Out-of-Control White House Pro-Hamas Rally Forces Evac of Israel Supporters


As inside, so outside.

Dan Merica, associate producer for CNN Politics has sent out a series of photos and reports on social media about Israel supporters being evacuated in police vans from in front of the White House after being surrounded by menacing Hamas supporters.

Merica was there covering a pro-Hamas rally by the communist terrorist support group ANSWER being held at Lafayette Park.

  • Lisa Michelle Goldstein

    Yes, but it’s important to note that Dan Merica claimed in a tweet that some “epithets: were said to the pro-Israel demonstrators, but he failed to mention that the pro-Israel demonstrators were terrorized, stoned, and that their Israeli flags were ripped away from them and burned; whereby, it makes him and the media complicit with blood on their hands. Because of them, Jewish attacks are continuing to escalate throughout America and abroad, and they are ushering in another Holocaust!

  • Sam Houston

    Israel – You have many supporters here in the USA that are not Jewish Americans. Jewish Americans – Call on us to come to your aid when you are in need.

    This islamic breech into OUR Country has to be severed and purged out. islam is hate and has no place in the World. It is fully incompatible with America.

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        • uncle adolf

          Why- that is the most intelligent post I have seen on this site.

    • LouAdams

      thank you sam

    • uncle adolf

      Uhhhh-you mean aid like the hundreds billions of $ the US taxpayers have already sent over? Do you have a poster of Sean Hannity on your bedroom wall?

    • Yehuda Levi

      Thank you for your support – Israel needs it.

      Islam must be modified for modernity and the radicals utterly defeated.

      • luc

        If the radicals must be defeated, there will be no jews left

        • Drakken

          You first muzzy lover, the rest of yours second.

    • DogmaelJones1

      And I’m one of them, and an atheist, too. Israel is the only successful state in the Mideast because it’s free. Name me one other Mideast country that has contributed to the happiness and welfare of the world. And please, don’t name Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Jordan because they don’t happen to be shooting at Israel at the moment.

  • camp7

    Thanks for the Saturday update. (I thought I was a work-a-holic.) For all those flag burners against a sovereign nation defending themselves against hate and evil oppressors, I quote Shakespeare:

    “Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”

    Keep flying Daniel.

  • liz

    Sickening. (I’m surprised Obama didn’t come out and show his solidarity with the communist terrorist support group – maybe he invited them in later.)
    This is how they abuse the right to free speech – but they won’t stand for even one Israel supporter to exercise the same right.



    See 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, Pan Am 103, Fort Hood, July 2005 London transport, Lee Rigby beheading, ISIS, Al Qada, Boko Haram, Taliban,

    • gerry

      Quite a list,but there is more to come.


    Whenever an Israeli flag is burned,

    Burn the black jihadi flag, the flag of Fascist Iran, the flag of Pal-e-SWINE

  • Winston

    Hardly surprising that all these pro-Hamas “protests” seem more like violent lynch mobs. And the president continues to provide no moral leadership at all.

  • Anika2kool4u

    Ok so you are allowed to kill thousands of civilians and expect them to just sit there watch people die. OMG THREE people got kidnapped now lets kill all the people in Gaza cuz you know they are ALL terrorists including the new borns. Because thats call defending yourself.

    • LouAdams

      not to mention thousands of rockets fired at civilians in Israel, but then you won’t care if thousands of rockets would be fired into your family neighborhood.

      • gerry

        They don’t care about Fort Hood,don’t care about 9/11,don’t care a bout the Boston bombing.Don’t care about the killing of a border guard,don’t care when border guards come under fire etc etc…One day they will care,this is the day when we will not care.

    • Alisia S

      What type of minds would use children as a human shield or put their weapons in schools? The Hamas-niks are some pretty evil bastards.

      • gerry

        What type of people would use schools,hospitals and Mosques to store weapons with the connivance of the UN.The same UN that brought us Rwanda,the ethnic cleansing of Yougslavia and the AIDS to Cambodia.The same UN that was bought by Saddam Hussein.Wonder how much they got from Qatar.

      • bob smith

        Fanatical, genocidal, serial killers…aka islamists

      • luc

        show me those weapons ? not one has been found,,,stop the genocide



          Stop Islams genocide of innocent people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

        • Drakken

          Go fu** yourself muzzy lover. Your lucky that I am not in charge, Gaza would be muzzy free in a half a heart beat.

    • gerry

      Well,I understand that this might be in tellectually challenging for you to understand,Those responsible for the killing of civilians are the Hamas leaders.They could have used the tunnels to protect their population.Better they should have used some of the concrete to build the proper bunkers.It just shows you their priorities and mentality.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        How about using that concrete to build homes and factories?

    • liz

      “OMG three people got kidnapped…” -You need to pull your head out a little more often. Hamas (not to mention other Muslim terrorists) have been terrorizing and murdering Israelis ever since they began to exist.
      (In fact, that is the sole reason for their existence – to kill Jews.)
      The only thing required for peace is for Hamas to stop attacking Israel, but they refuse to do that.

    • Gee

      Yes we should kill thousands of civilians. We haven’t but we should return the favor.

      Islam is a disease and it must be removed for there to peace.

      Morons like you are too cowardly to fight, so all you can do is whine.


        We Remember 9/11.

        Socialists want us to forget.

    • bob smith

      Anika, you are obviously a child who in your naïveté fail to understand how these so-called innocents are lock-step in support of Hamas.

      Do a ‘little’ bit of researching how from their youth these innocents are being taught to hate Jews and kill them. Have a look around the globe ans honestly say with conviction how many people are being MURDERED in the name of Islam.

      With the limited numbers killed in Gaza how do you rate the near 200k people killed in Syria? Oh that’s right, that is acceptable because they are killing each other, correct?

      Oh, the thousands too numerous to count of persecuted Christians in the name of Islam means what to you?

      A sovereign nation defending themselves against attacking terrorists should be the least of your bleeding heart’s concern.

      Wake up!



      When your fellow savages care more about some Hamass slave master hiding in bunkers deep underground than their own well being, then your fellow savages will find out that there are no 72 virgins.

      Hamass laughs at you and their brainwashed slaves.

    • Drakken

      Oh look! Another Obummer low information low IQ voter, how quaint.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are stupid. Notice I didn’t say uneducated because you probably spent a lot of time in classrooms but all you are is stupid.

    • EamonnDublin

      What a stupid (stoopid, stewpid, steupit, schewpid) post, “Anika2koolu”. I have kept this as simple as I can, so you might understand it – and I have spelled the BIG word differently a few times so that you might know what it is. Have you no brain at all?


      Islam has and continues to kill civilians ALL OVER THE WORLD.

      Is that “islamophobic”? Go cry to CAIR that the newspapers are “islamophobic”.

  • roccolore

    It’s not a “peace rally” without asslifting, Jew-hating, and rioting.

  • SoCalMike

    The parasites that allowed these Jew-hating animals in here need to be rooted out and expelled from the government.
    And the animals need to be deported.
    A curse on the house of every State Department parasite who approved VISAS for these Jew-hating animals.


      There were no demonstrations in support of national Socialist vermin after Pearl Harbor.

      Tolerating islamofascism is risking further Fort Hoods, further Boston Marathons, further Beltway snipers, further Times Square SUV bombings.

      I hope ALL the demonstrators were photographed and recorded to have their voice on file too. It will come in handy later on.

    • Rothschild Agenda

      You sound like the animal.

  • unionville

    The really sad thing is that the group of pro-Israel supporters was so small that the pro-Hamas side felt no fear in surrounding and attacking them.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So Hamas supporters formed a big mob, so what else do you expect of mobs. Mobs are dangerous and unproductive, easily manipulated by emotions. Read up on mob mentality and predator pack dynamics.

  • EamonnDublin

    I STAND WITH ISRAEL. Also, I thank Israel for being the only country to stand up to the barbarians. Islamists say they are going to take over the whole world, so the world needs Israel. It also needs to get rid of Obama, in order that the USA gets a LEADER who will put the Islamists in their place. And that doesn’t necessarily mean “kill them all”, it means making them realise that they are not superior to the rest of us. I STAND WITH ISRAEL.

    • Arf

      I agree. And what does Ireland need EamonnDublin?

      • EamonnDublin

        Hi Art, Well, we in Ireland have probably the most useless crowd of politicians ever in existence – so we could start with them! As for myself, send $1million asap, that’ll keep me going!

    • luc

      that doesn’t necessarily mean “kill them all”…….??? looks like that is exactly what the jews are doing….

      • EamonnDublin

        Luc, If the Jews simply wanted to kill ALL the arabs in Gaza, they have the means, right here and now. In a few seconds, all gone.



        looks exactly like what muslims are doing ALL OVER THE WORLD.

        Coptic Christians of Egypt, Phillipines, Iraq, Afghanistan, UK, US, Israel, Fraaawnce, Netherlands, Syria, Libya…