Party of the Poor: Obama and Hillary Both Head to Martha’s Vineyard


Income inequality! We are the 99%! Republicans only care about the rich. Us? We’re liberals. We care about even the poorest millionaires at Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s not a huge island, but there’s always room for a lot of big names on Martha’s Vineyard.

Two weeks from now, two of the very biggest names in Democratic politics — President Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton — are set to be there at the same time.

Hillary is trying to get someone, anyone to buy copies of her terrible ghostwritten bio Hard Choices.

And Obama will be, what else, on vacation. A two week vacation this time because the emperor is just working too hard. I just hope he’ll have time to get in some golfing before he has to go back and violate the Constitution a dozen times before breakfast.

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    • DogmaelJones1

      WILL you stop leaving your dumb ads on FrontPage???

      • NOT a Troll

        At bloggers are able to block a specific email address or IP.
        I know I was blocked for over a year from a blog. I used acronyms like QDR, no swear words, or references to the Almighty.
        I was trying to reason so I was not inclined to threaten or use foul language. In the past few years a staffer had stated he wish all _______ would die and they traced the email to a Congressman’s office. So there is no way I would threaten. If I used a Bible thumper argument (unlikely as the topic was Defense) they would have been merely amused and not been offended by the post.
        As it was the blogger told his regulars that I was a dangerous troll and forthwith I was banned.
        So the scammers can be blocked. The staff at FPM does not know how to block the scammers or do not think it is enough of a problem.
        If the scammers and trolls were blocked, the discussion could get much better.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          professional spammers can always use multiple IPs

          The Chinese variety will have no trouble jumping from one to another

  • DogmaelJones1

    Martha’s Vineyard, the traditional stomping and stumping grounds of the porcine political class.

    • BS77

      Porcine, as in Animal Farm:????

      • DogmaelJones1

        You guessed it.

  • JR Kipling

    Give him more golf clubs, another drink, more water skiing, more shopping for wardrobes..anything to keep the piece of garbage away from political action.

  • Former Bostonian

    I hope Martha’s Vineyard is hosting it’s fair share of Homeless Children who have come across the border. They should be able to afford quite a few.

  • barb

    Martha’s Vineyard is not so happy to be the “stomping” grounds of the Clintons or the Obamas. Those two families are trying very hard to imitate the “classiness” of the Kennedys…wait, before you think I am crazy, the Kennedys of the sixties had doubt about that. Trying to identify yourself with imitation only works if you are as good with what you are trying to imitate. Clintons or Obamas can dress up, can visit prestige places, but can never ever be of good taste or emit even the slightest degree of “classiness”.

    • JR Kipling

      You know you have real Kennedy class when Martha’s Vineyard still loves you despite your random murders, alcoholic orgies and legislation that destroys the Constitution. What a great place, so forgiving. Who cares about the traditional America as long as the Martha Vineyard Maitre d’s hold your favorite table.

    • Crassus

      The only class Ted Kennedy had was the one where he hired a substitute to take an exam for him. That’s Kennedy Class in a nutshell.

  • ALHL

    Wonder what both BO and Hilliary are congering up this time.


    I believe that Alan Dershowitz is also spending the Summer on the Vineyard.

    I’d like to see a debate.

  • iluvisrael

    thanks a heap! just the thought of her thighness squeezing those fat legs into a bathing suit turned my stomach.