Pelosi: Founding Fathers Wanted ObamaCare


Every day, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi engage in a close race to see which of them can say the craziest thing.

Pelosi won today. Tomorrow, Reid might claim that the Koch Brothers are the cause of the Syrian Civil War.

“It is really so heart warming for those of us who worked so hard [to make sure] many more people in our country would have access to healthcare,” she told reporters at the stakeout position just outside the West Wing portico.

“There are those critics, bumps in the road, but they’ve only been turbulence. They have not been an obstacle to the American people having healthier life that our that our founders wanted for them,” she said.

Those founders wanted “life — a healthier life — liberty and the freedom to pursue their happiness, not [be] job-locked, but having benefits that having health-care policies that are portable, they could be self-employed, be a photographer — they could  start their own business, they could change jobs, they could reach their aspirations,” she declared.

All along we thought that the Founders wanted liberty. But no, apparently they wanted the freedom to force everyone to buy worthless health insurance.

The Founders wanted to separate health insurance from employment, an issue that didn’t exist at the time, so that people could become photographers, a profession that didn’t exist at the time. Also they were deeply concerned about the ozone layer, opposed the death penalty and were big fans of Common Core.

Just ask Nancy. Now if only someone would unlock her job.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    “Those founders wanted “Life, a healthier life…and not be job-locked….” Actually, those founders didn’t trust paper money; and I’m reminded of the time John Tyler vetoed the National Bank bill, in 1842. He didn’t trust economic power in the hands of a centralized few–with good reason. Wonder what he’d say to job-killing politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

    • DogmaelJones1

      What he’d say to Pelosi would need to be censored or blipped out. And she’d deserve every expletive.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      They’d be hung I think.

    • Gee

      How about the fact that over 90% of the men were SELF-EMPLOYED. They didn’t want jobs at all. That came with industrialization

  • DogmaelJones1

    I read a very long essay co-authored by Jefferson, Madison, Patrick Henry, and George Mason, which appears in “The Secret Papers of the Founders They Never Intended Americans to Read,” edited by Howard Zinn, in which they expound on the necessity of health insurance and that the Crown’s denial of health care benefits to the colonists was one of the reason we declared our independence. They also wrote that Spanish should be the country’s primary language to accommodate the put-upon Mexicans, and that whaling should be abolished because animals, too, have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of plankton.

    • maximilien321

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    • JackSpratt

      LOL, great satire. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if a commie like Zinn would be involved in something like this.

  • Daniel L. Wright

    Pelosi probably talked to most of the founding fathers back in the day. Just yesterday,Jefferson and Washington were argueing on the numbers that would sign up for Obama Care. That was George Jefferson and Bill Washington but Nancy is senile so thats close enough.

  • v

    I wish all politicians would listen to Pelosi and ” Change Jobs”. It would be very good for the country. She should set the example and start by her changing her job. However, the word job means doing something, what does she do?

    • glpage

      What does Pelosi do? Most likely profits from her position in Congress.

  • cxt

    Always a fan of Mr. Greenfields work…..but this one is particularly good. :)

  • SDLakeshore

    Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.
    ~ Thomas Paine

  • Habbgun

    The Founding Fathers also wanted Nancy Pelosi to have huge diamonds at taxpayer expense so she can mindlessly coo “oooh shiny, oooh pretty” all day.

  • glpage

    Pelosi and her ilk have no clue what the founders thought or meant when they wrote the Constitution.

    • JackSpratt

      One would think this was meant for the consumption of their low-information voters, but Piglosi has said so many dumb fkg things that one never knows for sure.

  • michaelrivero

    “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • bob e

    pelosi is so stupid it inconcievable..

  • JackSpratt

    LMAO…I thought Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson were maybe the dumbest fks in Congress, but I have to allow for this dimwit, Piglosi.