Patriots Take On the Muslim Brotherhood

Pro-Egyptian Military Supporters Rally At White House“We are faced with an enemy whose goal is to conquer the world by subversion and infiltration or, if necessary, by open war.”

The speaker was Senator John F. Kennedy and he was discussing the Communist Control Act that he had co-sponsored. The Act did what had been previously thought impossible; it outlawed the Communist Party.

The latest bill to fight an enemy whose goal is also to conquer the world by subversion, infiltration and open war doesn’t have a Kennedy co-sponsor. Instead it has the two members of Congress who have fought the hardest to expose the Muslim Brotherhood; Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert.

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act goes to the heart of the beast by designating the entity a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Plenty of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and splinter groups, from Hamas to Al Qaeda, have already ended up on the FTO list.

But the Brotherhood has been able to keep spewing out new front groups that enjoy immunity.

The Act lists some of the Brotherhood groups and Brotherhood leaders already on the FTO list. These include the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood and the head of the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood’s political party who served as the coordinator for the bombing of the USS Cole. The Act documents, briefly, the Brotherhood’s history and some of its more recent involvements in worldwide terrorism.

From the original World Trade Center attacks to the recent Brotherhood attacks on Coptic Christians, the Act comprehensively makes the case that the Muslim Brotherhood is a violent terrorist group.

There really is no doubt whatsoever that the Muslim Brotherhood meets the FTO criteria. But so did Boko Haram and the State Department fought tooth and nail to keep an Al Qaeda-linked organization responsible for the murder of thousands off the list.

The Muslim Brotherhood is even more vital to their agenda than Boko Haram.

However the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act, if it passes, will force John Kerry to issue a report explaining why the Muslim Brotherhood should not be treated as a terrorist group.

The contents of that report could be guessed at ahead of time.

When challenged over the provision of F-16 fighter jets to Muslim Brotherhood thug Mohammed Morsi, Kerry had claimed that the US couldn’t just walk away from him.

A Kerry aide stated back in June that “We do not share the view of the Egyptian government about links between the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS” and argued that the Brotherhood was a political challenge, rather than a security challenge.

Nevertheless it’s important to have this discussion out in the open.

Americans who warned about the dangers of Communism were marginalized, but by the fifties a unanimous Senate vote had outlawed the Communist Party. JFK did not co-sponsor the Communist Control Act because he was a courageous leader, but because by then it was the safe thing to do.

The pace of world events had taken what had been seen as the obsession of a few cranks and turned it into a compelling national security issue that could no longer be ignored.

As the Middle East churns in the murderous grip of its Jihads, Americans are beginning to see a region under Islamic movements that resembles Eastern Europe under the Communist boot. As they look at the shifting populations in Europe, at the rise of honor killings and FGM, at mobs screaming hate at the Jews in Paris and at burning churches in Egypt, they ask themselves whether they want to live this way.

If Americans wake up to the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, the way that they had once woken up to the threat of Communism, it will be because a handful of members of Congress, prominent among them, Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert, kept up the good fight.

Bachmann and Gohmert warned about the Muslim Brotherhood despite the lack of interest in the topic by much of the public, the media and even by their own party.

With them stand a handful of co-sponsors; Trent Franks, who has also stood up against the Muslim Brotherhood, and others like Peter Roskam, who took a stand against Hamas, Cynthia Lummis, who asked during the Benghazi hearings about the Brotherhood’s involvement, Kevin Brady, who tried to cut funding to the UN, Steve Southerland, who spoke at Florida State University in defiance of Muslim protests, and Doug LaMalfa, who condemned Obama for funding Hamas.

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act would make it possible to go after anyone providing material support to the entity. It would make it possible to keep Muslim Brotherhood agents from entering the United States and to deport Muslim Brotherhood members already in the United States.

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act may not pass and even if it does, it’s wildly unlikely that Obama, who won’t even stop funding Hamas which is already on the FTO list, would enforce it. But shifts are incremental. They come from the persistent commitment to advancing an issue.

Within a decade, Communism went from kindly Uncle Joe to a nightmarish monster. In 1937, 47% of Americans knew nothing of Fascism or Communism. By 1939, half the country was willing to choose either Communism or Fascism. In 1940, only 37% supported jailing or deporting Communists. By 1945, 48% of Americans saw improving relations ahead for the US and the USSR.

Less than a decade later, outlawing the Communist Party had become the default bipartisan position.

While the propaganda of the left is a powerful thing, it crumbles in the face of world events. The political battlefield is a shadow of the real world. When the world changes, it abruptly transforms everything.

In these moments of transformation, the patriots who have been fighting for the truth have the opportunity to step forward and take advantage of the shift. And those who blindly denounced them will join them, because when the consensus crumbles, they seek sensible point of security to cling to.

It is toward that day that the patriots do their work, placing brick on brick, laboring to build a pedestal on which the truth will be revealed.

There may come a time when the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act is remembered as one of the vital building blocks in the American awakening to the threat of Islamization.

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  • truebearing

    How ironic that it is now the Communists who are enabling another existential threat to the United States, and therefore the world. Those who sought to ban Communism couldn’t have been more right, but those who followed them could have been more vigilant. Now the Left is holding the door open to the Muslim Brotherhood and any Islamist group who wants to infliltrate this country through Mexico.

    Banning the Muslim Brotherhood is a great start. Maybe the fight over the ban will lead Americans through a process of discovery that will horrify them over the depravity of the Islamists, but also expose the willingness of the Left to employ any level of evil for power. The good thing about starting a fight is that it brings spectators and spectators take sides. If Americans have the decency they have always had in the past, they will side with the ban, and also against the Left.

    At the risk of being criticized for complimenting you, Daniel, or maybe because I know it annoys those who don’t like it when I do… great article.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Personally, my friend, I enjoy annoying the enemy. For this reason, I enjoy Daniel’s articles!

      • glpage

        Imagining the hissy fits on the part of lefties when they can’t argue any better than to call you names is an absolute giggle.

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          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Flagged …

      • truebearing

        Annoying the enemy is good. When you find out what annoys them, you learn something about their objectives. Preparation H, aka hiernonymouse, likes to harass me over what he inaccurately calls my “support” for Daniel. His real goal is to attack Daniel, but he doesn’t have the chops to do it, so he satisfies his warped nature by stalking people who make positive comments about Greenfield’s talent.

        Beyond doing the bidding of his trollmaster, the other reason Prep H does what he does is because he is a narcissistist wracked with envy. He wants to be #1, but doesn’t have the talent, so he remains, figuratively speaking, #2.

        • Lightbringer

          I wonder where he’s been lately. Haven’t seen too much. But then, my day job doesn’t leave me so much time for checking the news sources, so I could have missed some of his hilarious snark.

          • truebearing

            He’s loitering around, annoying people with his usual hubris.

          • Lightbringer

            Good to know the worst things in life stay that way…

    • Ivan

      And your comment is great.

      • truebearing


    • Larry




      Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents – And Biggest Threat to World Peace

      There is a man who is more dangerous to mankind than any other living person today. His name is Zbigniew Brzezinski, a CFR-member , Arch-Trilateral Commissionist, Bilderberger. He has been the evil spirit behind 5 US presidents, including Obama – and he is obsessed with but one thought: The US is to dominate a communist one world state.

      For that purpose, he sees Eurasia as his grand chessboard, where the battle is to be won. Like any chess player, he starts by occupying the centre of the chessboard, Central Asia.

      He wants peace there, friendly arrangements, in particular with China, if possible, so that he can pursue the goal of his obsession, i.e. the purpose of the Trilateral Commission created by him and David Rockefeller: To create a world state by fusing a coming North American Union, at which he is working through the CSIS, the Union for the Mediterranean – and a Far East block which is now being created.

      His aim is a communist one world state where Russia, which he hates, is subdued by being split into 3 republics in a loose confederation – and if that is not possible – then ultimately even by WW III. He and David Rockefeller are behind the fusion of world religions for peace in the world state. In stead he collaborates with Al Gore and Gorbachev to promote the environmental Gaia religion.

      In the Agenda 21 state people in the technetronic era will be totally controlled and via artificial intelligence (brain chipping) become post-human robots.

      He has worked on,

      Selling US infrastructure like harbours

      Outsourcing US jobs

      Giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese

      Selling illegal weapons to the Soviet, Iran, Iraq, Libya

      He nurtured the Taliban and Al Qaida and ignored Islamic fundamentalism.

      Advised by Zbigniew and his son, Ian, Obama is now encircling Russia and China, which has not been so cooperative as wanted by Zbigniew, with anti-ballistic missiles which can also be used to inactivate Russian and Chinese satellites, so as to hinder retaliation after a US first strike against the nuclear arsenals of those countries.

      Russia knows and is preparing for the possibility of having to deliver a preemptive attack – according to the chief of the Russian Joint Staff, Yuri Baluyevsky. These considerations are probably being accentuated by the fact that Russia can hardly afford a fresh weapons race.

      However, Brzezinski does not believe in Russia’s capacity to strike!

      Now go to You Tube & type in:

      Stealing A Nation – How the UK-US Stole the Diego Gercia

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      How about banning the Fraud in Chief by expelling him from the most dangerous sleeper cell in America, the Oval Office. This fraud sits there protected by government law enforcement agencies. How damn dumb is that. Instead of investigating his sorry ass tax payers are paying to protect this sleeper cell. Obama is the “Muslim Brotherhood.” Until Bachmann and Gohmert and other Congresspersons realize that, the country will continue on its slippery slope into hell. Maybe it is time for Frontpage to pick up on this sleeper cell.

  • wildjew

    One has to wonder why Mr. Obama’s sympathies appear to be with the most extreme interpretation of Islam in light of the fact he claims to have converted to Christianity.

    Let us hope Sen. John McCain doesn’t take to the Senate floor to condemn this bill like he condemned Michele Bachmann and her colleagues after they called for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood penetration into the government. Let’s hope Speaker John Boehner doesn’t call this bill “dangerous.” Rep. Mike Rogers and Sen. Marco Rubio did not distinguish themselves the last time this important issue came up.

    • Libslayer

      Obama is a Christian for political purposes ONLY.
      Obama despises all non-Muslims.
      Obama is a Muslim practicing taqiyya.

      • bigjulie

        As a friend of mine said recently, “The big problem Muslims have is that they don’t know how to run a democracy…look at America!
        I rest my case!!”

      • Markg55

        A CHINO?………works for me!

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      O’bozo is a MULATTO-MARXIST-MUSLIM…faggot. McCain is the ILLEGALS AMIGO, a pro-faggot RINO QUISLING(traitor). BOEHNER is a crying pile of rino-dung.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Amongst Liberal Jews, particularly Liberal Jewish women, only Sarah Palin is more despised than Michelle Bachmann.

    I detect a note of optimism in this piece, and if this country were anything like the country it was sixty years ago, I would share Greenfield’s view about the mutability of political attitudes.

    Today, not so much.

    • El Cid

      As a Liberal Jew, I have often spoken up for Sarah Palin and always take a credibility hit. Am I the only one who sees a person with more intelligence and capability than Obama (by a mile)? If she were ‘black’ the press would never have treated her the way they did.

      • Brooklyn Farmer

        Although I agree with most of your post I think Black conservatives are viciously demonized in the press and in person.

      • bigjulie

        Sure they would have! Look at what they’ve done to Justice Thomas!

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Or Lt. Col. Allen West, or Herman Cain.

      • Lightbringer

        Good for you! I was about to write off liberal Jews, but it looks as if you have some sense.

      • Sam197859

        You people are idiots. Believing anything that this woman says proves it. All you so called patriots are funny. She is making a whole lot of money all your fear and ignorance. I enjoy reading these articles from people like you. It really makes my day.

        • Drakken

          Look in the mirror kaffir, the democrats have you morons voting democrat for the next hundred years, and if any black run city is an indication of what your capable of, pizz off.

          • Sam197859

            What’s a “kaffir”? I never vote party but individuals who believe in working together instead of exploiting fear and ignorance. Black run cities are just as bad as white run cities. People are people, regardless of color. It is the behavior that is the controlling factor.

    • Lightbringer

      Sigh… liberal Jewish women. I have no idea what to do about them. I’m awfully glad that my daughters-in-law are good, solid, sensible Orthodox girls who, like most of us, lean pretty far to the right politically. Makes this ferocious old granny want to just shake some sense into them. I think Bachmann and Palin, both Christian zionists, are just fantastic and I would love to see one of them in the Oval Office.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        I agree that this whole phenomenon is disconcerting.

        I wrote of Liberal Jews because frankly, with one or two exceptions, all the Gentiles I know are conservative, and all the Jews are Leftists.

        It’s hardly news that for many Jews, their association with Leftist “Social Justice,” whatever that means, is a defining psychological and political touchstone.

        It is yet to be determined if the Hamas terrorists, who have been busy spending their welfare funds to tunnel-to-kill-Jews, will receive the full “Social Justice” dispensation that is prescribed as the birthright of all “people-of-color.”

        Certainly, this attitude infoms the views of Obama, Kerry et. al – a disreputable and disingenuous pack of thieves if there ever was one.

        Having attained power in no small measure through the largesse of the “Jewish elites,” and the votes of a very comfortable majority of the Jewish electorate, they continue to set themselves firmly against Israel in the present conflict.

        Daniel Greenfield, I suspect, thinks that events can change this somewhat.

        I hope he’s right.

  • Jane Wegener

    Better late than never I guess. But Obama has EMBRACED AND WELCOMED the muslim brotherhood into our government. They already hold high level security positions all thru the current administration. Why is this allowed to go on is beyond me. Seems like congress is clueless and has ceded all power to the WH.

    • bigjulie

      This is why I do not believe Republicans are going to do all that well in 2014 and 2016. They are at total war with themselves and cannot even take the time to see the writing, in huge letters, on the wall from the electorate, who, unfortunately, don’t count as much to them as the “large” donors to the party. The few brave souls who are breaking their necks to point out what the electorate already perceive are being drowned out by the noise of wrinkling large sums of money…while the leaders, who have already lost their gonads, are now losing their hearing as well!

      • 1Indioviejo1

        I see it as an insurgency from Patriots who will elect the most Conservatives who may run for office. If the GOP runs RINO candidates we just don’t vote and to He** with the Republic.

        • Lightbringer

          Sorry Old Indian, but I think not voting is a bad idea. If the conservatives who stayed home on election day, 2012 had voted, Romney would be President. Romney is no conservative, and I was less than enchanted with him, but he is a capable administrator whose loyalty to this country cannot be questioned. He would have been a lot better than the jerk we have. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

          • 1Indioviejo1

            I understand it, but I am tired of the GOP putting up 2 Bushes, McCain and Romney. The Party left me out. I will vote for Ted Cruz, Allen West, Michele Bachmann or another candidate from the Conservative side, but I will not play the RINO’s game anymore.

        • bigjulie

          At best, progress is made in steps of varied size. We make them as big as we can, but even then, sometimes they are small. Not voting is not a strategy, it’s a cop out.
          In the election we still must vote for the best candidate available, even if we are pretty unhappy with that candidate. Remember, that was tried in 2012 when 4 million Republicans stayed home and all it got us was a second term for the Muslim when we could have at least had Romney to build on.

      • Anamah

        We need to remember there are in the Republicans Party too!
        some Islamist open doors for allow still more radicals to get strategist positions to destroy America from with in.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      So did Bush!

  • DogmaelJones1

    An encouraging article, Daniel. And apparently many patriotic Americans not in Congress are also challenging Obama’s invasion by invitation policy at the US-Mexican border. I read of more and more towns telling the Feds: “Don’t dump them on us!” Americans have been quicker to grasp the implications of that “no-border” policy than they have been to the Islamic threat because it’s visceral and closer to home.

  • liz

    I’m glad they’re doing this, but whether it will do any good is another question.
    The Communist Control Act seems to have done about as much good as spitting into the wind, at this point, as we now have Communists running the country.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Hollywood and TV destroyed it. It took a little time but they started by ridiculing the Anti-Communist Americans. We are not a country of rebels, but of conformist, consensus seekers, cool kids who ‘want’ to belong to the in crowd, and people who rather be politically correct and accepted, than right and stand alone.

      • liz

        And they are already well on their way to doing the same thing in the case of pro-Islamic propaganda.

  • watsa46

    The problem start at the schools where ignorance and political relativism are being thought. Ignorance is the rule that give leaders to decide whatever they want since the masses are uninterested or misled. Our President has for long now been a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and wants at any cost save Hamas!!! The President political Islamophilia is unraveling day after day. This is one of the transformation goals that he had in mind and hided from Americans.

  • Gee

    The Muslim Brotherhood is merely the tip of the iceberg. The real enemy is the cult of Islam itself. A racist, fascist, supremacist cult that explicitly demands the enslavement, forced conversion and/or murder of every non-member.

    • BS77

      The Orwellian libtard TV talking heads and “journalists” will not touch this.

    • Suzanne

      You are quite correct and it’s high time that people of good faith globally start calling out Islam for what it is. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no “good Islam” vs “radical Islam” – there is no “Islamism” etc either – Islam is Islam, plain and simple. All the jihadists (who are wrecking havac worldwide) are doing is following what the “holy” Koran is teaching them. If we were truly honest, pastors and religious leaders (from the Pope on down) would be denouncing the entire religion as the evil it is – no different than Nazism. Political leaders of all non Muslim countries would be doing the same thing. If we were really honest, teachers in all non Muslims schools globally would teach the truth about the suffering Islam has brought on the world for the last 1400 years. Movies, books, television and radio shows could educate further on this topic. If we were really honest, all non Muslims would scorn anyone who converts to Islam. We would stop immigration from all Islamic countries immediately and close the Islamic mosques and schools in our countries for preaching Fascism and hate to minors. We would also get Islamic clerics out of our military and out of our prisons. To me – this is all common sense.

      • Lightbringer

        Suzanne, what you recommend is all common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is the least common thing in the universe. Einstein said that the two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

      • Maynard

        Suzanne, common sense is a rare commodity especially today in the US. All that you say is correct but as long as we have a liberal in the white house and controlling the senate the nation tends to be more concened with political correctness than national security.

    • Ivan


  • Lanna

    The truth always sticks in the craw of the Liberal Liars…they continually destroy society with their selfishness and lies…Those who speak truth are in big demand…and are beacons of light!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Taking on the MB is all good, but the problem is that all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another, and in the case of Muslim migrants to the infidel west, they are stealth and deceptive jihadists. Thus, unless mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage is banned and reversed at some point, then I’m afraid the infidel west is doomed.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I believe Mr. Greenfield wrote a piece specifically addressing your concern. I believe the topic of the piece was population replacement.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Not really. According to Greenfield, what is actually jihad is terrorism, and terrorists consist of radicals, extremists, fundamentalists, and other assorted Islamists according to him. As opposed to what, I can’t figure out. Of course, he is deliberately slippery on that issue, because he doesn’t want to be pinned down.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          The essay Mr. Greenfield wrote addressed the mass immigration of muslimes to places like Europe and the US, in particular why it was being facilitated.

  • El Cid

    Danny, that is exactly the point. When does a political ideology cease being a protected opinion in an open society, and become insurrection intended to destroy the state that supports it? I believe that Islam has crossed that line in America–the Islam preached by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliates like Hamas. Somehow, they have managed to convince Obama to be their spokesman.

    • bigjulie

      I doubt he needed very much “convincing”! He applies himself to his task much, much too enthusiastically!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Thank you, Daniel, for a most encouraging piece. In a sense, the greatest help in this Act leading to security and sanity can be counted on coming from the insanity of the Brotherhood itself. It is up to us to continuously publicize their violent acts, devious schemes and political links to educate the ignorant in America. Act for America’s Brigitte Gabriel should be enlisted to help. She has done an excellent job so far in defending America from Islamist Trojan Horses. Since Obama has interfered continuously in the Affairs of Egypt, trying to force the Brotherhood on them, it would be perfectly in order to invite Egyptian speakers to share with us the evils of the Brotherhood and their violent tactics in Egypt.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      DontMessWithAmerica, especially my little part of it. :o) Yea,for Brigitte Gabriel.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Daniel, once again, another fine article.

    I have a question for you. What, in your opinion, are the chances that this Act would be signed by Obama, if it cleared Congress? I have my doubts …

    • Daniel Greenfield

      very little

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I rather thought so …

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      What are the odds such an act would get through congress at all?

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Extremely low, given the current makeup of Congress. It will make it through the House, but Harry Reid won’t even allow a debate, in the Senate.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Won’t even make it through the House

  • geneww1938

    If we only had a majority like Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert. What a shame and pity that Michele is retiring form her wonderful service to us. I pray we find a comparable replacement [for all vacancies].

  • Habbgun

    What would outlawing do given how deep these organizations have burrowed into government and academia and that is what we can see. How much money is being passed under the table can only be imagined.

    The only real hope is a fundamental change in the size and power of government reducing the hangers on and an end to the academic monopoly. They can’t buy what isn’t there to be bought.


    Yea, Go for it Bachmann & Gohmert. Did not know that fact about Senator JFK, Every damn off-spring of Ishmael needs terminated. Don’t care where they are. start in Dearborn, Mi. Napalm. Sands of the middle-east, turn it into glass. Africa, carpet bomb the place. same for Indonesia, but be careful of Sumatra, great coffee.

  • kenaan

    Stop the killer!

    • Softly Bob

      Nice of you to share some Palestinian propaganda with us, but we already knew that they came out with such lies. Have you got any more of this nonsense? We all like a good laugh here.
      Oh, sorry…. you didn’t realize it was propaganda? Ha, ha, you’re obviously a gullible type then! Oh, I do love to see idiots humiliate themselves on public websites.

      • UCSPanther

        Antisemites of all stripes are very good at self-humiliation.

        That is why they run from honest debate.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The Muslim Brotherhood in your avatar are the real killers

      • UCSPanther

        When Jihadis post crude propaganda of that nature, I smell fear.

        Fear of the well-deserved consequences of their actions…

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I’m sure this sophisticated propaganda would get the brain-dead half wits in the islamic world up-in-arms, but then again, it doesn’t take much to do that.
      If the muslimes in Gaza were to stop firing rockets into Israel, unilaterally, wouldn’t that end Israel’s military campaign in Gaza? Isn’t that the stated reason for Israel’s invasion of Gaza (as it was in Operation Cast Lead)?

    • Webb

      But don’ the little feller get his 72 virgin he-goats? Actually he should get more for being killed personally by Bibi Big Jew. The heck of it is that if you told the Muslims the 72 virgins were he goats, you’d get a stampede to the jihad recruitment stand. Right Keenie? Goat on yer peenie.

    • Ed

      Simple way to save Palestinian kids is to stop firing rockets into Israel.

    • UCSPanther

      Maybe you should post some crude caricatures from Der Sturmer while you are at it.

      That shabby propaganda may work on the uneducated idiots that you call your subjects, but it won’t work here.


      Your photoshop is as real as the photoshop koran.


      Stop the killer called muhammed!

  • pennant8

    Daniel writes “While the propaganda of the left is a powerful thing, it crumbles in the face of world events. The political battlefield is a shadow of the real world. When the world changes, it abruptly transforms everything.”

    That is very true and the world is changing in a negative direction much to the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood and their spin-off groups. I like to describe this turn of events as the resurgence of doctrinaire Islam.

    The problem is that the mainstream media is still oblivious to what is happening all around us, and by extension so is most of the general public who depend on the MSM for their news. The only place one can get a read on these ominous developments is via the so-called right-wing websites which are read by only a relatively small percentage of the population. And there aren’t that many of these sites, maybe a half dozen or so that have a solid handle on the situation, including FPM.

    I am getting to where when I read MSM outlets, I don’t read them to see what they are reporting, I read them to see what they are avoiding, not reporting. For example, regarding the resurgence of Islamic inspired anti-Semitism in Europe, the term “Kristallnacht” is beginning to appear in stories published on websites mentioned above. Will the MSM ever use this term – never. Will they even report on the increasing violence in any meaningful way? Another example. How many Americans are aware of the successful efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood to neuter our security infrastructure by forcing it to purge all references to Islam that they found offensive? Has the MSM ever reported on this? As far as I know they haven’t, except maybe peripherally while ridiculing Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert for calling attention to it.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I don’t think the enemedia is “oblivious”. I think they’ve been bought off, coerced and intimidated. Someone pointed out to me that even though Glenn Beck had good ratings, it doesn’t matter much if advertisers object to his message and take their business elsewhere.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    First we need to outlaw The Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist, but ultimately Islam is a Totalitarian ideology as Criminal as Communism and Fascism are. This has to be a next step. Outlaw Islam and then we may deal with them as we did with the USSR. Communism is alive and well and presently living in the White house but, the American people let their guard down. This time we will not survive.

  • gornisht

    An excellent article! Some one said that the” truth is heavy, that is why so few men carry it”. To Bachmann, thank goodness she has the whatever to call a spade a spade. Until the world calls it the way it is, the Muslims will continue to roll over the west. Case in point, Europe. Why is terrorism equated with Muslims? Is this a difficult equation to understand?

    If a horse with 4 legs can stumble, how much more a man with one tongue!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    What if the Muslim Brotherhood merely spins off satellite groups that claim no affiliation w/the Muslim Brotherhood?
    How will anyone know if the tentacle of islamic-fascist front groups all lead back
    to the same Muslim Brotherhood octopus?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s where the investigations come in.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    It’s interesting to note that an independent brigade or battalion of Moslem Brotherhood (Chaim Herzog’s term for them) fighters were active combatants against Israel in the ’48’ War of Independence. The same organization founded
    by the Grand Mufti all those years ago.

  • Lightbringer

    Bachmann, Gohmert, and those who stand with them are great Americans. May God bless them all, and grant their efforts success.

  • Ivan

    I like what you said about the lefts propaganda being a powerful tool but just the shadow of reality. Since everything the left touches bears no fruit and turns to ashes, their way is a scheme to get control and get power, quickly enough, so that they gain the mastery before their works bear fruit. That’s why speed is the essence of the left. Just like hitler blitzkrieged Europe then dug in, the left tries to streamroll their stuff into the fabric of our lives and then digs in for the inevitable counterrevolution. Marx saw this. The left is prepared for the counterrevolution. Not only do they have strategies to beat it back, they are emotionally prepared for inevitable opposition. The success they have, the longer it’s lasts, just piles up more enemies. Communism could never come back in Russia, for example, because the people despise it. Obamas knew he had but a short time to get his ideas through and then focus on embedding them. He’s been lame duck since 2010 when he last passed major legislation. He was lame duck even before his reelection.

  • Anamah

    May be the out lawing of Communist Party of J.F. Kennedy may be a clue to explain a reasons for his assassination.

    I believe that after that horrible crime, L.B. Johnson was much more docile to the socialist agenda.

  • Maynard

    Hurrah for Bachmann and Gohmert. It’s great that we have leaders (a few) with balls enough to stand up to this world wide threat. However, I think they need to add John Kerry and the State Department to the terrorist list. The entire State Departmet seems to support the enemies of the US and tries to beat our friends down, this especially when it concerns Israel and Hamas.

  • Evermyrtle

    If you have a weak stomach do not do this, Type in your search bar How will the New World Order depopulate the world. If JESUS CHRIST DOES NOT return for HIS people soon we are in for a very bad time, Let us pray that HE will have special protection for HIS people. I have a 2 month great granddaughter who to me is perfection,what does the future offer to her other babies???

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    The terrorist organization is ISLAM !!!

  • AbuShy

    Go Louie!

  • ADamRant

    Obama has appointed Communist Party USA members as Czars over his cabinet members. He has also integrated Muslim Brotherhood members as advisers into his administration. What will be done with theses people?

  • Captlee

    Thank you. This is a great article. Not everyone in government is a useful idiot. There are those few who see through the lies and understand the threat. We need to rally behind, and support these patriots.

  • Avi

    MB = CAIR. QED.

  • thinkabout10

    What I think is ironic is when the left has put these blood thirsty Islamic in power and have no more use for them, just how fast their heads will roll. Once again how the wicked will be hung with their own noose. Lol

  • Lin Alb

    N Americans BY Our Own Right as FREE PEOPLE are to ban islam in each of our own communities detailing islam law criminal Status , intent against govt to overthrow govt replace with islam jihad political ideology… as well as islams hatred against humanity — N Americans — to the pt of death to all non followers….genocide….
    get on board …. make it happen …