temper and restrain behavior. Of these, marriage is paramount. Either we reverse the current trends in illegitimacy — especially white illegitimacy — or America must, willy-nilly, become an unrecognizably authoritarian, socially segregated, centralized state.

    Incidentally, Murray wrote that in 1993.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No family means no society.

      • camp7

        Right on.

      • TL2014

        No functional society anyway.

  • Docs357

    The time has long passed we are overdue overdue for what ? TO USE THE USER ! Leave the racebaiters holding the jack pot. If that governor had a spine the jails would have been filled the charges real. Doing real time for real crimes. No TV upgrades the stuff goes back add another charge of receiving stollen goods. The guys who make a good living off exploiting people will be no where to be found or lock them up too.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Kill-Media-Martial-Conspiracy-ebook/dp/B009063F5W/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1345573494&sr=1-2 jeffreyafriedberg

    Once again I began reading this article without scanning the author’s name. Once again, as I read onward, I knew without a doubt this could only have been written by one person: the great Daniel Greenfield

    • Steve Bryant

      Ditto. Greenfield has the ability to cut through the BS and use plain talk to get to the heart of the matter. As readers, we should be passing along his words in local oped pages all across the country in the hopes that someone, ANYONE, will have the blinders removed from their eyes. It’s obvious the national media isn’t going to do it.
      The national media has abandoned their responsibility to inform the public. It’s the same responsibility they shoulder in return for the expanded protections they are given in our constitution. Misrepresentation of facts used to be the danger to society posed by an irresponsible media. But now that lies can’t cover up the enormity and depth of the failures, suppression of the news is now the pressing danger.
      So share the fruits of Mr. Greenfield’s communication skills….to the top of your lungs!

      • http://www.amazon.com/Kill-Media-Martial-Conspiracy-ebook/dp/B009063F5W/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1345573494&sr=1-2 jeffreyafriedberg

        i was sending them out to the Big Talkers, Rush, “Dr. Insane” Sausage, Hannity, etc., but got the feeling they were just s*it-canning the mailings unread.

        • Steve Bryant

          lol, I doubt they would be able to see them from behind those egos

  • Samo

    Try going on Youtube and typing in “Corrupt Cops Caught on Camera”

  • Samo
  • Samo

    Here’s a perfect example;


    And the person stopped is a white man.
    If you people think the police are always fair and balanced you’re living in a dream world.
    Seriously? WATCH THIS VIDEO!

  • Samo

    I know….you can find as many videos of Blacks (or Whites)
    behaving in very bad ways.
    But……but….The police are public servants and are not supposed to be corrupt.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Lots of cops are petty thugs. But the question is why do we have them.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Never better stated.

  • WillielomanIII

    Daniel, I would be interested as to why you are not on any of the talking heads shows on TV?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’m more of a writing hand than a talking head

      • truebearing

        Maybe we could get Fox to appoint someone to do a daily reading of one of your articles. They could make room but cutting out severals minutes of Juan Williams or Bob Beckel babbling incoherently.

      • Debbie G

        And we love it. Keep on writing, Mr. Greenfield!

  • camp7

    “The government now has a monopoly on racial agitation and racial violence. Obama can use the DOJ, its teams, its investigations and the media to turn the tension on or off.” DG

    I guess he hasn’t discovered the “off” button yet. The Obama mentals and race bosses are playing a very tenuous game. This anti-white society behavior will eventually backfire on the newly coined “government plantation”. Informed armed citizens are growing in numbers and this race victimization syndrome could potentially spark a major wildfire of confrontation – nationwide. Combine that scenario with another economic bubble ready to implode along with all the global instability and you have a list of ingredients for a momentous firestorm. Law enforcement and the DHS don’t have the resources to control or mitigate the fire’s intensity. The unprepared, innocent and aloof will suffer the most. The strife will continue for years.

    All this hype and violence before the investigation is even completed should be an indicator of the volatility of our social discord. A leader we have not.

  • Dennis X

    ALL Black Men regardless of social economic standing should be armed at ALL times, for defense from not only white cops but whites in general. The election of the President only exposed that the true racist nature of amerikkka will never change!

    • Samo

      So all my black friends need guns to protect them from Me?
      I’m sure that would be news to them.
      You’re obviously not old enough to understand that things have changed and are very much better than they were.
      I have black friends married to white women.
      When I was a kid that was illegal in many states.
      You have no clue how bad things were or how good they have become.
      I’m sick of all this black/white $hit!
      It’s proven that genetically we’re all African no matter what our skin pigment

    • ricpic

      An angry schvarze is a happy schvarze and you’re the proof.

    • truebearing

      You are an idiot. Blacks are the ones who should have no guns. Blacks make up only 13% of the population — it would be higher but you keep shooting each other. Blacks commit well over 50% of the murders, and 90% of the black people murdered are murdered by other blacks. I guess blacks should protest and riot against other blacks.

      Of course, you won’t let facts get in the way of your ignorant racism.

  • nimbii

    Once again, Daniel, you’re spot on.

    It has been a long standing policy of the Communist Party in America aka the CFO and UN to use race to divide America for the benefit of internationalists who want to break up the US into smaller EU type countries they can more easily manage and to redistribute that wealth to their own interests elsewhere.

    Been that way since the early 1700’s when Rothschild lent money to Napoleon and also to the other side in France. Rothschild released a knowingly false “news break” that Napoleon had won at Waterloo and then bought panic sold assets at a small fraction of their worth. From there on he controlled the wealth of France.

    The rest is a sordid and corrupt history of the West by bankers in the Rothschild fold…

  • Servo1969


  • ricpic

    Why do any whites vote Democrat? How many whites are hard left fanatics? A tiny number. Other than them why do other whites vote Democrat? Okay, admittedly the Republicans are a milk toast opposition. But don’t whites see that the Democrat Party is their enemy? And if not why not?

    • Debbie G

      I think most Democrats have no clue their party has been taken over by progressives. All they see is that “D” on the voting ballot and automatically check it off. They still fawn over FDR and Kennedy’s Camelot. They are among the throngs of low-information voters. (Of course, there are those Dems that fully support the progressive movement.)

  • Shirley Swanepoel

    @Daniel Greenfield. Excellent article.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Spot on commentary Daniel.
    Obama doesn’t even make a fake attempt to sound objective.
    Instilled in a false narrative as a kid by Marxist African American Frank Marshall Davis, to the Chicago days of Radical Leftist African American Jeremiah Wright,
    same neighborhood of Farrakhan and Michelle Robinson Obama growing up
    next to the Jessie Jackson family. Her friend to this day, Jackson’s daughter and godmother to one of the Obama daughters.
    This continuing riot and Kabuki theater benefits Obama as it takes off the News cycle Obama’s scandals and investigations and especially the ISIS Terrorist
    in Iraq, Hamas attacks against Israel, and the other terrorists activities in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Alain Locke’

    Silly article….Levi needs to read a good book. People are identified by their color and have been for the last few hundred years. Others have been identified by their religion…other by gender or orientation. Those being “identified” by color/religion/gender/orientation can’t simply “wish” it away or ignore it when it is a part of the fabric of the society. The “profit” comes to those who do the categorizing…..Obama/Holder era has just brought more hate to the surface…it was always there…..

    • Yehuda Levi

      Big difference between “identified” and “defined”, but that doesn’t work with your argument – does it?

      Try again.

  • Ivan

    That phrase “militarization of racism” may get picked up and copied. We will see. It’s very clever.

  • Alleged Comment

    I could not believe when they said the negro was cutting his goofing, er golfing vacation short because he is going to make an important earth-shattering announcement.

    Well, I turned on my radio and exactly what I suspected, something about a Michael Brown martyr speech and that Negroes are God’s gift to mankind, and that Negroes must be treated with respect and honor by allowing another illegal negro as president after him, and all cigars hereafter sold in boxes must have a Michael Brown seal of approval, – swear heard it like that!

  • AbdullahtheButcher

    “The black community has been divided between a small elite that runs things, a shaky middle class clinging to government jobs and a vast army of the poor.”


    According to the most recent Census data (2012), the black poverty rate in the U.S. was 27.2%. That’s still much too high, but it’s a minority. Most African Americans are actually middle class, and an increasing percentage are high income. This is an enormous national success story, and conservatives should start acknowledging it.

    Considering a over 70% illegitimacy rate, a 27.2% poverty rate implies that we are salvaging the considerable majority of those born to single moms. That’s a crude, back of the envelope calculation, but you get the idea.

    In comparison, the non-Hispanic white poverty rate in 2012 was 9.7%. For Asians, it was 11.7%. For Hispanics, it was 25.6%.

    If I were a black guy, I’d probaby be irritated with the common media trope that “black” means poor, dysfunctional, incompetent, ill-educated, and perpetually in need of government handouts. It is in the interest of the race hustlers, the welfare bureaucracies, the demagogues, and the democrat party to perpetuate this myth, but it’s not true. Most black people in America are getting along pretty well. It’s time to tell the left-behinds to shape up, and get with the program. This is an area where white folks are not likely to get much traction in the ‘hood. Black leaders need to step up. Some do. Not enough right nwo, but there are some.

  • celador2

    When police could not wear riot gear six were injured and well, it was a predators dream come true. This cool talk of stop the ‘militarization’ means that predators are made bolder as they are in Ferguson. And the law abiding people know too the police will have to go away and can not protect them.

  • Fazona

    Daniel Greenfield, having read your article fully, I have just one conclusion. You are really a racist bigot. Michael Brown was shot dead six times with one shot to his head. He is dead, do you understand? Dead forever. He was unarmed. His stealing at the grocery store was unknown to the police officer before he shot him. Even then, is murder the best answer to an unarmed American Citizen stealing from a grocery store?

    You are not concerned about this extrajudicial murder. Your warped mind can only connect such murder to Jeremiah Wright, Obama Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and your so-called he race-baiting

    Black life is cheap. Another black male was shot dead by a white police officer in Los Angeles and there is demonstration going on presently. You do not see the racism in the American Police forces, where white police officers are routinely killing black males.

    You only see in your warped mind, Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as race-baiters, and looting and thuggery in Ferguson. Did Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bait the while police officer to shoot Michael Brown? You make no sense.

    You do not see the bigger systemic problem where in a country as wealthy as the United States, with 442 Billionaires, 9.63 million Millionaires, a Michael Brown is forced into such wretchedness by the system to steal from a grocery store. You do not see the massive inequality that is tearing the very fabric of the United States and increasing crime, incarcerations and murders? You only see race-baiting and Obama and Eric holder.

    You do not see that only the poor and wretched would loot a store and even damage buildings in their communities as in Ferguson for an extrajudicial murder. You do not see how the system has made them very poor and wretched in a very wealthy country of 442 Billionaires, 9.63 million Millionaires.

    You do not see the systemic problem where the United States with a population of 318 million People has 2,193,798 prisoners, the highest in the world, while China with a population of 1.355 billion people, the largest in the world, has only 1,548,498 prisoners. In other words, China with extra 1 billion people compared to the US, has far fewer prisoners.

    Something is awfully wrong for such a large number of Americans to be incarcerated in the United States. A huge burden to the society. You do not see these. You only see Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and race-baiting.

    Now, coming back to the Michael Brown murder, I can assure you that if a Black police officer had shot a white male
    like you under similar circumstances, you and your neocon ilk will be
    telling a different story.

    In the late seventies to about 1981,
    this was the case in Houston Texas, where white police officers were
    routinely killing black males until black males joined forces to
    retaliate by killing white police officers and the shooting stopped.

    you and you ilk should continue with your warped reasons for supporting
    racial profiling and race-based murders, instead of being honest with yourselves, until the chicken comes home to
    roost. Violence begets violence. It’s an inviolable law.

    Next time, be honest with yourself and call a spade a spade, and focus on the systemic problem of massive inequality in the United States that is tearing the United States apart. All the rest including Ferguson are mere symptoms.,

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The tragedy of a country with 200 trillion billionaires that forced Michael Brown to steal cigars to feed his starving family.

      • Fazona

        Most people who drink are very poor. They drink to forget their messy life and difficult situations, the system has forced them into. Ditto drug addicts and smokers. They are looking for relief from their painful and miserable conditions as a result of poverty or more precisely, lack of money..

        Human beings created money as a medium of exchange for their real wealth of life, ideas, talents and goods and services to consume to sustain and enhance their lives. Human beings did not create money for the few to appropriate and turn others into beggars to steal cigarettes to forget their miseries, and get shot in the process.

        Without money in a modern society, you cannot function. Government has the monopoly of legal tender to create money into existence for all citizens. No American citizen can create money for him or herself. Neither can any business. Only the government has the sole legal authority to do so, per the US Constitution.

        How then does the government distribute the original commonwealth money it printed on behalf of all American citizens so that a poor Michael Brown can have his own portion to participate in the production and distribution of the goods and services he consumes to live and sustain his life? The Constitution is silent on this.

        If you are poor, die. If you have no food and are hungry, die. If you steal food, we will lock you up and then give you the food you never had, in prison and even give you the health insurance you never had outside prison. If you have no money and steal a cigarette to relieve your misery, you get shot.

        That is the tragedy of 200 billionaires holding more than 300 million American Citizens in a financial hostage. An intrinsically valueless stuff called money we humans invented as a medium of exchange, is controlled by the few and the many including Michael Brown are shot dead for stealing a mere $20 worth of Cigarette.

        American life is now worth $20.

        “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”. …..Albert Einstein

        • Daniel Greenfield

          So you’re contending that Michael Brown stole cigars because he was addicted to smoking them to escape his miserable life?

          You could have gone with a more Freudian explanation, but I suppose Marx tops Freud among your crowd.

          Poor starving people don’t steal cigars. Wannabe thugs steal cigars, assault shopkeepers and then police officers over some cigars that they could have bought, but then what would become of their gangsta image?

          Brown wasn’t shot over $20 cigars. He was shot because he had been taught to act like a thug by some of the companies owned by the same millionaires and billionaires you bewail.

          • Fazona

            Wow!! So, 14.1% of the American Population or 45 million Americans are Thugs or taught to be Thugs? How could I have ever thought of such. The United States is then the capital of Thugs.

            Here is a your statement,

            “but then what would become of their gangsta image?”

            Who are the “their”? 45 million Americans having gangsta image or wanting to project gangsta image? And then what after such a projection? How could one ever envisage that Daniel Greenfield is so Psychic to read the minds of all 45 million Americans? What a feat. Maybe, I will hire to tell me what stocks to buy.

            You also stated the following:

            “He was shot because he had been taught to act like a thug by some of the companies owned by the same millionaires and billionaires you bewail.”

            I am still trying to understand your statement. So, “[some of the companies owned by the same millionaires and billionaires (I) bewail]” taught Michael Brown to act like a Thug?

            Then, he can go and steal a cigar and be shot. What is the benefit of these companies and their owners? Or am I missing something?

            You see how screwed up your mind is? Your hatred, animosity and xenophobia against Blacks or so-called Minorities is just oozing profusely. I never new that neocons like you were this ignorant and this hateful.

            There is no hope for the United States, if so.

            Now, five black men including Michael Brown were shot dead in one month by white police officers. The black male in NY who was killed by a police choke-hold, was not a teenager and did not steal anything. Here is an excerpt from CNN:

            “Thousands of protesters rallied Saturday on a New York street where Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, died after a white police officer put him in a chokehold, sparking national outrage just weeks before Michael
            Brown was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

            The two cases thrust into the forefront the issues of law enforcement’s use of deadly or life-threatening force and police relations with the communities they are sworn to serve”.

            Was the family man with grown up children, Eric Garner
            also a wannabe gangsta or a wannabe Thug? Was that why he was choked to death by white police officers?

            Another except from CNN:

            “Kadiatou Diallo recalled the day her unarmed 22-year-old son Amadou who was killed in February 1999 in a hail of 41 bullets fired by four police officers in the Bronx. He was struck 19 times.

            The officers — Kenneth Boss, Sean Carroll, Edward McMellon and Richard Murphy — acknowledged firing 41 shots that night, but said they thought that Mr. Diallo was carrying a gun. Mr. Diallo, who came to America more than two years before from Guinea and worked as a street peddler in Manhattan, was hit by 19 bullets while standing in the doorway of his Bronx apartment building”.

            Was the unarmed black immigrant Amadou Diallo who had no criminal record and did not steal anything also a wannabe gangsta or wannabe Thug, to be shot 41 times by white police officers?

            There are many of such cases all across the United States.

            I am very sorry for the United States with people of your ilk, trapped in your xenophobia and unimaginable hatred.

            You see, within the next 30 years, around 2043, the wannabe Thugs and wannabe gangstas will surpass the white population. It has already happened in California.

            So, you will have a lot of gangstas and Thugs to deal with or for your children to deal with.

            I thought racism and xenophobia were receding in the United States but having read your blatantly racist article and all the racist comments here, racism and xenophobia are just accelerating in the US.

            It’s a pity and I really pity you.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            45 million Americans were shot in Ferguson?

            Great catch on bringing up a case from 15 years ago. How about something from the 60s?

          • Fazona

            So, how do you know the Wannabe Thugs and wannabe gangstas from the 45 million American Citizens? Are you that psychic?

            Eric Garner was choked to death on July 17, 2014 in NY, not 15 years ago. Is the 43 year old Eric Garner also a gangsta or Thug? Did he also steal a cigar?

            The sixties and much earlier were worse, when the KKK had their field days. That was America at its worst.

            You have still not made any relevant points except exhibit more of your ignorance and xenophobia. I am conversing with you so that you can change your ways.

            I am still trying to find out how the murders of five black men in one month by white Police officers turned into “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”.

            But for the accident of history, you could have been a black man. Change your thoughts for the better and be more inclusive to change your life on this Earth.

            There is Life beyond this Earth. For Life never dies. Life always is, never was and never will be. The opposite of death is birth. Life has no opposite.

            You always reap what you sow either on this Earth or beyond this Earth. It’s an inviolable law. There is Life beyond this physical death.

            Just a straggler who came across your article by accident or synchronicity talking to you heart to heart.

            Look in the mirror and that man you see in the mirror could have been a blackman.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            And that “blackman” wouldn’t be beating up store clerks, stealing cigars and attacking cops.

            There you go.

          • Fazona

            There are white gangstas and white Thugs. But not all whites are gangstas and thugs. And that is exactly what I have been driving home to you.

            The last time I checked Adolph Hitler and Mussolini were white.

            I am still trying to find the connection between the murders of five black men in one month by white Police officers, and “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            Did I say that all blacks are gangstas and thugs?

            I said Michael Brown was.

            It sure took you the long way around.

          • Fazona

            Your words:

            “Ferguson happens a few times every month. More often in the summer when tempers are hot and crowds of bored men and women fill the streets looking for something to do. Teenagers ransack stores. Small cities stretch their budgets in a bad economy to put as many cops as they can on the street”.

            If Ferguson happens a few times a month, then there must be several “Michael Browns” a few times a month to cause Fergusons to happen.

            You further confirmed this with the following statements.

            “Fergusons usually happen locally, but when it’s convenient then the looting and car stomping go national. The Trayvon Martin case happened
            in an election year. So did the Michael Brown case”.

            There are Michael Browns and there are Trayvon Martins that happen a few times a month and especially elections years, and they go national.

            As such, the race-baiters like Obama, Holder, etc are the instigators. They are all black.

            You are not talking about Michael Brown alone. There are several Michael Browns and even Trayvon Martins as you can see. Need I say more.

            Anyway, it’s been a pleasure conversing with you. We are all here on this Earth for a purpose. Some of us will know our purpose or purposes and pursue them with happiness and success, while others will flounder until their next incarnation.

            It is part of the Cosmic Game of Life. We create our experiences every moment of our lives through our thoughts, words and deeds. Our experiences are the parts we play in the Cosmic Game of Life.

            Let’s play our parts well at our level of consciousness, mental capacity and physical capability. For, we only have this one life to live in this incarnation. Let’s live it well with joy, playfulness, open-mindedness and tolerance.

            Our paths have crossed through synchronicity and our lives will never be the same again.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            I wouldn’t overestimate that synchronicity if I were you.

          • Fazona

            Your level of consciousness dictates your degree of “knowing” synchronicity. There are no accidents in life. There are no miracles either for those who know. Those who know know when the accident will happen and can control it. Those who do not know but see the prevention of such accident call it a miracle.

            There is “knowing” and there is the “illusion of knowing”.

            Synchronicity rules our Cosmos, at least our puny physical Earth, the little floating island in our solar system.

            Furthermore, you create your thoughts every moment of your life. Your chronic thoughts turn into your beliefs, which if you are not conscious of, control your life. For all your current thoughts, words and actions are filtered through those deeply held beliefs.

            This is why you see many Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins as Thugs and gangstas instigated by the Obamas and Holders, to make a profit from racism. Your beliefs dictate what you see and what you want to see.

            If you believe in synchronicity, it exists for you. If you do not believe in synchronicity, it does not exist for you. But there is synchronicity for those who have elevated their consciousness to the level of “knowing” its existence.

            Let’s play our parts well in the Cosmic Game of Life. And play your part well at your level of consciousness.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            The crime statistics are not defined by what I want to see.

          • Fazona

            I presume the following is part of your crime statistics:

            Black TV Producer, Charles Belk, Arrested By Beverly Hills Cops Who Thought He Robbed A Bank

            If you google the above headline, you will get the details. Here are some excerpts:

            “[One recent encounter took place in Beverly Hills Friday, Aug. 22, 2014 during Emmy Award weekend between local authorities and television producer Charles Belk who said police arrested him as he was walking from a restaurant where they reportedly accused him of “armed bank robbery and accessory to robbery of a Citibank.”

            Belk penned a post on Facebook describing the “life altering experience,” saying his only crime was fitting the description of a “tall, bald head, black male.”]”

            “[Within minutes, I was surrounded by 6 police cars, handcuffed very tightly, fully searched for weapons, and placed back on the curb.

            Within an hour, I was transported to the Beverly Hills Police Headquarters, photographed, finger printed and put under a $100,000 bail and accused of armed bank robbery and accessory to robbery of a Citibank.

            Within an evening, I was wrongly arrested, locked up, denied a phone call, denied explanation of charges against me, denied ever being read my rights, denied being able to speak to my lawyer for a lengthy time, and
            denied being told that my car had been impounded….. All because I was mis-indentified as the wrong “tall, bald head, black male,” … “fitting the description.”]”

            “[The Beverly Hills Police Department deeply regrets the inconvenience to Mr. Belk and has reached out to him to express those regrets and further explain the circumstances.]”

            Those who enslave others will never grasp the horrors of the enslaved. The oppressor does not know what the oppressed feels. He who wears the shoe feels the pinch.

            You always want to see what you want to see based on your innermost beliefs. All your actions are based on your deepest beliefs. You see the crime statistics you want to see based on your core beliefs.

            You always see what you want to see. You always hear what you want to hear.

            Statistics are created by people based on their chronic thoughts or beliefs. A Scientist’s belief always changes the results of his experiment. For you thoughts create your realities, always.

            Thoroughly read the story of Charles Belk, and maybe you will learn something in your life.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            Would there have been a story here if Belk were white?

          • Fazona

            How many white TV Producers have been handcuffed by Black Police officers because a white man stole in a nearby bank? You ask very silly questions.

            Here is the headline of your article:
            “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”

            There is no correlation between the above headline and the jumbled up body of your article.

            Go through your article again, then read all the racist and xenophobic comments in response to your article. Maybe, you will learn a few more things and change your beliefs and your life. All part of the cosmic Game of Life.

            As I said, in about 30 years, by about 2043, the Black and Hispanic Thugs and Gangstas will surpass your pure white Saints in the United States. Either, you find a way to live with them or you may emigrate to Europe, which unfortunately is also turning brown. So, you are stuck.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            More than one. I’m sure.

          • Fazona

            Bring up the link? Theoretical assertions or mere opinions mean nothing. We want facts. Show evidentiary proof.

            You have still not shown how the murder of five black men by white police officers and the false arrest of a black TV Producer by white police officers, all in one month, are related to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”.

            Walk the talk and stop talking the talk. As they say, talk is always cheap.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            Black officers are more likely to shoot black suspects than white officers.

            I blame racism.

          • Fazona

            Now, what is the relationship between your above statements and my request for evidentiary proof and the question I posed? You have no proof and you have not been able to answer a single one of all the questions I posed.

            Once more, how do the murders of five black men by white police officers and the false arrest of a black TV Producer by white police officers, all in one month relate to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”?

            You simply go round and round in circles, unable to give provable facts, prove your assertions, correlate the title of your article to the body of your article, while making pointless comments.

            Walk the talk and stop talking the talk. Authenticate your statements or assertions with factual evidence or stop making cacophonous noise.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            That’s evidentiary proof. If racism were the issue, white officers would be more likely to shoot black suspects.

          • Fazona

            Just like your rancidly racist article, you make no sense. That has been going on for ages, right from the time of slavery in the United States.

            Once more, where is your evidentiary proof of black Police Officers handcuffing a white TV Producer because a white male committed a crime, nearby?

            Again, how do the murders of five black men by white police officers and the false arrest of a black TV Producer by white police officers, all in one month relate to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”?

            You have no answers do you, except disseminate your racist and xenophobic views?

            What a pity.

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            Do you mean white slavery or black slavery?

          • Fazona

            What exactly is your point? When did Blacks enslave Whites? Arabs and Arab Moors enslaved whites and blacks. Blacks never enslaved whites. In fact, Arab slavery of Blacks lasted much longer than European slavery of Blacks. Again, what’s your point?

            How is this related to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”?

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            The original slaves in America were white. Some say they still are if you define slavery as compulsory labor on behalf of another.

          • Fazona

            You need to be really educated about American history because you have no clue what you are talking about.

            European imposition of Indentured Servitude on their fellow Europeans in the new world (America) is completely different from the cold-bloodely callous and horrendously heinous Chattel Slavery Europeans imposed on Africans in the new world (America). The difference is like night and day.

            Furthermore, most of original white slaves as you call them were Criminals and Ex-convicts from Britain. The Africans who were snatched from their homes and towns and shipped in chains to the United States were not Criminals or ex-convicts. Some of them were professionals in their own right.

            Even then, white slavery lasted for a very short period while Black slavery lasted for 150 years in the United States.

            Finally and once more, Blacks never enslaved Whites, anywhere. On the other hand, Muslim Arabs and Muslim Arab Moors enslaved more than 1 million Europeans between 1530 and 1780.

            I still do not see how all these are related to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”?

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            Might want to tell that to Oliver Cromwell. African slaves weren’t originally chattel either. A case involving a black slaveowner established that.

          • Fazona

            Oh yes, there were Black slave owners in the United States until these Black Slave owners also got trapped in the Slavery web. They soon realized they were also Black.

            Now, that does not mean chattel slavery did not exist then. How many were the Black slave owners in the United States in 150 years?

            You still haven’t shown me how all these are related to “Obama’s Racism for Fun and Profit”?

          • http://sultanknish.blogspot.com Daniel Greenfield

            The legal status of slavery was created by a black man claiming another black man as chattel.

            See John Casor.

          • Fazona

            I don’t know why you always give half baked stories to suit your written thoughts. John Casor was not the first to create the legal status of Chattel slavery. Rather, it was John Punch and here are the facts: John Casor’s case was adjudicated in 1955, while John Punch’s case was executed in July 1640, full 15 years apart. The following details about John Punch will help you..

            John Punch

            “[John Punch, James Gregory, and a man named Victor were all indentured servants contracted to Virginia planter Hugh Gwyn. These three men each performed similar tasks as slaves and each also felt so exploited he was willing to take unimaginable risks to pursue freedom. John, James, and Victor ran away and were captured within days.

            Though fleeing similar circumstances, the fates of the runaways differed under the court’s aegis. A judge sentenced all three to whippings. He then added four years to the indenture terms of James and Victor, both white Europeans. John, a black man, alone he condemned to lifelong servitude.

            John Punch is one of the first servants on record to be sentenced to slavery on the grounds of race. However, he was neither the first nor the last black man to flee from oppressive bondage. Despite the development of harsh fugitive slave laws in the next century, running away remained one of the most common strategies for escaping slavery.]”

            As you can see, Racism and Chattel slavery started with John Punch in July 1640, and not with John Casor who became a chattel slave in 1655..

            You need to get your facts right. Anymore false information from you or false American history, I will charge you for my time, $250/hr. So, do your homework, before you publish anymore of your fallacies to buttress your case..

  • Jacobin

    I can’t believe anyone who can form sentences and has working eyes and ears could possibly believe any of this. To acknowledge that the concept of race and the ideologies of racism have real effects on black bodies is not to be racist. I’m fairly sure you understand this.

  • Patrick Clifton

    Another “Dog and Pony” show meant to blunt repeated criticisms about Governments inattention to inner city crime. This additional reactive enforcement is not the most effective way to reduce crime, it merely may enable quicker apprehensions after the fact.

  • Bandido

    Which will be never. The media lives on lies, it eats, breathes, excretes, lies. It is a lying entity built to generate ever more and bigger lies. The irony is that the great Leftist Lie that it serves will be its undoing, when Leviathan has grown big enough and powerful enough to swallow it whole, along with every free institution that remains.

  • rightontheleftcoast

    Brilliant, as usual, Mr. Greenfield. Thank you.