Pro-Hamas Protester in New York: “God Bless Hamas”

A little background. This is taking place at Union Square. The general area was hijacked by anti-war protesters after September 11 for a few months. Occupy Wall Street has tried to set up shop here. For a while the Women in Black were handing out anti-Israel leaflets every Thursday.

For some reason, maybe it’s the general proximity to NYU or Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck, the place is a magnet for crazy. And the Anti-Israel crowd, consisting of ANSWER type Marxists, usually pops up here.

The Hamas fan appears to be affiliated with some group calling itself the Palestine Action Freedom Project, probably another front group or umbrella group, that is holding Union Square pro-Hamas protests.

There’s an Occupy Union Square website filled with Alex Jones videos and talk about NWO. Key points, “the Rockefeller Rothschild Bush international banking cartels” and “currently placing us, future generations and our Mother Earth in harms way”.

Also there’s 9/11 Trutherisms and UFO coverups. Something about an Asteroid false flag and ancient consciousness technologies.

So it’s a safe bet that this woman is actually fairly representative of what’s going on there and that the OWS types have moved on and been crowded out by the core unhinged base of every leftist movement. Lunatics.

  • Mo86

    Anyone who supports Hamas should be deported to any sharia compliant country of their choice. I’ll happily donate to the cause. I’ll even help them pack. Problem solved.

  • Richard Ashworth

    Did you here what she said.
    She said,”they crucified Jesus”
    That is an anti Jewish statement.
    This Zionist attack is a fig leaf.
    A cover for Jew haters to hide
    As this woman demonstrates.

  • Apollo

    From what i could see and get from most of the people at the protest, is that they were not there to support Hamas, but to draw attention to the fact that countless Men, Women and Children were being killed by the bombings, and that most of the people being killed have nothing to do with hamas, now if you believe like most americans that killing is wrong no matter which side it comes from then i guess you can call all americans crazy. people i spoke with said if it was the other way around they would be out there as well, making there voices heard.

    Basiclly it’s time to Stop the Killing on both sides!