Palestinian Officials: Kerry “Begging” for Extension of Peace Talks


This is where we’re at now. Soft power doesn’t get any softer than this. Kerry has no dignity and when he’s representing this country, neither does the United States.

Palestinian Authority [PA] leader Mahmoud Abbas is now waiting to see what the U.S. Administration will offer him in return for refraining from pursuing his bid to join various international treaties and institutions.

In recent weeks, according to Palestinian officials, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has literally been “begging” Abbas to agree to the extension of the peace talks after the end of April.

Hours after Abbas signed the applications for joining a number of international bodies and treaties, he received an urgent phone call from Kerry asking him to refrain from further moves that could “derail” the peace process.

Abbas is convinced that it is only a matter of time before Kerry rushes back to the region in yet another desperate effort to “salvage the peace process.”

And he’s undoubtedly right. Kerry will because it’s all he has anymore. Russia is hopeless. Syria is even more hopeless. Iran is a nuclear scam.

When all else fails, politicians crawl to the Palestinian Authority whose negotiating tactics, (gain leverage through disruption, make more demands, threaten more disruptions) are indistinguishable from terrorism.

  • Gee

    Just when you think that Kerry cannot get any more obsequious – he proves that he can far lower.
    Time to end the farce and destroy the PLO

  • wileyvet

    First Obama’s Cairo speech, then the bowing to a Saudi Sheikh, supporting the MB, and al-Qaeda, and Kerry’s grovelling to a murdering terrorist in Abu Mazen is the most deplorable conduct I think I have ever seen from United States officials. Why Kerry was never charged as a traitor during the Vietnam War is a mystery? Of course a man that can sell out his own country by siding with her enemy once, would be capable of doing it again to sell out her ally.