Prison to Fort Hood Jihadist: “You’re a Grown Man. Act Like it.”


Muslim Fort Hood terrorist Nidal Hasan who carried out the Fort Hood Massacre ran up quite a tab while in prison.

Galligan believes many of the things the government did in the name of security were an excessive use of taxpayer money, including the nearly $200,000 spent on daily helicopter rides to ferry Hasan from the jail to Fort Hood.

The Army also spent tens of thousands of dollars setting up a private Fort Hood office for Hasan, who insisted on representing himself at trial, where he could prepare his own defense.

Records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates show nearly $5 million dollars in expenses, millions in travel for government lawyers, fees paid to expert witnesses, vehicles and cell phones purchased  and major security renovations at the base.

But it wasn’t good enough. Nidal Hasan’s handwritten requests reveal a severe case of jailhouse lawyer entitlement.And at one point the Muslim mass murdering doctor lectures prison staff that they are “practicing punitive medicine.”

Aside from the widely reported demands to know where his cheese was coming from, (it proved to be Baccio mozzarella… made with “a kiss of buffalo milk”) and repeatedly demanded a clock and wanted to keep his cell at exactly 70 degrees.

Hasan repeatedly complained that he wasn’t notified so that he could turn over every two hours and there were constant issues with his bowel movements, with the crippled Palestinian Muslim terrorist apparently refusing to use the toilet and using a trash can instead.

The back and forth exchanges between Nidal Hasan and the prison reveal growing exasperation by the prison staff with the privileged terrorist.

Hasan’s repeated demands for temperature regulation is turned down after medical staff state that it’s not a legitimate issue. Hasan’s request for an Imam is turned down as he is told that the prison is not obligated to provide him with an Imam, only to allow one to see him if he wants to.

In one message, Nidal Hasan demands that “defecated material” be removed, only to be told curtly, “I request that you properly evacuate your bowel… you know how to do it properly and after 19 days… do what you are supposed to do Major Hasan.”

Another response angrily tells the Muslim serial killer, “This was not an issue for you in the first two weeks of your incarceration when you were conducting your bowel movements as you were instructed.”

Finally Hasan is told, “You are not going to use a garbage can in the jail. Do as you were instructed, you’re a grown man, act like it.”

In another message, he is told, “Being given instructions to make your bed or change your linens is nowhere near a threat, it is an order from your doctor. You need to follow orders, Major.”

I imagine this probably was not the martyrdom afterlife that the self-proclaimed Soldier of Allah was expecting where 72 virgins and young boys would wait on his every wish.

With little to occupy his time, Hasan continues escalating his demands while the prison staff make it obvious that they are sick of dealing with the Muslim mass murderer.

“Good morning. I would just like reiterate that warming up the cell before taking a temperature of 74 is not a good way to take the avg temperature. I would request a thermometer (or equivalent) to take the avg temp throughout the day, ” Hasan writes.

The prison’s response. “This is not taking place, Hasan.” It sounds even better if you say it in a Schwarzenegger accent.

Hasan also claimed that his “privileged” files were being read, even though his defense consisted of claiming allegiance to the Taliban and rejecting the United States Constitution.

  • Rob Hoey

    It’s amazing how stupid we are with terrorists who only respect strength. I understand he’s an American citizen, but in his mind, he is a member of the caliphate and has no allegiance to America. I say let him get what the other prisoners get, no more, no less, then let us put him to death. Jihadists continue to use our humanity and laws against us. Enough.

    • Rufus T Firefly

      Incredible that this mockery of presumed innocence continues.

      Shot down while shooting others at the crime scene, handcuffed with the smoking gun still in his hand, dozens of eyewitnesses, no possibility of mistaken identity, no possibility of innocence.

      Why should there not have been a brief court martial, the parade of overwhelming evidence, some Jihadi last words from Hasan, and then a firing squad?

      • GotReason

        “Because your justice is not swift, your crime increases.” – King Solomon

      • Elliott

        and please PLEASE coat the the bullets with pig’s fat. This cancels the ticket to the vestal (?) virgins. He may still get the boys – but who cares!!!

        • bodica

          No boys, Elliott! I even object to goats and objectionable camels. They are supposed to get ‘rivers of wine’ as well. Amazing what is permitted in ‘paradise’ is haram (forbidden) on earth!

      • Greg

        Exactly Rufus!!! Wasn’t hasan a member of the military? So where is the tribunal? Where is the court martial? Where is the firing squad? And just who is pulling the strings to get this camel shagger his prison delicacies? He might as well be in Hawaii vacationing with the ovomit family. If I had committed the same crimes as he has done, I’d have already been executed. This is bullshit!!!

        • jeepwonder

          The executive in charge of the military must have wanted it to play out the way it did.

          When you have a president that wants us to appear weak, the military’s hands are tied.

    • defcon 4

      I seem to remember Timothy McVeigh getting swiftly tried and executed, strange how the federal government can’t seem to do the same w/Hasan.

      • Crassus

        McVeigh could have held on for years after his sentencing had he wanted but he stopped his appeals and met his fate.

        • bodica

          Did they threaten his family? I read that he had a cohort who was linked to Eric Holder but received little publicity and less aggressive prosecution.

    • Connie Alsip

      Better yet? Confine him to Gitmo for the rest of his life. He wants a awakening? He’ll get one, and I’m laying 5 to 1 on his execution by firing squad to be shown on PPV with proceeds to the federal debt. He was trying to ruin us then,,, now it’s the patriots turn.


    We need to expedite his trial and appeal so he can be executed as soon as possible. As a taxpayer, I resent supporting this terrorist traitor and murderer any longer than necessary.

    • DB1954

      Oh that is soooo not going to happen. Not as long as Obama is President, the Muslim sympathizer.

      • defcon 4

        “sympathizer” or collaborator?

        • kikorikid


        • bodica

          or jihadist…

      • PAthena

        President Obama has renamed the Fort Hood Muslim jihadist massacre, “workplace violence,” covering up for Muslim attacks. (He has also ordered all references to Muslim jihad from F.B.I. manuals, one reason, apparently, that the F.B.I., did not identify the Tzarnev brothers from Chechen as possible jihadists. Nut even Obama cannot rewrite the history of what happened at the Boston massacre.)

  • Constitution101

    We need to get a Bible believing and Gospel sharing Christian to be in the next cell to him.

    • Aloyicious

      It would appear that the Obama administration is doing what they can to make that happen – the way they seem to be outlawing anything even remotely Christian in the military…

    • DB1954

      Unfortunately, no one else is on death row at Ft. Leavenworth.

    • ken baskin

      no, he has to share a cell with a sex-starved Jamaican drug-pusher who answers to the name Bubba. I don’t normally watch such erotica but I would happily push the Endless Loop button for this one!!

  • ModdKenwood

    this guy is alive still for what reason?

    • DB1954

      So that he can perfect his appeals through the military justice system, and ultimately, the White House, I suppose, even though he asked the military jury to give him the death penalty. I’d bet that Obama will order his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Among other reasons, Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, and Hasan worked on the Obama White House transition team in 2008. Who knows what he worked on, while “serving his country” as an Army psychiatrist, especially since his fellow military physicians found him to be utterly worthless? He got nothing but the lowest ratings from his superiors his entire career as an Army psychiatrist. His patients complained that he wasn’t doing psychiatry but rather just trying to convert them to Islam. But who were his superiors to call him incompetent? This guy had Jihadi printed on his forehead from the get-go. At least some honest Army physician admitted that he wasn’t discharged due to politically correct considerations. And besides that, how else could he have gotten the job on the Obama transition team, but for the fact he was a Muslim? It certainly wasn’t for his doctoring skills. By the way, guess who paid for his undergraduate and medical school degrees?

      • EdWatts

        I see a presidential pardon in Hasan’s future.

        • conan_drum

          Perhaps you could tell us on what grounds this would be possible?

          • Ruth

            Obama won’t care about grounds, he will just do it.

          • DB1954

            conan_drum, were you born stupid, or do you have to work at it? The president doesn’t NEED GROUNDS for a pardon! You didn’t know that? The pardon power is absolute. The President can pardon for any reason, good, bad, indifferent, or NO reason whatsoever. He doesn’t have to give a reason either. What planet do you live on? You have to be a libtard.

      • bodica

        Who paid, DB1954?

        • DB1954


  • Edgar Davidson

    Nidal Hasan will be released from prison before Jonathan Pollard. I note that Obama today released a terrorist lawyer on ‘compassionate grounds’ – something he will not do for Pollard

    • A Z

      I did not bother reading the story on Jonathan Pollard which recently appeared in FPM.

      My belief is that he was spying on America for Israel. Every country spies on every other country in the world if they are capable of it. If I were Israel I would certainly spy on the U.S. including technical stuff. American support of Israel is fickle.

      All it takes is one election and American support can become American hegemony overnight.

      Still as much as Israel does for America and as much as we need each other Pollard should have been released awhile ago.

      • Gee

        The only material he turned over was the same information that the United States was REQUIRED under treaty with Israel to provide.

        And the US spies on everybody

        • defcon 4

          I read that Pollard was also offering his espionage services to countries besides Israel. I’m not sure if this allegation is true though.

          • PAthena

            Jonathan Pollard made a plea bargain, confessing to having given information to Israel, and was supposed to have gotten 3-4 years in prison, like others convicted of spying for US allies.
            This was changed to life imprisonment because of something – still secret – that then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, said to the court. Weinberger was anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, probably to cover his Jewish ancestry on his father’s side.

        • A Z

          1. Maybe I should have read the FPM story and several others

          2. I agree the U.S. spies on everybody. I already said as much

          3. The treaty thing is news to me. But if true shows how fickler the U.S. is.

          • leewacker

            Very true the U.S. spies on everyone, and it is also true Pollard was selling his services to whomever would pay his price, all that said, however, I want to know how you all feel about Israel’s unwarranted attack on the U.S.S. Liberty! That came out of the blue, unprovoked, and all the U.S. crew were relaxing—then, the Israelis hit them! What say all of you?

          • A Z

            I believe that Pollard was spying on the U.S. probably based on news reports.

            Someone said there were rumors or something that he was spying for other people. I have not read anything about it and can’t comment on it.

            As far as the U.S.S. Liberty it was a mistake or Israel wanted to send a message because of what America did to Israel. Nothing really salient sticks out. I might read up on it again in the future but there are so many other things demanding attention like AGW hoax a possible WW4, cartels/oligarchies, etc..

          • Patrick O’Rourke

            learn more history, the USS LIberty was handing over info to Israels enemies, they deserved what they got!!!!

    • CowboyUp

      Stewart was a communist who defended murdering leftist and Islamic terrorists for decades, of course she was released. If we were convoluted enough to fit our heads up our rears everything would appear to be upside down and it might make sense. That’s my ‘happy theory’, anyway. Says something about the real reason too.

      Pollard would have been home a long time ago if he just would have cooperated with the assessment of what was compromised. But he didn’t even low ball it, he pointedly refused, and the Reagan Administration rightly made an example of him. I hope whatever compromise he was protecting was worth it, and apparently it was, but I think over the long haul that it saves a lot of blood and property for the world to know that when a conservative President, at least, says “serious consequences,” they mean it.

      Unfortunately for Pollard, he didn’t pass it on to a communist organization, so neither wild bill nor obama would release him. The dp might for the ’16 election, but I sure wouldn’t count on it.

    • BTeboe

      Because Pollard is a Jew. Obama will never let him out even if he’s dying from cancer.

  • Paul

    Give the murderous traitor Hasan to Sheriff Joe, if he doesn’t like the accommodations. Tent city awaits…

  • rona

    Why not transport him to North Dakota and dump him on a deserted road so mother nature can do him justice.?

    • Americanish

      Nidal Hassan should be sent to the Middle East especially prior to a World wide War. He can burden their medical system and still have a shortened life.

      After all the accolades d_ie down, he’ll find out what they really think and how much they really care.


      Drop the pig in Al Aska ;-), let the hungry grizzly bears have him.

      • camp7

        Okay, but let me ‘prep’ him before the bears. I’ll make the bear’s work look like a girl scout kumbaya event..


          I’d offer the “prep” to the families of the people hasan murdered.

  • andy_gill

    He sounds like a typical Muslim.

    • DB1954

      Who, Obama? Yeah he does sound like a typical Muslim.

  • slhancock

    Well, well! How about a letter campaign to stop this nonsense? He is incarcerated for a crime and he thinks that he is not being pampered enough? Just exactly where does he think he is? NOT ONE MORE DIME! He should get standard prison treatment, to include being allowed to be near other prisoners….who he rightly fears, but he does not deserve ANY special treatment! PERIOD!

  • Erudite Mavin

    and as a reminder, the 13 Americans killed and over 30 wounded was considered work place violence by Obama.
    Those Americans were killed by a Muslim radicalized by Anwar al Awlaki, the same who continued the radicalization of the terrorists who flew the plane into the Pentagon 9/11.
    Terrorist Hasan yelling Allah Akbar as he kill and wounded Americans.
    These Americans were killed by the enemy no different than if they were in Afghanistan.
    These Americans should be awarded the Purple Heart.
    The wounded who have had many surgeries each and many are disabled today
    and pay themselves for their medical.
    Because the Democrats and Libertarians don’t believe this was part of the war
    declared on us in the late 1990s by Bin Laden and continued by Radical Islam,
    the American public is fed the bogus comment, work place violence.

    • defcon 4

      Where is “moderate” islam being practiced?

      • dikfor

        Liberal’s mind.

        • Erudite Mavin

          You are a liberal’s mind. Not a thing to brag about.

      • Erudite Mavin

        You don’t get it, I state Radical Islam as
        that is what they are.


        In the grave.

      • Tim N

        I’ve known a few who did. I suppose they were pretty poor Muslims. They didn’t pray five times a day, or at all as far as I knew. They liked to have a few drinks and get wide now and then. I can’t remember them even setting foot in a Mosque – maybe on rare occasions (I guess sort of like the Christians who make a nodding effort to attend Church on Easter and Christmas). I like to think they were moderate as these thing go.

      • StarTripper

        I think they do moderate Islam on NPR right after the theater reviews.

        • Erudite Mavin

          Only the Left and Libertarians believe Muslims are moderate to no threat.

    • chrismalllory

      If you give them the Purple Heart, you need to treat Hasan as a POW.

      • Erudite Mavin

        If you understood the facts of this terrorist attack,
        Hasan is a captured enemy of war who killed 13 Americans and wounded over 30 other Americans.

  • Gee

    Of course he is a ‘Palestinian’ just like Shiran Shiran – the murderer of Robert Kennedy.


      Make that a “Pal-e-SWINIAN”:

    • PAthena

      The name of the assassin of Robert Kennedy was “Sirhan Sirhan.” Bill Ayers, close friend of President Obama and political mentor, dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan. Chris Kennedy, a son of Robert Kennedy, was (or is) on the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University, where Ayers was a professor of education. When Ayers retired, Kennedy led the trustees to deny him the title of “professor emeritus” because Ayers had dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan.
      (Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dorne, founded the Weathermen organization, a terrorist group, but he was not convicted of bombing targets – I do not know why.)


        This is it.

        William Ayers’ forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

        Bookmark for future use.

      • bodica

        Ayers father is Tom Ayers, a Chicago corpo lawyer and apparent RAT party ‘fixer.’
        Allegedly it is he who arranged for billionairess Penny Pritzker to authorise the Pritzker Foundation to pay Obama’s ‘salary’ at U Chicago.
        This was necessary because Obama could not and did not pass peer review, therefore was not qualified as even a student lecturer…
        Allegedly Tom Ayers and his wife were bragging to the mailman that a ‘future president of the USA’ was visiting with them…whom the mailman identified as Obama. I have no corroboration on this part of the story, but it appears that Tom Ayers and Penny Pritzker are ‘persons of interest’ in the theft of the White House and traducement of the Constitution of the USA.

  • defcon 4

    Anyone know whatever happened to the muslime scumbag who fragged members of his own platoon in the 101st Airborne (in Kuwait or Iraq)?

  • Chris Gait

    Destroy everything that he loves or treasures before his eyes…then kill him and bury the body in a rotting pig carcass. If we acted the same way after Pearl Harbor that we have since 9/11 we would have lost the war. We are losing this one.

    • chrismalllory

      So, we need to nuke Tel Aviv and Riyadh?

      • Chris Gait

        Tel Aviv? Just why would you say that? Nuking your only ally in the region seems a bit…odd.

        • DB1954

          It’s because chrismallory has a funny little mustache.

      • surj

        chrismalllory ” So we need to nuke Tel Aviv and Riyadh ? ” You muslims would want that, especially Tel Aviv , Why Riyadh and not Mecca, Baghdad, Cairo , Karachi, Kabul, Tehran, Istanbul and all muslims countries. Now see

        • DB1954

          I say we drop a full charge nuke on Mecca, put that big stupid, black stone in the cross hairs.

          • Chris Gait

            Just the threat would be enough. Keep two B-52s on the tarmac at a field that can reach Mecca (that’s a lot of fields). One contains pig bodies, the other H bombs. They can be airborne in minutes, using one payload or the other depending on how serious the act of terrorism is. We need to use the superstition of extremist Islam against them. A normal Moslem is unlikely to fear witchcraft and think the mere touch of unclean animals condemns him to hell. But with a violent lunatic Jihadi you can use these things. Tell them the bullets are coated in pork grease. Bury terrorists in a pigskin bag full of pigs blood, etc. But most importantly, we need to man up. The Moslem world, both the fanatical and normal portions, is based on machismo. If you blink, if you flinch, if you show the slightest softness in dealing with them they will consider you a weakling and fool. Also, electing an American president with strong Moslem leanings and a deep sense of resentment, if not active hatred, for our values, was probably not a good strategic move in the war on terror. Even if that war has been renamed the ‘war on manmade disasters’.

  • James S. Oppenheim

    A touch of confused bipolar / narcissistic disorder, I’d say, from the guy’s weirdness. Without meaning too, he might teach us some things about personality and psychopathology and its relationship to the taking up of jihadi dreams (and missions).


      hasan should be executed and buried in a way that will deny him 72 virgins.

  • RedStateVet

    They should hold him down and dry shave him. He is still subject to military discipline.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This is why we need Gitmo. That’s where he belongs. Actually he really belongs in the ground but if we have to wait, send him offshore.

  • mjnellett

    Take his useless Muslim butt out to the nearest tree, anoint him in pig oil, then hang his worthless, murdering ass!

  • Tewana Secumbah

    Good question. I think he was found guilty of murder and off to prison. But, I would love to read about his final judgment.

  • Tewana Secumbah

    On November 20, 2006, Lieutenant General John Vines, commander of the 18th Airborne Corps, affirmed the death sentence against Akbar.[14] Under an automatic appeal because of the sentence, the case was forwarded to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, which upheld the sentence on July 13, 2012. Afterwards, the case was automatically appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, with a final right of appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Once Akbar’s appeals are exhausted and if his sentence stands, the President of the United States in his role as Commander in Chief would order the execution to take place, which is currently done by lethal injection.[15] Akbar continues to be confined at the United States Disciplinary Barracks awaiting disposition of his sentence.[16]

    You really think Obama would order his execution? I’m appalled, but not surprised, that this has taken so long.

    • Notalibfool

      Surprised Obama hasn’t pardoned Akbar.

  • KunTewk

    We wasted $5 million on this guy ? How many mouths would that feed ? ANd the Dems claim the Right wants to starve people….!

  • CatLadyHouston

    The pathetic terrorist has been found “guilty” of murdering and injuring many innocent military personnel…….how long is it before we execute this scum bag. IF HE WERE A WHITE CHRISTIAN man he would have been executed just as quickly as they did Timothy McVay….but he is a muslim terrorists so he sits in jail at the tax payers’ expense for years. Of course, this probably is dictated straight from the White House….kid glove protection….

  • tompro97

    The camel dung eater should have been executed the day of the shooting – 1 cap to the head would have done it. The Owebama Administration not only screwed up his trial and jail conditions, but they have screwed the victims of the shooting as well by declaring it “workplace violence” instead of terrorism, which it really was, and now they cannot collect disability and other benefits they should be due.

    Owebama and his regime are the most amoral things on this planet, and we can only hope that they will suffer a lingering death when the time comes. May it be soon.

  • Tom Girouard

    I’m surprise that Obama , hasn’t moved him into the Whitehouse ?

  • Richard Frank Roske Jr.

    I think his menu should consist of only pork.

  • Mike Rieker

    Biggest mistake was not putting just one more round in him.
    Will we never learn that?

  • high treason

    By empowering the guy with privileges, he becomes emboldened and makes increasingly impossible demands. This is a common trait when any group is allowed to become empowered-it always becomes abused. What he really needs is to be roughened up and deliberately treated without respect. Such things would be- made to sit in his own faeces if he refuses to use the toilet, fed pork, perhaps have a piglet allowed to share the cell with him. If he kills the piglet, he will be up on animal slaughter, which will cop a more severe punishment than merely mass murdering humans.

  • Billie Jean Washburn

    Our own leaders reject the Constitution. NOT taking up for this dude in any way but that just came to mind when I finished reading this article. Kinda like calling the kettle black.

  • james

    Should face a firing squad.

  • Ken

    If he continues…tell him PORK will be the menu every day until he stops the charade.

  • chrismalllory

    He isn’t a “serial killer”. He is not a “terrorist”. He is simply a common criminal.

    • steves_59

      Huh? He killed 13 people and wounded many more, all the while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”
      He’s FAR more than a common criminal. He’s a terrorist, a serial killer, AND a mass murderer.
      And several other epithets I can think of.
      I’m not sure where your moral compass is pointing, but it’s not in the direction most other people’s compasses are pointing.

    • Sam G Jr

      This is a conversation for adults. Go play outside.

    • surj

      chrismalllory . ” He is not a terrorist ” Are you serious? What would a man kill his own comrades if he was not a terrorist? All muslims are potential terrorists ,Just see and Get you F67king head out of your backside and smell the coffee.

  • chrismalllory

    It looks like the majority of posters here are on the same moral plane as Hasan.

  • 67falcon


  • Gus Velasquez

    Ideally this piece of shit is a great candidate for an execution method created by the Persians called scaphism, where he is sealed in a boat covered in honey, with his hands, feet and head exposed, he is then fed large quantities of milk until he vomits and develops diarrhea, then boat is left on stagnant body of water and his body is slowly consumed by the maggots of flying insects

  • Melanie Schielder

    OMG I’m so sick and tired of this “special privilege” crap because he’s a Muslim, put his ass in the worst prison in America and add him to GENERAL POPULATION, he wouldn’t last an hour

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am genuinely shocked that some pro terrorist attorneys haven’t intervened on his behalf to ensure the prison is compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Give it a month or two.

  • Jerry G

    The man is a P.O.S. and should be treated like his bowel movements. Flushed down the toilet.

  • Jarhead

    PC will kill us all! This muslim freak should have died by firing squad long, long ago.

  • Enzo

    Re open Abu-Ghraib, thats the only treatment Muslims deserve!

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    I am totally opposed to executing Nissan by firing squad or lethal injection, etc. There is only ONE appropriate manner of execution. Drowning him in pig’s blood. Then feed him to feral pigs. Then announce that this will be the manner of execution for all Muslim terrorists.

  • Patrick Rennaker

    Gitmo? Why do the ragheads get the tropics when there is a perfectly good prison in Nome, Alaska?

  • surj

    mjnellett ” Take his useless muslim butt out to the nearest tree….” Agree ,Now see and

  • jcd0101

    Shove this piece of trash into the shower with the gay population..
    Their is his reward..