Obama’s Tired Song and Dance

widemodern_obamasotu_140128425x283There comes a time in a pop star’s career when the songs that enthralled fall flat, the lyrics that seemed daring grow stale and the atmosphere that tied it all together blows away into thin air. A time when everyone knows the words to all the songs because there are no more new songs, only the old songs that no longer touch the emotions of the audience and the new songs that are poor pastiches of the old.

There comes a time when the fans grow restless and the lead singer whose voice once moved millions begins to sweat, sensing that the music has betrayed him and that the audience hears every false note.

Last night was that moment.

Obama opened his State of the Union address, full of its old familiar riffs on green energy, education, infrastructure and an end to war, with unity. Not a call to unity, but a presumption of unity. With his approval ratings underwater, his sixth State of the Union was about claiming credit and shifting blame.

The rhetoric, cynical and hypocritical, had a frantic edge to it. The man who keeps boasting that he will rule unilaterally in the imperial style with a pen as his scepter and a phone as his Fasces, was suddenly talking about the chamber, speaking with one voice and crediting the American people for everything.

Unity, like every other Obama gimmick, is only a tactical pose to be discarded a moment later. The Justin Bieber of politics cannot change and before long he’s back to threatening a unilateral campaign against the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights and invoking Marx’s hoary old specter of class warfare sleeping under a bench in Zuccotti Park after a long day of wandering ominously around Wall Street.

Otherwise it’s the same old out-of-tune piano whose racial ivories the crooner-in-chief tickles as he sings all the old promises of fixing the roads and bridges that never seem to get fixed and implementing the modern high tech educational solutions that never seem to work. The bored audience cheers and laughs mechanically out of tribal duty in all the right places when their party’s political Applause light flashes.

Michelle Obama’s starvation lunches for schools and jazzercise tour have lowered obesity levels, according to her husband, and ObamaCare is a huge success, according to the guy it’s named after. Afghanistan is a success. The economy is a success. Unemployment is a success. Democrats loyally clap sweaty palms at how wonderful everything is, but for some reason much of the country is out of work.

But Obama doesn’t pause. Instead he launches into his next set and it’s back to the War on Women, to the topical references that reassure MSNBC listeners that he is still with it even if those references are a few years out of date. It’s back to assurances that only with billions more of Chinese money borrowed and squandered on his policy gimmicks will we finally be able to compete with China.

And it’s the same old promises that the War on Terror has been won and we can relax now.

Strip away the year and it’s hard for the listener to tell whether he’s listening to a cut from the 2008, 2011 or 2014 SOTU album. Clip all the static about competing with China by building bridges so that babies with Asthma can attend free pre-K with Google and you catch snippets of the new stuff.

You can tell that it’s 2014 because Obama is walking back his old false claim that “Al Qaeda is on a path to defeat” by clarifying that while “al-Qaida’s core leadership on a path to defeat,” all the affiliates are spreading around the world. It’s an odd definition of defeat that sees a terrorist group’s affiliates bigger, better armed and more powerful than ever before. But word games, instead of responsibility, is what the hottest vocal teleprompter act from 2008 does best.

Obama is never wrong. Sometimes the facts are wrong. Sometimes your eyes and ears are wrong. Often reality is wrong. But he is never wrong.

“The debate is settled,” Obama declares at a time when the debate is really taking off in Europe. “Climate change is a fact.”

Climate change, like Al Qaeda’s path to defeat, is a slippery road. Al Qaeda is rising in Syria and Iraq, but is on a path to defeat. The freezing temperatures are proof positive of Global Warming. The debate is settled and the facts are in and if the debate later becomes unsettled, SOTU 2015 will have to redefine climate change to mean that the core temperatures at the center of the earth are much too hot.

According to Obama, “climate change” is causing droughts and coastal flooding that can only be fought by fighting carbon. California’s droughts are actually caused by liberal environmental policies, not by the dreaded carbon scourge, and the hoax that coastal flooding is caused by turning up the heat on cold nights is unscientific nonsense that wouldn’t even be endorsed by most professional Warmists.

But in Obamaland, the problem is often the solution. The politician who racked up trillions in debt promises that illegal alien amnesty will shrink deficits by a trillion. Blowing up welfare doesn’t lead to reduced deficits in the real world, but in the unreal world where floods are caused by eating too much meat and the bigger Al Qaeda gets, the closer it comes to defeat, the problem is the solution.

Unable to find any moderate Taliban willing to accept his surrender, Obama is declaring victory in Afghanistan and urging Congress to let him free all the Gitmo terrorists or at least transfer them to civilian custody because the war is over. The Gitmo terrorists don’t agree that the war is over and they prove it every year with a higher recidivism rate than pedophiles. But perhaps just as Al Qaeda is on a path to defeat through victory and the freezing temperatures are on a path to Global Warming, they too are on a path to rehabilitation even if they appear to be headed in the opposite direction.

Maybe they’re just taking the long way around to peace the way that Obama is taking the long way around to success.

There was a time when Obama’s speeches captivated mainstream audiences. Now they don’t even move his base. The speeches, like old songs, remind them of when they believed, stirring the ashes of dead idealisms and old passions, but offer nothing real and nothing new, only the specter of Hope and Change wandering around Wall Street with a hand out for Organizing For America donations.

There comes a time when the audience learns to instinctively break down the gimmicks that once made a musician seem fresh and new. And with Obama down to his sixth State of the Union, there is nothing here but gimmicks; policy proposals that he isn’t serious about, excuses for failed policies and threats that he will unilaterally implement bad new policies with his pen, his phone and his teleprompter.

The songs are old, the music falters and under the hot lights, the audience can see the lead singer sweat.


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  • veeper

    obama’s 2014 Marathon Lie…

  • BagLady

    Can I set the tone for the conversation? Usually it gets very bloody and emotions get in the way of rational thinking. I want to share this with you just for a moment. It goes out to all those who called me nasty names and tried to pigeon hole me into some 21st century sub-political category that has grown out of the ‘Silicon(e) Valley ‘tree structure’.

    It is 7.58 pm and I must away to my kitchen. It would be nice to think of you all ‘mellowing’ while I stir fry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meRUlfszVA0&feature=em-share_video_user

    • logdon

      I am reminded and extremely thankful that when people were wearing clothes like that, I wasn’t.

      • BagLady

        Gosh, what a strange recollection to have of such wonderful music

        • logdon

          I can assure you that it’s much more benign than my first one.

    • bob smith

      thank you, your sense of timing is impeccable. nothing more apt than a snippet representing the caliphate’s fiddles being played while The Capitol burns. poetic but true enough.

    • Gman

      Rational thinking? What educational learning informs your rational thought?

      Are you an account or a historian?

    • defcon 4

      Music is haram, because muhahahahahamad said so.

  • fiddler

    This jumped off the page:
    “It’s back to assurances that only with billions more of Chinese money
    borrowed and squandered on his policy gimmicks will we finally be able
    to compete with China.”

    Let’s see, what did Albert Einstein say about insanity again???

    • fiddler

      Here’s another,

      “But word games, instead of responsibility, is what the hottest vocal teleprompter act from 2008 does best.”

    • Yulia Demkin

      “…Hope and Change wandering around Wall Street with a hand out for Organizing For America donations.”

      Such a image of a pathetic loser.

    • tagalog

      Well, of course the Red Chinese were able to do that to us.

  • kilfincelt

    The statement that I loved was that we are more secure than ever at home. Really!?! Prez has included Muslim Brotherhood associates in our government. They have removed all offensive information from the training materials of the FBI, CIA, and military as well as any other organization that has to know the truth about Islam and he has the audacity to say we are safer. He is either delusional or practicing lying in accordance with his Islamic beliefs. I think that it is the latter.

    • Myrtle Linder

      We are in more danger now, from the Obamites, than the Pilgrims were when they first arrived, from Indians and forest animals that could have killed then before they had any houses for shelter, or of being bombed during the Japanese and German confrontations, or any other time in history. Always before, we had a president, a president that was, at least partly, for the American people. Never before have we been ruled by a foreign born enemy, one who hates our GOD AND HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST. Some have not been Christian but never one who hated GOD, never before one who is not a citizen.


      • Jeff Ludwig

        God bless you for this post. We are on our knees about the destruction of the country that is right before our eyes. The wrath of God seems to be upon us. Lord have mercy upon me, a poor sinner!

        • gawxxx

          mercy , why ? we do not deserve any mercy ( read the blessings and cursings chapters in leviticus 26 and deutoronomy 28 to see what is coming for this cesspool )

          • BagLady

            Oh dear, I seem to be in the wrong room.

    • tagalog

      I’d venture to say that, given the precautions over terrorism at the Super Bowl and the precautions that are being taken to -hopefully- insure security at the Winter Olympics, that the terrorists have won.

      Remember how we were told that if we had to change our way of doing things, the terrorists would have won? Well, we’ve made the changes. We’re afraid of outbreaks of terrorist incidents at popular venues. So I guess they won.

      How does Obama know that the debate is settled and that climate change is a reality, except in the sense that everyone knows that climate change has always been happening and will keep on happening no matter what anyone does (other than blowing the planet into small chunks)? I thought the operating principle in science is that the debate is NEVER settled.

    • BagLady

      From what I read here and there on various US foreign policies, Obama is leaning towards diplomatic solutions over the fist.

      Defence departments in both the US and Israel will worry for their annual income. All those $billion projects to shelve if their budgets are cut.

      • stopsorosnow

        Diplomatic solutions? Ha! Good one. Clearly you missed the coup.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Daniel, when are you going to begin writing about the real scandalous problems with this Fraud in Chief? The man usurped the office of the POUTS and you seem to be okay with that. Has David Horowitz forbidden you to discuss the fraudulent activity that went into making this man eligible to seek the office of the POTUS? I know for a fact that those working at Fox News have been forbidden to discuss or even mention the fraudulent activity. How sick is that when it is the only media outlet conservatives have to rely on for reporting the NEWS and allowing us to judge. I am beginning to think that many of the main line Conservative web pages have done what Fox has done. All that being said, the truth will prevail WITHOUT you and come this March you will be caught with your pants down around your ankles when those folks conducting the 31 month on going criminal investigation drops its findings upon the American people. You and all those who have intentionally ignored this scandalous activity will have a mud on your face that will take a decade to remove.

    • logdon

      I’m sure that Daniel can answer for himself but in the meantime here’s my take.

      It’s called timing. In other words, there’s a time and a place.

      This is the place, of that there is no doubt, but now is not the time.

      So far on top of the undoubted valid issues of BC, college transcripts, Harvard Law opacity, Social Service records and past nefarious association, we’ve had Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, NRS Taxation manipulation, AP press intrusion and phone tapping yet despite the efforts of good and undoubtedly honest men not one jot has come of it.

      So why should Daniel throw himself into the lions den when he knows that, unlike his namesake, he will not escape unscathed?

      Via a combination of his MSM cohorts, draconian censorship and an all too willingly duped America, Obama remains afloat.

      It’s all out there yet seemingly no one cares. The time to press that nuke button is only when we know that the missile will hit its target and do what it says on the label.

      If a missile hits, fails to explode and the reaction is a yawning so what, what exactly is the point?

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        “Why should Daniel (and other journalist or blog participators) throw them selves into the lion’s den?” Our soldiers throw themselves “into the lion’s den” every damn day so why can’t a man totting a pen (key board)) throw himself into the “lion’s den?” It is obvious that many strong patriots have already thrown themselves into the “lion’s den”, folks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo, and those many that have worked with them over the past years. There are those who have filed affidavits with the FBI and various courts, they are in the “lions’s den.” There are lawyers who have jumped into the “lion’s den” presenting cases to a corrupt judicial system. That doesn’t stop them, they keep working hard to expose the crimes. Eventually someone will care. It is a sorry state of affairs when the common man “doesn’t care.” Daniel and many other conservative bloggers need to man up and help stop this insanity by overwhelming the internet. Do they love their constitutional freedoms or have they become comfortable with watching others do what they should be doing also?

        How about you, I don’t see you commenting about the fraud and crimes. There are plenty of sources on the internet where you can extract what they have found and pass it along to as many as possible. In this day of the modern internet we should be able to overwhelm the system. The entire Egyptian Protest against the Muslim Brotherhood was orchestrated via the Internet. Are you telling me we Americans cannot do the same? Have you given up?

        • logdon

          Have you read my comment?

          Timing is all otherwise Arpaio and co who are good and stalwart Americans would have achieved their aims.

          Your hot air is misplaced and you fail to understand my point.

    • Jerry G

      I’m afraid that Daniel, despite his incredible writings, has fallen into the same rut as all conservatives, whether it be fear or ignorance and that is the failure to speak the truth about Obama rather than constantly criticize his policies.Focus in on the man himself, who he is and where he came from. and that will answer why his policies and his actions.

      • Debbie G

        Not sure what you guys are talking about. Frontpagemag has repeatedly focused on the Obama’s background. We can’t expect that in every article.

        • Jerry G

          What I’m talking about is that Obama has usurped the presidency through fraud and criminality and belongs not in the White House but behind bars. Name me one so called conservative who has come out with that.

          • Debbie G

            I thought you were referring to his communist influences.

          • Jerry G

            Being a Marxist is not a crime in this country but assuming the presidency through a phony birth record, a stolen social security number and a false draft registration are all crimes punishable by imprisonment.

  • Rosasolis

    I didn’t watch Obama’s State of the Un-unified Speech, because he bores me
    with his unrealistic dialogue, which goes on and on, without anything new or
    interesting. A good- nights sleep ( European time) was more important to me.
    I hope that more Americans now realize that this man and his corrupt government
    are forcing Communism upon your country. Soon they will take-over EVERY kind
    of indiviidual freedom which you have had since your Independance.
    Soon the Islam will take over all of the Middle-east and Africa, and then Europe
    will be targeted. Followed by North and South America…while Obama and
    Kerry keep supporting the El Qaida and other Jihad groups.
    This is why I valued a good- nights sleep…while this is still possible!
    I hope that we will soon hear more from Gen. Vallely and other true patriots
    in America. Our 1st. Netherlands troups have arrived in Mali, Africa to build
    accomodation for approx. 400 men and women, who will provide protection
    for the threatened population in this area. I hope their mission will give some
    support to this African country which is threatened to be taken over by the Jihadists.

  • Kathleen3

    Only Daniel Greenfield could so eloquently describe the rantings of the worst president in the history of this country.

    • lyndaaquarius

      do you realize that Obama had zero administrative experience when he was elected president? And what exactly did he ever organize as a community organizer? Scary to think that he’s no in charge of administrating the affairs of the largest,most wealthy nation. He shows no head for governance. No willingness to protect our founding documents.

      Pray deeply for America’s security.

  • veeper

    Blame Congress…Season Six….

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    Either I am wrong and we are already fascist, or Marcuse’s theory of repressive tolerance accounts for the fact that we are still free to express our dissident opinions. See http://clarespark.com/2013/04/21/fascism-what-it-is-what-it-is-not/. “Fascism: what it is, what it is not.” If repressive tolerance is in effect, then stop trashing critical theory and the Frankfurt School.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      If repressive tolerance were not in effect, in favor of outright repression, there would be a civil war. Hence, repressive tolerance. Political correctness is the control.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    What a disgrace for America. An electorate ignorant about foreign affairs in general and devoid of any understanding about the Middle East in particular elects a President who is through appeasement of Iran pushing the world towards catastrophe. This is a pivotal moment in US and world history. Will Congress have enough sane politicians to override the President’s veto and prove that the Founding Fathers had indeed created a political system in which such disasters just cannot happen?


  • johnlittle

    The president needs to understand that wanting to be a dictator does not make him a dictator. Regretfully, his party and media sycophants encourage him to pursue such a goal. Ironic is it not that his party is the Democratic Party?

    Are we reliving the 1920’s or 1930’s? Maybe Hillary best represents the 1930’s.

    Cordially, John Little, Sr.

  • T-Rex

    Mr. Greenfield,
    Another wonderful job of pointing out how the progressives seek to “take care” of us. It’s a wonder how civilization got along for millennium without them at the helm. Their “progress” will save us from climatic fluctuations, free us from every form of “inequality”, make “fairness” a human right, educate us correctly and structure our communities and behavior to save the planet and mankind. All we have to do is ignore that pesky Constitution thing and hand over our money.

  • logdon

    A few years back, Mark Stein wrote America Alone.

    Not anymore. Welcome to the club.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much as we aren’t.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It was the most disconnected from reality speech in the history of America. Man is a compulsive liar.

  • uptownsteve

    If Obama walked across water, the rightards would whine that he couldn’t swim. They are going to hate him no matter what he does so Mr. President, PLEASE USE THE POWER OF YOUR OFFICE. Use the executive order. Forget about the racist right.

    • JoJoJams

      Yep. the race card. AS if a majority of low-melanin content Americans, who voted for him and once liked him, are now suddenly “racists” for not liking his ideologies and inept policies. It has to be the color of his skin they are judging him on, and not the quality of his character! *sigh* /facepalm

      • uptownsteve

        Where is your proof that the 42% of white America who voted for him are now against him? I’ll wait patiently. You darn sure didn’t vote for him.

        • Rob Hobart

          Where is your proof for any of the hateful drivel you post?

        • JoJoJams

          This so reminds me of a debate I had with one of my “liberal” friends prior to Obama’s first election. I spent a good five minutes going over his lack of any experience, his nefarious associations with known communists, his ideology that was definitely the farthest left of any senator at the time, his stating that “with my policies, costs will necessarily skyrocket” in regards to energy production, his (and his wife’s) apparent hate of America, as she is, as well as his voting record as an Illinois senator (mostly just “present”, when not voting to allow babies of botched abortions to be left to die, alone, on a cold table in a dark closet – he basically started posturing for president as soon as he took office as senator in Illinois). All the while I was outlining these things, and more, she was looking at me with the all too typical smarmy smile, and twinkle in her eye. When I finished, she looked at me and said, “It’s because he’s black, isn’t it?”. **big sigh** Why are you loony lefties so obsessed with race?

          As to your questions, Obama’s approval ratings are far too low to be anything but many of the same people who voted for him (based on his “promises” and rhetoric, which sounded good at the time) now not liking where he actually is taking us (“if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” ~lies…).

          But hold on tight to your loony lefty fantasy of “racist” whites (and what of Obama’s “white” half? – are you a “one drop = negro” racist of old? Yep.) The facts are: YOU are the obvious race-obsessed racist! And me, I look at all the hues of humanity, and the melanin content, and realize…..it’s the ideology, stupid!

          Now, go upstairs and give your momma a hug. She deserves it, after putting up with the likes of you.

          • uptownsteve

            Typical righty. Lots of bluster and blather with no real substance. By the way Goober, regardless of how low Obama’s ratings are, he’s still higher than the Republicans. Chew on that with that one tooth you have.

          • JoJoJams

            Plenty of substance there, uptownsteve. Though, I do realize it’s too nuanced for you. You have a real problem with hearing people, and getting past your racism, bigotry and hatred of all people “different” from you, don’t you? Sad, really – because I do see a decent amount of intelligence in you – but your comments throughout this sight are borderline pathetic.
            To use another story to illustrate what I see and “hear” in you:

            Debating with a “progressive” is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how well you play, the pigeon will just coo and squawk a bunch of noise, knock over the pieces, cr@p on the board, then strut around all cocky as if its won the game.

            That’s you in a nutshell. ;-) Have you given your momma a hug yet? She does deserve it for all that you put her through.

          • Rob Hobart

            This from a troll who hurls fact-free insults?

          • gawxxx

            let us know how that train ride goes when the “shtf” genius !

          • liberalism is a mental illness

            Ummm. There is ten times as much substance in what JoJo says than there are in your rants.

          • Drakken

            Keep up the great work in making whitey that much more race conscious by the day, it will sure bode well for you and YOUR people. Dumbazz.

          • uptownsteve

            Still threatening race war Jethro? I don’t think you understand that white progressives find your type as repulsive as I do.

          • Drakken

            Funny Kaffir, those white progressives are what is called statistics.

          • defcon 4

            “white progressives”. Are they the people who subscribe to black supremacy?

        • Notalibfool

          What is your obsession with the race card?

          • veeper

            that’s all he’s got…..

            unless he wants to brag about how much obama lies…..

          • Drakken

            Your really have to ask that question when 90-95 % of his people voted for this abomination in office? Us crackers according to his ilk own them.

        • liberalism is a mental illness

          Umm. He didn’t mention anything about white Americans being against him although that does seem like the case. Your response to what he said is the response to something else. Typical leftard misinterpretation and insanity.

    • Gislef

      So you’re saying people shouldn’t be unhappy that he’s caused an increase in unemployment, an increased gap between the rich and the poor, a net increase in the number of people without health coverage?

      Or that those facts don’t exist?

      • uptownsteve

        Unemployment rate has gone down 6.7%. Lowest since before he was elected. You righties are oblivious to facts and motivated only by hatred.

        • JoJoJams

          Yeah, because so many have stopped looking for work, so are no longer counted. Yes, we are “motivated by hate” — a healthy “hatred” for the ideology that is destroying this nation. And it’s about a lot more than just juggled unemployment numbers. If you were around during the American Revolution, you’d have been cheering on good ol’ King George! ~

        • Gislef

          Are you using the U-6 employment rate, the “real” employment rate, to make that determination?

        • Gislef

          I think you mean it has gone down _to_ 6.7%. But gone down from when it started, gone down in the last quarter, the last year, or what?

          Let’s go with the reduced figure that you’ve chosen, which doesn’t include people dropping out of the workforce. It started at 7.8 in January 2009, for instance. It then rose steadily to 10.0 in October 2009.

          Also, the 6.7% figure you cite is for December, when hiring of temporary workers (which are included) are on the increase. But it was trending downward before that.

          So yes, President Obama has got it down to where he was before he raised it after coming into office. And as I noted, there has been an overall increase in unemployment on his watch. When you say he “got it down,” you mean that he got it back to a bit below where he started.


        • Rob Hobart

          “Facts”? LOL

          You do know the difference between reported unemployment and structural unemployment, right?

        • cheechakos


        • liberalism is a mental illness

          Nobody here has stated or even implied that they hate Obama. We just don’t like him because he’s a wimp. You seem to revere him. Why? He really hasn’t been a great president. I mean really he hasn’t done anything that emboddies greatness at all. Churchill was a great leader for a countless number of things he did. Do you always conly celebrate mediocrity? State one great not just good thing he’s done.

        • Drakken

          You really are fu**ing stupid aren’t you? The unemployment rate as it has been explained to you before is hovering at about 19 % on the liberal side you effing black dumbazz, but your to bloody ignorant to get it. There is no helping you and there is no saving you of your ilk. Don’t forget to throw out the race card kaffir.

          • BagLady

            Thank you for the lesson in irony

          • defcon 4

            Is the irony you found somewhere in silicone valley?

        • defcon 4

          LOL, damn you’re dumb.

    • Notalibfool

      Race card again, Steve? For such an allegedly intelligent person you sure lack an imagination. When you pull the race card you are effectively admitting defeat.

      So you actually want the president to bypass Congress and rule as a dictator? You know, there are several countries that already have such a system. Why don’t you move to one of them and see how great life is? Or are you all talk and no action?

    • cheechakos

      Stereotyping 1/2 the population of this country on your personal political opinion is irresponsible,ignorant and shameful

    • liberalism is a mental illness

      Why do you think that anybody that doesn’t like Obama is racist? I’ve never, not even once heard anybody say or imply any dislike of him because he is black. Nobody on this board has mentioned race except you. Are you racist? Most people don’t like Obama because he’s a wimp and more like a pop star than a President. Remember the great presidents like Washington, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and JFK to name a few. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

    • Drakken

      Would you look at that, a negro throwing the race card like so much confetti. Your hero and messiah is running this country into the ground and here you are cheering for it. The drug business must be good.

    • defcon 4

      “PLEASE USE THE POWER OF YOUR OFFICE”. What’s that supposed to mean exactly? You’re not advocating dictatorial power and a suspension of US Constitutional rights are you dirtbag?

    • Omar

      You fools on the racist left are behind most of the troubles that this country faces today.

  • https://CrossChek.net/ Donald Edwards

    Wow, great analogy–you were definitely pumped today. I always find your writing efficacious, but this was REALLY GOOD STUFF! and right on the money.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

  • truebearing

    Too many in the audience now know that Obama is lip syncing, and to a pack of lies, no less. As he struts and frets his interminable hour upon the stage, all we can pray is that he is heard no more.

    Great analysis of Obama’s blather, Daniel.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Having read all the comments on this article, I hear a lot of anguish, a lot of pain. Those who are for the article by Mr. Greenfield are in pain because of the truths expressed in the article. Those who don’t like the article feel he doesn’t go deeply enough into the real illegitimacy of the Obama presidency and of Obama as a person. They believe that if we experienced more pain, we would be more active in the fight against this administration. We are all hurting, whether you like the article or not.

  • Bill Cervetti

    WORST of all in this insufferably predictable and tedious speech was the repulsive use of the severely damaged Army Ranger who was sitting next to Michelle with his Father on the other side of him.He was cynically used as a metaphor for “Recovery”, literally. The same recoveryless “Recovery” the entire country has been on throughout 5 years of Obama policies. The soldier got the longest Standing Ovation I have ever witnessed— since Obama himself is way past getting Aything more than standard applause, the Standing O. was sold symbolically as actually belonging to Obama.Turned my stomach.

    • veeper

      low life obama attempted to use this Soldier’s story to relate to himself……

      saying he would not give up and would not quit……and neither would obama…..

      however, obama has quit attempting to work with congress……

      once again the low life ba$tard is a LIAR……

      • cheechakos

        He was trying to say he (and his leadership) would persevere ,survive and recover just like the Army Ranger did because they are both warriors.
        It was cheap emotional manipulation ,narcissistic and disgusting.

  • nimbii

    Finally, finally the wit is there, the sarcasm is there and Greenfield’s article is almost like foreplay for November. SIGH!

  • camp7

    “Nobody dast blame this man… For a salesman, there is no rock bottom to life. He don’t put a bolt to a nut, he don’t grow no crops. He’s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back – that’s an earthquake. And then you get yourself a couple of spots on your hat, and you’re finished. Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.”

    ~unknown author

  • Lanna

    The speech was not inspiring, and neither was Obama!

  • Bert

    Obama is a sociopath with a deep hatred of America, Israel, our Constitution, Christianity and the rule of law. The real question is how in the world could our media be so corrupt as to cover for him and how could so many Americans be taken in by him? Obama is an evil opportunist who is exploiting some fatal weaknesses among so many Americans. Obama is like an infection that requires a strong immune system to overcome this disease or else it will destroy us all.

    • veeper

      Cancer must be removed…..cut out…..

      obama must be removed……cut out…….

      if not the obama cancer will kill america…….

    • JoJoJams

      “The real question is how in the world could our media be so corrupt as to cover for him”

      I’d posit it’s because many in the media are of the exact same mind-set as Obama…..(deep hatred of America, Israel, our Constitution, Christianity and the rule of law.)

    • ricpic

      “…how in the world could our media be so corrupt as to cover [for] him…”

      The long march through the institutions has been completed. That’s how. I daresay not a single news editor at ABCCBSNBCCNNNYTimesWaPo is NOT a marxist.

  • tanstaafl

    It’s like Rod Stewart singing “Maggie May”.

  • cacslewisfan

    Thanks for this article. I really hope you are right about people finally getting tired of him. I couldn’t watch the whole speech. It was like listening to the most irritating barista in Starbucks. God help us, he’s the president.

  • cacslewisfan

    Thanks for this article. I really hope you are right about people finally getting tired of him. I couldn’t watch the whole speech. It was like listening to the most irritating barista in Starbucks. God help us, he’s the president.

  • veeper

    You can tell how badly obama’s speech sucked by the liberal media…..

    they are spending more time on Atlanta’s weather yesterday than hyping and gushing over obama….

    chris matthews had to be put on suicide watch because he didn’t get a leg tingle…..

  • CapitalistPig

    Frankly, watching him threaten Congress like he did just gave me the uncomfortable impression that he views the Presidency the same way that many of those creepy Latin American semi-dictators do. That’s what we have to look forward to the next 3 years. Kinda like losing virginity though, the next guy in will just say “why have any restraint?–Obama did it”–& it would be hard to argue with him.

    • chimoio

      a benchmark,for “why have any restraint” was tony blairs lying to the brits and to their parliament re the weapons of mass destruction lie, cobbled together from a student dissertation found on the internet by his press officer,then famously “sexed up” this was no conspiracy theory, they lied got found out in their lying, in between time some hundreds of thousands of absolutely innocent people very quickly were killed, one might even say murdered ,the press officer is now an author and sometime tv pundit, whislt blair swans unceasingly around, talking shite, and being showered with money, killary said ” ahhh for f’s sake! what does it matter! are you really that stupid??” or she may as well have done…….
      there is a brazen contempt now, it’s in your face.

  • onecornpone

    Hear, hear Mr Greenfield!

    Last night was Obama’s swan dive into an empty pool………SPLAAAT!!!

    • Dalethenerd

      I wish that you had given the rebuttal response. Woulda made compelling tv fare.

  • gawxxx

    this nation deserves this “moron ” , the degenerate slide of this cesspool has reached beyond critical mass and there is nothing going to stop the implosion of this toilet bowl , we are beyond repair ,what is staring us in the face is a total repudiation from the “CREATOR” who gave this nation these blessings, “HE” has stepped aside and turned this cesspool over to the god of this world to do as he see’s fit , and the carnage is going to be massive , we have trully earned it .

  • Ellman48

    “There comes a time when the fans grow restless and the lead singer
    whose voice once moved millions begins to sweat, sensing that the music
    has betrayed him and that the audience hears every false note.”

    Obama has been singing the same Alinsky song for 5 years. The lyrics are the same and so is the ideology they expound. Why does the Congress and the nation need to be flagellated by his soporific rhetoric each year? Congress should pass a bill making the SOTU obsolete. It no longer serves any useful purpose. It has become a vehicle for propaganda and deception.

  • Ellman48

    “But word games, instead of responsibility, is what the hottest vocal teleprompter act from 2008 does best.”

    Obama in a nutshell!

  • Danny

    This article annoyed me. It paints a portrait of an incompetent President who has run out of excuses, only clearly, he hasn’t. The conservative cause has never been weaker. Our nation has never lost its way like it has today. It doesn’t seem to matter to people anymore that while in the past Americans had very little contact with government, today government is the first resort rather than the last. Western Europe is here! Maybe we’re not quite as anti-Semitic, maybe we’re not quite as cynical and lazy. but we’re much closer to Western Europe today than we were twenty years ago. For the first time, America has become an unhappy country. We conservatives might have had something good going with the tea party, but when was the last time you heard about a tea party? I worry that Obama’s re-election was a nail on the coffin of this country. Even those on the Left will realize it sooner or later. Atheism has spread like wildfire across the nation, and an America that abandons God is no longer America. The leader of the free world today is Canada’s Stephen Harper, not Obama. God forbid Harper should lose his election in 2015! When America finally turns its back on Israel, we’ll be able to count the last days of an America that God will bless. We need candidates who are persuasive, not about Obama or about Obama’s policies, but about American values as opposed to Leftist values. I like articles that show how things are, not as how we’d like them to be. This article may make us feel good, but I don’t want to feel good, I want us to win. Let’s focus on how to do that please.

  • MukeNecca

    If one must accept a legal concept of hate crime then Obama must be indicted for the crime of hating America. If that should one day come to pass the only mitigating circumstance for the jury to consider is his limited mental qualities. The man is a deft slogan juggler, a political rapper, but otherwise he is pathetically stupid.

  • Debbie G

    “The Justin Bieber of politics….”
    How about Miley Cyrus — he’s twerking us bigtime!

  • defcon 4

    “The bored audience cheers and laughs mechanically out of tribal duty in all the right places” that’s practically the definition of humor in the lieberal world these days.

  • stopsorosnow

    Obama is Hamas. His brother is a bagman for Hamas. He assisted his cousin Raila Odinga in bringing Sharia law to Kenya, an overwhelmingly Christian country. Let’s stop mincing words about Obama right now. He needs to go.

  • logdon

    Do you know what non sequitur means?

  • Yulia Demkin

    Yeah, I am with you. The poor guy had to sit through the whole SOTU speech to write this. It just does not seem right.

  • Bamaguje

    We feel pity for you and your demi-god in the White House.

  • justquitnow

    They just rewrite the board whenever they want to…shuffle and delete comments, etc. So enjoy your honest conversation.