Polish Foreign Minister: Alliance w/US Worthless


Reset button anyone?

Remember how Obama was going to fix our “breakdown” in relations with other countries. By other countries he meant the Taliban and the Muslim brotherhood.

It’s not entirely worthless. Sometimes Joe Biden stops by for a photo op. Just don’t count on missile defense or any kind of defense.

According to a transcript of excerpts of the conversation that was published by Wprost on its Internet site, Sikorski told Rostowski: “You know that the Polish-U.S. alliance isn’t worth anything.”

“It is downright harmful because it creates a false sense of security … Complete bullshit. We’ll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we’ll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blow job. Losers. Complete losers.”

According to the transcript, Sikorski described Warsaw’s attitude towards the United States using the Polish word “murzynskosc.”

That derives from the word “murzyn,” which denotes a dark-skinned person and someone who does the work for somebody else, according to the PWN Polish language dictionary.

Putin is certainly having fun. So is Obama. But for rather different reasons. Meanwhile countries in the region have a choice between the Russian yoke or a photo op with Joe Biden.

  • Pete

    No sh_t!

    An alliance is useless whenever the Democrats are in control. Just ask the South Vietnamese.

    • Gee

      Ask us in Israel

      • Jo

        Sometimes I read your newspapers to see what’s happening with my Israeli friends (some are still in the army) and I’m always astonished at how America treats their closest allies. It’s like they enjoy slapping them around, cause they can never leave. Countless tiny humiliations while waiting for a big one, pretty sadistic. Lesson for today – if you want the US to treat you with respect, you have to start abusing human rights and fund some terror groups.

        • Gee

          Not our style. We like Americans, your President and State Department leave a lot to be desired

  • Pete

    murzyn skosc
    Google Translate gives me Negro cirrhosis.

    I’ll have to remember to ask some Polish acquaintances what this means the next time i see them.

    In all fairness I will have to blame this bad fella the Polish Foreign Minister is complaining about on Russian influence operations.

  • Jo

    He expressed in not-so-diplomatic words the general feeling Polish people have. The US can’t even make one symbolic gesture that would make our lives easier, especially those who have family in America, namely to include Poland in Visa Program. So we don’t have any great expectations.

    This term he used is not about skin color, it’s about someone who works really hard like a moron and gets nothing in return, but is happy with a pat on the back. It doesn’t depict accurately situation of any specific black people, it’s just a term. The word is still acceptable in slang, we’re not as PC-crazed around here. It’s not meant to offend anyone anyway.

  • CowboyUp

    Just ask an Iraqi judge what trusting and siding with the USA will get you. At some point a democrat will move into the WH and destroy you for siding with their worst and most hated enemy, the USA.