Racist California Dem Encourages 9/11 Truthers

California Democrat Loretta Sanchez outed herself as a racist Vietnamese Truther when she claimed that “the Vietnamese are trying to take my seat.”

After repeatedly flirting with anti-war groups, the Congressman who has spent more time attending parties at the Playboy Mansion than passing bills in Congress, decided to give 9/11 Truthers a pat on the back.

CALLER: I have been watching your show, and it is sad to know that you have silenced the voices that talk about building seven on 9/11.

HOST: We have not silenced them. They have called into the show.

LORETTA SANCHEZ: I think it is a good thing for people to push and suggest there might be other answers. Honestly, the best information we get comes from constituents who tell us, have you seen this, that document. We have found out a lot of things that way.

Sure, the best information about what happened on September 11 comes not from those at the scene, but 9/11 Truthers in Anaheim.

  • AG

    Most 9/11 truthers are also anti-Semites who claim 9/11 was done by Israel. They are the lowest form of humanity. Then again, most Liberals are anti-Semites too, so it is easy to see why the two groups seem to intertwine.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There';s a lot of overlap

    • Urban moving systems

      Misinfo much? Fox news reported that the FBI has detained over 100 Israelis, in connection w/ the 9/11 terror investigation.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Correction: it’s 4,000 Israelis.


        UMS, WHERE are your ALIVE 9/11 hijackers????

        Which of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers are still alive???

        Show us your cards, fool.

        • Urban moving systems

          The story is a fraud from start to finish . Airplanes can’t turn steel structures to complete powder. There was no plane debris in Shanksville PA. Hani Hanjour did not fly a passenger jet into the Pentagon. Don’t make me bring up Building 7


            Again, Which of the nineteen Arabs who have been identified as the 9/11 hijackers are STILL ALIVE?

            Troofer morons like you, claim that some of the men identified as the hijackers are ALIVE.

            Really? Where have they appeared and proved the official 9/11 story FALSE?

            – The UN?
            – Russia?
            – Iran?
            – Saudi Arabia?
            – Al Jazeera?
            – PressTV?
            – BBC?

            WHY are there so many 9/11 theories???

            Which is the correct one Troofer moron?

          • Urban moving systems

            Derp. Go ahead and change the subject. I obviously said nothing whatsoever about the supposed hijackers surviving


            I ask you for a THIRD TIME…


            One Troofer claim is that some of the men identified as 9/11 hijackers are actually alive.

            True or False Troofer?

            Living 9/11 hijackers would be an excellent way to prove Bush/Cheney were lying. Right????

            Am I asking YOU a difficult question????

          • Notalibfool

            Yes, you are asking him a difficult question. If he answers it then his entire theory crumbles.


            And WHY SO MANY “THEORIES”?

            Which Troofer theory is the correct one???


            “hijackers surviving”

            Ignoramus – Survive? Survive what?

            It’s not that Troofers claim that the identified hijackers SURVIVED, but that they were MISIDENTIFED. That their pictures were used to paint them as 9/11 hijackers when they claim they were never on the ill fated passenger planes.

            Why are Troofers so DUMB?


        How many Israelis are in Guantanamo?

        How may Arabs/Muslims are in Guantanamo?

        Brain Damaged Misinfo much?


        UMS, What’s the latest poop from Troofer HQ on the missing Malaysian airliner???

  • Aurelius

    I am beginning to wonder if there is a correlation between liberals and conspiracy theorists. Successfully carrying out a large-scale conspiracy is exeedingly difficult. The old addage, “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead,” has some truth to it.

    • No RNC

      Don’t be a fool, there have been plenty of undiscovered large scale conspiracies….Globull Warming, Central Banks, Communism, Die-versity, Anti-Semitism, Affirmative Action, Feminism….plus 1000’s of smaller individual acts, JFK, Okla Bombing, Branch Davidians, Patriot Act, Income Taxs, Social Security….probably 911, Sandy Hook, Snipers in Kiev+++. Be skeptical of everything or be a FOOL!


        Troofer, You are part of the problem.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Conspiracy theorists are more likely to engage in conspiracies because they believe it’s being done to them anyway.

    • Habbgun

      From the people I’ve met they justify a centralized over powerful government because they believe that reality is already here. Think Communism. Somehow very different people in very different jobs in very different geographical areas in very different cultures all act as the monolithic exploiter bourgeousie so we need a monolithic over powerful dictatorship of the proletariat to take its place.

      These people seem to be psychologically made up to be the bullies little friend. It is a strange thing but they often also have drug addictions that make them dependent on drug suppliers and they see that sick dependency as being the general state of the world and not their own personal problem of their own making. Drug supplier and drug buyer is a real power relationship.

    • trickyblain

      The fact that there are so-called conservatives who truly believe that Obama is a Manchurian candidate — whose handlers were so sure he’d become president that they placed a birth announcement in a 1960 Honolulu paper to hide the fact that the baby president was in Kenya — should remedy that wonderment.

      Other right-wing conspiracy theories include impending martial law, FEMA concentration camps, door-to-door gun confiscation, One world gov’t (which has more than a tinge of antisemitism), the Federal Reserve (more antisemitism), etc., etc., etc…

      The rabid right is merely the mirror image of the looney left.


        Obama does have a fishy background.

        – Early education in ANOTHER country – Indonesia
        – Early education in a Muslim school
        – Muslim father.who abandoned him
        – 20 year association with Rev. Wright – yet BHO claimed he never heard any racist, anti-American sermons from Rev. Wright (Thanks Youtube!)
        – College transcript a secret
        – Obamas Apology Tour of the Middle East shortly after inauguration
        – “community organizer

        What other American president has a background as odd as Obamas?

        • trickyblain

          “- Early education in ANOTHER country – Indonesia”
          “- Early education in a Muslim school”
          “- Muslim father.who abandoned him”

          His mother moved to Indonesia, which is predominately Muslim. Ergo, it stands to reason that the majority of students were Muslim. He also attended a Catholic school while there. Does that make him Catholic? And his father converted to Anglicism when he was six years old — changing his name from Baracka to the more Christian sounding Barack.

          “- 20 year association with Rev. Wright – yet BHO claimed he never heard
          any racist, anti-American sermons from Rev. Wright (Thanks Youtube!)”

          I find the idea of defining a person’s entire life and belief system based on a YouTube snippet rather silly. And, like him or hate him, Wright is a Christian.

          “- College transcript a secret”

          No different than any president in history. Which ones have released their transcripts (or birth certificates, for that matter)?

          The “apology” criticism has merit — it’s at least based on foreign policy position.

          And if we’re evaluating young professions, I’d take a community organizer over a career drunk that goes from job to job despite having everything fed to him from a silver spoon. GWB did eventually turn it around, though.


            His American mother moved to Muslim Indonesia with her Muslim husband.

            BHOs early education in Muslim Indonesia was Islamic.

            BHOs father was Muslim. Muslims consider the Father to determine the religion of the child.

            According to Muslims BHO is Muslim. His middle name Hussein is not a name associated with Catholics.

            There is so much shadowy, questionable history in BHOs background.

            “changing his name from Baracka to the more Christian sounding Barack. ” LOL! What variant of Muhammed would be more Christian sounding?

            DO YOU BELIEVE BHOs claim that he never heard anti-American rants from rev. Wright, BHOs close spiritual advisor OVER 20 YEARS believable?????????

            How is it that a Youtube exceprt of a Rev. Wright rant can undermine the veracity of a Presidential candidate??? Did the video prove that BHOs has a bad memory, or a Liar?

            No other US President has such a shadowy background and life in distinctly non-American circles.

            Why the delays, the obfuscation by BHO and his handlers???

            “like him or hate him, Wright is a Christian.”

            The kkk claim to be christians too.

            Do you think Rev. Wright had any influence over BHO – over their 20 year association?

            Birth Certificate? What other US Presidential candidate had a shadowy background and was asked to produce their Birth Certificate? Other than BHO, there aren’t any.

            BHO has some uncomfortable things to hide.

            Apology Tour – should be reciprocated by Apologies by Islamic states for terrorism, terrorist mosques and madrassas (schools), State Run broadcasts.

            Which Muslim country OPENLY fights along side the US and its allies against Islamist terrorism???

            Saudi Arabia? Pakishtan? Fascist Iran? Russia?

            Terrorism is an Islamist phenomenon.

            Speaking of Career Drunks? You must of course be referring to Ted Kennedy (D) Mass. Even Teddy got mixed up calling Obama, Osama.

          • EagleJim

            Imagine this: what if Barack was ADOPTED by his Indonesian father? Barack, born or birth-registered in Hawaii, is an American citizen. He gets adopted by an Indonesian and gets Indonesian citizenship, which requires him to drop his American citizenship. Ipso facto, Barack is not an American citizen and, hence, does not meet the citizenship requirements for the US Presidency.

          • mauser 98

            10000000% corect

          • kikorikid

            Wasn’t Kennedy guilty of felony vehicular manslaughter?
            OH yeah, I forgot, He’s a Kennedy. Didn’t even
            pick up a DUI. Just like felony drunk illegal aliens he
            never received any sanctions by the State.


            “And if we’re evaluating young professions, I’d take a community
            organizer over a career drunk that goes from job to job”

            Abe Lincoln (R) had several professions too.

            “boatman, store clerk, surveyor, militia soldier, and ultimately a lawyer. ”

            None of them “community organizer”.

            And Winston Churchill drank.

            national SOCIALIST vegetarian hitler did not drink or smoke.

            Any views on Voter ID which would benefit all parties – except those who wish to cheat and steal elections.

          • Black__Mamba

            What does a community organizer do?


            Helps Hoarders?

      • EagleJim

        Right you are. One would seldom go wrong in betting that what happens on one side of the political aisle also happens on the other.


    Those LIMO, Liberals In Name Only, are actually SOCIALISTS – like their national SOCIALIST and Soviet SOCIALIST predecessors.

  • Marion Fox

    Call them Troofers, not Truthers

  • Notalibfool

    Ironic how the truth is the one thing 9/11 Truthers avoid the most.

  • 82ATW

    Why do idiots keep on criticizing congresspeople for not passing enough laws? They pass way too many laws as it is, so many that no one could possibly keep track of them all. Maybe they should spend time repealing laws instead. That said, to be a 9/11 truther you need A. profound faith in the ability of government to accomplish any task and B. the belief that Arabs aren’t capable of a much simpler operation … so it’s hardly surprising that the more of a big government Hobbesian snob you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be a truther.