Price of Beef Rose 35% Under Obama


If Republicans want to start winning a national election, they need to worry less about the convention site, and more about learning to communicate with working Americans. This is the sort of thing that Reagan did well. That even Bush II did reasonably well. But that the party now seems to have entirely forgotten how to do.

If you’re going to Cleveland, talk about the price of beef.

The increases since June 2009 are: Beef and veal: +35.2%, Pork: +27%, Fish and seafood: +20.1%, Eggs: +33.1%, Dairy: +16.1%, Fresh Fruits: +13.8%.

At the same time, Average Hourly Earnings have increased by 10.1%.

The net effect is a severe downgrade of lifestyle. It means that meat becomes less affordable for more families.

I wrote about this last year in, “If you like your food, you can keep your food.”

Bacon was at $3.60 a lb under Bush. It’s now up to $5.60 a lb under Obama. The price of a whole frozen Thanksgiving turkey was at $1.32 a lb under Bush. It’s up to $1.81 under Obama giving Americans that much less to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This isn’t just an accidental side effect of a bad economy. It’s a calculated effort to change how Americans live. It’s part of an active war on the middle class.

To the left, the great enemy is the middle class. They declare war on consumption (while consuming quite a bit) and the larger implications of Michelle Obama’s antics have passed many people by. It’s not about obesity. It’s about manufactured poverty.


  • Chris Gait

    I’m so happy that our government removed food items from the indicators for inflation. After all, it’s not like food is important to people. Paperclips? Now there is a key item, and the red tape used by our benevolent leaders, those have held steady on price. So there is no inflation! Good news again! USA! USA!

    • Sussex Girl

      Fuel, also. Clinton did that.

      • Chris Gait

        Yup. If you look at the numbers the country is in very bad shape, but….those are actual numbers, not the sanctioned numbers from the government and its servants in the press.

  • Pete

    Inflation is much worse than we know.

    “How Fast Food Providers Beat Inflation – Add Wood Pulp To Burgers”

    – Producers eat the cost for a while, sometimes.

    – Producers make portions smaller for the same price.

    – Producers substitute ingredients.

    This all masks inflation and helps Obama.

  • Race_Dissident

    It seemed like our grocery bill was escalating dramatically, now I see that increased and upgraded consumption on our part isn’t the reason why. Thanks for the info, Greenfield.

  • J.B.

    The price of butter doubled last week in CA. It’s five to six dollars a lb now.

  • BMS

    A good portion of people in America don’t care about the increases in food items because they are not paying for them anyway. Under Obama, the amount of people on food stamps has increased dramatically. While the working man is counting pennies and economizing to get food on the table, food stamp recipients are eating better than the average working man. Something is wrong with this system and it has to be changed. I’ve seen food stamp recipients buying Hagen Daz ice cream and lobster with their card. What is ESSENTIAL about those items that tax payers have to pay for them.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Yep my grilling steaks so far this spring and summer have been running me about $16 or $17 a piece on average. It’s getting to be quite expensive.

    • honeybee

      When you use feed corn for fuel instead of petro, what do you expect, Sugar. Frak baby frak

  • ObamaYoMoma

    To the left, the great enemy is the middle class.

    And they make war on the middle class by pretending to be one of them and by pretending to be watching out for the middle class. It’s the Alinsky playbook.

  • JCM 3008

    Paleeeeas! blaming obama for price of beef. r u kidding me? what rock did you crawl out from under?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Soylent Green

  • Tom von Mises

    90+% lean hamburger (a staple )went from $1.89 to $3.28 around here: that’s 57%.

    And I’m in the western US with ranches less than 50 miles away.

    Steak is even worse.

  • pete-unlinked

    a couple of spikes in the data resulted from 2013, early winter, a blizzard froze to death or otherwise wiped out 50K-70K head of cattle in South Dakota, and for many months before that, the long Texas drought severely reduced the quality of the grasses and grains that prompted the ranchers to sell early – temporarily increasing supply and yet reducing longterm ‘stock’

    • Pete

      Sure cattle die every winter. This winter was worse, so maybe more died.

      Then again

      ” Temperatures averaged over December 2013 – February 2014 in the contiguous U.S. made it our 34th coolest winter since records began in 1895, said NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)”

      One can look at other commodities as well.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Does the fact that corn is being diverted to produce green energy fuel have anything to do with this?? youbetchaya!
    Supply and demand leads to higher corn prices, which leads to higher prices for chicken, beef and life, in general!!!