Palestinian Authority to Funnel Payments to Terrorists Through PLO


Obama said that Palestinian Authority and PLO leader Abbas is Israel’s real peace partner. And he just proved it through his unity agreement with Hamas… which Obama will go on funding.

If you don’t like something Abbas is doing. He’s prepared to be accommodating. If you don’t like his payments to terrorists through the Palestinian Authority, he’ll just funnel them through the PLO.

The Palestinian Authority has been under pressure from international donors following Palestinian Media Watch’s exposure of the PA’s policy of rewarding terrorists with salaries. These salaries amounted to a total of $103 million in 2013 and will reach at least $130 million in 2014. Members of US Congress have recently suggested deducting the amount paid in salaries from US funding to the PA.

During the testimony by Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador Anne W. Patterson at a congressional Subcommittee Hearing, Congressman Weber asked:

“If the PA is paying for terrorists in prison, we ought to also be willing to hit them with some economic sanctions of that sort?”

Assistant Secretary Patterson answered:

“Frankly, I know that they’re going to try and phase that out and we should give them an opportunity to do so.”

And by phase them out, Anne Patterson, who was driven out of Egypt over her intimidation of Christians and support for the Muslim Brotherhood, meant that the PA/PLO would play out a shell game.

In order to avoid this international pressure, the PA is planning a ploy to maintain the salaries but transfer responsibility for payments from the PA to the PLO. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is also the head of the PLO and he will continue to be directly responsible for the payments to the prisoners.

So Abbas will no longer fund terrorists as head of the PA, but as head of the PLO, which also runs the PA. And it’s not like the PA is being at all subtle about what it’s doing.

PA daily Al-Ayyam: “This would be a change of name and nothing more… the new situation would make possible the provision of new resources to support prisoners’ issues, without allowing forces of the US Congress or some European parliaments to attempt to blackmail the PA or to take steps against it.'”

PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Ziyad Abu Ein: “This would also avoid the pressure being exerted on the PA by the donor countries, which oppose the transfer of their money to prisoners.”

And if Western leaders fall for it, which they probably will, then it’s another deception accomplished.



  • Gee

    The West has supported terrorism against Israel for decades. Nothing has changed.

  • kasandra

    I can assure you it’s not a deception. Our administration and the EU know full well that this change is meaningless and will result in U.S. and E.U. funds going to the terrorist murderer prisoners in Israeli jails. The fact is, they want to support the PA, the PLO, Hamas. They accept their narrative of the Middle East. Their biggest problem is not making sure payments don’t get to the prisoners; their biggest problem is coming up with a plausible reason for doing it that will allow them to argue to their sheeple populations that they aren’t, in reality, supporting terrorism.

  • wileyvet

    Meanwhile the PLO can’t pay its utility bill to Israel, and Hamas can’t afford medicine for its people in Gaza.
    On another note, I just got two documentaries that I ordered from Israel. The first called Israel’s Wars was very good. Some good early film about The War of Independence and the 1956 Sinai Campaign. The second called “Follow Me” about the Six Day War. Great footage that I hadn’t seen before. The Sinai, the liberation of Jerusalem and the Golan campaign. After all of Nasser’s bold assertions and genocidal talk, it was awesome to see the IDF in action during this war kicking Arab butt. The footage of tank battles in Sinai are excellent. I couldn’t help shouting at the TV every time a Gypo tank went up, “Take that W#g”. And yet after the capture of thousands of Egyptian troops, who were sent to exterminate Jews, the IDF treated them with compassion, tended their wounds and delivered them back across the Suez Canal. Truly remarkable. Seemingly no hatred towards the Arabs, just incredible effort and bravery to defend themselves and their Nation.

    • Gee

      There is a pretty good movie about the War for Independence called “Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer” – you might like that

  • Aurelius

    More of our tax dollars at work. Apparently, not all terrorists are equal in the eyes of Chairman Obama.

  • Ken Kelso

    There’s a new petition online to demand the British government stop giving Fatah mass murderers of Israeli civilians millions of dollars.

    Re-evaluate Direct Funding to the Palestinian Authority

    Responsible department: Department for International Development

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) currently provides salaries to any Palestinian convicted of committing terrorism offences against Israel. These wages are directly pegged to the length of the sentence, so the more grievous the crime, the higher the salary. Since these wages are much larger than those earned by average Palestinians, they clearly reward violence, including murder, and undermine peace. Around 40 per cent of the PA’s budget is made up from donor aid; the UK government has promised £33 million of taxpayer’s money for the 2013/14 period alone.

    The Palestinian ministers responsible for this policy publicly deride international donors who express unhappiness with their money being used to pay terrorists; only a credible threat of this aid being removed will alter the situation. We are therefore calling on DFID to cease all direct funding to the Palestinian Authority until it agrees to no longer provide salaries for those convicted of committing violent acts against Israel.