Poor Little Rich Liberals

hbNo group has been hit harder by the Obama economy than America’s liberals. From Marin County, where bundlers have had to struggle to scrape together a few ten grand bills to attend Obama fundraisers, to Washington D.C., whose bedroom communities now have seven of the ten highest household incomes in the country, poverty is hitting poor rich little liberals hard.

In 2006, Alaska had the highest household income. But voters chose Obama over Palin and these days it’s Maryland because six-figure government consultants on sustainable development and diversity need McMansions to go home to after a long day of team building exercises.

Despite numbers like these, liberals are barely making ends meet. Some like Hillary Clinton are “dead broke”. Forget about a dollar not buying what it used to. Not even a hundred million dollars does. And there’s poor Joe Biden who claimed not to have a savings account or any stocks and bonds. And he doesn’t. He has five savings accounts and eleven investment funds.

But wealth is relative. Despite earning $100 million, Hillary Clinton claims that she isn’t “truly well off”. And if a woman with a colonial mansion for every occasion is, in the words of her adviser, still just “trying to earn a living”, the economy must really be bad.

With income inequality such a hot topic, the Democratic Party’s presidential frontrunners are working hard at pretending to be poor.

If Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden can’t convince Democrats that they’re just one step away from begging for spare change on street corners, Elizabeth Warren is waiting in the wings. After all who better than a Harvard professor who made $429,981 in her last full year of teaching to understand how hard it is to barely get by under income inequality.

Elizabeth Warren has a net worth of around $15 million, making her more working class than Hillary, but less working class than Joe Biden. Like Biden, Elizabeth Warren also isn’t big on investing.

“I realize there are some wealthy individuals – I’m not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios,” Warren told an MSNBC host.

Like “Dead Broke” or “Truly Well Off”, “Wealthy Individuals” and “A Lot of Stock Portfolios” are relative terms. Warren only had $8 million in investments. It’s not a lot if you’re a millionaire who, like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, spends a lot of time around billionaires.

When you have twenty bucks in your wallet, a million seems like a lot. But when you have a million and hang around those who have fifty million, it doesn’t seem like so much anymore. And when you earn a hundred million and go to cocktail parties with billionaires, you no longer feel that you are “truly well off”. It’s hard to convince the working class that you “feel their pain” when what you really feel is your pain at having to borrow private jets from your billionaire grocery mogul friend to fly to Africa, instead of being able to buy your own fleet of jets.

There’s nothing wrong with making money, unless you’re a liberal or unless your money comes from dubious sources, such as charging the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles $150,000 for a speech (the Clintons), ripping off asbestos victims (Elizabeth Warren) or getting your brother some juicy contracts (Joe Biden).

After rich liberals unleashed class warfare against Mitt Romney, they have been reduced to competing against each other in a game of “Who Is the Poorest Democrat?”

Bill Clinton tried to bail out his wife by rephrasing the question as being which candidate can connect to the plight of ordinary people.

The answer is none of them.

Biden has been in politics for over four decades. Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a non-government job in two decades and most of her work before that was really an extension of her husband’s politics. Elizabeth Warren spent decades in academia.

When Hillary Clinton talks about “working hard” for her money, she means putting her name on books that someone else wrote and reading speeches that someone else wrote to groups that would pay her even if all she did was bark for five hours straight. Bill Clinton may be a compelling and interesting speaker, but no one has ever accused Hillary of either of these things.

Hillary isn’t being paid six figures to appear in front of some trade group to talk about how much she cares about the children of the world because she is a powerful and inspirational speaker. The money is being paid out to buy influence with the likely future president. Hillary’s speaking fees, like her law work, are essentially legal bribes from special interests.

The concentration of wealth around Washington D.C. is not the work of the Tea Party. It certainly isn’t something that the Koch Brothers did. It’s what happens around an imperial capital. It’s not that the rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer; it’s that the politically connected get richer while the politically disconnected get poorer.

The significant division is not along lines of class, but of corruption. The working poor may be suffering, but the politically connected welfare poor have plenty of opportunities to game the system. Most of all it’s the politically disconnected private sector middle class that invests its time in working instead of voting that is sliding down the hole and taking the economy with it.

The radical technocrats of the Democratic Party champion big government policies that concentrate wealth in a smaller number of hands while campaigning against income inequality. They denounce the rich at fundraisers for the rich. They buy mansions so that they can run for higher office and then claim to be dead broke. They create the income inequality they condemn.

Faking poverty isn’t just an election strategy; it’s also protective camouflage as the politicians robbing the country cry poverty.

The Clintons want to enjoy the privileges of their ill-gotten wealth without accepting any of the responsibility. They want to have their mansions and their class warfare. They want to pile up vast fortunes and then talk about the problems of income inequality. They want to have the radical privileges of poverty and the prosperous luxuries of wealth.

The poor little rich liberals have made themselves wealthier and the country poorer. Now they are exploiting the miserable economy that they are responsible for with more class warfare.

They are poor, but not in money. They suffer from severe poverties of honesty, decency and shame. They hardly have a single truth to their name and their poverty is as fake as their concern for the poor.

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  • Judahlevi

    I think we all need to be a little more understanding…

    $100 million just doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

    • BS77

      Especially in Animal Farm….where all the animals are equal….but, unfortunately, some are just a tad, “more equal” than the others. Oh the money worries of these liberals…OH BOOOO HOOOO. Who votes for these people? THE IDIOT ROBOT voters….that’s who.

    • Gee

      I would love to find out how little it buys

  • Andy_Lewis

    She can replay Bill’s ’92 campaign. Just substitute the Allman Brothers for Fleetwood Mac:

    Ramblin’ Man

    Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man,
    Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can.

    • Habbgun

      How about the Kinks Low Budget

      She’s got a low budget mansion
      in a low budget La-La Land

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Warren Buffett loves the inheritance tax because he has made so much money off of it – by buying family businesses at fire-sale prices after the founders of those businesses died and the heirs were stuck with a big tax bill.

    Similarly, Democrats stand to make a lot of money by decrying income equality, which is a way of promoting policies that will destroy private capital, and cause all the wealth and power of the nation to flow corruptly to themselves.

    • UCSPanther

      With people like Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and Warren Buffett on their side, any Dem supporter who whines about the Republicans being a party of “big business” is a hypocrite and should be called for it.

      BTW, BNSF railway should be renamed to WBE-Warren Buffett’s Express.

  • UCSPanther

    There are people out there struggling to survive, find work and make ends meet, and Hillary the Hag with her huge net worth has the nerve to go whining about “how hard done by” she is?

    Maybe if she shut her trap for a few seconds, she would hear the jeering, laughter and scorn being thrown her way, but that would be asking too much.

  • johnlac

    I have no problem with the Clintons being wealthy….I just detest the self descriptions of being poor-little-not-quite-rich people. I have Dem friends who still go off about the rich Republicans who have all the money. I ask them if they know who Dem contributors are and how far away they are from the problems of the average working stiff.
    But the myth continues of the struggling Dem pol waging war against the rich, conservative plutocrats for the benefit of the masses. The Clintons, like many pols, got into politics to get rich and famous. Nothing wrong with a little ambition, but they should be honest about it.

  • Bert

    This article is just preaching to the choir. I wish some conservative would organize and pay small groups of people to do some street theater. They would dress as poor people and go to liberal neighborhoods and take up a collection for Hillary. They could cry and plead for donations to make sure Hillary has enough to eat. This act could also be done in front of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NY Times, etc. The actors could directly approach people for money and also film the scene to go on the internet. This is an example of Saul Alinsky tactics to embarrass the Dems and drive them crazy at very little cost. Unfortunately the GOP is brain dead and could never think of something like this.

    • cacslewisfan

      You did! That’s a great idea. If you did your own filming, it could go viral. How would you target the neighborhoods?

      • claspur

        That’s threatening, isn’t it?
        Call-in The MRAP Swat teams on you! *sigh lol

        • cacslewisfan

          I didn’t mean it! Don’t taze me bro!

          • claspur

            That’s an oldie, but a goodie.. lol Zzzzzzzz’appp! lol

      • Bert

        Actually this idea could apply to all neighborhoods, rich and poor and liberal and conservative as well. The irony of ‘poor’ little rich girl Hillary with her 100 million family wealth poor-mouthing in public is sickening. And that message should be spread widely and sink her presidential hopes. The bigger issue is the brain-dead GOP that is unable to create nimble, imaginative, public actions to needle the Democrats and Obama on countless issues where they are highly vulnerable.

    • Gee

      Leftists live in gated communities with armed guards to keep poor people at bay

  • bob smith

    If Hillary Had 100 Million Dollars

    If I had a 100 million dollars
    If I had a 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a mansion in NYC
    I would buy you a mansion in NYC

    And if I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    I’d buy you furniture for your mansions
    Maybe a nice Chesterfield or an ottoman

    And if I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a Rolls Royce
    A nice Silver Shadow automobile
    And if I had 100 million dollars, I’d buy your lovers off

    If I had 100 million dollars
    I’d build another mansion in our yard
    If I had 100 million dollars you could help get me more
    It wouldn’t be that hard

    If I had 100 million dollars
    Maybe we could put it in a really big safe
    In there somewhere
    We could just go up there and see how the other half lives

    Like open the mansion door and gaze out on the poor masses
    And there’d all be fools laid out for us
    Like little pre-wrapped leftist sausages for the slaughter

    They have pre-programmed leftist stooges
    But they don’t have pre-programmed patriots
    Well, can you blame them?

    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy an Empress’ robe
    But not a real Empress’ robe, that’s too obvious

    And if I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you an election
    Yep, like a state or a federal position

    And if I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you FDR’s study guide
    All them crazy socialist Utopian truisms
    And if I had 100 million dollars I’d buy your lovers off

    If I had 100 million dollars
    We wouldn’t have to walk to DC
    If I had 100 million dollars
    We’d take a limousine, ’cause it costs the taxpayers more

    If I had 100 million dollars
    We would have to eat filet mignon
    But we would let them eat cake

    Of course we would, we’d just let them eat more
    And buy really expensive grey poupon with it
    That’s right, all the fanciest poupons taxpayer money could buy

    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a new cigar
    But not a real cigar, that’s cruel

    And if I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you another mansion
    Maybe Biltmore, Lyndhurst, or even The White House!

    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a Donkey
    Haven’t you always wanted a democrat Donkey?
    If I had 100 million dollars I’d buy your lovers off

    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    If I had 100 million dollars
    I’d be dead broke!

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Does this go to the tune of If I Had a Hammer?

      • bob smith

        It is my take on the song by the group Barenaked Ladies of ‘If I had a million dollars’

        I couldn’t resist the associations to billy and pillary

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Okay, that makes sense! It could be adapted to the other song, too. Either one of them would make a wonderful Rush parody …

          • bob smith

            Absolutely. Fits her and billy to a tee.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Daniel, you forgot to mention John Kerry, arguably more worthless than Hillary Clinton in any political position or role you care to name. He also lies, poses, tries to act the average guy with a middling income, likes to have a good time on the sly when no one’s looking, is in competition with Biden (who claims he lives in a house owned by his wife, and is otherwise as poor as a church mouse) in the gaffe-o-meter contest, and has risen in politics in conjunction with how successful he’s been in marrying up in the wealth ladder (e.g., latest one is Teresa Heinz, what a pickle!). This was beyond the time line of your piece, but there were also the Kennedys, with Joe Sr. the most corrupt of them, his wealth having been based on being a successful bootlegger before anyone had ever heard of the clan..

    Finally, I always flinch when I read that this or that politician has “earned” or “made” money. These people don’t earn or make anything: they “get” money. They don’t create wealth; if they don’t destroy it with their looting policies, they acquire it because their stock advisers recommend it, and the value of any stock is a measure of how successful actual producers and workers make it. I can’t picture either of the Clintons or Biden or Warren devoting a minute of their precious political time studying the stock market and saying, “Say, this stock here has a great track record and is projected to increase in value by X percent, I think I’ll get a second opinion, but it’s got to be in an economic realm that we haven’t regulated or destroyed yet….” Yeah, right. That’s about as credible a scenario as Obama deciding to invest in a golf club manufacturer or Michelle deciding all on her own to invest in a supermarket chain. The golf clubs and food producers are just there, somehow, magically. Their conception of wealth is the looter’s conception of wealth: it’s there for the taking.

    • fiddler

      Remember: “If you own a business — you didn’t build that; somebody else made that happen”.

      That’s the way to put salve on a guilty conscience I guess. (Guilty? nah!)

      • ricpic

        What conscience?!

      • nimbii

        Warren’s (Cheekbones) buildings in the empty cities that “somebody else made happen” can be seen in China.

        The buildings we have are (still?) filled with commerce that somebody besides her and her ilk made happen.

        Is she implying that without the wonderful government somebody else built there would be no commerce???

        Hey Cheekbones, how about improving our commerce by removing harmful regulations and taxes that somebody else made happen?

      • Michael__Durham


        100% correct.

        To say nothing of the fact that Obama’s quote is utterly absurd on the face of it (infinite regression, among other problems):

        Obama: “…if you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen”

        Alright, then *That Somebody Else* built that business. Just not “you”.

        That’s how these nebulous Leninist Leftists always operate: verbal sleight-of-hand and doubletalk: When you pin them down, they always yammer on about “someone else” (or something else), never about a real, tangible person, or thing.

        Just like their political ideal, which is Communism. They’re never talking about *real* communism, which always involves stacks upon stacks of corpses.

        They’re talking about *some other*, IDEAL, TRUE communism.

        Just hope and pray we never get their (“some other”), IDEAL, TRUE communism”, because when we do, every last human on earth will be dead.

    • carpe diem 36

      he does not need to “act like an average guy”, he is really average, or maybe below average, or maybe the lowest average.

      • DogmaelJones1

        I would settle for sub-average. The “average guy” works for a living. Kerry never heard of the term. It’s not in his vocabulary. Sub-average guys are on welfare, or gaming the system.

    • pfbonney

      “…John Kerry, arguably more worthless than Hillary Clinton….”

      Good point!

      It isn’t that the Limousine Liberals are broke, or in ” a picuinary state of embarrassment” (e.g., “broke”), it’s that they are absolutely worthless.

  • kasandra

    I hear things were so bad for the Clintons they had to start using Caviar Helper.

  • Ernie kaputnik

    It doesn’t matter how much money, or lack thereof, that the Clintons, Biden and Warren claim not to have. Rather it’s the message they are sending to the DNC’s base (idiots, low-information voters, the entitlement class and minorities) which is, “We’re just like you. We have the same struggles, problems and concerns as you. Vote for us.” And because the DNC base is full of idiots who get their news from liberals news outlets, that is the message they will hear and believe. The Nazis and communists used the same ploy with the help of a complicit media and it worked for them because there were more than enough idiots willing to believe it. I have no doubts about it being just as successful again for the DNC.

    This nation is lost.

    God, help, save and defend the Republic.

  • Pepe Turcon

    The world is laughing at the Obama administration, and laughing at the Americans who elected it.

    • fiddler

      He and his ilk are really a by-word. Someday if the revisionists don’t have their way our grandchildren and great grandchildren will read a history of how this administration led to the nation’s downfall. Sad that other nations get it but the American Idol watchers don’t.

  • James Foard

    Little Orphan Hillary and Daddy Soros. It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘rich’ is, to paraphrase Bill Clinton.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Like I mentioned on another thread, a couple of weeks ago, it would all depend on what the word “rich” means to Bill, in the existential moment. Words have no meaning, to him, other than what the speaker means, in that moment.

  • Webb

    The Guillotine fodder social class.

  • Docs357

    They lie to each other more that they lit to us if that’s possible

  • Bandido

    Hillary is to decency what Eichmann was to Jews.

    • Elliott

      This comparison is an insult to the Six Million.
      Kindly replace it with something different.
      FPM – Bandido’s comment ought to be erased.
      Then you can also erase my response to what he submitted

  • Sharps Rifle

    Where’s Maximilian Robespierre and The National Razor when we need them?

  • ricpic

    If ordinary people would only mind their betters!!

  • USARetired

    I have a difficult time with the fact the majority of the media avoid her LYING! Which is a habitual habit with ‘snagletooth’ Hillery!

  • carpe diem 36

    above all what they lack is shame, dignity and honesty. they are just so ugly and so sickening that just on this alone no one should even listen to them and denounce them as much as they can. what an ugly bunch!!!

  • zsa zsa

    yep, never enough, that’s why the crazy powerful zillionaires have to destroy the world to get more power and money

    • pfbonney

      Lord knows George Soros did his best to destroy the UK in trading against the British Pound, which was then tied directly to the Euro. He, nearly single-handedly, brought the country too its knees while currency trading, just to line his bank account with money he will never need.

      D@mned Democrats!

  • zsa zsa

    she fixed the eyebrows, now do something w/ the bags

  • claspur

    This article is darn-near ‘cartoonishly’ Highlarious. ;o)

  • truebearing

    Hillary’s whining about being poor is a portal into the psyche of the Left’s elite. When they say they aren’t wealthy, or more absurdly, that they “were broke” (yet bought two mansions), they are displaying their competitive rapacity, not to mention dishonesty. Hillary has 100 million, George Soros has 20 billion. Hillary is in a lower caste, and she doesn’t like not being on top. All of the Left’s elite power mongers want to be on top. That is why they they are Marxists — no, not because they are egalitarians, but because they are totalitarians, and not just in an ideological sense. They are driven by the rapacious greed and right of entitlement thinking of malignant narcissists. They think, individually, that they deserve everything, and anything less than everything is not enough. What about the poor? Ha! The poor can watch CNN and eat government cheese. The poor are alive to serve the political wealth engine of totalitarians. Don’t the poor know their place?

    The shameless posturing as poor is a ruse the elite Left can get by with because they have the luxury of collectively owning something far more valuable than manisons and yachts…they own the media.

  • http://frontlineofdefense.com j.veritas

    Love when the Limousine Libs cry poverty from behind their tinted windows. Another good job, Dan. Check out “Hillary’s Greatest Hits” video collection at frontlineofdefense.com. It’s on the America’s Enemies page, appropriately so.

  • OOtar59

    Hillery is doing her best impression of Jafar. Disguising herself as a poor old pauper, roaming the slums crying, “New lamps for old! New lamps for old!”

    When, or if she finds what she’s truly seeking, which happens to be the presidency, she will wreak havoc via payback and demand that the country worship at her feet.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Thanks to all those “critical studies” courses our once-great colleges offer, the American public will now buy absolutely ANY outrageous lie the Leftist icons choose to serve them.

  • Lanna

    Who is going to fall for this line…Dead Broke….. after the careers of these two????

  • Maynard

    Thanks to our liberal president, there is always food stamps and free cell phones for all of his liberal buddies.

  • MrEthiopian

    Whats your point that all politicians are crooked and lie to the American people, thanks for stating the obvious.

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  • mtnhikerdude

    “Hypocrisy Rules” !

  • Christopher Riddle

    Did he say”Bark”for five-hours straight or”Fart”???????????????????????

  • okokok


    “I’m just not sure what the Republican Party really stands for any more other than telling Obama no and telling our own corporate interests yes. That’s not much of a platform.–Eric Erickson”….

  • Enzo

    What cracks me up the very most is the only thing the libbers are good at is creating MORE laws but notice they always TRIP themselves up with all the rules at some point down the road and then they BREAK their own laws in order to scam the system. Good example is Elizabeth Warren claiming she was Pocahontus. Why did she do that? So the college could CHECK off one of their “diversity” checkboxes that they FAILED to meet. Just PRICELESS.

    • CapitalistPig

      I think it was “Faux-cohantas”…………or maybe just “Crock-a-gewea” Warren.

  • johnnywoods

    My gums bleed for these “poor” folks.

  • Kuffar

    $100 million wouldn’t keep Bill in bimbos for a month… Let ALONE the up keep on the three mansions… Times are hard you know…

  • CapitalistPig

    How stupid would you have to be to be as broke as the Clinton’s said they were?
    In either sense it would disqualify you from being smart enough to be President.
    On a side note—I dd hear that Monica Lewinsky was able to get out of Washington with a wad of Bill’s.

    • Ginger Li

      Double entendre! You, CP, have the talent to become a democrat speech writer.

      • CapitalistPig

        Any speech written for a Democrat, especially H. Clinton would end up being a comedy.
        BTW–love Daniel Greenfield’s work here–& that fella has an understated, under appreciated & wickedly sharp wit in his columns.

  • EmilieGeorgeulf

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    Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  • Lanna

    Ho Hum, Doesn’t it just want to make you want to contribute to Hillary’s campaign!

  • Randy Townsend

    Do not expect the MSM to pick this up. As long as the lib parrots back the approved verbiage about the “rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer”, they get a pass on their personal lives. The “mean, evil, greedy rich” NEVER includes the Pelosi’s, Clinton’s, or Gore’s of this world….