Racist Murderous Pedophile Muslim Cult is Back in California


Your Black Muslim Bakery is probably the last thing Oakland needs right now. But it’s getting it anyway.

Minister Dahood Sharrieff Bey gathers his workers inside Your Black Muslim Temple No. 1 and delivers a sermon.

As a suited young man stands sentry outside the West Oakland headquarters, Bey presides over an organization that he and his followers have spent years quietly modeling after an intimidating criminal enterprise with a record of violence and fraud that a prosecutor once said terrorized the city: Your Black Muslim Bakery.

“Now the persecution is upon the people,” Dahood Bey said in a lecture posted to YouTube in 2011, his words reminiscent of his late mentor, bakery founder Yusuf Bey. “You’re seeing the results of desolation. You’re seeing the results of the white man’s evil.”

Speaking of evil… there’s Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Former Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV plotted the murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey and other crimes in 2007 in a desperate attempt to save the bakery from bankruptcy, a prosecutor alleges in a recent court filing.

Bey, 24, and former bakery employee Antoine Mackey, also 24, will stand trial early next year on three counts of murder for the deaths of Bailey, who was the editor of the Oakland Post, Odell Robertson Jr. and Michael Wills in Oakland in the summer of 2007.

Krum said the bakery was founded by Bey’s father, Yusuf Bey, in 1968 but he died of cancer in October 2003 while waiting to stand trial on charges of child molestation and forcible rape, oral copulation and sodomy.

The prosecutor alleged that Bey IV had two motives for having Bailey killed: “IV despised Bailey form writing what IV perceived to be scandalous or libelous stories about IV’s father molesting and raping children and he found out that Bailey was writing a negative story about IV and the impending ruin of his business and sought to keep the story from making the paper, lest it ruin his chances to avoid Chapter 7 liquidation in the bankruptcy court.”

Bey IV became the bakery’s leader in October 2005 after two previous leaders who had succeeded his father were killed, Krum said.

Krum said Bey and Mackey were driving down the street while talking about the Zebra killers, whom she said were “a group of black men in the early 1970s who were notorious for committing a series of murders and other violent attacks on white citizens in San Francisco.

She said Bey “considered the Zebra Killers to be giving the white community ‘a taste of their own medicine’” for violence done by whites on blacks, such as lynchings.

Krum said that during the discussion about the Zebra Killers, Bey and Mackey spotted Wills walking down the street and Bey pulled his car over, Mackey got out, chased Wills down and shot and killed him.

Krum said in her motion that she wants to introduce evidence that Bey and several bakery associates kidnapped two women in Oakland in May of 2007 because it shows how bleak the bakery’s financial situation was at the time.

The Zebra Murders get much less publicity because they were violently racist.

The Zebra Killings occurred in the San Francisco bay area between 1972 and 1974 and left 71 people dead.

The majority of the attacks were carried out by five members of a group within Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam called the “Death Angels.” Jesse Lee Cooks, J.C. Simon, Larry Green, Manuel Moore and Anthony Harris were part of this group which believed that whites were created 3,000 years ago by a black mad scientist named Yacub who wanted a race of inferiors to rule over. Death Angels believed they could earn “points” towards going to heaven when they died if they killed whites.

But back to the Racist Muslim Bakery from Hell...

Bey, a self-appointed minister who gave himself the title of “Dr.,” was formerly a hairdresser.  He opened Your Black Muslim Bakery in the early 1970s, espousing black self-reliance and his own interpretation of Islam, which included racist attacks on whites. Nevertheless, in his more than 30 years in North Oakland, Bey gained the support of local business leaders, clergy and politicians eager to align with the underclass.

Banks, who was born in the East Bay, said her father, who had a drug problem, met Bey’s followers while doing jail time for drug-related crimes.

One Sunday night in 1976, Bey invited Banks to spend the night in his apartment, telling her she could play with his baby daughter. Banks was nervous and thought it strange to spend time with Bey, then 41. But her older sister had spent the night there and returned toting candy and new clothes. She said that night marked the first time Bey molested her. She was 8.

Bey told her to tell no one, she said. If she did, she would be killed.

“But he didn’t stop with me,” she said. “He told me he’d murder my whole family, everyone.”

She delivered the first of three children by Bey at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley at 13.

Not long after, Banks said, Bey came into her bedroom above the bakery while she was sleeping, and raped her.  She was 10 and remembers wearing one-piece pink zip-up pajamas. After the assault, she sought help from Nora Bey, then 23, one of the minister’s many “wives.” Banks’ father had surrendered his paternal rights so Yusuf Bey could receive welfare for their care; the court appointed Nora Bey, later known as Esperanza Johnson, as their legal guardian.

“ ‘I need you to help me because he’s trying to do things to me,’ ” Banks recalls telling Nora Bey. “And her comment was, ‘Oh, girl, he’s not going to do anything to you that he hasn’t done to anyone else.’ ”

In the bakery’s school, Yusuf Bey’s doctrine was drilled into the children. Girls were taught to cover their heads; everyone was addressed as “brother” or “sister.” Bey preached the superiority of men over women and of blacks over whites. Whites, he said, were “the devil” and responsible for all the world’s problems.

“The men were the ceiling, and women were the floor,” Banks said, quoting Bey.

All the while, Banks said, Bey received – and kept for himself – welfare payments and food stamps intended for Banks, her siblings, others and eventually the children born as a result of the rapes. Bey was said to have more than 40 children and called up to 100 women his wives.

And now it’s making a horrible comeback.

Dahood Bey, 42, has emerged as the leader of an insular organization many thought extinct.

He has twice threatened to kill people, including the mother of one of his children, court records show. He also pleaded no contest to perjury for giving the Department of Motor Vehicles false applications that netted him 22 driver’s licenses all bearing different names, photographs, physical descriptions or birth dates, records show.

Another Black Muslim whom Dahood Bey was charged with torturing in 2009 described him in court as a “more than zealous” disciple of Yusuf Bey who believed the firebrand preacher was “a great man.”

Karl Evanzz, who wrote a biography of Muhammad, said the Oakland temple is one of several practicing his “true teachings,” including a “bizarre notion that Caucasians are the physical embodiment of biblical devils.”

“The return to the primitive teachings of the Nation of Islam is perhaps a response to worsening racial conditions in black enclaves throughout the nation,” Evanzz said.

… or you know, just plain old racism. And here’s a fine member of Your Black Muslim Bakery at work.


  • Nick

    Has CAIR or any other Muslim group denounced the Nation of Islam?

    Are Turks, Chechnyans, & Bosnian Muslims counted as white devils?

  • Tanker74

    If Barack Obama had a son …

  • UCSPanther

    They should just drop the “bakery” name and just call themselves the “Black Muslim Mafia”, because that is exactly what they are.

    Hopefully, some more of Yusef Bey’s spawn join their Old Man in the future.

  • American Avant Garde

    Can you imagine a “White Christian” bakery… hell the guy who simply refused to provide a cake for a gay wedding was given a public media lynching.

  • antioli

    Perhaps they do not know how many Muslims are Caucasians. We can start with Iran. Most of the Arabs are also Caucasians. The Pakistanis are Caucasians.
    Most of Afghanistan is Caucasian.The Taliban are Caucasian.
    What then does he think of all those Muslims mentioned above.

    • laura r

      arabs are semitic, you are wrong.

  • wileyvet

    How bizarre. I never quite understood the black American affinity for Islam. Arabs enslaved far more Africans for a much, much longer period than Europeans ever did. Blacks throughout Islamic history have always faired poorly and were not thought of very highly by Muslims. It was white Christians that comprised the abolitionist movement world wide and if left to Muslims blacks would still be enslaved by them as they were reluctant to give up the practice until as recently as the 1960s. Also Muhammad thought blacks had heads that looked like raisins.

    • Larry Larkin

      For the professional victim movement never let facts or rationality get in your way.
      If you want to have real fun, point out that an East African with an arabic surname is almost certainly descended from slavers who converted to islam and then preyed upon their non-muslim neighbours to send millions of slaves through Zanzibar (The Island of Slaves) or along the Road of Bones to the Middle East.

  • panola60

    Democrats routinely support and defend racists and terrorists like the Bakery, Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party so the main stream media supports them too.

    • MarilynA

      The New Black Panther Party is Louis Farrakhan’s nation Of Islam’s army. As reported in the Wall St. Journal back in the 1990s. When Donna Shalala, sec. of health and Human services gave the New Black Panthers $16 million to provide security and self esteem classes in public housing . Insiders say that most national dissident (read that Communist) organizations have had perpetual funding built into federal agency budgets since Bill Clinton too office.

  • PDK

    It is time we non-liberal, non-apostate whites admit to ourselves that all others, white liberals, negros, Hispanic white/browns, Islamics and every other loser people the planet Earth over are not genuine, not mature and not sane.

    It is time we non-liberal, non-apostate whites admit to ourselves that all those other aforementioned losers are Iconoclasts out to destroy our gene pool, our white man’s higher culture of civilization, and we ourselves, that they may then achieve their superiority, only to sow the seeds of ruination and stagnation for the great unwashed masses and make manifest, for their God complexed, narcissistic shepherd selves, the highlife of power, fame and fortune.

    Continuing to pretend we believe in their genuinity, continuing to pretend the only difference between a white and a negro is skin color, but never to recognize the different IQed cerebrums, is the proverbial recipe for disaster.

    All other sub-species, and micro sub-species of humans have their own homelands. Only whites are now without a homeland.

    In London England whites are now a minority. Unbelievable!

    Our gene pool, and our most precious, coming white posterity is clearly in jeopardy.

    Time to think clearly, and to talk quietly, about a new White Homeland void of white liberals, white liberal ideology and all losers of planet Earth.

    From the Sanctuary, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/
    I’m PDK: Thank you.

    • Sherry Mitchell

      So your the white version of the idiot in the article…you must be so proud. It isn’t about color, it’s about morality and decency. The path your on is the exact same destructive path the members of that ‘ bakery’ are on. IQed cerebrums…seriously! Guess you think your smarter than Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West….can’t deny that your own words prove you aren’t….bit of advice…one should always TRY to hide the crazy.

    • EMK

      The article is about a group of men – a small group of men, who happen to be black, and live in a portion of a neighborhood in the city of Oakland – who created a culture of violence, greed, rape, sexism, hate, abuse of all kinds in order to feed their own disturbed sense of importance under the guise of a religion that happened
      to be Islam. These kinds of abuses happen across the racial and religious spectrum, (yes, including white conservative people) and it is a destructive force, a societal shame, and makes waves of trauma for many each and every time it happens.

      It’s sad that you choose to focus your attention on breeding hate and a false sense of superiority with your white supremacist ideology. Why not instead, for example, focus on preventing the cycle of childhood sexual abuse (a societal trauma that impacts conservatives and liberals, whites as well as people of other ethnic groups) or would focusing on creating positive change for the betterment of the larger society interrupt your misdirected anger?

      By you finding distractions to breed your own agenda of hate and sense of superiority, makes you little different from the men mentioned in this article. What a shame.

  • Miip

    You forgot to mention rapist in the title of your article….

    • UCSPanther

      I remember reading of a woman who had the misfortune of being in Old Man Bey’s harem, and after she escaped, she set up a support group to both rescue and help other women who had suffered the same misfortune.

      Yusef Bey was literally hounded into the grave by both criminal and civil proceedings for statutory rape. Just before he died, he was indicted for raping a 13 year old girl, and he had a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who alleged that he molested her from the age of 10 and raped her when she turned 14 over a period in the late ’70s-early ’80s.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Too much to mention for a headline…

  • KDP

    ‘So would more negative contact hurt race relations? Would Mr Bey and Al Sharptongue be a leading cause of it?
    Where is AG Eric Holder when you need him?
    Passing ammo to Sharptongue?
    Racists like Jesse Jackson, Davod Duke, Bey make other racists like free radicals create more free radicals form the molecules they touch. Look what they did to poster PDK.

    ‘We have shown that positive contact between people belonging to different ethnic groups leads to more tolerant societies overall,’ said Professor Miles Hewstone of Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology”


  • Dean Fidlin

    Where is Charles Bronson when you need him?

  • haveittodayray

    Islam is a cancer without a cure or treatment. Ayaan Hirsi Ali perhaps said it best. ” Violence is inherent in Islam–its a destructive nihilistic cult of death, it legitimizes murder” Ayaan is a former Muslim, that speaks from her heart and experience, she now devotes her time to womens rights and stopping the spread of Islam and Sharia law. http://wp.me/p2GpDB-dQ

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    This is a very disturbing blog, but even more disturbing is the connection between Michelle Obama and the wife of Louis Farrakhan as illustrated at the bottom of this blog that distinguishes between the early Progressives and the wild antics of The New Left and their favorite gangs. See http://clarespark.com/2012/05/15/progressive-uplift-vs-new-left-nihilism/. “Progressive uplift vs. New Left nihilism.”