Planned Parenthood Founder: European Women Should Stop Having Babies for 10 Years

The bad news is they did. That’s one of the reasons for Europe’s decline.

The snippet was filmed at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Sanger was the president of the America Planned Parenthood Federation at the time. That organization has since evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a nonprofit organization that to this day advocates heavily for abortion.

Despite the text in the Daily Caller story and below the video, in the actual video Margaret Sanger is urging European women not to have children for the next ten years despite being told that having babies is still the only untaxed and unrationed thing left in the UK.

Sanger dodges the question of what women who won’t be able to have children by then should do.

This was 1947 and the UK was in post-war recovery making Sanger’s mission of no-mercy that much more deranged, but it should be noted that world population control began taking off once again around that same time.

The Committee on Human Reproduction was established around that time through the National Research Council Division of Medical Sciences which coordinated with Planned Parenthood. Its grants came through the Federal Security Agency, which was FDR’s creepy Socialist office that covered everything from Social Security to the CCC to the Department of Education to biowarfare research.

So when Sanger arrived on her mission of death to Europe, she had some influential people in the US government behind her at that time.


  • DogmaelJones1

    What fools they be. Who came up with that idea? Muslims, who breed like rabbits for the specific purpose of taking over European countries?

    • DVult

      Stop giving the rabbits welfare and that might be less of a problem.

      • truebearing

        Well, at least stop giving them automatic weapons and shoulder-fired missiles.

  • truebearing

    If only her parents would have believed that deranged theory. Sanger is nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake.

    And here I thought Sanger only wanted to use eugenics to rid the earth of the “inferior races” ie. blacks. Apparently, she just hated babies… that’s real normal for a healthy, sane woman.

    No wonder the Progressives love Sanger. She hated human life too, and like them, hid under the deception that ceasing to procreate was for the benefit of mankind. Yes, of course, why didn’t we all see that? Retrogression is progressive. Death is life. It’s all so simple.

    • kikorikid

      Yes, destroy the present to achieve the
      Utopia of the future. This is Demographic Jihad.
      The “Civilization Jihad” brought to everywhere by
      the Muslim Brotherhood.
      I read a ,Ray of Hope, blog recently, written by
      a “working class” guy who said that while the
      Leadership elite in the UK was allowing the
      subjugation of the UK to Islam, the “working
      class” is getting ready to take positive action
      to prevent it. Hope.

    • Seek

      Actually, Sanger was a good friend and supporter of Barry Goldwater.

  • Jdcsa usayy

    No kids for 10 years? Tell it to the Muslims. No doubt European women should stop having children to make room for all of the new baby Muslims.
    Socialists are not satisfied destroying economic prosperity they also want to destroy Western society itself. Socialism has rotted the soul of the European people to the point they will not even defend their children against Muslim rape gangs.

  • Marsha

    Pretty sure there is a Hell. Pretty sure Sanger is there right now.

  • UCSPanther

    I think at this time, alarmists were starting to holler about the so-called “population bomb”.

    We now know that the world is facing a population crunch, and it will become apparent by the 2050s.

    Birth Rates around the world have been falling.

    • Seek

      Paul Ehrlich published his book, “The Population Bomb,” in 1968. That was two years after Mrs. Sanger died. At any rate, the world has 7 billion people, roughly quadruple the population at the start of the 20th century. How much is enough?

      • UCSPanther

        Considering how birth rates are falling around the world, any “population bomb” will take care of itself.

  • mollysdad

    This woman, the matriarch of the Culture of Death, was so dangerous to Christian civilization that her execution would have been justified had the legislators of the day been wise enough to provide for it.

    • Seek

      You, sir, are a dangerous moron. Sanger actually was not much of an advocate of abortion. She believed in birth control, but she disliked abortion.

      • mollysdad

        It’s precisely the widespread use of contraception that inevitably will destroy any society which embraces it. It changes the meaning of the sexual act so that man, not God, controls the creation of life. If man has the right to give life at will, then he can take it at will. The final stage before social collapse is the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

  • facepalm4usa

    The nose doesn’t lie. /pol/ was right.

  • cxt

    Why anyone stills views Sanger as some sort of hero is quite beyond me.
    That anyone on the Left still even says her name after the details of her odious “Negro Project” came out is staggering.
    If your a black person in the USA–you should be demanding from the Dems/Left an answer as to they are so comfortable with lionizing someone whom held such vile racial opinions and plans.
    They give an award named for this person…..why does the black community accept this shoddy treatment from the Dems?

    • Seek

      Blacks love affirmative action and the welfare state. And Democrats are the party most promoting them. That’s why. The notion that we can wean blacks away from the Democratic Party by bringing up some misquoted quote by Margaret Sanger for the 9,000th time is sheer fantasy.

  • catherineinpvb

    Does this inlcude the Muslim population as well? Not that ‘they’ are listening. Does Ms. Sanger ever consider the problem of demographics? What IS scary; is just how serious these people remain. . .and because they are so serious; what lengths they will go, so that their ‘Utilitarian’ agenda remains in tact. Health care ‘death panels’ do not begin to cover their ‘ways/means’.

  • kertitor

    O, I understand her, she does not want European women to commit the same error that her mother did

  • Abberline

    That woman needed a muzzle and a straitjacket. Her parents shoud’ve listened to her adivce.

  • Abberline

    Also Britain needed babies (as did France) due to the war deaths of World Wars I and II.

  • Stephanie White

    It wasn’t the Muslims, look into the Pilgrim society – I actually have to say I love how you worded the article :) will be sharing!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well she was into the whole eugenics movement pretty strongly, at least until the lines between the American eugenics movement and the Nazis became blurry in the 1930’s.