Racist Muslim Soccer Player Nicolas Anelka Lies to Explain Quenelle Islamofascist Salute


Nicolas Anelka is a Muslim soccer player (football for those of you outside the United States). He is a pal of Dieudonné, a violently racist Muslim comedian, who invented the ‘quenelle’. The quenelle is a version of the Nazi salute modified for Islamofascist purposes and aimed at French Jews.

It’s a stupid looking gesture that makes anyone doing it look they just came down with tennis elbow. No one would pay attention to it if functioned as anything except a provocation and a provocation works when you pay attention it. So the whole point of the quenelle is to pretend you have a tennis elbow around Jews or to get your picture taken that way at some public event.

Anelka did the quenelle on the field to support Dieudonné who says things like, “Gas chambers, too bad they don’t exist anymore.”

So there have been condemnations and protests and all the usual things. In his defense, Nicolas Anelka began telling a series of crazy lies.

However, the 34-year-old insists he was not being racist but made the gesture in support of his friend, comedian Dieudonne. ‘This gesture was just a special dedication to my comedian friend Dieudonné,’

That’s like saying you were only doing a Nazi salute because you really like a Nazi, not because you’re a Nazi. Nicolas Anelka could have paused it there, but then he really brought on the stupid.


It’s doubtful that Anelka was so cut off from pop culture that he didn’t know what Obama and Jay-Z were doing. And his own followers began telling him.


You don’t need to understand French for that one. Obama and Jay-Z and company were also doing something stupid, but it wasn’t a Nazi salute, it was Jay-Z’s dirt off your shoulders dance. Stupid, yes. Nazi, no.

Here’s Prince William doing it.


You can sort of mistake one for the other sometimes, though not really, but Anelka never denied doing the quenelle. Instead he stupidly tried to claim Obama was doing it.

The trouble with the quenelle, aside from the anti-semitism and the Islamofascism, is that it looks really stupid. It’s a really pathetic attempt at a gang sign which only works because people are supposed to get angry over it.


Is there any universe in which these two guys don’t look like idiots? From their point of view their saving grace is that they’re being offensive by being anti-semitic.

But if your incredibly offensive anti-semitic gesture looks like you came down with tennis elbow, you should probably rethink it.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Aside from the suggestion that one is enduring tennis elbow, the gesture could also mean: “I have arthritis, so I can’t play tennis with you.” Or, “I’m having an aneurism, so please excuse me if I can’t go jogging with you.” Or, “This is one-half of Hillary’s favorite dance, the Macaroni.” Or, “Is this how that Italian salute goes?” Or, “Never mind me, it’s just a genetic condition I inherited from my parents, who were Nazis. I don’t really mean anything by it.”

  • edlancey

    It is particularly ill-making to see non-Moors like these two clowns making the sign because, although it is clearly anti-semitic, it is morphing into a more generalised “anti-white” symbol I think.

    • nicholasi

      true. the dumb Whites use a sign propagated for the negro and muz millions that the jew has imported into Europe

  • MidSouthMitch

    Is this “quenelle” supposed to reference the Magen David that the Nazi’s forced Jews to wear ??? It seems not only anti-Semetic, but REALLY STUPID as well. But, that kind of goes hand-in-hand, doesn’t it?

  • tito

    Dieudonné is not Muslim and he is not racist. The gesture is just like a finger. He has said that himself several times but French medias just ignored that and chose the racist and anti Semitic label

  • Martin Goodman

    The gesture could also mean ” excuse my dumb look on my face but I just had a stroke..” ..hehehe

  • iq

    This whole “quenelle” gesture is blown out of proportion!
    Lets move on from it and deal with the real issues….like why in the 21st century Palestine is still occupied!

    • Ray

      Because Jordan won’t give up any of the 78% of the former region known as Palestine that Jordan now occupies.

    • PAthena

      Do you mean Israel, Jews living in the historic land of the Jews? Why do you think they have the name “Jews,” (from “Judea”)? The name “Palestine,” in any case, always meant “land of the Jews” since the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 A.D., after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba,, changed the name of Judea to “Palestina,” in order to eradicate all memory of Judea and the Jews. (He also outlawed Judaism and renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” his gens name being “Aelius.”) Since then the name “Palestine” meant the “land of the Jews” an “Palestinian” was synonymous with “Jew.” T
      hat is why Great Britain after World War I, was given the “Palestine Mandate” to be “the homeland of the Jews.”
      The use of the names “Palestine” and “Palestinian” to mean Arab haters of Jews comes from Soviet propaganda. In 1964, in Cairo, Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union founded the “Palestine Liberation Organization,” the P.L.O., whose name shows its Soviet Communist origin. The organization came to fame by massacring the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, since when it has come to mean the Arab haters of the Jews. “Iq” is one of these haters of Jews, who deny facts.

      • nicholasi

        Oy vey!

  • Anti islam

    It’s enough to know Anelka is a muslim to know his true intentions behind this. Muslims will jump on any dick which drives them on the waves of the anti-semitism. This is in not an anti zionism gesture but an anti semitism one since they are doing it in front of Anne Frank’s pictures and joke about gas chambers. Islam teaches muslims to be the most intolerant people and to think of themselves above all non muslims. This is a fact which you can easily learn by reading quran.

  • Ahmed

    Wow, what a poorly written article. Your bias here is so obvious but you get away with is because you are Jewish in a country whose media caters to the Jewish people. Now I love my Jewish brothers and sisters but articles like this simply make me laugh at how angry you get when you actually step inside OUR (Muslim) shoes for a day. Islamophobia is constantly around the world happening every. single. day. All of us, myself included, have been assaulted and more over our beliefs. Get over this, he didn’t hurt noone he supported a friend. BUT MAYBE HE HATES JEWS LIKE YOU ARE SO SURE SO STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL THEN

    • AmIsraelchaielYahud

      Better still how about all the muslim asylum seekkers who ran away from tyranny of their mussie leaders pack their bags and go home to arabia or africa or pakistan etc and live in jew free countries happily ever after. I for one will be happy for you lot to go back knowing the place will be muxxie free..inshallah mashallah

      • nicholasi

        Imagine living in a jew-free paradise.

        • AmIsraelchaielYahud

          You idiot you can iraq saudi lebanon syria gaza jordan egypt..paki…stan. afghanistan yemen somalia but hardly call these toilet bowl countries where sharia is amok with barbarism paradise on this earth..but then with pygmy brain like yours anything would be paradise

          • drr6

            Good job pwning these idiots.

    • nicholasi

      “caters to Jewish people”? NYT, CNN, Disney, BET, NBC, CBS, ABC, all of Hollyjewed, etc etc etc — all major and most minor “American” media is jew

  • Truth Seeker

    Lying at its best……..ur comment is so stupid i cannot tell jst skip all the gesture thing and whatever anelka is doing….wht u are saying is that if one person does some wrong then the whole community is the same.And where on earth did u get the information that Islam teaches its belivers to be the most itollerant ppl u talk abt reading the Quran if u had ever done that u wld have not posted such a thing.The true meaning of Islam is peace.

    • Karl Culer

      The most violent of all people today belong in The muslim-belt.
      There is nothing positive coming out of that book they hold as their guidande in life.

      • nicholasi

        “The most violent of all people today belong in The muslim-belt.” – The most violent of all people today belong in The jew-belt.

        • AmIsraelchaielYahud

          Funny that been to Israel walk about without a klasc stuck up my backside and in syria children are being shot and in afghanistan usa killing afghans guess in your little pea brain its what you are wishing but I will visit again this year and I would bet you are wrong..enjoy your wishful thinking now where is that JW blue label

        • Karl Culer

          Well that was a clever retort. LOL…

  • McMullans

    What’s up with the word “anti-semitic”? Isn’t it really “anti-jewish”?

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? What came first, the hate or that which makes some hate?

    It seems so self-fulfilling, look everyone hates me and I have special words for this hate, poor me.

    I mean really the word “anti-semtic”, come across as so self serving for jews, just saying.

    • Covington13

      “It seems so self-fulfilling, look everyone hates me and I have special words for this hate, poor me.

      I mean really the word ‘anti-semtic’, come across as so self serving for jews, just saying.”

      You’ve got it. It’s the core of their personality and the excuse for their own anti-Gentile attitudes and behavior.

  • polanskiman

    What a load of crap! I’m pretty sure most of people commenting here haven’t even seen Dieudonné’s shows and have absolutely no idea what the quenelle refers to. It’s just pathetic how the journalist and commentators fall for this “anti-semitic” description of the quenelle. And it’s not because a minority of people decide to use the gesture for their own agenda that the quenelle is anti semitic gesture. Use your brains instead of propagating BS.

  • xavdr

    I am French. There is a debate currently on “quenelle” in France. Quenelle is basically a coarse sign, no more. it is a huge “finger in the ass”. It has no relationship with fascist or nazi civil salute nor arm salute in spite either allegations are paranoidicaly written here or there in the mainstream press. It has been introduced by an humorist whose main background is black and whose sketches are often on racism. He is considered as the best French humorist of his generation. There is no sign whatsoever of racism in his sketches, although he makes much fun of racists schemes. However, following his allegations which seem much credible, after a sketch on an israeli extremist jew settler, he was harassed by many jews who insluted him in a shockingly fioerce way or even declared they were going to get his social death so he reacted with a crescendo of irony against the superiority arrogance and soft-mafia held by these jews, up to the time he denounced their shoa instrumentalisation for getting people keep silence facing jewish activist, which he rejected, thus introducing sketched mocking their use of the shoa, or the shoa itself (e.g. singing “show ananas”). Meanwhile he went close to “antisionnist” movements developping complotist views and adopted himself some of their views. He also compared France to totalitarian ones on some issues, more specificaly he explained that whilst in Cuba (resp. Iran) you can not criticize the leader maximo or communispm, in France you can not criticize any jewish community core component, whereras you can do it for all other communities. As a mater of fact, in France there are counter productive laws preventing any contradictory debate on crimes against humanity (the law was introduced for shoas but is open for some recognition of some other genocides) or racist-or-antisemitic public declarations. Based on these laws Dieudoné was already condemned several times by courts. However these laws derogating to the liberty of expression are often intrumentalized for pouring oil on fire by selfish activists or mischivious political parties satellite associations wanting some media surface. The last silly example is a jew activist named Arno Klarsfeld who called for riots in front of the theater of Dieudoné, so as the ministry of home affairs could forbid the show for security reasons ; the socialist minister of home affairs instead of prosecuting the riot caller send an official message to “prefets” (nationals administration autority in counties) for using any such local pretexts for forbiding his shows. I agree on the fact that this humorist has included some bad taste sketches in some of his shows, but I also understand that some jews activists are quite guilty and hold a heavy burden in all this mess. furthermore I am shocked to see that a minister leads such a fascist drift as de facto supporting riots callers.

  • AmIsraelchaielYahud

    The french p_slamic comedian like his brothers over in the M.E. have nothing to offer humanity…Where ever they are its mayhem. Luckily for us Jews, scum like him can make gestures but know how to look after our own. And we have a homeland which can take care of business if the time comes. So let this pigmy brain and his fascist hitler wannabes carry on. And let at the same time the butchering of muslim on muslim carry on too inshalla mashalla

    • nicholasi

      “know how to look after our own” = know how to get jewboys like Cameron and Miliband into power, and know how to get dumb Americans to pay for the jew agenda

      • AmIsraelchaielYahud

        You sound really frustrated and a bigot with the pigmy brain I mentioned above…what agenda did the iman brainwash you with….the only dumb a##$$ here is you..sadly so bitter with hatred I see your life as a toilet cleaner in kfc or macdonalds..now do a good job or you will have to be like your childraping pigmy brain prophet….a thieving raping bandit..

  • Bruno Donnángelo Perea

    “Racist Muslim Soccer Player Nicolas Anelka Lies to Explain Quenelle Islamofascist Salute”
    That’s one really objective title! Not subjective AT ALL!

  • PJ

    This article is spectacularly bad. Misinformed and lazy, biased journalism.

  • Karl Culer

    Anti-semitism is rife in the Muslim countries and regions. That’s just how it is. The problem begins when these people emigrate to other, secular, countries and bring their cultures with them.
    This Anelka ought to know better. He ought to show more respect to his hosts.
    He is using our country to spread his hate.
    Bu on him.

  • nicholasi

    Oui, a quenelle up your “coo”. Eet eez a sign of contempt for those in power. So why does ze joo get offended. Zut alors!

  • nicholasi

    “Quenelle is basically a coarse sign, no more. it is a huge “finger in the ass”.” — Yes, but it’s a sign of contempt for those in power in France, therefore it’s anti-jew.

  • nicholasi

    “Quenelle is basically a coarse sign, no more. it is a huge “finger in the @ss”.” — Yes, but contempt for those who control France, etc. therefore it must be “antisemitic”

  • nicholasi

    “It’s enough to know Anelka is a muslim to know his true intentions” – It’s enough to know a jew is jew to know its true intention

  • nicholasi

    Disgousting to observe le prince Guillaume cavorting about like ‘e eez un congoloid. Oolala!

  • Laoye Suleiman Abubakar

    Karl Cutler you got it wrong, Nicholas u score zero, amsraelders….yaahudi you are down with spirit of ur conjure, dogmatism is ur order if u don’t study the tenebof Islam very well. Im sure if u do u will be capture with d hurricane of truth in amazement with tears of joy to Islam and know dat whoever Worship any oda god (creation) dan Creator himself will be among d inmates of looser in hereafter and will dwell in hellfire which stones and human bein will be d ingredients. Pls study Islam by open ur heart

  • Rustler

    This article is built on the false premise that the quenelle is some kind of inverted sieg hail salute. The quenelle means “up yours.” Quenelle is a slang term for a suppository. The joke is about how far “up yours” it should go based on how much you dislike the person. That’s why the other hand can be held in different positions, to indicate how far. The quenelle joke long predates the feud between Dieudonne and Jews and has nothing to do with the Nazi salute. Years later, paranoid Jews interpreted that way. Now this meme is out there and being repeated by people who have no idea what they are talking about.