Radio Host Banned for Saying Mohammed Married a 6-Year-Old: “You Can’t Call a Deity a Pedophile”

Mohammed, it appears, has been upgraded to a deity. And it’s okay for a deity to rape little girls. It’s not okay to point it out. (via Vlad Tepes)

A Sydney radio presenter has been dumped from a guest spot on 2GB radio after he called the prophet Mohammed a pedophile.

Michael Smith claimed on his website that 2GB’s program director David Kidd phoned him on Friday night and said he wouldn’t be needed because ‘you can’t call a Deity a pedophile’.

Smith’s controversial comments came during a regular guest spot with 2GB host Ben Fordham on Thursday.

‘The prophet Mohammad was a pedophile, a pederast, a sexual offender, a man who promoted the idea that it was okay to marry a six-year-old and consummate the marriage when the little girl was nine,’ he said.

‘And that’s written into their books, it’s part of the philosophy… the Koran. It’s factually correct.’

But just because it’s in the Koran doesn’t mean that it can be discussed.

2GB presenter Ray Hadley also criticised Smith’s comments.

‘I want to go on record today and completely distance myself from Mr Smith’s comments as well. Yesterday I was insulted by what was said… and I’ve got to speak out against it. It’s not about stifling speech, it’s about being fair and decent.’

What’s fair and decent about raping little girls?

Smith said on his website he stood by his comments. ‘I’ve thought about what I said in answer to Ben’s question. I think it’s wrong for a man in his 50s to have sex with a 9 year old child. It is wrong, it’s a crime and it should be called out for what it is,’ he wrote.

‘I know Ray Hadley disagrees with me – perhaps Ray could let us know what part of a grown man having sex with a 9 year old girl is right?

“No one mention Mohammed” has become the new, “No one mention the war”.

  • Gee

    Why do primitive people have to deify human beings? When are they going to grow up and just accept the L-rd?

    • JJF

      Accept the Lard? Animal fat is unhealthy, that’s why.

    • Nogods

      Any one accepting an invisible sky-daddy is primitive and superstitious and needs to grow up.
      All religions are based on dogma and fantasy. They all need to be purged from humanity, all of them are simply works of fiction.

      • jcd0101

        If GOD is who he says he is
        Then he can back his word up.

        This is what many christians believe and will testify too..

        All other Man made religions are works based..
        meaning you do something to earn it.
        Hence islam – a works based false religion..

        But as a christian i wont force anyone to believe what i do..
        I Know God is real and he has blessed and protected us.
        But the real acid test is when God doesnt do what we desire
        and instead allows us to go through the fire of trials in this world..

        Sometimes you have to look and ask God to reveal himself to you, So you knowin your heart that he is real..

        Even when your life turns to crap..
        you know he is real – and your surviving is further proof of Gods love and providence..

      • Isobel_Riel

        “All religions are based on dogma and fantasy. They all need to be purged from humanity”

        By you and what army, paleface?


    Anyone who reveres the prophet of Satan called Muhammed should check their savage privilege.

  • John Barleycorn

    F___ the Muslim

  • Pete

    Time to start a new radio network in Australia and put 2Gb out of business.

    Also it is time to blackball David Kidd since he has no problem blackballing Michael smith.

  • USARetired

    Muslims are sick b@stards! This is why ‘Islam’ is not considered a legitimate religion! It is however a ‘Faciest Ideoligy’!

  • Stephanie

    Brave hero Michael Smith :-)

    Muhammad was a pedophile (allowed by Allah, Q65:4) mass murderer (Battle of Banu Quraizah, mentioned in Q33:26)

    (video) The Child Bride of Muhammad – 65:4
    … the “excellent example” 33:21 for all times
    Aisha the Child Wife of Muhammad
    Page 180 “… How many people would let a 54-year-old man sleep with their nine-year-old daughter? Abu Bakr did. This requires extreme foolishness. This much foolishness is only possible through blind faith.”

    • Bill Hosni

      It may have had something to do with Abu Bakr’s dynastic ambitions. It certainly won him the succession to the Caliphate over the head of the natural successor Ali, which is what all these wars are about 1400 years later. Extreme foolishness? I don’t think so. Cold calculation more like

  • flyingtiger

    Mohammad is God? Allah is the only god, and their can be no other. Moslems do not even understand their own beliefs. Then again, Islam is a pack of lies.

    • Nogods

      All religions are a pack of lies, don’t bother picking on any particular one.
      They are all superstitious nonsense, dogma desgined by one group of men to control another.

      • Eugene Koshanof

        Actually, there are MILLIONS of people who set free from drugs, sexual immorality and all manner of evil ways – who testify it was the truth and power of Jesus.

        • jcd0101

          True Jesus the Christ is God
          the difference is
          islam it is a man made religion by FORCE..

          Christianity it is By Grace.. Gods grace..

          • patriotdaddy

            and the FREE WILL OF MANKIND!! no force needed…as is islam!!

          • jcd0101

            it is funny that all these false religions and so called philosophers always end up demanding you worship what they create by force if necessary..

            but demand all christians and jews be killed..

          • qualityrkc

            Free will and an all powerful god are mutually exclusive. Both cannot exist.

      • Blake

        when Mormons or pastafarians begin suicide bombing then we will be critical of them. I highly doubt people will be fired, shunned or beheaded for talking about these religions though

      • bob smith

        Excuse me, did I miss the part of “…all religions…” mentioned within this article or was it solely based on the prophet of islam?

        Aside from your glaring and willful ignorance, you should at least address the religion of consequence epitomized no less by the act of pedophilia committed by none other than their very own prophet.

        Further I would add that you confine your atheist bullshit to your religious phobia closet masturbation sessions, in private please.

        • qualityrkc

          Fighting crazy with crazy is not smart. When you say Islam is nuts then turn around and praise some other sky god you lose all credibility.

          • bob smith

            “Further I would add that you confine your atheist bullshit to your
            religious phobia closet masturbation sessions, in private please.”

            You are obviously daft and/or dumb. What part of keeping your atheist bullshit to yourself did you not understand? I am not here commenting for credibility. I am here exposing the hypocritical asswholes such as you who feel empowered to take on Christianity while you conveniently turn the other cheek at the islamic onslaught coming for the faithless likes of you. In fact, it is well documented that you and your own have even partnered with these crazies because they fit your soulless purpose.

            If you are looking for credibility then the next time you are decrying some after school Christian faith-based program or standing on the street corner screaming there is no God, then at least say there is no God including that of the muslimes. And be sure to do it just as forcefully, hypocrite.

          • qualityrkc
          • bob smith

            “Yeh I am the crazy one…”

            Self revelation is the first step to realizing one’s own shortcomings.


          • qualityrkc

            Yeh you seem filled with love pfff. You don’t have to be afraid anymore dude. There are no sky gods. Feel free to join the rational at anytime we will accept you with open arms and forgive you as we are aware it is not your fault that you fear imaginery friends. We know your parents did this to you but you don’t have to live in fear anymore.

          • bob smith

            It is entirely within your prerogative to to be disrespectful of anything your ‘open’ mind closes for you. As for me and mine, we are good. You, not so much.

      • Eddie Hughes

        All religion is the scourge of mankind.

  • bvdees

    Most of what’s true about Mohammed is perverted and disgusting and too many of his followers are just like him. What’s the “last thing” a suicide bomber wants to do? Go to strip clubs and/or pickup prostitutes, get drunk, etc., etc. Its all the world’s biggest hoax! But we see what happens to people who say so publicly!

  • PerpetuallyConfused

    It isn’t in the Quran but it s part of the (canonical) hadith of Al Tabari:

    “My mother came to me while I was being swung on a swing between two
    branches and got me down. My nurse took over and wiped my face with some
    water and started leading me. When I was at the door she stopped so I
    could catch my breath. I was brought in while Muhammad was sitting on a
    bed in our house. My mother made me sit on his lap. The other men and
    women got up and left. The Prophet consummated his marriage with me in
    my house when I was nine years old. Neither a camel nor a sheep was
    slaughtered on behalf of me.”

    Al-Tabari, Vol. 9, p. 131

    • Bill Hosni

      Glad someone is sticking to the facts!

      • PerpetuallyConfused

        Wow, I like your version of the Al Qaeda flag with the smiley face. So kewl! It’s an improvement on the original design. When I first saw the original flag I thought it looked like a picture of the moose Bullwinkle’s face. The cult of the moose.

        • Bill Hosni

          The shahada at the top says “there is no god so don’t cry”. I think it is important to spread words of comfort!

  • jcd0101

    Mohammed was a mass murdering , raping, thieving, child molesting genocidal maniac.. And those are his GOOD qualities..

    Remember it is every muslims duty to emulate him..
    and you wonder why the middle east is a mess..

  • gregzotta

    Mohammed was a pedophile.

  • Blake

    aethiests only insult Christianity or religion in general. they are too afraid to comment on islam directly

    • qualityrkc

      Not true. All religions suck and are based on fear of the unknown. See?

    • mustbejoking

      Perhaps you should listen to Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens (deceased), or Richard Dawkins. They are all outspoken on the islamic problem, and in general; the man-made nonsense that is religion.

  • Kwitcherbellyakin

    Saying that Mo was a pedophile is one thing. Defending the act is another. Aisha was a child, and despite the fact this was a commonplace thing in that era does not change a thing. It is like saying rape can be condoned. When a child her age is with a grown adult man, it is wrong.

  • mustbejoking

    …….and that’s a fact!