Putin Threatens to Use Ukrainian Women and Children as Human Shields

The real world isn’t anything like the fantasy that the Western left has constructed. This is what the world was like until the last hundred years. This is what most of it is still like. This is what destroying American power leaves the world open to.

At first I assumed that the audio might have been tampered with, but the same statement is up on the RT propaganda site of the regime. Putin wants people to hear this and understand it. It’s the equivalent of Khrushchev’s shoe.

Putin: Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. I want you to correctly understand me.

If we reach that decision, only if we reach that decision, it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.

Let me see who in the Ukraine will give such an order.

RT has the official Putin line and this is how it presents it.

“We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”

The RT translation makes it sound as if the Ukrainians will voluntarily act as human shields, but in fact Putin never says the “their own people who stand up in front of us” part on the video. He only states that “we will stand behind them”.

This is what a Post-American world looks like.

  • Tim N

    Big surprise. I remember when Bush made his statement about looking into Putins eyes and seeing his soul or some such rubbish. Every time I see those eyes I see a hollow man, a man who has no empathy, a man who has a big empty void where normal people have some warmth and humanity. When I see those eyes I see a KGB apparatchik. When I see those eyes it makes my skin crawl.

    • A Z

      Yes, that statement by Bush was cringe worthy. but as someone pointed out Obama has had 8 or more years to observe Putin and learn.

      There was the slain journalists, strong arming BP out of Russia, shutting of fule to Ukraine, Syria, etc.

      • Tim N

        I thought the ‘reset’ button fixed all that.

        • truebearing

          It doesn’t appear to have worked. The cheap, childish gimmick failed. Imagine that.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Putin’s frosty, dead eyes are the eyes of a killer who likes killing.

    • Angelina Angelkovska
  • Angelina Angelkovska

    FULL VIDEO: Putin speaks Ukraine, Yanukovich, Maidan, Crimea…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes with the RT “translation” of Putin’s remarks rather than his original words.

      Making it worthless.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    I’m not sure. All he has to do now is wait. He knows that and what he wants to make clear is that anybody trying to seize the initiative is going have some trouble maneuvering. Checkmate.

  • Gee

    Sounds just like an Arab. That is their standard tactic

    • Anukem Jihadi

      Elements in Ukraine have tried to enlist the help of Chechen separatists as far as I know.
      That would be their standard tactic certainly.
      Maybe I’m tone deaf but Putin could just be making it clear he has broad support.

      • Magdalena Soulier

        Except that the Muslim Tartars are against Putin in the Ukraine.

        • Anukem Jihadi

          As are the neo-Nazis. This is what I’m saying. Putin might conceivably be sending them a message too. the idea of him lining up human shields doesn’t strike me as plausible. In the west no leader could talk like this but does that really change the realities?

  • truebearing

    Putin is making it clear what kind of ruthless psychopath he really is. Obama only shows that side to domestic political enemies…especially white ones.

    Now that Putin has exposed his utter ruthlessness, how is Obama going to react? Declare more unilateral disarmament on the part of the US? Mothball our nuclear weapons? Call for a diplomatic basketball game? Call for Happy Hour?

    Putin has proven all of Obama’s conciliatory gestures to be the epitome of stupidity. Even an improperly presented, used reset button can’t remedy this epic foreign policy disaster.

  • lapin.grove

    Putin has the Crimea and that’s that! He still has the two FORMER “provinces” of Georgia and that’s that! Her got what he wants .
    Germany is set to lose 22 billion dollars of its investments in Russia and the UK even more should the WEST attack Russia. NOT to mention the loss of the natural gas Russia supplies. Oh baby it is STILL COLD OUTSIDE in Europe!!
    What exactly does the EU get with ANY portion of the Ukraine… one of the sickest economy in eastern Europe with loads of corrupt people and lots of debt to assume. Poland gets more land to mess up with their historic BAD farming techniques. Get another pig will ya, Stanislaus!
    Oh well USA , you spawned this mess in the Ukraine, with your SOROS dollars…. just like in Libya, Egypt and SYRIA!!
    Too bad the USA economy is messed up…Trump says the REAL unemployment figure is 21%. I can believe it as I know dozens of skilled people just laid off when a local business shut it doors in December here. Many people are hunting work. Thousands show up for 60 jobs….poor folks.
    Food prices and gasoline prices ON THE RISE! Obamacare buggering the heck out of medical care/insurance and MEDICARE for the elderly.
    OH!~ Gee, what a pleasure to get into another country and mess them up further. Get to love those neo-nazis in the Western Ukraine..they are ALL little hitlers!

  • Magdalena Soulier

    Oh god please stop it with the propaganda. Why are they even letting you write here in front page magazine? What is Horowitz not in charge any more. Horowitz is unfortunately stuck on his past, but to quote an even greater person “some can’t just understand the world beyond the cold war”… Walid Phares.
    PS. after asking a Russian friend to translate the exact words, this is a lie. I would suggest you ask any native speaker of Russian too.

    • Oksana

      As a native speaker of Russian I confirm: the translation in the article is correct, this is exactly what Putin said.

      • FreeSpeech101

        Another gew

        • tickletik

          It’s one thing to curse us when you can speak lies and half truths, but to curse us when the truth that even you can’t deny is staring you in the face, that is the mark of someone that hates for the sake of hating.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The translation is correct. If you want to disprove that, post what you think is the correct translation word for word.

    • tickletik

      Daniel and oksana have risen to your challenge, and you have no reply. Will you act honorably, retract what you have said and apologize for your disgusting insults?

  • FreeSpeech101

    FKING GEWS everywhere doing propganda for NWO. Pathetic parasites plauging humanity. That said i take good jew over any good muslim . The whole thing is about control the world by bankers. Russia is next target after iran off the war .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Historically, the Kremlin guards were only selected from the Tartars because the Czars knew that they alone would unflinchingly fire into an angry mob of Russians attempting to storm the palace no matter what.

  • tickletik

    Look at the reporters face, she’s horrified.

  • NAIR

    Greenfield, the translation is correct!! and what about exclamatory, question
    and full stop signs with the translation that lost which change the tones! what is articulated as translated seems to me ridiculous and just opposite to the original narrators’ intention. The discredit of the heading and hence the distortion goes to Greenfield, alone

  • Tps Theperiledsea

    What “RT propaganda site of the regime” Do you have a link for verification please?
    From RT.com >>>
    “We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”